The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, June 14, 1923, Image 8

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X mosquito elriss while tit work
and see, how popular It In.
31 Is suggested thnt ono way to Bend
tte price of sUgar down la to send
tho profiteers up.
.Attorn'firo'crtc vvlj havo a Htrnna
lobby at tho next legislature to repeal
too Ti6w 'trnirringo law. ' "'
I agree with tho man who snya thai
about all ho can over hear over th
ndlo-lRidoiueono.fryiug llsh.
I havo ono brother In tho auto
Mobile business and tho other la la
sreuble most of tho tlmo, too.
People used to try to got out ol
feet. Now they gut road when thoj
avWnat allowed to go In deopor.
IT pooplo didn't 'feed their bodlef
amroftenor than, they do tholr mlndt
late 'would' 'bV a skinny old world.
Are ymf "ofd" 'ontfugh to romombot
tho tlmo whon town rows started ovot
laving hltchrucka on main atroot?
A. .Grand Inland man bragfl that hit
wire can do Just as much work lo
fiW field as any' man he over paw.
After you cool off you arc alwayi
ad you didn't do tho things you
Okrcatcncd to do whllo you wero mad
T nover kick unless I havo somo
tiling to kick nbout. Dut, at that, 1
can't hoo that It does mo much good
Lots, of hUBbands act Uko thoy art
afraid If they got any money ahead
their wives will buy something they
Mother would be happier If she
would spond less tlmo making daugh
ter look pretty and more on hor oWn
When I rldo In n car with someone
elso I nm like a bashful boy nt 't
party. I don't know what to do with
my. hands.
'Somo folkB say thoy Just can't con
Jrol' thelr'tcmpors. Dut I havo noticed
that. It is no trouble if tho other
fellow Li tho largor.
Bill Israel belloves in always doing
rood. Tho other day when his auto
mobile rofusod to run ho told it all
about future punishment.
A' banRor says the difference be
tween capital and labor is that capita'
is what you loan and Jabor Is -what
il takes to get It back.
Fletch Merwln pessimistically ob
serves that ho nover expects to got
all, tho praise that Is coming to him
until ho attends his own funeral.
One old grouch of an odltor sayi
the govornor Is rapidly discharging
jjolttlclanu. from office and replacing
ttem. with, equally good politicians.
Evolutionists say It took tho Cro
ator thousands of yours to make men
f monkeys. Dut a woman can make
a monkoy of a man In ten minutes.
It Is no troublo for a wlfo to get
lor. buaband to dress up If a bunco
at pretty girls are coming. Hut It I?
4 Iff went whon she ontortalns tho mis
ataaary society.
A Columbus man who stopped o
charge of shot while In his neighbor';
hencoop told sympathetic callers that
ae watt suffering from, shooting pains
Whoa big. political loaders dlsagrot
jo much Hank. i-oggctt wants to know
tow.Jn, thunder, a.tcommon plug conn
toy editor Is to know what- to bo
Move. . i.v
Lew Sholloy bqlleves In the llghl
at recent developments, that some ot
S government dollar, a year men
eweUnclo . Sam at least 75 cont
If peoplo .would' hooks tc
yot., Insido their heads as freely a
theyj, buy new hats .to put on the out
ido of their heads thl3 world would
ae a wisor place.
Moat of .tho trouble In this world
S caused by trying to Batlsfy a Pack
aril tasto wltli a flivver Income.
Lam not tin authority on etlquc
ftut ram sure It is ulwnys good fori)
kd always offer tho other fellow you
alug before taking a chow yoursolf.
.Aso Wood la starting his regulnt
xunual grouch about having to supply
stxn with n few meals. But I don't
Trend-, to worry' ns ldng aa his town
oatalns a candidate for governor.
A magazine ml for a gas stovf
tmplmslzes tho fact that tho oven
nxx be used for baking ami roasting
Somo folks might bo fool enough tc
Wifnk that ono could fry eggs In It
It is said (hat doctors and dontlate
lliMt tholr indlffcronco to pain whon
tke'yi are tho Victims. ' ' "
a finnn way m
n vvuu
Further Exposures of How Edison-Ford
Money Plan Would
Fail to Aid Farmer.
Tho way tho Edison-Ford "commod
Ity money" schomo, alined to stablllzo
monetary values, would havo exactly
tho opposite effect, Is discussed In tho
present article, which is tho second In
a series prepared by tho American
llaukors Association, reviewing the ex
posure of tho weaknesses of tho plan
as presented by William T. Foster, Di
rector of tho Pollack Foundation for
Economic Research.
