The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, July 26, 1923, Image 7

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If 4
He found it
in Valparaiso
Then he headed north and
found it up near the
"jumping-off place"
No matter what part of the world
foi may find yourself in, few things
make you feel more at home than to
walk into a store and discover your
lavorito smoking tobacco for sale.
V You get a great thrill from seeing
our homo newspaper in a strango
Kind and an even greater thrill on
meeting someone from the old homo
town. But tobacco certainly cornea
next in the order of importanco in
away-from-home thrills.
With your favorite tobacco in your
favorite pipe, life is worth living in
almost any corner of the globe.
This thought was inspired by tho
following interesting letter from Mr.
W. E. Bromley, an Edge-worth smoker
from Fort Wayne, Ind :
Lams & Ilrotber Co.
Richmond, Va.
In B(im of ynur ndvprtlsemonta from
time to timii I huvo noticed litters from
ditliTint umm of Edgeworth Smoking
Tobncco and I wondered If anyone over
had a more varied experience, tlifti I havo
Whon In Valparaiso, South America, I
could Kct it; and when I was as far north
as a man could well go without Eulnfi to
the "Jumplnj-olf place," I could get
Kdgcuorlli Keady-ltuhbcd.
I have- an old briar that I hnvc bad for
ten y ars and It never hud t. crurcl i any
but Ki'et'worth in it.
If that Isn't Rolnc: some, " "
Youm tru1
If Mr. Hf-"- anient
Bkip.t from ..i u . ; eiit, his
record t.f iing all too. ceo but
Edgowoi tli out of bin id indeed
Although Edgeworth doea reach tho
far corners of the earth, there must be
times when the supply runs low in
s . .. Zanzibar and other
K wouwTll remote districts.
Edgeworth smokers,
wherever they are,
generally manage to
linl a way to get
Edgeworth, for they
don t feel as if
they are really
smoking unless
the tobacco
comes from a lit
tle blue can.
If you arc not
an Edgeworth
smoker but would like an opportu
nity to find out if you want to be one,
send your name and address to Larus
& Brother Company, 80 South 21st
Street, Richmond, Va.
You will receive almost immedi
ately free samples of both Edgeworth
Plug Slice and Heady-Rubbed. Then
you can judge for yourself what you
think about this tobacco that so
many smokers claim gives complete
If you will include the name and
addiess of your regular tobacco dealer
with your request for the free samples,
your courtesy will bo appreciated.
To Tietcil Tobacco Merchants: If
your jobber cannot supply you with
Edgeworth, Laru3 Brother Company
will gladly eend you prepaid by parcel
post a one- or two-dozen carton of any
size of Edgeworth Plug Slice or Ready
Rubbed for the 3ame price you would
pay tho jobber.
Borrow Modes From Elders;
Jacket Blouse Scores Succesj
OIWK simplicity Is the keynote itf
summer fashions, many Ideas for
children's frocks arc borrowed from
(lie ihoiIiw for their elders. Klrulght
lines, short sleeves and especially dec
orative rent tires, tell the wot Id that
the Utile iiils. entering, or In her early
teens. s opt to own a frock which
mimics one of her mother's In Mvornl
detail. And dresses for the dapper
or debutante may develop much In
and Jatkets nre of the Mime material.
At the left, a very Miuut model Id
made of light silk printed in an old
Persian design. It slips on over tho
head and Is gathered at the low waist
line into a belt of the same material.
The rather liljrli V neck Is llnlshcil
with a Cut collar and how ti of tho
malerial In tho vIoovoh thy tendency
or the late summer st.vles Is empha
l7cil. 'I he-e are set-In. have n wldo
rm 'Hi
v-rr ry
those of a youthful I Usi&&cx a
iii ii iii llil Ml iimiiiiwiii mamatmm
The Modoro Qlrl.
lie had duly proposed ami hcon ac
cepted and Uie engagement nenled
with a kiss, a utimher of them, In fact.
