The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, May 24, 1923, Image 8

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A philosopher Is ono who has learned
to not complain about tho tilings ho
can't holp.
Tho wonlhor will soon ho warm
onough ko tho girls can put on thilr
Bitunncr furs.
A Harvard man In so lazy that ho
wishes It was possible to cat and sloop
at tho snuio tluio.
Somcono remarks that an unndvor
tlscil business Is like a fi-cont cigar,
fc doesn't draw well.
Don VuuDouscn decides that nil golf
era nro not good liars hut a lot of
good liars nro golfers.
A good deal that passes for culluro
la in pretending to like things you
don't care two hoots for.
I ought to he hurd boiled. Nebraska
editors and other good friends put
mo in hot water often enough.
Tho average mnn will work harder
to splto an enemy than ho will to win
the applause of ndmlring friends.
Someone remarked that ono advan
tage of tho telegraph Is that no ono
uses it for sending bedtime stories.
One Nebraska merchant refuses to
advertise because it would bring bo
many strnngo people Into his Btoro.
Speaking of bad habits, It always
makes mo mail when a person who Is
90 pounds overweight roasts mo for
It should bo roinomberod that adver
tising is not an index of business, it
is a creator of business. So says a
wise man.
I know a high school hoy who
spornlH more for haircuts than his
dad did for clothes when ho was In
high school.
,1', , I
ULt'-Kn'V- 'n8tCacl f ahA'
J It. Is suggested that Instead of abol
ishVig'ttio $2' blfl wo should change
"Alts'pttUVliiK.i'so It will again ha
t.v-.vorth a dollar,
A rooster In a rainstorm and a din
ing car waiter out of uniform are tho
world's two most outstanding Instances
of lost olegauco.
When Tho nons Is sick I tell her it
is all imagination. Hut when I am
sick It is the real thing and I need all
the care I can get.
Many a mother gets flowers on
.Mother's Day who has to do without
necessaries of life somo of the other
3C1 days of tho year.
Put an nvcrago hunch of city men
Into overalls, plow shoes and jumpers
and they won't show up as well as the
same number of farmers.
Now that tho weather Is warm
enough to havo tho doors and windows
open Tho Doss again allows mo to
Dinoko long green tobacco.
A Harvard woman Is so stingy thai
sho takes her falBo tooth out overy
night so sho won't wear thorn out by
grinding thorn in her sleep.
It is popular Jo call human Ilfo
sacred but when' a man acts llko a
savage boast why not treat him the
saiuo as any other savago boast?
Dad Shields says that aftor a mnn
looks ovor tho husbands other women
select ho is inclined to congratulate
his wife bocnuso of her good Judg
ment. If tho price cutter in any lino over
gets to houvon ho won't stay there.
Ho'll sell his neat at a bargain price
and havo to go and live in tho other
Jvo got a pretty good opinion of
mjHolr but I don't thjnk I can toll
Charley Bryan nnd Warren llardlns
how to run tho affairs or tho state and
Henry Ford wants papers that piint
his display ads to throw in n bunch
of free readers. Did anyone over kit
Honry to throw in a barrel of oil with
a illvver?
I havo instructed my attorney to
start a libel suit against Kdltor Canl
ner ot Elgin. Ho says I couldn't gi ;
tho booby prize nt a luridly show and
that I am as popular with the woimn
as a boil on the back of tho neck.
Too many pcoplo think they own a
thing when they buy it on credit.
A nowspnpor man should not bollovo
all ho hears but ho should hear nil ho
Tho Baturday Eyenlna, Post Is a
good, ntoralold soul, but,' like some
vwiui f,yw, uiuiui vu auuin, u huuhih
TZTrr,irnv ?' vkw u-j
itKl. Vi-. J j . - ..
Expert Shows How Commodity
Money Would Make Worse the
Evils It Aims to Correct.
Would Open Way for Political Med
dllno With Business and Compli
cate the Conduct of Trade
and Finance.
