The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, June 07, 1923, Image 8

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Somo of tho lottora I got prove
that I nood a flroproof wastobaskct,
packed in ice.
1 Old Man Young says about tho
moat dangerous gift, nnyono can havo
la a gift of ;ab,
' A Columbus mail is bo Btlngy tliat
tie would rather go lousy than buy
a fine toothed comb.
' President Harding Ib gottlng n rep
utation as a plpo smoker. That
Makes mo llko him bottor than over.
1 A funny thing hbout tho Day Stato
Shoo Co. advertising was that two
prominont prlntora mngazlnoB got
tuck on It. They are supposod to
help show up tho fakes.
Most of ua would bo bottor off If
mo tool: moro intorost in our ro
wnBlbllltlcB and thought loss about
.our rights.
I Father's Day might be all right if
(the old man could get his iiobo oft
of tho grindstono long enough to help
celebrate it,
This is tho glad soason of tho year
when somo editors trado nlno dollars
worth of advertising for two fifty
cent show tickets
Real co-operation means working
for tho good of all. Tho man who
.tries to forco his vIowb upon others
is always out of luck.
Frlonds aro nlco to havo but tho
experience of public acrvlco corpora
lions proves that It is possibio to
thrlvo without thorn,
Now that Hank Leggett ban found
out about women lobbyists ho nn
notinccH his Intention of going to tho
lcgislaturo noxt session.
Jack Walsh paid fifty cents tho
other dny to hear a lecture on Fools.
Then ho got mad when ho found that
his ticket read, "Admit Ono."
This, sounds llko a Ho but Goorgo
Snow says that when ho moved to
Cliadron ho drovo a swarm of bees
across country and didn't loso a bee.
Factorios increaso their earnings by
limiting production. Dut farmors
are alwayB urged to produco moro
and increaso thoir earnings in that
Don VanDouscn must havo been
buying a secondhand car. Ho says a
good paint Job will cover up tho
marks of tlmo but It doesn't change
the chassis.
When a man sells hla car ho may
flguro that It Is cheaper to buy milk.
But whon ho sells his car It Is doad
Bure that ho needs tho money. So
nays an exchange.
Some editor might mako a hit by
announcing that all subscription mon-
ey for his paper would bo doposlted
in the homo mission fund. Ho could
easily qualify as tho hoathen to bo
Somo editor remarks that while It
fs common thing to boo women
wearing men's clothes the mon are
too modest to want to wear any of
the women's togs.
rtoiief from social and economic
Ills lies in Individuals, not In moro
Bill Israel says his faco Is his for
tune. Well, there Is ono consolation,
bo will novor havo to pay Incomo
tax on It.
People who laugtf at prohibition
tawB, automobllo laws and other laws
they don't llko nro helping to bring
tho day whon ovoryono will laugh
at all lawB, This moans anarchy.
Fred Howard is n pessimistic old
cuss. Ho Bays movios Increaso their
attendance by advertising nn extra
rcol, but no 'preached' would incroaso
his congregation by announcing that
ho would talk fifteen minutes longer.
Lew Shelley is worried for fear
Bomeono will dig Into his grave three
thousand years from now nnd mako
a big fuss over what they find. Ail
that will bo left of Low by thnt tlmo
vfll bo his false tooth and make-up
'After looking tho men over It In
liard to bollevo that any of tho wo
men ovor married them for lovo.
Every mother knows Bho doesn't
tell the truth when Bho tolls a neigh
bor "Tommy will bo glnd to run that
errand for you."
Bill Mnupln can ask tho most fool
questions. Ho wants to know If you
ever saw nnyono reading tho ads in
a telehono book or county fair cnta
log to llnd out whore to buy some
Fred I. Kent of American Bankers
Association Initiates Move to
Grapple With Problem.
Proposes European Economic Agree
ment!) Better World Business for
America In Return for Credits
ahd Partial Debt Cancellation.
Agreements by Kuropo .to make, In
oxchango for American financial help,
economic reforms that will Insuro
profitable lutornatlonal business for
tho Unitod Statos, Is the basis of a
plan for world rehabilitation worked
out by Frod I. Kent, chairman of the
Commnrco andMarino Commission of
tho Amorlcan Bankers Association.