Then, us tlny pat on the sofa, he ven
tured to dlsr.usH more prosaic matters.
"Dae llttlo question, dearest."
"Yi'i?" she replied expectantly.
'('an .veil cook?" he asked earnestly.
"Then how wfll we eat?"
"Oh. (icorgo. aren't oti point; to
continue to bring me bonbons?"
Increases Rubber's Buoyancy.
A process has been Invented for Im
pregnating either hard or soft ruhbei
with nitrogen, greatly Increasing
buo.v auey when put In water and thf
resllen,y of the soft form.
wnnnnn with
In the little frock pictured here, for
Instance, a silk civpe proclaims that It
looks as well on chlldtcn us on grown
ups The narrow val lace frills used
for decorating It are lavorites on after
noon -drosses for women of any age,
and so Is the rosette at the side of the
ivaistllne. It Is made of row on row
of milled val and centered with small
llovvers. The long ends of narrow vel
vet ribbon, falling from the center of
the rosette are decidedly youthful, but
everybody wears them. The medallions
of lace that trim the skirt and Uttle
lace frills at the neck and sleeves, are
especially pretty on taffeta frocks and
are used on drosses for grownups, but
tho lace Is massed In many rows.
These val lace decorations look well
on nearly all the sheer cotton goods
that contribute so much to the beauty
of little girls' clothes in summer time.
Voile Is as popular as crepe, both aie
far more sturdy than they look. Or
gandie always has admirers and Is c.-
Tho housewife smiles with satisfac
tion as she looks at the basket of
dear, while clothes and thanks Red
Cross Ball Blue. At till grocers. Ad
vertisement. '
When a lazy man eats tl roe times a
day at the o.peti-e of others he calls
It a day's work.
The man who looks
seldom disappointed
for trouble Is
Summer Find You Miserable?
It's hard to do oiio'h work when
every day brings morning lameness,
throbbing backache, and a dull, tired
feeling, if you gutter thun, why not
find out the caupe! Likely itV your
kidneys. Headaches, dizziness mid
bladder irregularities may give further
proof that your kidnejs need help.
Don't risk neglect! Uwi Doan's Kidney
) Vllls. Thousands have been helped by
Doan's. They should help you. Ask
your neighbor!
A Nebraska Case
!l. V. Hllcr city
marshal. Adams
bt Harvard Ncl
Miyn "My Imc-U
bothered me and
It was hard to
bend or strniKht
cii. I In at over
to lift a pla'iU
anl I vnn taken
with awful sharn
imlns in my back
After usub
Doan's Kldnoy
IiIIm n fmv ililVrt
my tmcK was till riK'it anu i navon i
la-en troubled since "
Crt Doan'a at Any Store, 60c a Dox
'. vii .
in lev c: vlmm cni'LAcro
Uiuoi i li rviui-ui)
el' an.crnairicr.tal.cun-
vrnh'r.t, clicr, Iauu
i a--. j nir:iri uj'fjiiT-ri K.4J
toTC li:4VAlj -t' (Vf jjf rls oil i-ruon. tiaiio cj
V?Mj2-JirC7l,!ir rnftnl, can't. hplll or
LV;'7rtN,,iJr,!W?Ji tipoveri villiotoU
BrVSatS! WtTtoW-V. Hi '' ln'uro.orTH.nir.
llk-UlVV.Mv"Cn'' W- IT
IJjJiUl"iV j-iH'-TiB.nV
"'-' '" '-- tv r
11 IT ur.trn, i
6 by EXW!I:f,
cnpaiu ii.
'Al-JU) tiOUU'U, ICO Va iiaA Aro., L'rooklrn, N. V
44 u x 1
t": liw m IS
!?- !llMf IIS
fttwttWItnwir jp!ninmTrr ilf tti itit --n '- "!i K 'I X"'l r -i "tttT'tL
Two Smart Models
Cutlcurn Soothes Itching Scalp.