Tho weaknesses of tho Edison-Ford
commodity money scheme to abolish
tho gold standard and do away with
monetary Instability, Interest charges
and speculation In farm products are
exposed by William T. Foster, Direc
tor of tho Pollack Foundation for
Economic Research, In an artlclo In
tho Proceedings of the Academy of
Political Science. Ho shows that tho
only result of tho plan would ho to
aggravato tho evils It alms to euro,
Thcro is presented herewith the ft rat
of n series of articles, prepared by tho
American Bankers' Association, ro
vlowlng Mr. Foster's argument.
Tho plan provides, Mr. Foster ex
plains, for government built, owned
nnd controlled warehouses, to which
producers might bring basic commodi
ties raised on American soil, on which
they wish to borrow money. A gov
ernment ngent would grade tho pro
ducer's goods and hand him two
pieces of paper a mortgago certifi
cate and an equity certificate.
Th Edison-Ford Plan
Tho mortgage ccrtillcate could bo
exchanged at any national bank for
Federal Hescrvo notes up to 50 per
cent of the average valuo of tho goods
for tho previous twenty-five years. In
this way tho producer would obtain a
loan of money without incurring any
expense for the uso ot tho monoy and
no wouiu sun own tuo goous.
"IIIs cmjlty certificate Is his evi
dence of ownership," Mr. Fo3tor says.
"Ho may keep it, soil it or present It
at a bank as security for a loan. He
or anyouo to whom ho sells It can pro
sent it at any time within a year, to
gether with tho exact amount ot mon
ey that has been loaned, and receive
the goods.
"If the goods nro not removed with
in ono year tho Government must sell
them and thus get back the money it
has loaned. This Is to prevent an ac
cumulation ot goods and to mnko sure
that the money will bo self-canceling.
As scon as tho farmer repays the
loan or tho Government sells the
goods an amount ot money Is de
stroyed equal to tho amount that was
advanced. This, In all essentials, Is
tho Edison commodity-money plan.
More Taxes
"Moat men will he Impressed by tho
fact that it Involves additional taxes,
additional corps of political appoint
ees nnd a vast extension of govern
ment control over industry. If the
special prlvllego of borrowing mon
ey without interest is really a boon
nnd Is granted only to certain groups
ot producers, tho list to be changed
from time to tlmo, somebody must de
cldo who are to bo tho favored
groups, and whether that somebody is
Congress or Federal warehouse direc
tors who ore subject to portlsan ap
pointment nnd removal, the question
who Is to receive free money will un
doubtedly remain In politics and will
recurrently become of groat moment
as election day approaches.
"Mr. Edis,on contms that his com
modity dollars will be sounder than
gold dollars because 'there In the
warehouse lies the actual wealth, the
things we eat and wear and must con
sumo to live.' At first, ho says, only
a fow basic commodities are to ho ac
cepted, such as grain, cotton, wool,
rice, legumes, fats, flax and tobacco.
Manufactured articles, ho warns U3,
will not ho satisfactory for this pur
pose. "If, then, a warehouso full of tobac
co guarantees tho soundness of the
notes Issued against It they must bo
redeemable In tobacco. They aie, In
fact, Federal Tobacco notes. Tho plan
must provide In like manner for Fed
eral Flax notos and so on. Further
more, thero would hao to be as many
dlfforont kinds of tobacco notos as
there wero grades of tobacco. Every
ono who used money In exchaugo
would need to havo at hand the latest
market quotations on all products ac
cepted for storage, ai they approached
In market valuo tho established loan
valuo, In order to estimate the relative
Millies of dlfforont kinds of dollars.
Salt Cod Notes
"Everybody would havo to observe
carefully whether ho had Grade A
Kippered Herring notes or Grado X
Salt Cod notes. If thero was a strike
of bituminous coal miners ho would
hoard Bituminous Coal notes, If there
was a slump in cotton ho would try to
got rid of Cotton notes.
"Consider, on tho other hand, tho
simplicity and dcflnltcnesi ot a gold
secured dollar. All tho world knows
. .w wo
i ,
Sl-Xt 1 All Ik. ..1J rl..AI. 4. ..1,1
every market. It is readily tested,
stored, preserved, divided, transport-
wl fhMAAiinii tlmfA nrn (lift tfrtlil rn
tilt iillft v v'l t lliuii- uiu iu h'u ' I
serves, maintained for tho very pur
pose of conversion and for no other '
and available on demand '
"From one of Mr. Kdlson's nuthof-
Inntt Hlnlnn.ii.iln I. ,. ..... . t t II a n t in, S '
Itl'll oiuiujlfl'llia, uunuivi, iv
that his plan docs not provide for
Federal Tobacco notos, Federal Fish
notes and tho like. In fact, it provides
for no now kind of money whatever.