Mr. Kent, as a delegate of the associa
tion, rocontly laid this plan before the
moetlng of the International Chamber
of Commorco at Borne. Ho pointed
out that tho Unitod States has no
right to attempt to dictate to Europe,
but that "whon it comes to loaning
our money wo havo a right to demand
satisfactory agreements beforo wo do
so." Hecontlnuod:
How America Can Come In
"As America has not the right to
demand thnt tho budgets of European
countrlos bo brought Into order, that
inflation bo stopped, and that mutual
undortsandlngs between tho Allies and
Germany bo developed, theso mattors
can be approached only on tho basis
of what America has that she can glvo
to Europo in exchange for agreements
which sho believes, It caHod' out,
would result In Increasing fbe. tradu
and commorco of tho United Sta'tes in
sufficient volumo to Jiiutify such ac
tion. "Prom tho standpoint of America
tho two questions of primary Impor
tance are, what xation will be neces
sary to meet tho requirements of our
government, and, second, what Incomo
will bo left to tho Amorlcan pcoplo
after tho payment of taxes. If tho
Alllod debts aro paid In full tho poo
plo of tho Unitod States will not havo
to meet Liberty bonds outstanding
against them through taxation. If tho
buying power of Europe is not restored
tho total national incomo of tho poo
plo of the United Statos will bo less,
than otherwise. cIf a portion of tho
Allied "debts can bo cancelled In ex
change for agreements which will
promptly place European countries on
a sound economic basis, tho restora
tion of the buying power of 'Europo
will be groatly accelerated, and tho
total national Incomo of-America will
be Increased."
An Improvement In foreign markets
for American products Is an essential
element In Mr. Kent's plan. He says:
"If, after deducting taxes necessary
to cover tho portion of tho Allied debts
cancelled, tho increase in the total
national Income of America Is greater
becau4 of the groator buying powor
of Europe brought about by means of
such cancellation, the people of tho
United States would be the richer.
There would seom no doubt but that
everyone would vote for cancellation
If It would assure greater national net
Income, with economic peace and
greater happiness for all peoples.
"The real question, therefore, Is
whether It would be possible to co
operate with European governments
along such lines that, In exchange for
cancellation of a portion of the Allied
Indebtedness to the United States,
they will glvo agreements aiming to
correct those things In their coun
tries at present economically unsound.
It Is not conceivable- how mere can
cellation could ba anything but harm
ful, unless accompanied by economic
readjustment all along the line.
"Further, agreements along the
lines mentioned could not be mado
effective unless tho whole reparations
tangle Is settled. At the same time,
thoreforo, that negotiations aro being
carried on in connection with any
poaatble trading of tho portion of the
Allied lndobtodness against agree
ments that will lay a bettor founda
tion for progress toward prosperity
In Europo, positive agreements must
be made between tho Allies and Ger
many In connection with reparations
that can and will bo lived up to.
A Loan to Germany
"A loan to Germany of sufficient
site to restore her economic situa
tion and enablo her to mako progress
toward paying reparations, nnd which
camo ahead of reparations, with a
stabilized Europo, would bo abso
lutely good, and It mado at tho re
quest and for tho bonoflt of the
European Allied countries, It could
undoubtedly bo placed In America.
"Tho constant friction which has
existed botwoon Gormany and tho
Allies bocauso of tho reparations
would be eliminated. Confidence
would bo restored to tho peoples of
Kuropo, whose badly shakon morale
Is probably tho greatest obstaclo In
tho way of accomplishment of thos.'
things necessary for stability.
"No forco exists in the Amorlcan
Government which would permit ne
gotiations such as thoso outlined Hut
tho Amorlcan Congress Is tho servant
of tho American peoplo when tho pen
plo chooso to mako It so. It Is con
colvablo that the effect of nn aroused
public opinion over corporation with
European nations to restore tho busl
noss of tho world would causo tho
members of tho new Amorlcan Con
gress bo to express tbomsolvcs us 10
warnfnt tho Administration in under
taking negotiations subject to later
ratification by Congress."
Department of Agriculture Plans
to Study Scientific Distribution
, Equally With Production.
Moro attention must bo given in tho
future to the economics of agricul
ture nnd to better marketing methods,
without lessoning efforts to promote
ofllclent production, It Is declared by
Secretary of Agrlculturo Wallace, In
a contribution to tho Hankor-Fnrmor,
tho bulletin of Un American Bankers
Association Agricultural Commission.
Under tho direction of D. H. Otis, tho
commission Is giving particular atten
tion to cooperative farm marketing.
"Whon land wbb advancing rapidly
In value tho farmer could afford to
take somo of his profit In the In
creased value of his land," says Sec
retary Wallace "Wo aro past tho
period of advancing land values, and,
if agrlculturo Is to bo maintained, It
must bo on a basis which will yield
a fair profit one year with another.
So I have been studying tho depart
ment with a view to strengthening
our economic work."