Drlofly stated, tho Edison-Ford plan
provides for Government warehousing
of basic commodities, against which
currency would bo loaned to tho pro
ducer without lntorost, up to half the
avorsgovaluo of tho products for tho
previous twonty-flvo years. This
ourrancy would bo cancelled aa tho
commodities woro withdrawn and
pasted Into trado. On th'o othor half of
the ysluo the producor would receive
"equity certificates" which ho could
aell or use for bank loans. On these
points Mr. Foster saya:
Upsetting Price Equilibrium
"Steady prlco lovols depand mainly
on tho balance between the volume
of goods on tho market and tho vol
ume ot money ''oftored tor goods..
The Edlaon plan la designed express
ly to upset tho balanco. A farmer do
Hvera, aay, two thdusand bushels ot
wheat to the dovormont warohouso
and the Government delivers ono
thousand dollars lc how money to the
farmor. Whon tho farmor sells tho,
wheat. he repays tho loan and tho Qov
erqmbnt dostroys tho money. Thus
the volume of monoy Is lncrgaaed
precisely when goods aro atocedand
tho volumo of monoy Is dacroaspd.-Dro-clsoly
when thoso goods aro.maiciied.
In other words, each transaction' be
gins by placing in circulation goods
without monoy to match tho goods.
Dollar domarid is created as tho slip;'
ply ot goods Is withdrawn; tho sup
ply of goods Is created as dollar de
mand Is withdrawn'.
"Would ltenablo tho farmor, to bor
row moro monoy -on, ihla , products
than ho can now borrow?. Whon Mr.
Edison conoids that farmers , wold
obtain larger loans . on ther crops
than they can now. obtain, from banks,
ho Is contconUjd by' this dilemma:
Either Uteubftnk;,aro now refusing
to jnakonBOundJoans, or, under tlie
Edlaon plaojiTthojjaqyprumont wbtild:
makomnsoundulpana,' '" '
' "Nolther. Mr. Edlaon nor Mr. Ford
can conBlatonUy contend,', that batiks
..... - '',. 'nnu'tirl IrviVWfo
uyvi ioiuou w ..... .--,
that la the way banks make most' of
their profits, and Mr. Edison 'and M
Ford havo no doubl that banks" are
conducted for profit. It follows 7that
the plan would yield larger loans. to
farmer only It the Government 'met
tho risks of unsound banking. In that
case " all that' Insolvent borrowers
gained would be paid by tho rest Ot
the population, which, to Bay tho least,
1 npt a fair deal.
Cutting Down Farm Credit
"Apparently, however, the Govern
ment U not expected to run many
rUka, for tho farmer Is allowed to
borrow an amount no greater than
one-half tho average value ot ois
product for the previous twenty-flvo
years. But prices havo risen so high
slnco 1898 that tho farmer could bor
row op most products much less than
half tho present value of the products.
It would bo much less, therefore,
thai) tha farmer could borrow directly
from tho banks on graded; products;
on products not gradod no ..Govern
ment loans would be made.rfor there
would bo no way ot determining the
twonty-pvo-year price averago.
"Ifowevqr, tho farmor, having ob
tained tbp stipulated Oovornment
loan on his goods, could then offer his
equity certificate to a bank for an ad
ditional loan. But tho eaulty certifi
cate la virtually a second mortgage,
and np ban wouiu preter a aucuuu
mortgage to a nrsi moriftagu.
"Suppose, the Old National Bank
was willing to lend a farmer eight
hundred dollara on ono thousand
bushels of wheat. Suppoao. howovor,
tho fariffer deposited the wheat la a
Federal warehouse and obtained five
hundred dollars from the Government.
Certainly tho bank would not lend
the farmer three hundred dollars on
tho equity certificate. The protec
tion ot tha bank would be greater It
the farmor relied on tho bank for tho
entire loan; for In that case the bank
could realise on Its security without
being obliged to pay live hundred dol
lars to get the wheat out ot Govern
ment storage. Tho farmer can now
borrow moro money from a bank on
standardized farm products than
undor the Edison plan."
"Tho earth and tho fullness there
of" Is .tho primary sourco ot capltnl.
Tho farmer, therefore, Is tho nation's
greatest producer of wealth. Farm
lug and banking production nnd dis
tributionshould go hand In hand.