No matter what commodity tho fnrmer
deposits with Federal agents, ho takes
his mortgngo certificates to a national
hank and thore exchanges It for Fed
eral Rescrvo notes. They are Just llko
any other Federal Reserve rotes,
"Very well. If there Is nothing more
than this In tho much-discussed Edi
son plan for a commodity money that
Is sounder than gold money this par
nf tho plan vanishes Into thin nlr. Tho
Edison money is not sounder than
gold money, for It Is gold money."
President the American Bankers
A recent meeting of tho Executive
Council of tho American Dankors As
sociation, attended as It was by rep
resentative bank
ers from every
state In tho Un
ion, afforded an
excellent oppor
tunity to get a
cotnpo3lto v i o w
of tho business
situation in the
nation as a wholo.
of agriculture
wero present at
). H. Puellcher
the meeting. They
aicde it clear that the upward trend
51 affairs in business had not yet
fondled the farmer and that his posl
tlon of having to pay a relatively
larger prlco for what ho purchases as
Compared with that received for what
lie sells should ho given tho most
thoughtful consideration.
Thero wero also present men fresh
from observing and studying condi
tions In Europe Whllo they lent en
couragement to the belief that Euro
poan affairs are slowly very slowly
righting themselves, there Is In the
feeling generally expressed by Ameri
can Imukcrs a distinct note ot caution.
Questions of the Hour
Ono hears the questions every
where asked: "Aro wo going to per
mit American affairs to rldo again
into a situation of extremo Inflation,
.lih will, as wo all know, bo fol
lowed by another period of doprcs
slon'.' Had we not bettor keep busi
ness on a normal keel by not going too
rapidly? Should not tho banker bo
sounding a noto of warning to busi
ness mon generally to keep their af
fairs well In hand?"
Tho charts Indicating tho trend of
business show that wo are approach
Ing the high point which followed the
war. This should bo tho signal to the
conservative business man that ex
pansion must bo definitely controlled
and that reasonable conservatism
should bo the order of tho day.
To many this may appear the -pes
filial: i.' of the banker, but let mo say
that thi banker Is In a position to
keep h's ti:"?ir on the pulso of our
economic itnitlon, and when there Is
such n coos n im on the part of many
banker that w aro passing the safe
ty point nnd Unt wo aro riding into
another period o' inflation such opin
Ion should not ' looked upon as pes
sialism, but rather ns the advice of
thos whoso busln. us can prosper only
as thero iH k n ral prosperity.
The banking situation In America Is
sound and can only lie harmed by un
due credit expulsion. Tho banker
should sue that expansion does not
again gain tho headway that led us
Into trouble before, and tho business
man should do everything possiblo to
support the banker, thus avoiding an
other period of costly deflation.
Socialism's Worst Blow
One oi tho most remarkable In
stances in history of tho abandon
ment of a groat belief is presented by
Premier Mussolini of Italy. Formerly
a rabid Socialist, bo la now, with the
responsibilities of state, so thorough
ly converted to sound business prin
ciple that ho speaks of the present
order under "the- glorious name of
capitalism." Mussolini, who in many
ways represents the harden blow So
rtalixir h:i3 received, reconilv aald:
"It is my conviction that tho state
must renounce Its economic func
tions, especially thoap of monopolistic
charm tor- that a rnvnmtnent which
wants quickly to uplift Its own peo
ple nuint give fn i "'ay to prlvalo en-torprl-e
nnd t- u . any mrasuro of
state control m itato paternalism,
which may K.v'-fv domnsngy, hut. as'
shown by I'Spcrloucc. will turn out to
bo absolutely fatnl to tho interests
and economic devolninrent of a conn
try 1 do not believe that that com
plex of forces which In industry, agri
culture, commerce, banking and
trnnsport, may bo called with the
glorious name of capltnllsm, is about
to end, ns for a length of time It was
thought It would by several thlnkors
ot social extremism. Ono ot the
greatest historical experiences which
has unfolded itself under our own
yea has clearly demonstrated thnt
all systems pf associated economy
which avoid free initiative andi.lndl
vidua! Impulse, tali more or less pit
MUtly In a short lupjo'ot time,"
lis 7
m: jmm
Malaysian Buffalo Worthy of
Pursuer's Skill.