"We have gotten Into tho habit of
looking upon agricultural production
as a sacred obligation, and so it is in
ono sense, but it is no more sacred or
binding than tho obligation to market
crops without waste. If wo do not
do that wo might as well not produce
them," say3 Mr. Wallace.
He adds: "It 13 tho purposo of tho
Bureau of Agricultural Economics fo
Inquiro Into everything which affects
marketing and prlco, with tho thought
that we must servo tho agriculture of
the nation as thoroughly on tho eco
nomic side as we have served It In
tho past on tho productive side. . A,s
to working ourVay out of tho'deprop
Blon, tho ilrst responsibility rests
upon tho individual farmer. If ho s
to get help he must help himself, bpth
as an individual and b- Joining with
other Individuals In co-operativo ef
forts. Tho Government is undenokUvJ
gation to clear away any obstacle
which do not give to the 'farmers, in-,
divldually and collectively, a fait
chnnco to help themsolves. Tho farm
er Is entitled to exactly tho samp,
rights and tho samo opportunities
that aro enjoyed by other citizens.
Ito Is entitled to a squnro deal." ,.
"It ls-not,the obligation of tho Gov
onmprit, tp, give the farmer any prlvl
Ipcph nft 'elvpn to nthnrs:"'iMr . 'Wnt-
lage, .continues. ,"It I understand ;tlft
ralndsj of the farmers of -the United
States, they are' not ''asking for spe"?
clal privileges. Ah. hey. are dsliltig
Is that they may be' assured of'etfnal
opportunities, of open anil competi
tive markets, and the right to organ
ize and market their products col
lectively, and to have the same access
to tho nation's money pool as other
people have. Farmers can meet to
gether, pass resolutions, make speech
es, and go home feeling better for a
time; but this sort of thing alone
will not get them very far. The time
has come when tho farmers must
themselves organize agriculture In a
thoroughly businesslike way; adjust
their production to the needs of con
sumption; stabilize their products
and market them efficiently; study
conditions agriculturally and indus
trially which Influence the demand
tor and consumption of their crops;
get a better understanding of the ad
ministration of tho credit machinery;
and employ trained men to do for
them what they can not do for them
selves." That Is to say, In substance, that
agriculture must bo put on a par In
efflcloncy of method with other Big
It has been pointed out by the
United States Department of Agricul
ture that Insufficient business and
poor management aro tho outstand
ing reasons for the failure of many
farmers co-opurUIve association1).
Lack of capital, liberal extension of
credit and dUhonust management are
tho minor causes for tho failure of
243 farmers' buying and selling asso
ciations since 1913. At the same time
It wa3 loarnod that out of 70 co-operative
croamlcs, tholr average longth of
existence was a little over sevon and
one-half years.
Tho Stato Dank Division of tho
American Hankers Association Is now
compiling facts of successful co-operatives
of all kinds and In all parts of
tho country, with the Idea of buildlug
up a body of sound method and ex
perience to servo as a trustworthy
guide In tho further development of
tho co-operative farm markotlng
Good Advice for Bankers
E. J. Hodman, representative of tho
Agricultural Commission of the Amer
ican Bankers Association for tho
Eighth Federal Reservo District,
Bays: "Every ono of tho more than
80,000 banks In tho United States
would mako moro money by helping
our six nnd one-half million farmers
to mako larger profits. Tho b.mks
and business interosts of tho entire
country cannot mako tho largest prof
Its until tho farmers as a whole havo
rcasonablo returns from their Invest
mentfl and labor. This includes every
link, from the small ones In tho
country to tho largest ones In tho
great financial cccti."
Robinson Has Car Trouble '
With Lincoln Policeman-
How would ynu HkH tnbqiesM(ined
frr having unlawful pisseion of your
uimi tiiitoiiKibllt-V If you want to iluil
out how it fuel to figure in nn episode
(it thnt kind, n-k State Treasurer Chas.
I). Robinson He can tell all about it
from personal expel lence.
.Mi. Robinson wa not leally arrested
nnd taken to the police station, hut he
had u hard time convincing :i Lincoln
police officer Wednesday afternoon that
the cir he hart paiked near Fifteenth
and O streets belonged to him, and thnr
lie was oneof Nebraska's -tate officials
The policeman liml spotted Robin
son's equipage as n stolen car, whil
the treasurer uas attending a plutuic
show nearby. When the owner cam
along, accompanied by his wife, and
started to get In. he was hailed by the
peace guardian, who demanded to
know what he was dolug with the
"Why this is my own cur," replied
Mr Robinson," and I'm going home
with it."
Where do you live?" Inquired the
vigilant man In uniform.
