The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, June 14, 1923, Image 2

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The Light
SYNOPSIS. ArrlvInK at tlio lone
ly llttlo railroad station nt 121 Ca
Jon, Now Mexico, Madeline Hum
inontl, Now York society Blrl, find
no 0110 to meet tier. Whllo In tlio
witltliiK room, u drunken cowboy
enters, iuiIh If olio Ih timrrled, ami
departs, IcuvIiib tier terrlllrd. He
returns with 11 priest, who kocb
through Komo sort of ceremony,
anil tha cowlioy forces her to nay
"HI," Anklm: Iter numo and leiini
InB her Identity tlio cowboy aocnis
dazed, In a sliontlriK scrape out
side tlio room a Mexican in hilled.
T. cowboy IcLi u Blrl, Hotilta.
tue liln liorso nnd escape, tlieo
conducts Madeline to Klorciict
KIliKHUy,' frlulitl of her brother.
Florence welcomes her, learns he
story, nnd dismisses thn cowboy.
Gene Stewart. Noxt day Alfred
Ilniimiond, Madeline's tirothcr,
takes Stewart to tusk, Mndcllno
exonerates hint of any wtoiib in
tent. Alfred, scion of a wealthy
family, had been dismissed from
his homo. because of IiIm dissipation.
Madeline see'f thai thn West lias
redeemed him. She meets Stlllwell,
AI'h employer, typical western
ranchman. Stlllwell tells her how
Stewart bent tip the sheriff to ravo
her from arrest nnd then lit out
for the border, Danny Mains, on
of KtlllwelVs cowboyn, linn disap
peared, with pome of StillweH'fl
money. Ills friends link his nnmo
with the Blrl Ilonlta. Madeline BCti
a Bllmpse of life on a western
ranch. Stewart sendn Madeline his
horse Majesty. Sho buys out Stlll
well and "Her Majesty's Hanclin"
bt'comes famous. She finds her life
work under "The I.lKht of Western
Stars." learning Stewart had
been liurt In n brawl nt Chlrlcahua,
Madelino visits him nnd persuades
him to come to tho ranch ns tho
boss of bcr cowboys. Jim Nnls,
Nick Steele nnd "Monty" l'rlcn are
Madeline's chief riders. They have
a feud with Don Carlos' vnipieros,
who nre really Kiicrrlllns. Made,
lino makes Stewart promise, that
pence Is kept. They raid Hon Car
los' ranch for contraband arms.
CHAPTER X Qintinued.
"Senor Ktownrt, lip heel my vn
querol" shouted Don Curlo.s. us. sweat
ing iiiHi spent, ho concluded Ills ar
raignment of the cowlioy. "Illin yon
must urrcst I Sonor Ktownrt n liiid
mnn! Ho Itool my vnquoro!"
"Do you hour thot?" yollol Ilnwo.
"'J'lio Dun's got you llggored for tliot
llttlo Job nt Kl Cnjon lust full."
The'clnmor burst Into n ronp. Hnwe
began slinking Ills linger In Stewart's
fnoo mill honrsoly shouting. TITon n
Iltlio young viuiuopo, swift ns mi In
dian, glided unilor Hnwo's upllftod
firm. Whatever tlio notion ho Intondod,
ho was too Into for Its oxocutlon.
Stewart lunged out, struck tho vn
(Ut'ro, nnd knocked him off tho porch.
As ho foil n dagger glittered In tho
sunlight nnd rolled clinking over tho
Moncs. Tho mnn wont down titiril nnd
did not movp. Willi tho sumo nbrupt
vlolpnco, nnd n mnniior of contempt.
Ktownrt throw Ilnwo off tho porch,
then Don Curios, who, belli;; loss sup
ple, fell henvlly. Then tho mob bncUod
before Stewart's rush until nil were
down In tho courtyard.
Tho shallllng of feet censed, tho
clanking of spurs, and tho shouting.
IKels nnd Monty, now roonforeed by
Nick Steele, were as shadow's of Stew
art, f-o closely did they follow him.
fctewnrt waved them Intel: and stepped
down Into the yard. IIo was absolute
ly fearless; but what struck Madeline
!n keenly was his magnificent disdain.