Saladang Absolutely Without Fear,
and One of the Most Ferocious
Beasts of the Jungle.
The salitdang, or Malaysian buffalo,
is the most dangerous animal on earth.
So, at least, thinks Mr. Charles Mayor,
the iiiiliiial collector, who, writing In
Asln, describes a thrilling experience
that he once had In the Jungle with
one of the fierce brutes. lie adds sig
nificant ly that not one full-grown
saliidiing bns ever boon captuied ullve.
At sundown, ho says, we were ap
proaching tin opening where we In
tended to make camp when we heard
a crashing ahead. "Saladnngsl"
Bcrenmed my Malay trackers nnd,
dropping everything, Jumped for the
trees Just as two of the brutes came
charging down on us. I Jumped buck
ward and made for u tree, and ns I
pulled myself up I saw the bull sala
dang catch my gun bearer All on his
horns and toss him. 1 slipped to the
ground to get my rifle, which All had
been carrying; but I had forgotten tho
other niilmal, which Instantly chnrged.
I dodgeil behind a tree Just In tlmo
and us the beast rushed past slashed
tit her with my parang, and she
plunged bellowing Into the Jungle.
Then the bull turned on me, but I
swung up unioiig the branches out of
his reach.
I llred down tit him repeatedly with
my revolver, but the little bullets had
no effect, nnd my rllle with Its dyna
mite cartridges was on the ground.
Night enme on, but the suhtdang did
not cense hh watchful waiting. Mean
while my thirst became terrible, nnd
nnts and mosquitoes swarmed over
me. Motnlig ctime and wore awaiy to
noon, nnd still tho boast made no move
to deport.
Finally I culled to my men, who
were scattered through the trees neur
me, to Join mo, nnd they swung from
limb to limb until wo were together,
with tin: Kaliidaug beneath us bellow
ing and pawing. Resides our parangs
we Iwttl four spear and three krlses.
We cut some stout, straight branches
from the trees nnd to thorn with strips
torn from our sarongs bound the
krlses, which happily were poisoned In
the Malay fashion. I knew thut they
would kill u man In a few minutes,
but I was not sure what the effect
would be on the large and powerful
We next (landed a bunch of leaves
In front of the bull, provoking him to
chnrge upon It, and whenever lie came
within reach wo lunged tit him with
our krlses and spears. Aftor an hour
the poison had seemingly not uft'oeted
the bull In the least, uud we were not
situated so that wo could give him u
death wound.
Evening came on, and I wus begin
ning to fear that we should have to
spend another night In the tree, when
I observed that the great beast was
showing less fury, lie began to sway
upon his logs. Aftor n little while he
started to totter uwny. Rut his strength
was going fast ; his head drooped ;
then lie wont down on bis knees, bel
lowing weakly. Presently his bind
quarters slumped and blood began to
flow from his mouth.
I dropped from my perch nnd, step
ping quickly to where my rllle was
lying, raised It and put him out of his
misery. Even though he hud routed
us completely, had kept us treed and
had killed my good friend and assist
ant All, I felt sorry for hlni. lie had
been victorious utmost to the very
last. Youth's Companion.
Biographical Lore Neglected.
A book has boon published contain
ing the reminiscences of nearly every
body who knew Robert L. Stevenson
very well. Such n work about Theo
dore Roosevelt .would (111 n bookcase.
We .should like to see the personal
recollections of all the friends uud no
qunlntunces who Ki ew (). Henry In
Texas, where his llrst literary work
was done. This Is a field of his en
deavor which has been singularly over
looked. TIuto are other bright lights In lit
erature of whoso personality n read
able and Instructive record might be
made before they have receded too far
Into tho past William Dean How-ells
for one.
Note how assiduously every shred of
Information about lWgnr Allan Poo Is
still sought nnd published nnd the last
reninnnts tlmt pertain to Walt Whit
man, oven his scattering contributions
to New York JournalNni.