"715 South Thirtieth street," re
sponded the former
"Then I'd like to know what you're
doing with a Webster county number,"
was the policeman' comeback. lie
had No. 4J-2, the one on Boblnson's
machine, down on his book as a stolen
car, and he was rather insistent on the
treasurer driving with him to police
headquarters. The tatter's explanation
thnt he used to live at Red Cioud didn't
Sft'tn to make much of nn Impression.
At this point light began to dawn on
the mind of the bewildered custodian
bf Nebraska's funds, whose otllclnl acts
ate bonded by a surety company for
one million dollars He re me in b red
that on Ai-iil 111 he had a our stolen
and had leported it to the police at
that time, with the number and de
scription The ear, a Ford sdau, was
not recovered, and when tito insurance
company paid the los he bought anoth
er one of tlie same kind and secuied 11
duplicate number tag for it.
All this was explained to the repre.
sentutive of .aw and Older. Mrs Itob
iu-oneortoboiated her husband's story.
The public guardian listened somewhat
doubtfully, but finally permitted the
state treasuier to drive away
Losing one machine by theft and
then being detained by the police on
suspicion of being in wiongful possess
ion of another are not the only trou
bles State Treasurer Robinson Has
been up against. Last Tuesday, his
extra tire and rim were stolen off. the
back end of his car while it was parked
on the west' side of Capital square, at
about the same place from which the
first car disappeared seven weeks ago.
Lincoln Star.
The Domestic Science Editor, writ
ing in The Farm Journal for June,
says that sour milk is n food of high
nutritive value and should never be
wasted. It has many uses in the pre
paration of foods." Considerable care
should be taken, however, in using
the r'ght amount of soda with sour
milk," explains The Farm Journal,
"for many persons use more than
is necessary. (Sour milk varies in
acidity; but in general from one
fourth ta one-half teaspoonful of
soda to one cupful of sour milk is a
good proportion."
Sour Cream P!e as given in The
Farm Journal is as follows: One
cupful of sour cream, ono cupful of
chopped raisins, one-half cupful of
sugar, two egg yolks, three table
spoonsfuls of flour, one teaspoonfull
each of cloves nnd cinnamon, and a
grating of nutmeg. Mix ingredients,
and cook until thick. Pour into baked
shells and cover with meringue made
of the whites of the eggs.
Sour Cwam Fudge made The Farm
Journal way, consists of two cupfuls
of brown sugar, one cupful of thin
sour cream, n pincli of salt, nnd two
ounces of chocolate, look until it
forms a soft hall, remove from fire,
allow to cool for a few minutes, add
one tcaspoonful of vanilla and beat
until it is creamy, then pour into a
jan nnd when set, cut into squares.
Sour Cream Cookies, mado by The
Farm Journal recipe require ono cup
ful of sugar, one-half cupful of but
ter, two eggs, one cupful of thick
sour cream, grated rind of one lemon,
one tcaspoonful of lemon extract,
ono half tcaspoonful of salt, three
cupful? of flour, ono tcaspoonful of
soda and two teaspoonfuls of baking
powder. The less flour used in roll
ing out those cook'es the moro moist
nnd tender they will be.
Ye , Garber's
Is The Place!
To Buy Wall Paper, Paints,
And Electrical Supplies.
The best place for Picture
Place Your Coal
Orders Now
The Mallone
Northeast Pawnee
Jim Ryan nnd wife were at Red Cloud
last Saturday.
Edgar and Jim Leadnbrand were
Red Cloud, Saturday evening
Herb Barber done his trading
Dockervllte the end of last week.
Ora Prill and Burt Gass were in Red
Cloud last Saturday attending to busi
ness. Clifford Noble drilled in au exten.
sive field of cane the middle of last
Everett Myers aud wife and Mrs
PatOouldie were iu Smith Center,
thur-iday last.
Roy Myers wife and trinity weie
vmting with Put Gouldie wife and;
lamiiy last Sunday, bate of a certain written instrument,
A few around here sowed some alf- nott' on file iu this court, purporting
alfa the ground being in good shape t0 l'e tue 'Hbt w'" ar"' testament of
for the reception of the sed S-valu H. Johnson, Deceased: and that
Jake Wlllium-'. Ronnie Mohler, wife ld ,nstrute"t be admitted to prb
aud family drove to Red Cloud last1 bilte' a,ul thttt ''"'"'stration of said
Saturday to do sump trading. ' Ci,tate be Kru,ltcl 1 Sophia Johnson,
Tit, .... .... I as executrix.