Manifestly, ho knew tho nature of tho
men with whom ho was dealing. Krom
the look of him It was natural for
Madeline to expect them to give way
before him, which they did, even Unwo
und his attendants sullenly retreating.
Don Carlos not tip to confront Stow
nrt. The prostrate vaqucro stirred
nnd moaned, but did not rise.
"You needn't Jlbbop Spanish to nip,"
Raid Stewart. "You can talk Ameri
can, nnd you can understand Anioii-
"Senor 8tcwart, Ho Keel My Vaquero!"
Shouted Don Carlos,
can. If you start n rough-house here
you and yotip Greasers will bo cleaned
up. You'vu got to leave this ranch.
Vou can have tho stock, tho packs and
traps In tho second corral. There's
grub, too. Saddle up and hit tho trail.
Dun Carlos, I'm dealing more than
equaro with you. You're lying nbout
Vioso boxes of guns nnd catrldgos.
You're breaking tho Inws of my coun
try, and you'ro doing It on property In
my charge. If I lot smuggling go on
here I'd be Implicated myself, Now
jou get of &o range. IX you don't
of Western Stars
A Romance
By Zane Grey
Copyright by Harper and Brothers
I'll have the United States cavnlry
hero In six hours, and you can gamble
they'll got what my cowboys leave of
Don Carlos was either n cnpltnl nc
tor and gratefully relieved at Stew
art's leniency or else ho was thorough
ly cowed by references to the troops.
"SI, Sonor I Oraelas, Sonor!" he ex
claimed; and then, turning nway, he
called to his men. They hurried after
him, while- the fallen vaquero got to
his feet with Stewart's help nnd stag
gored across the courtyard. In u mo
ment they were gone, leaving Ilawe
and his several comrades behind,
llnwe was spitefully ejecting n wad
of tobacco from his mouth nnd swear
ing In an undertone about "white-livered
(irea-sers." lie cocked his rod
eye speculatively at Stewart.
"Wnl, I reckon ns you're so hell-bent
on doln' It up brown tlict you'll try to
(Ire me olT'n the range, too?"
"If I ever do. I'nt, you'll need to bo
currii.fl off," replied Stewart, ".lust
now I'm politely Inviting you and your
deputy sherlfls to leave."
"Weil go; but we're cumin' back
one of those days, an' when wo do
we'll put you In Irons."
"llnwe, If you've got It In that bad
for mo, ciiiiiu over hero In the corral
and let's tight it out. You've got it In
fop me, man to mnn. Speak up now
mid prove you're not tho cowardly
skunk I've always thought you. l'e
called your hand."
Muttering, cursing, pallid of face,
Ilnwo climbed astride Ills horse. Ills
comrades followed suit. Certain It ap
peared that the sheriff was contend
ing with more than fear and wrath.
Savagely ho spurred bis horse, and as
It snorted and leaped he turned In his
saddle, shaking his list. Ills comrades
led the way, with their horses chatter
ing Into a canter. They disappeared
through the gate.
When, later in the day, Madeline and
Florence, accompanied by Alfred and
Stlllwell, left Don Carlos' ranch It wns
not any too soon for Madeline. Tho
Inside of tho Mexican's homo was
more unppopossessing and uncomfort
able than the outside. The halls were
dark, tho rooms iiuge, empty, nnd
musty ; and there was tm nlr of silence
and secrecy and mystery nbout them
most fitting to the character Florence
had bestowed upon the place.
On tho other hand, Alfred's ranch
house, where the party halted to siend
tho night, wns picturesquely located,
small nnd cozy, campllkc In the ar
rangement, and altogether agreeable
to Madeline.
The day's long rido nnd the exciting
events had wearied her. Sho rested
while Florence and the two men got
supper. During tho meal It was not
lost upon Madeline that Florence ap
peared unusually quiet and thoughtful.