Everywhere, and so often, the chron
iclers wait until too long aftor the
passing of distinguished literary men
before beginning their researches.
While their contemporaries nro still
nllve Is the tlmo for the harvest. Ex
change. J. L. Tiair; went to Kansas City it.
charge of the stock shipped from here
Sunday morning.
1 have on hand u Kimball I'lann
nearly uew, which I had to take back
and'will sell It tor just tho balauce
ilup. If interested write me nt once.
A. O. Cline, 1.113 Douglas St., Omaha,
I Place Your Coal
Orders Now
The Mallone
Northeast Pawnee
On last Friday night occurred the
worst storm In this pnrtof Smith coun
ty for a number of years as far as pro-'fight fan's, who crowded into the
perty damage is concerned. It started j Elks hall Friday night to witness
In about II o'clock a general electrical the first bwing contest under ths
storm with high wlud and heavy raiu auspices of this club,
with some hall but did not reach its Complete satisfaction was nppai
greatcst intensity until after midnight. 'CIlt with thc main g0 bctweon
Those who were already in bed and nUBty Evans of Fremont and "Kid"
ast asleep were soon awakened by ' JlorI of shclt fo). Wg ,r mixe(,
he fierce wind Intense rain and bail fm. 1Q ,,, , , f
battel lug on the w udows wh c h in! ,.f. , ., ...
many instances soon gave way giving eJt,flc CXhiJ'tl " r SC m
access to full ventilation to. hoiunmu.,100"! nren.n- " " ,
mote than was ilesii able or beneficial I rhe"e boys 1),ovcd bc-voml doubt
to health Mil red all to action as to self. tlmt they wc,c to'' ntchers in their
preservation ami hilly reminded them clasf' Thcy s"owcd everything that
that It was a storm of no small mum- II fK"tcr can have and a knockout
cut Though much excited during tho was prevented only bv their own
uigbt they did not lealizo until u . stamina to withstand punishment.
Hurtling the full extent of the loss or I Thr ughout the first rounds Mor
tbe lmvoc the tempest dNplnyed. Their, cj had the best of tho exchange of
jard-. were strewn with thidgles many punches and had Evans blo?d'r from
windows bioketi, uliiukeu e iops over- bun s oer thc eye:, bu: In tV last
tiiriit-ii and smashed, wngot s uud bay-'two rounds Evans forced the fighting
r.ieks diiven Iroin ibier pbice and up. 'to come out with u draw.
sit bs well as muiiy pigs missing i-spee-j The house was evenly divided for
laily on cieek farms A putt from the this rail' of fancy sciappcrs and they
foregoing which in a sense was but ukH a ,aml nfter' cverv roumli Theh.
miner loss .Iocs not end theie, the exhibition more than made up for
damsgo sustained by the washing out the SOmi.vind up, which was the
of corn and tho covering under of au
immense number of acres throughout
till (tritllltl UMIk atlll MfoulK ue Ittiill fin
.... ,., . . . ,
Kudu.-,,-, nun pui.iiu puii-Mi-3 inure ui i
less icjured.
The farmers in goneral made consid
erable headway listing during the psst
week, the msjoiity ate finished though
it will take or kill another week to
lluish up the balance. HN-phuniig
washouts etc if not done will be minus
a big acreage
Sauitilay lust succeeding the s'ortu
was a general holiday in this northeast
comer and probably in the whole coun
ty as fur as general farming is concern.
ed so the families divided themselves
each to their own vocation. The',was stopped
women folks devoted themselves to
bouse cleaning, gathering up debt lb
and broken glass etc. The men folks
put tin nisclves to action on raising war
on too two greatCstfnomies tho farmer
has to contend with crows and jack
rabbitts and all made a very good suc
ojss according to the short time nt
training. Carl Itrown and Charley
Wrny both killed IS jackrabblts In n
short time, Ed Elliott took down S
crows with ono shot, Everett Myers
not so good still not so bad landing
down o at one time. Besides the part
ial elimination of the nuisance as well
as the sport enjoyed they are entitled
from the county a bounty a sum
amounting to live cents a piece for
each ear ami ten cents for a crows head
as well hs having the flesh to thftnsel
vex which is equally divided between
thninselvfs and the chickens. By the
way, although the waiter is not any
way suspicious, caro has to be taen
that those heads and cars are not pre
sented or offered for cash the second
time as there is nothing to good or too
bad for some fellows down there
Mr and Mis. .John Collins, Miss
Mabel Collins, Edgar and Jim Leada
biHinl and Con McCoalc attended an
Ice cretun party at Mr and Mrs. Beu
Die Mohler'b last Saturday night.