Tho problems of Uio farmer nro the
problems of tho banker. Both nro
vitally concerned In bringing about
a proper adjustment of transportation
and marketing costs. Tho Increasing
tondenc'y' toward a moro sympathetic
understanding of each other's rela
tion to theso problems Is ono ot the
very encouraging signs ot tho times,
ami will' result In furthor advance
ment" lit their mutual Interests. Wnl
er W, Head, First Vico President
jjojrican Bankors Association.
ithe service
President American Bankers
When Gov
ernor Walton of
Oklahoma signed
recently tho re
peal of tho hank
deposit guaranty
law In that state,
ho performed nn
economic sorvlco
to tho whole coun
try. I might oven
say that Okla
homa In passing
J. H. Puellchcr
that law, enduring Its ovll conse
quences for fifteen years and then
frankly casting It aside as a falluro,
has porformed an economic sorvlco to
the nation. There could bo no moro
convincing argumont against tho pas-,
sago of similar laws In other states
than Oklahoma's disastrous export
tnent The Oklahoma guaranty law was!
tho first ot Its kind. It was anacted
In responso to tho panic of 1907. But
experlonco has only proved again that4
there Is bo subatttuto tor sound bank
ing. Relying on the fancied security
of the guaranty law, people entrusted
their banking to many who woro un-'J
fit for the truat. Bank fallurea have?
boon so mapy that, tho fund, aup-
poaod to guarantee deposits, created
by assessments on banks, waa long '
ago depleted.
It is estimated, that with total liabil
ities .croated under tho law In the.
form' of warrants and auma owing to.
depositors amounting to $12,000,009,
bucia tuu iu ma uuiiu. v. vm. . m..
Board uncertain assets oi nominally,
tlf nnn.OOO. rancrlns in valuo from
T , , , . ... .r r,,.i
roro to only thirty or forty( cents on
tho dollar, resulting In a 'deficit' ot' '
,many million dollars. Sound, woll-man-"-
aged .banks havo boon hoavlly taxed
by assessments to tho fund; -and the
maximum amount that could be as-.
sessed' on s6lvent bunks Is Insufficient
to cover tho deficit.
It has been well said that guaranty
laws make for looseness In banking
methods, and. saddle on the com
petent and honest tho sins ot tho In
competent and dishonest;
Let us have only laws that raise
tho standard of banking. Let us have:
no laws that debase It.
- v
U i".
- i ,
How Collection of Just-Debts May
Be Prevented ;by Differing
State Statutes.
, An effort, to bring abdut better co
ordination"" and greater uniformity
among state laws dealing with busi
ness -and banking is being made by
tha 'American Bankera Association.
It la pointed out that, although the
country la a unit commercially, and
citizens ot any onostato may do busi
ness that reaches all over tho coun
try, most laws governing business
transactions aro mado by the differ
ent states, with application limited
to tholr own local Jurisdictions and
often In conflict with taws In other
statoa. It la held that state laws
should be unttorm so that the same
transaction will not bo subjoct to
different sets of rules according as
state laws differ.
To Illustrate- th disadvantages of
conflicting laws, the following Illus
tration la given: Mr. Jones lives la
New York where the atatute ot limita
tions outlawa a nolo' In six years. He
falls Into the error ot assuming that
tha .aaino rule prevails o'vorywhere.
He vlaita Maryland and loans $1,000
to hla friend, Mr. Smith, taking a
oromiaaory note. Aa the note carries
Interest Mr. Jonea la In no hurry tor
hla money and ho believos Smith to
be financially responsible. Finally at
the end of four years Jonea conclude
he has loaned Smith the money lotg
enough and seeks to collect the not
from him. But Salth can deny liabil
ity and point to tkw statute ot Mary
land which Jones la surprised to
learn outlaws a note after' thres
years. (
Changes Recommended tlJfl&V
The particular subjects ot legisla
tion recommended by the association
for enactment by State legislatures
during 1923 Indus' uniform acts on
negotiable Instruments, bills ot lad
ing, warehouse receipts, stock trans
fer, and fiduciaries.
Under the head of laws for better
protection ot banks in particular
transactions aro proposed measures
dealing with limiting liability on cer
tified check; instruments based on
gambling or usurious consideration;
tlmo limit on stop payment; payment
ot stale check; adverso claim to bank
deposit; payment of forged or raised
chock; doposlta In two names; de
posits in trust; competency ot bank
and corporation notaries; non-payment
of check through orror; Satur
day afternoon bank transactions, and
forwarding check direct to payor.