Madeline wondered a little nt tho
cause. She remembered that Stewart
had wanted to come with tl:im, or de
tail a few cowboys to accompany them,
but Alfred had laughed at tho Idea
and would have none of It.
After supper Alfred monopolized tho
oonverMitlon by describing what ho
wanted to do to Improve lib homo be
fore he nnd Florence were married.
Then at an early hour they all re
tired. Madeline's deep slumbers were dis
turbed by a pounding upon tlio wall,
and then by Florence's crying out In
nnswer to a call.
"(let up! Throw some clothes on
and come out !"
It was Alfred's voice.
"What's tho matter?" nsked Flor
ence, as sho slipped out of bed.
"Alfred, Is there anything wrong?"
added Madeline, sitting up.
The room was dark us pitch, but u
faint glow seemed to mark the posi
tion of the window.
"t)h, nothing much," replied Alfred.
"Only Don Carlos' raneho going up in
"Fire!" cried Florence, sharply.
"You'll think so when you see It.
Hurry out."
Florence helped Madeline to dress.
Then they hurriedly stumbled over
hairs, and, passing through the dining
room, went out upon tho porch.
Away to tho westward, low down
along the horizon, she saw leaping rod
Humes and wind-swept columns of
Stlllwell appeared greutly per
turbed. "Al. I'm lookln' for that nmniunltlon
to blow up," he said. "There was
enough of It to blow the roof off tho
"Hill, surely the cowboys wdulil get
that stuff out tho llrst thing," replied
Alfred, anxiously.
"I reckon so. Hut all the same, I'm
worryln'. Mebbe there wasn't time.
Supposln' thot powder went olY as the
boys was goln' for It op carryln' It out !
Weil know soon. If tho explosion
doesn't come quick now wo can figger
tht! boys got the boxes out."
For the next few moments there was
a silence of sustained and painful sus
pense. Florcnco gripped Mndr'.lne's
arm. Madelino felt n fullness In her
throat and u rapid beating of hop
heart. Presently sho wns relieved with
the others when Stlllwell declared the
danger of nn explosion needed to bo
feared no longer.
"Sure you can gamble on Geno Stew
art," ho ndded. "Therol She's smol
derln' down now. Iteckon wo-ull might
Jest ns well turn In Hgnln. It'n only
three o'clock."
Madeline nwnkennd early, but not so
enrly as the others, who were up and
had breakfast ready when she went
Into the dining room. Stlllwell was
not In nn nmlable frame of mind. The
furrows of worry lined his broad brow
nnd he continually glanced at his
watch, nnd growled because the cow
boys were so late In riding over with
the news. He gulped bis breakfast,
and while Madeline nnd the others ntc
theirs ho tramped up nnd down the
porch. Madeline noted Hint Alfred
grow nervous and restless. Presently
he left the table to Join Stlllwell out
side. "They'll slope off to Don Carlos'
raneho and leave us to ride homo
alone," observed Florence.
"Do you mind?" questioned Made
line. "So, I don't exactly mind ; we've got
tin; fastest horses In this country; lut
I've no hankering for a sltuutlon Gene
Stewart thinks" '
Florence began disconnectedly, nnd
she ended evasively. Madeline did not
press the point, although she had some
sense of misgiving. Stlllwell trumped
In, shaking the lloor with his huge
boots; Alfred followed him, carrying a
"Not it boss In sight," complained
Stlllwell. "Somethln' wrong over Don
Carlos' way. Miss Majesty, It'll bo Jest
as well for you an' Flo to' hit the home
trail. We can telephone over nn' see
Hint tho boys know you're coinln'."
Alfred, standing In the door, swept
the gray valley with his ileld-glass.
"Hill, I see running stock-horses or
cattle; I can't make out which. I
guess we'd better rustle over there."
Huth men hurried out, ami while tho
horses were being brought up and sad
dled Madelino and Florcnco put nway
the breakfast dishes, then speedily
donned spurs, sombreros nnd gaunt- I
lets. (
"Here nre the horses ready," called
Alfred. "Flo, Unit bluck Mexican horse
Is ti prince." I
Tho girls went out In time to lienv '
Stlllwell's good-by as ho mounted and ,
spurred nwuy. Alfred went through I
the motions of assisting Madeline and
Florence to mount, which assistance
they always llouted, and then he, too,
swung up astride.