Mrs. Rob Lannigan, Carl Brown and
Charley Wray were doing their trad
inc at W outer last Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ryan, Mr and
Mis Jim Ryan woio in Red Cloud the
end of last week.
Herb llai bet-was doing his trading
at Duckervillo last Saturday
Pat (Joiildle was visiting bis folks
Mr. and Mis. Eveiitt Myers last Sun
day and hauled a load of alfalfa from
there next day for his trouble tvnilng
Edgar LPiulnbraud and Bontilo Molt
K-r wore in Red Cloud la9t Friday tran
sacting business.
Lewis Pagett and Ed Elliot were do
ing their trading at Wouior last batur
day evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred lirovm wero in
Smith Contor last Friday getting as
far home as Mr. ami Mrs. 0. Dllka's
place in tho Cora vicinity Immediately
hnfnrn the storm started. Both being
glad to bo Insafe quarters with a friend
but as his car wbb iu an exposed posl-
tlon he was minus the top in the morn-loft-
Mr. and Mrs. Harvo Blair were in
Smith Center tho end of last weok.
rr..ku..j O.nlfii TTnnnnv- Mnn.
Ira WUlUms were doing their tndlpr
.t WomBr one day last week. ' '
- Gelatly Co.
Let's have more of it.
This was the sentiment of 00
fi easiest of matches ever attempted. Frank Gushing stopped this
hout !n the second round because of
the racing tactics or Fred Mc?heeter.
of Red Cloud. Art Magirl. local bat
tler, was as surprised r.s the fans,
for he hadn't struck a blow.
McPheetcrs acted more like a
scared gazoof than a fighter. He
was told to stay aivaj; from Magirl
and must have thought he was told
to break a sprint record. He took
the time to introduce some gymnas
tics and when he let go of thc ropes
to leap like a monkey nt Magirl they
both went to the mat r.nd thc bout
"He was scared to death," a spar
ing partner sa'd in the diessing room.
The fans Untight thni -it was a
comedy for the f'rst round, but ns
thc racing continued in the second
round they knew it was the best Mc
I'heeters could do.
Surprise came in the prc'iminnrios
or Jake Blum, Hastings lad, was
knocked to the ropes in the first
round ami was saved from a K. O
when thc referee gave the fight to
Mike Dale of Grand Island.
The C round bout between "Kid"
K-'rk of Hastings and Walter Charl
ton of Giand Island was good enough
to have been the semi wind up. Charl
ton met a little scrupper in Kirk and
thc mixing was delightful all the way
Charlton had the advantage of age
and weight, but he was lucky to get
out with a draw.
From the standpoint of satisfaction
every pers n who attended tills ciiar
ity boxing carnival was cnt'rely pleas
ed Moie mills of the same kind will
make Hastings one of thc best towns
for this kind of sport in tho state.
Hastings Tribune.
Mrs. Minnie Throckmorton return
ed home Saturday evening on tinin It
after spending the past few days in
different towns over the slate at
tending to matters in connection with
the D. of II'. loe'ge.
Win, Brown returned homo
Tuesday .evening from Kellier, Minne
sota, where he went a couple of weeks
ago with his .-on, Albert and wife.
T.icy have been spending tho w'nter
months here with his fader.
The Margin of Safety
Is represented by the nmount of
Insurance you carry.
Don't lull yoursolf Into a fancied
Because fire has never touched you
it doesn't follow that you're immune
Tomorrow -no today, If you have
time and you better find tlmo
come to the otlloe aud we'll write
a policy on your house, furniture,
storo or merchandise,
T ".'
' j RleUflble IriSUra.nCe I
h' --; . M
it' Arww, tkUrii
wfifAMfl WW rr.t.
:Jt1 'it.v
-.!. .( Jk'SX1