Undor tho Federal Beservo and
foreign banking nro recommended
laws oh membership ot state Institu
tions In Fodoral Resorvo Systom, and
foreign banking. Penal laws pro
posed deal with false statements for
credit; slander and llbol of bank;
checks or drafts without funds, and
burglary with explosives.
Business Man Known to Have Given
Out Good Money for Something
That Was His. '
A friend of mine told me the other
night nbout u small mnnufiictiircr who !
enme to Washington from, we'll say,
Toledo. Jlnuk honie he'd got stirred
tip about n hill thnt was .somewhere In
the milt nt the capital. It hit his busi
ness nnd ho wanted to lie In the know.
Thought he'd hotter come to Washing
ton himself nnd got his Information
Some friend told him to look up n
ninn In Wnshlngton, ono of these
".Sli-h-h! Lenve-lt-to-me" hoys. So the
Toledo ttititttil'ncttiror rings up this Mr.
Flxlt, who prohi'iitly turns up ut his
hotel, very mysterious.
"Well," says Flxlt, nibbing his chin
In tho most approved judicial manner,
"well of course, you understand there
are ways of finding out," with Just a
touch on tho loud pcdnl on the "are."
"But, as you might say, you've got to
kiow the rop3. Let mo look around
a bit: I'll meet you tomorrow nt 10:30
o'clock." '
Next day he's on deck again, very
much pleased anil still very mysteri
ous. "Como along with me," snya tho
Sh-h-h' artist, and the two of them hop
a taxi for tho jhtll. There the factory
man, Is led. Into the senate office build
ing, where Mr. Flxlt pops Into nn of
fice or two, leaving our friend and
hero, Mr. Georgo W. Come-on, out In
the lobby. Protty soon Flxlt comes out
looking wiser thun ever and they hop
over to the cupltol. ' Once more the
visitor' !3"leTt to wait In the rotunda
to admire the statues while his new
friend slips Into another room.
life' comes' hack In a minute looking
like "seven Solomons, only a lot more
mysterious, and suys:
"Quick ! Cdmo on. 'Sail rlxht. But
wait till "we get In a cab."
Once In tho cab, the business man la
handed ucopy of the bill and a com
mittee .report".
"Stick. It In your pocket till you get
bius'k, to" the hotel," he is told. Which
he does, of course ; and In the end ho
pays $2."0 ,for two documents' which ho
couldiiUjVu had for nothing and it lit
tle putleiteeTjust by asking. The Na
tion's Business.
M Islands Reserves of Timber.
In Borneo, the Philippines and New
Guinea,' there Is. a 'field of wealth
which has "been hitherto little explored.
H Is computed thnt the value of the
timber on theso l.slunds would equal a
suni sut'llclent to pay till' the allied
war de,bts. Antong tho choice trees In
djgenpu' the Isles are the cumugOrf,
wrhose..p'ood Is yellow nnd blackllke
tortolseshell, and the mplnve', Wiilch'rel
sU'ts' the 'ruVages of ''white ants unil
sea 8lu'gs,'soilestructlve to ottier trees
fCjiefels aja'a fine growth '6f ntuh'og;
ajiy, bofli ' red and yell'dw varieties
ilie rel' taking 0n a beautiful rich win-)
fljblor w'l'ien, immersed In sfea water. The
all iuwn, used In the' making of
uiaHts.und ships la found In plenty, as
'yvell aa the dugan, whlcli la the hard
eat wood known. The difficulties en
countered In taking out timber In Bra
zil, due to climatic and other condi
tions, obtain In a not greatly leas de
gree In these, Islands, a fact which
probably accounts In a measure for"
their having been as yet so little ex
ploited. The use ot uirplanes to fly
over Impenetrable forests bids fair to
open tip much unknown territory.
Clever Gorman Thlevss.
An amar.lng boax has been played
on the small Prussian town of Man
hausen. A stranger, -a ho said he rep
resented tho provincial authorities, In
formed the local council that he waa
charged with the duty of making cer
tain changes In the electric lighting ar
rangements. For this purpose the ex
isting wires nt the power station must
be removed and better ones substitut
ed!. The town, he added, wpuM have
to remain unlit for a day. The 'conn-
ell duly assented. Next day there, ar
rived "mechanics," who 'dlstharitled
more than 1,000 yards of copper wire.