On retiring gently nib spots of dan
drufl and Itching with Cutlcurn Oint
ment. Next inornliiR Bhainpoo with
Cutlcurn Soap and hot water. Make
them our everyday toilet preparations
and have a elonr skin and sow, whlto
hands. Advertisement.
Little Frock of Silk Crepe
tlare and are so fashioned that the
stripe of the material forma the edga
or the curr.
The suit at the right Is of heavier
crepe ami Is simpler hi design, though
ecpmlly as attractive as the costume
at the left. The skirt is of plain ma
terial with deep plaits and Is hIiowp
with a blouse, machine embroidered
in an all-over design. The blouse, la
this instance. Is slightly higher walst-
cd and is gathered Into a wide belt
Quito Likely.
"I heercd tell In town that
Stueker slashed Uuck llolllgee with a
knife last night," related Gap John
ton of HumptiH Uldgc, upon his re
turn from the county seat.
"What for?" liiqulrojl his wife.
"Hurliung If I know I You bee, I
was sorter mixed tip hi a swap when
some feller came by and told It, and I
didn't pay no pcrtlckler attention.
Hut 1 reckon likely they'd been
quarreling, or something that-a-way."
Kansas City Star.
"Yeast Foam
Every ten-year-old
girl should learn
how to make good
bread. It should be
the starting point in
her home cookery
Send for free booMcr
The Aft of Baking Bread"
Good hrcadmnk cro
everywhere prefer it
Northwestern Yeast Coi
1730 N. Aaldand Ave., Chicago
Snowy linens nre tho pride of every
housewife. Keep them In that condi
tion by using lied Cross IJall Ulue in
your laundry. At nil grocers. Adver
tisement. American Advertises for Thrill.
The other afternoon a young Ameri
can rented an airplane at the Hourget
Held which ho will utilize, he declares,
to scalier handbills all over Paris,
ntys I.e Petit Pnrllcn. A sample of
these handbills reads as follows:
"An American, for tho tlrst time In
Paris, would like to lunch at noon nest
Tuesday with the most Interesting
anarchist In the capital; Wednesday,
with a graduate student of art or
music; Thursday, with an actress;
Friday, with some lady who Intends to
commit suicide, and Saturday, with a
"In exchange for thH entertainment
he olYeis tlm luncheons, music and In
telligent conversation."
The address of an American ndver
Using agency follows, and then tho
name of this original visitor Lionel
P. Tompkins.
Durden of France.
According to the French ministry ot
the liberated regions, France has al
ready spent In reconstruction work
almost half of the lOL'.tXIO.OOO.OOO
francs, representing tho amount of
property damages In the war-ravaged
area, and has received less than one-twenty-llfth
of that amount from flor
many. Indianapolis News.
Black - Tnn - White - Ox-Blood - Brown
SHINOlA ' made of the finest wnx nnd oils.
It softens and preserves leather. Makes shoes
wear lonucr and look better.
SlIINOlA quickly and easily applied - shines
in a jifly. Keeps shoes trim and tidy.
8ttlK0tA Horns Set mtkci the home care ol dioet ratjr
"The Shine for Mine"
Here's a New Word.
You can't beat the tlupper for coin- (
Iiil' new words nhd expressions. Two i
young girls were aboard a Walklkl
car. One had on u new dress, the de
sign of which might or might not have
been sonil-F.gyptlnn. She was explain
ing to her friend that It was the latest
Bt le.
"IJulto lootanklsh, I'll say," her
friend remarked.
Abe'a Dest Joke.
Abe requests us to reprint his best
Joke, about the monkey In the restau
rant that grabbed his half-dollar and
swallowed It.
"It made me ho darned mad," said
Abe "that I picked tho monkey up by
change out of him." -HIehniond Times-
Occasions, like clouds, pass away.
Arabian Proverb.
What Made the Sannamon Famous.