John Brown, Lewis Paget t and Ed. ft . ,,,,. , , . ,, . .
iiiii, 1 1 . i It is heteby ordered tiiat vouand a 1
Llliot were doing their trading at1. . , . . , , ,,
,, , , ,.. , persons interested iu mid matter, may
Notuer at the end of the week. ; , ,,, ,, . ,, ,
( appear at the Co uity Court room, in
The rainfall or cloud-burst of last tne City of Red Cloud, iu said county
Sunday afternoon was t lie heaviest for j and state, on the lii day of June, l92:t,
u.euunmou 01 auy mat c.tme this
Pat McUonle who spent a couple of
mouths in Yuma countv, Colorado, re
turned home last Saturday. He says
everything lookb good out there us
they bad nn abundance of rain there.
Several of the women folks of Paw
nee are going in strong tor chickens
this year, besides what they raise
themselves they are getting immense
numbers delivered here from Smith
Center hatcheries.
A great many from this vicinity at
tended the show in Red Cloud, Satur
day night, also qultq a few to the
dances, some both, but oirly three of
the latter amusements was pulled off
this Saturday night. All report a most
enjoyable time.
The past week being good and favor
able the farmers made great headway
in finishing up their listing though
some patches yet remain to be replant
ed. Some farmers started to disk their
first planting some others are aiming
to plow for cane and millet nnd finish
up their seeding the present week.
Memorial to Campus Love.
More than half a century aro a
young co-ed and u young bachelor
graduate at Indiana university In
Bloomlngton discussed matrimony dur
ing a walk on tho campus, during
which time the young co-ed took two
small maple saplings, twisted them to
gether and left them. She remembered
the occurrence long after she hnd mar
ried another, told her son of It and he
went to Blonmltigton, hunted over the
campus, found the saplings still en
twined, grown into a great solid tree
trunk, but wlth'the spiral lines show
ing plainly they hnd been Inshed to
gether long ago nnd had become one.
The son, now a college professor, car
ried awny a picture of the tree,-Ohlo
Stato Journal.
- Gelatly Co.
Annual Meeting of
School Dist. No. 36
The annual meeting of School Dis
trict No 30 will be held at that school
house, Monday, June 11, at I p. tu., for
the purpose of electing officers and
voting a levy for taxation.
B. F. Watt, Diroctor.
Order and Notice of Probate.
In the County Court of Webster
County, Nebraska.
In the matter of the estate of Swain
U. Johnson Deceased
ToallPeisous Interested In Said Estate
TAKE NOTICE, That a petition has
beeu Hied herein, praying for the pro-
at ten o'eloulc A. M. tn si.
cause If
tiny there be, why the prayer of the
petitioner should not be granted, nnd
that notice of tho pendency of said pe
tition, and tnejieariug thereon, beglv
eu to all poisons interested, by pub
lishing 11 copy of this order iu the Rod
Cloud Chief, a legal weekly newspaper
published in baid county, for three suc
cessive weeks prior to said day of hear
ing. Wituess my hand und the seal of the
County Court this 1st day of June, 1923.
(Seal.) A. D. RANNEY,
Judge of the County Court.
Howard S. Foe, Attorney.
Order and Notice of Probate
In the County Court of Webster Coun
ty, Nebraska.
To all Persons Interested in said Estate
TAKE NOTICE, That a petition has
been filed herein, praying for the pro
bate of a certain written instrument,
now on tile in this court, purporting o
be the last will nnd tostament of Mich
ael Donovan, Deceased: and that said
instrument be admitted to probate,
and that administration of said estate
be granted to F. E. Maurer, as admin
istrator with the will annexed.
It is hereby ordered that you and all
persona interested in said matter, may
appear at tho County Court room, in
the City of Red Cloud, in said county
aud state, on the 8th day of June, 1923,
at ten o'clock, A. M, to show cause if
any there be, why the prayer of tho
petitioners should not be granted, aud
that notice of the pendency of said pe
tition, and tho bearing thereon, be
given to all persons interested, by pub.
lishing a copy of this order in the Red
Cloud Chief, a legal weekly newspaper
published in said couuty, for three
successive weeks prior to said day of
Witness my hand and the seal of the
Couuty Court this 21st day of May,' A.
D. 1923
(Seal.) A. D. RANNEY,
Judge of the County Court
Mrs. George Hinds returned tocher
home at Wymore Sunday morning on
train 1G after spending the past few
Jdays here visiting her parents', Mr.
and JMrs. Frank Alios nnd wjth other
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insurance you carry.
Don't lull yourself into a fancied
Becauso fire has nover touched you
it doesn't follow that you're immune
Tomorrow no today, if you have
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come to the ofliee nnd we'll write
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