"I guess It's nil right," he said,
rather dubiously. "You renlly must
not go over toward Don Carlos'. It's
only n few miles home."
"Stipe It's all right. We can ride,
can't we?" retorted Florence. "I de
clare ho and Al were sure rattled."
Florence dismounted nnd went Into
the house. She left the door open.
Madeline bad some dlfllculty in hold
ing Majesty. It struck Madeline that
Florence stayed rather long indoors.
Presently she came out with sober face
and rather tight lips.
"I couldn't get anybody on tho
'phono. No nnswer. I tried u dozen
"Why, Florence!" Madeline wns
more concerned by the girl's looks than
by tho Information she Imparted.
"Tho wire's been cut," said Flor
ence. Her gray glance swept swiftly
lifter Alfred, who was now far out of
earshot. "I don't like this a little bit.
Ileah's where I've got to ilggep,' an
15111 says."
She pondered a moment, then hur
ried Into the house, to return presently
with the fleld-glius that Alfred hail
used. With this sho tool: u survey ot
the valley, particularly In tho direc
tion of Madeline's rnnch-houso. This
was hidden by low, rolling ridges
which wore finite close by.
"Anyway, nobody In that direction
can see us leave heah," she mused.
"There's mosquito on tho ridges. We've
got cover long enough to save us till
wo can see what's abend."
"Florence, what what do you ex
pect?" asked Madeline, nervously.
"I don't know. There's nevi r any
tolling nbout Greasers. I wish Hill
and Al hadn't left us. Still, cnpie to
think of that, they couldn't help us
much In case of a chaso. We'd run
right nway from them. Hesldes, they'd
shoot. I guess I'm ns well sati-lled
that we've got the Job of getting homo
on our own hands. Wo don't daro
follow Al toward Don Carlos' ranch.
Wo know there's trouble over there.
So all that's left Is to hit the trail for
home. Come, let's ride. You stick
llko u Spanish needle to me."
A heavy growth of mosquito cov
ered the top of tho llrst ridge, and
the trail went through It. Florence
appeared cautious, deliberate, yet she
lost no time. She was ominously si
lent. Madeline's misgivings took dell
nlto shape In the fear of vaqueros In
Upon tho ascent of tho third ridge,
which Madeline remembered was the
last uneven ground between tho point
she had reached and home, Florence
exercised even more guarded care In
advancing, Ileforo she rea'cheil the
top of this rhlgo sho dismounted,
looped hep bridle round u dead snag,
and, motioning Madeline to wait, sho
slipped ahead through tho mesqulte.out
of sight. Madeline waited, anxiously
listening nnd watching, All of u sud
den sho saw Majesty's ears were held
up. Then Florence's face, now strange
ly white, showed round the turn of
the trail.
" 'S-s-s-sh I" whispered Florence,
holding up n wnrnlng finger. She
reached tho black liorso nnd petted
blm, evidently to still nn uneasiness
he manifested. "We'ro In for It," she
went on. "A whole bunch of vaquoros
hiding anions the mosquito over Ute
Hdge! They've not scon op honrd us
yet. We'd better risk riding uhend,
cut off thn trail, nnd bent them to tho
punch. Madeline, you're white ns
death! Don't faint nowl"
"I shall not faint. Hut you frighten
me. Is there danger? What shall we
"Thpre's dnng2P. Madeline, I
wouldn't deceive you," went on Flor
ence, In earnest whisper. We should
Al should have listened to Genet I
believe I'm nfrnld Gene knew I"
"Know'what?" nsked Madeline.