Residents, delighted to lend a hand in
what they believed to be a preliminary
toward getting a better lighting supply,
assisted the strangers to transport the
wire" to the railway station. The se
quel la thnt Marzhauaen has been
dwelling In darkness ever since. The
only light that so far has dawned upon
,.the Inhabitants la that they have been
the victims of a clover gung or metal
A Small World.
, Following tho armistice Lieutenant
Paul .T. Smith of 'this city, now of
Eldorado, Ark., wont to France as a
K. of O. secretury, and lived nt the
home of a charming French family
with two daughters. After his return
to the Stute.s, letters wero exchunged
for uwhlle and then gradunlly ceased.
One day last week n letter was re
ceived Inquiring whether the recipient
could possibly be "Smltty" of the class
of '10, Notre Dume, nnd, If so, to let
the writer know, as he wns Louis Pat
rick Hore, n fellow classmate, now a
Paris representative of the Chicago
Tribune and the husband of ono of the
French (,'lrls before mentioned. In
dlnnapolls News.
Should Be Interesting.
After hnvlng spent 02 of his 02 years
In prlsnn i.n tho Nl'ind nf F.llm, Car
mine Doimtolln C'riicco, at one time
the most dreaded bandit captain of
southern Italy, has published his me
moirs, according to reports In Italian
papers. Crocco left the tinny of tho
king of Sicily when n youth, took up
banditry nnd became ho powerful thnt
several thousand troops were necessury
to capture and wlpo out his bund. He
was sentenced to life Imprisonment.
Place Your Coal
Orders Now
!i The Mallone
Order and Notice of Probate.
In the County Court of Webster
County, Nebraska.
In the matter of the estate of Swain
Q. Johnson Deceased
To all Persous Interested In Said Estate
TAKE NOTICE, That a petition has
beeu tiled herein, praying for the pro
bate of a certain written instrument,
now on file In this court, purporting
to be the last will and testament of
Swain H. Johnson, Deceased: and thut
said Instrument be admitted to pro
bate, aud that administration of sal'd
estate be granted to Sophia Jo,Unaou,
as executrix
It is hereby ordered that you and a 1
persons Interested In -aid mutter, may
appear at the Cduuty Court 'room, iu
the Clry of Red Cloud, In sutd 'cbunty'
ai-d srnte" on'the 23d'day of June, 192:1,
at ten o'clock A..M. to show' cause if
aiy there be, why the prayer , of,' the 'amination of the men who attended
petitioner should not he grniitttii, uitd ast years camp, Tnelr weight ac
that notice of the pendeuoy of said pe- cording to thc government's examln'n
tlttoo, and tuehearim: thereon, be Kv-.tion ncreaaeil 5 lbs f-r eacli
en to all persons interested, oy .puo-;
iiining a copy oi iuis oruer iu me uura
Cloud Chief, a legal weekly ' newspaper
published ic salil county, for three Stic-ce-Mve
weeks p.rior to said day of hear-
1,1 1"' ..
Witness my aud hiiiI tlie ieal of the
County Courmilb.l-5td.iy oi June, 1023.
(Seal) r ' A,'D,. KaSNEY,
' Judgeof.theConnty Court.
Howard S. Foe," Attorney. t
v'". .1 .'...
S "U- Cl-j
What's ina
IBLB history Is .responsible fin
J 1 ' ' Ma- -
ongtn or oiaaeiine. oniy yo
sible source of the name Is the-N(rW
Testament1 story "ot"Pe "tnyjlc figure,
Mary Magdalen. Magdalen, It seems,
latea Into "of Magdulfl," the village ol
the scarlet woman's birth, and Is re
garded as an adjective of place.
So the soft hurmony of "Magdalen"
was nbt employed as a proper name at will be pleased to give further de
that time, but history records that tails
various Institutions, or rescue homes :
for unfortunate girls, sprang up under
the name, until it began to be used M
synonymous for fallen women. Writers,
artists, and poets, who find fascination
In portraying the type of Mary Mas' I
dalen, with her luxury, her embrold-
ored robes and flowing hair, and'hec
In'evitublo tears as a repentant sinner,
kept the two names in vogue. But
, finally the "Mary" was dropped com-
pletely and only Magdalen persisted
Kach nutlon has taken the asms
Magdalen and placed upon It' th.
stamp of Individual spelling. ICngUad
calls her Mudalene, eliminating the
"g" "for tho soft aound; Madeline,
Maudleno, and Maun are other Eng-
Ush derivations. Franco prefors Made-
lelne; Spain und Russia, .Maaelina.