A teacher In Illinois set for her pu
pils the task of writing a composition
about the Sangiinion river, which flown
through the town, utid told them to
say at least three things about tho
river. The shortest nnd plthlest pa
per was handed In by a youngster, who
had written:
"The Sangamon Itlver: I have lived
near It. 1 havo skated over It. I
have fallen Into It." Youth's Companion.
A Clever Manager.
Marks You never wear tuoitrn-
Mrs. Miichwcd No. It Isn't
Ing to me, and for that reason
I never
he hind legs and shook him good, nnd k'i'I husband long enough to hava
,ofore I got through I shook UKi lm die on my hands. Huston live
ning Transcript.
The chief end of man Is his finish.
Hard to Locate.
"Harrowing from Peter to pay Paul
Is bad business." "It Is for mo. I hnv
such a hard time finding Peter."
YrrtfiJJ.lT ifra!T
and tnl'l
plete the
l, Vi'iZ,
peclally well suited to dresses for very . which fusions ut
little misses. F.ntlre outfits are made i large hutton. A
of It In gay colors; they Include the
dress, knickers, and adorable little bon
nets. Narrow tucks edged with the
narrowest val lace, hemstitching and
frills of self material are favored for
their decoration.
Humming Its color-, from ovcry
tint of the rtilnhow and Us de
signs from all sorts of wnirces, the
jacket blouse has scored a success as
a rival of the sill; sweater for wear
with plaited skirts. A blouse of this
variety may well serve mote than one
purpose, .is It Is equally efleitlve when
worn with a .skirt of the same mate
rial in a suit or with one of contrast
ing color. The illustration above
ahovvs neu wilts In which the skirts
one side with two
softly rolling collar
of ll e ploln I'laterlul nme
WpKtorn Ncnij)nior Union )
Vogue of Knitted Garments,
Knitted oilier gin inents lime won "
much popularity tlia, they have coum
to be considered as stit;lei4. The in,t.
cblne-knlt innteiial Is, a' course, re.
ferred to, though the more oxi-lu-'vo
haiid-knU garments ate tilwajw 'h.
aristocrats hi woolen wear. tSilk, finer.
Kill;, Fills and wool, tind nil-wool mo
WE will buy not less than 101 Recipes or suggestions for new
uses of Grape-Nuts, paying $50.00 for each one accepted
And in addition
Good Housekeeping Institute, conducted by Good House
keeping Magazine, will decide an award of $2500.00 for the
Best four of the 101 new Grape-Nuts Recipes, so purchased:
$1,000.00 for the 1st selection
$750.00 for the 2nd selection
$500.00 for the 3rd selection
$250.00 for the 4th selection
The conditions of this remarkable offer are so simple and fair
that every housewife in the United States has an opportunity to
share in its benefits.
There Is No Other Food Like
Practically everybody knows
Grape-Nuts as a delicious, nourish
ing breakfast food. And while it is
common knowledge that Grape
Nuts with milk or cream is a cow
tlete food, many housewives do not
know of the appetizing and eco
nomical dishes that can be prepared
with Grape-Nuts.
Grafe-Nuts lends itself, wc believe,
to more uses than any other cereal.
Thousands of women are finding
varied uses for Grape-Nuts in their
home cooking; and thousands of
others would be' glad to learn that
Grape-Nuts adds distinctive flavor
and nutritive qualities to a great
variety of dishes.
So the thought back of our offer
of over $7500.00 for Grape-Nuts
Recipes is to bring out the new
wuys in which this wonderful food
is adding to the health and pleasure
of people everywhere.
Ask your grocer, or write to
Dept. B, Postum Cereal Co., Inc.,
Battle Creek, Mich., for details of
the offer of over $7500.00 for New
Gfape-Nuts Recipes, which must
be mailed by August 31, 1923.
Sold by Grocers everywhere!
TimMfflm!w IotwCTi w&&vtolv(?i'i
l 1 1 ll II ii 1 1 1 1 7Fwr"iH HPffT1