"Never mind now. Listen. Wo
daren't take the back trail. Weil go
on. I've a scheme to fool that grin
ning Don Carlos. Gut down, -Madeline
hurry 1"
Madeline dismounted,
"Give mo your white sweater. Take
It oil' And that white hat! Hurry,
Madeline." She had divested herself
of sombrero and Jacket, which she
held out to Madeline. "Heah. Take
these. Give me yours. Then get up
on the black. I'll ride Majesty. Hustle
now, Madeline. This Is no time to
"Hut, dear, why why do you
want ? Ah t You're going to make
tlio vaquoros tnko you for met"
"You guessed it. Will you"
"I shall not allow you to do any
thing of the kind," returned Madeline.
It wns then that Florence's face,
changing, took on the hard, stern
sharpness so typical of a cowboy's.
Madeline bad caught glimpses of that
expression In Alfred's face, and on
Stewart's when ho was silent, and on
Stlllwell's i.lways. It was u look of
Iron and lire onchnngonblo, unquench
able will. Tiu-re was oven much of
"Give Me Your White Sweater. Take
It Off and tho White Hat; Hurry,
violence In the swift action whereby
Florence compelled Madelino to tho
change of apparel.
"It'd been my Idea, rtiiyhow, If
Stownrt hadn't told me to do It," snld
Florence, her words ns swift us hep
hands. "Don Carlos Is uftor you you,
Miss Madelino llnininond! Ho wouldn't
ambush a trail for any one else. Ho
wants you for some reason. So Geno
thought, and now I believe blm. Well,
we'll know for sure In five minutes.
You rido the black; I'll ride Majesty.
We'll slip around through the brush,
out of sight nnd sound, till wo can
break out Into tho open. Then we'll
split. You make straight for the ranch.
I'll cut loose for the vulloy where Gene
said positively tho cowboys were with
the cuttle. The vaquoros will take
me for you. They'll chaso me. They'll
never get iinywhero near me. And
you'll bo on n fast horse. Ho can take
you homo ahead of any vaquoros. I Jut
you won't bo chased. I'm staking all
on that. Trust mo, Madelino. If It
were only my calculation, maybe I'd
It's because I remember Stewart.
That cowboy knows things. Come,
this heah's tho safest and smartest
way to fool Don Curios." Madeline
felt herself more forced than per
suaded Into acquiescence. Sho mounted
tho black and took up the bridle. In
another moment she was guiding her
horse off the trail In the tracks of
Majesty. Florence led off at right an
gles, threading a slow passage through
the mosquito. Sho favored sandy
patches and open aisles between the
trees and was careful not to break a
branch. Often she stopped to listen.
This detour of perhaps half a mile
brought Madeline to where sho could
aw open ground, the ranch-house only
u few miles off, nnd the cattle dotting
the valley. She had not lost her.cour
ugo, but It wns certain that these fa
miliar sights somewhat lightened the
pressure upon her breast. Kxclteinent
gripped her. Tho shrill whistle of n
horse made both the black nnd Majesty
Jump. Florence quickened the gait
flown the slope. Soon Madeline saw
the edge of the brush, the gray-bleached
grass and level ground.
Florence waited ut the opening be
tween tho low trees. Sho gave Made
line a quick, bright glance,
"All over but the rido! That'll sure
i bo easy. Holt now and keep your
nerve !"
When Florence wheeled tho fiery
roan anil screamed In his ear Madeline
seemed suddenly to grow lax and help
less. Tho big horso leaped Into thun
dering action. Florence's hair streamed
on the wind and shone gold In the sun
light. Then hoarse shouts unchimped
Madeline's power of movement, nnd
she spurred tho black Into the open.
Ho wanted to run nnd ho was swift.
Mudellne loosened the reins Inld them
loose upon his neck. His action was
strange to her. He was hard to ride.