The French also claim the derivations
Magdalene, Madlen, Lone, and Lea
chen. Maddalena la the Italian ver
sion nnd Lei I la Swiss.
Despite the story of Madeline's ori
gin, the poets have chosen her name
rather to portray' the shyest and most
virtuous ot maidens, tho typical sweet
heart to whom young lovers write
odes. The best known poem to "Ever
Varvlnu Madeline" runa:
Smlllns, frownlns. evermore,
Thnu art Derfect In love-lore.
neveAllnga deep and clear are thine.
Of wealthy amltes; but who may know.
Whether mlle or frown be sweeter,
Who may know?
Madeline's Jewel Is tho moonstone,
that gem so potent for lovers who may
read their future In Its opalescent
depths. It she wears her tulismanlc
stone, Madeline mny have her heart's
promises. The poppy Is her Mower, 3
Is hor mystic number nnd Saturday
her lucky day.
t kr(' Wheeler Syndicate Inc.)
Ye , Garber's
Is The Place!
To Buy Wall Paper. Paints.
And Electrical Supplies.
The bestplace for Picture
- Gelatly Co.
Omaha, Nebr., June 11. Realizing
that, "An Army fight3 on it3 belly,"
the United States government is mak
.ing every prefl ration to properly
feed the 4,000 students, who willat;
tend the third series f the Citizen's
Military Training Camps, w.htch. -.will
be held in tho Seventh Corps Area
during August. These camps, will be
held at Fort Snelling, -Minnesota;
Fort Leavenworth, Kansas and Fort.
Des Moines, Iowa. ."
There will be 360.000 meals- pre
pared at these three camps and they
, will be's'ich as to properly nourish
students wh? are requ'recf to- wdrk
'hard and play hard. ' '"'
' The fact that these students flour-'
ish under the government's super
vision is proven by final physical c'rt-
. . .
According to the government's
compilation it will require within the
Seventh Corrs Area, G5 tons of beef,
63 tons of bread, 75 tNi. of potatoes
or other fresh vegetables, to say
nothing of the numerous other artir
Icles required to feed 4.000 hungry
j Just as was ibne during the World
' War, the students will be divided in
to companies and each company will,
,have a separate mess; This mesj-vyill-
be under the supervision of the cele
brated Army Mess Sargants and
Young men between the ages of 17
and 24 are elig'ble to .attend .these
camps. Four courses will be offered
the Basic Red Advanced Red, White
and Blue.
All training is tor the purpose of
preparing the candidates to be of
ficers in the Officers Reserve Corps.
The War Department has supplied
n .AMkutAHi-n t!aA . C 4Un. f!1!-nM Tun !n
iciiiewmumc ui my mmwij nam
ing Oamps Association in each town.
as well as the railroad station agent,
and postmaster with fuli details of
, , , P7,'
Major General George B. Duncan,
Commander of the Seventh Corps
Area, Army Bldg., Omaha, Nebraska,
Sheriffs Sale.
Notice la hereby given that under
and by virtue of an order of sale issued
from the office of Clara McMillan,
Clerk of the District Court of the Tenth
Judicial District within and for Web-
ster coanty, Nebraska, upon a decree
in an action pending therein, wherein
....... T , , , j .
Walter J. McCoy et al are defendants,
l 8hlU offer for 8al at PubIlc v"du'-',
according to the terms ot said decroo,
to the highest bidder for cash in hand,
at the south door of the Court House
at Red Cloud, Nebraska, (that being
the building wherein the last term of
said court was bolden) on the 10th day
of July, 1023, at 2 o'clock p. m, of -said
day the following described property,
to. wit: l'he South West Quarter, except
about one and one-halt uure thereof iu
the southeast corner thereof uaed'foru
cemetery, of Section Ten In .Township
j Four, Range Twelve, Webster county,
. Nebrnskn.
Given under my hand this Uth day
ui iiune, i vs.).
The Margin of Safety
Is represented by tho amount of
insurance you carry.
Don't lull yourself Into a fancied
Because fire has nover touched you
It doesn't follow that you're Immune
Tomorrow -no today, if you have
time and you better And tlmo
come to the ofllee and we'll write
n policy on your house, furniture,
btore or merchandise.
R.elia.ble Insurance
. i