Hut ho was fast, and sho enred for
nothing else. She wus running away
from somethlnfj what that Trn nh
did not know. But she remembered
Florence, nnd sho wanted to look back,
yet hated to do so fop feur of the
nnmoYess dungcr Florence had men
tioned. Madeline listened for the pounding
of pursuing hoofs In her rear. Invob
untnrlly she glanced bnck. On tho
mile or more of gray level between
hop and the ridge there wns not n
hopse, a man, or anything living. Sha
wheeled to look back on the otlini
side, down the valley slope,
The sight of Florence riding Majesty
In zlgzng flight before ti whole troop of
vaquoros blanched Madeline's cheek
nnd made her grip the pommel of'her
saddle In terror. That strange gnlt
of her roan was not his wonderful
stride. Could Mnjesty bo running
wild? It flashed over Madeline thnt
Florence wus putting the horse to
some such awkward flight as might
have been expected of nn eastern girl
frightened out of her wits. Madeline
made sure of this when, after looking
again, she saw that Florence, In splto
of the horse's breaking gait and the
Irregular course, was drawing slowly
nnd surely flown the valley.
Madeline hnd not lost her head
to tho extent of forgetting her own
mount nnd the nature of the ground la
front. When, presently, she turned
ugaln to watch Florence, uncertainty
censed In her mind. Tho strange fea
tures of that race between girl and
vaquoros were no longer In evidence.
Majesty was In his beautiful, wonder
ful stride, low down ulong the ground,
stretching, with his nose level nnd
straight for the valley. Hetween him
ami the lean horses In pursuit lay au
ever-Increasing space, lie was running
nway from tho vaquoros. Florence wan
Indeed "riding the wind," as Stewart
hail aptly expressed his Idea of flight
upon the fleet roan.
A dimness came over Madeline's
eyes, and It was not nil owing to the
sting of the wind. She rubbed It tiwny,
seeing Florence as n flying dot in a
strange blur. What n thiplng. intrepid
girl ! This kind of strength and nye,
splendid thought for 11 weaker sister
was what the West Inculcated In a
The next time Madeline looked back
Florence wns far ahead of her pur
suers and going out of sight behind a
low knoll. Assured of Florence's snfo
ty, Madeline put her mind to hep own
title nnd the possibilities nwnltlng ut
the ranch. She remembered the full
uro to get any of her servants or cow
boys on tho telephone. To be supe, a
windstorm hnd once broken the wire.
Hut she had llttlo real hope of such
being tho case In this Instance. Sho
rode on, pulling the bluck ns she
nenred the ranch.
It was perhaps fortunate for hop,
she thought, that the climb up the
slope cut the black's speed so she could
manage blm. IIo wns not very hard
to stop. The moment she dismounted,
however, he Jumped and trotted off.
At the edge of the slope, facing the
coppuls, ho halted to lift his bend and
shoot up his enrs. Then he let out u
plepdng whistle and dashed down tho
Mudellne, prepared by that warning
whistle, tried to fortify herself for u
new nnd unexpected situation; but ih
she espied nn unfamllhip company of
horsemen rapidly riding down n hollow
leading from tho foothills she felt tho
return of fours gripping ut her llko
cold hnuds ami she lied precipitously
into the house.
A Band of Guerrilla?.
Madeline bolted the door, and, flying
Into tho kitchen, sho told the scared
servants to shut themselves In. Then
ho ran to her own rooms. It wns only
a matter of u few moments for her to
close and bar the heavy shutters, yet
even us she was fastening the last ono
In the room sho used ns an olllco n
clattering roar of hoofs seemed to
swell up to the front of the house. Sho
caught n glimpse of wild, shaggy
horses and ragged, dusty men. She
had never seen any vaquoros that re
sembled these horsemen. Vaquoros
had grace nnd stylo; they were fond
of Inco nnd glitter nnd fringe; they
dressed their horses In silvered trap
pings. Hut tho riders now trnmplliiA
Into tho driveway were uncouth, lean,
savage. They were guerrillas, n band
of the raiders who had been harassing
the border since the beginning of tho
revolution. A second glimpse assured
.Madeline that they were not all Mex
icans. Tho presence of outlaws in Hint
band brought home to Mndellne her
pen I danger. She remembered what
Stlllwell had told her about recent out'
law raids along the Ulo Grande. Thosi
Hying bands, operating under the ex
citement of the revolution, appeared
here and there, everywhere, In remote
places, and were gone us quickly us
they came. Mostly they wanted mon
ey and tinns, but they would steal any
thing, nnd unprotected women had suf
fered at their hands.
Madeline, hurriedly collecting her
securities nnd the considerable money
she had in her desk, ran out, closed
and locked the door, crossed the pntlo
to the opposite side of tho house, and,
entering ngaln, went down n long cor
liilor, trying to decide which of the
many unused rooms would be best to
hide In. And before she made up hep
mind sho emtio to tho Inst room. Just
then u battering on door or window In
tho direction of the kitchen nnd shrill
screams from the servant women In
creased Madeline's nlnrm.
"A rude, powerful hand clapped
round her waist and Bwung her
Tanlac Made Short Work of
It, Declares Contractor.
Strength Restored.
Tils like rlieumntism, which nre often
caused by n disordered condition of
tiie stomach, frequently dlsnppenr
onco tho digestive organs are again
properly functioning. A striking Illus
tration of this Is furnished In the
Btntement of Clayton Willis, bridge
constructor, Midland hotel, Omaha,
Neb., regarding bis experience with
Tnnlnc. He says:
"Last spring I hnd Indigestion so
bad I couldn't cat n bite without suf
fering. Rheumatism swelled my feet
until I hnd to wear shoes far bigger
than my regular size, and I finally got
so weak and sick I lost n lot of time,
from work.
"Hut Tnnlnc fixed mo np to whero
I now have the appetite imil digestive
powers of n Kansas farm hand, and
oven my rheumatism lias cleared out
so I can work with steel or concrete
nil day without tiring. Tunlac delivers
the goods."
Tanlac Is for vale by nil good drug
gists. Accept no substitute. Over !J7
million bottles sold.
Tunluc Vegetable Pills nre nature's
own remedy for constipation. Sold
everywhere. Advertisement.
(Jnhapplncss Explained.
Mini's unhupplness, ns I construe,
comes of his greatness; It Is bocuusi
there is nn Intlnlte in him, which with
nil his cunning ho cannot quite bury
under the Finite. Cnrlyle.
Every department of housekeeping
roods Red Cross IVnll Rlue. Equally
good for kitchen towels, table linen,
sheets nnd pillowcases, etc. Advo
Object of Greatest Admiration.
There nre nine op thirteen million
things In thin well-known republic thai
elicit our admiration; none, however,
more thnn the woman who does her
own work and still has time to keep
her oldest daughter nt her phino les
son ! Buffalo Kvonlng Times.
Flies sell their lives dearly,
one expires nt each swat.
The Same Old Backache!
Docs every day bring the Fame old
backache? Do you drag along with
your back a dull, unceasing ache?
Evening find you "all played out"?
Don't oc discouraped! Realize it is
merely a sign you haven't taken good
care of yourself. This has probably
strained yourt kidney'. Take things
easier fir awhile and help your kidneys
with Doan's Kidney rills. Then the
backache, dizziness, headaches, tired
feelings and bladder troubles will go.
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A Nebraska Case
Mrs. M. SteffKcn,
Concv n, Neb r..
says: "My bnck was
weak and tired and
I had dizzy hsail
nclica. A (rlontl
who had been
helped by Doan's
Kidney Pills ad
vised mo to try
tiicin. nnu ns a re
sult I Rot well. Tho
trouble hnsn't both
ered mo In the last
seven years. I kIvo
Doan's tho credit."
Get Doin' at Any Store, 60c a Dos
Bilious Attacks
Arc Usually Due to
When you nre constipated,
not enough of Nature's lu
bricating liquid is produced
tn the bowel to keep the food
waste soft nnd moving. Doc
tors prescribe Nujol because
it nets like this natural lubri
cant nnd thus secures regular
bowel movements by Nature's
own method lubrication.
Nujol i n lubricant not n
medicine or laxntive so cannot
gripe, lry it today.
No Soap Better
For Your Skin
Than Cuticura
Soap 25c, Ointment 25 and 50c,T1cdt25c.
Wanted, District Nanagei
to appoint agents to sell our full
coverage Health and Accident
Policies, which pay for natural
death. Write for full information.
? For v?Bk