The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, May 17, 1923, Image 6

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Jtccont Happenings in Nebraska
Given in Brief Items For
Busy Readers.
Friend Is planning regular "old
fuslijuiicd" Fourth of .Inly celebration.
Tin- Nelson legion posi will arrange
a homo-coming Jubilee for world war
vi tenuis .Inly Hi.
Out' hundred students will lie gradu
ated from llontrlro high school, 3S
boys and (13 girls.
The iitinunl meeting of the Nebins
,i state medical association will be
held In Lincoln May lfi-17.
Knights or Ak-Snr-llen at Omaha
ro carrying on n campaign drhe to
enlist (l.tKK) members for 10-3.
Plans have been completed for night
air mail, flying to begin shortly after
July I, with Omaha as the center.
Tilt! Verdon Itolllng Mill, which has
,iecn closed down for the last three
liinnths, has again resumed operation.
The Jl year-old daughter of Clarence
Try near AliiMvorth, was almost In
Mnnlly hilled when a hor.M stepped on
President Harding will Include Oma
ha In the Itinerary of his western trip,
according to word received from
Efforts are being made by the Mis
souri Lutheran Synod to purchase the
properly of the AdveiUlst sanitarium
at College View.
Injury suffered when her hand was
iniinulct! In a wringer two weeks ago
talis. ".I the death of Mrs. Emily Fair,
pioneer of llnveunii.
Tblrty-sl. candidates, the largest
number In the history of the school,
tnmprlMMl the graduating class of the
agricultural school at Curtis.
W. II. Osborne, former state tax
commissioner, lias been appointed as
thief clerk In the olllce of Dan Swnn
on, commissioner of piddle lauds mid
The big gymnasium at the Kearney
Military academy was completely de
stroyed by lire of unknown origin. The
loss s estimated at l'J,(l()l), fully cov
ered by Insurance.
.1. 11. I.udwig of Cordon, who Is mov
ing to Montana, has sent his household
I unlit lire and other goods by parcel
post, I.udwig estimates that it cost
him about Slfi a ton.
A freak pig was bom on the farm
of (Jus Wagner near Wolbuch recent
ly. The animal had eight legs, two
complete bodies and but one head. It
was dead when born.
Attendance llgures were smashed at
the tlftti annual farmer's fair at the
Plate agricultural college campus at
Lincoln. Managers estimated the
crowd at 7,000 to 10,X)0 dally.
The National Punic Jersey Huron!
association Is offering a silver trophy
this year to the owner of the best lit
ter of four Puroc-Jersey pigs exhibit
ed at the Jefferson county fair.
An assessment of LfiOOth of 1 per
.ent on deposits of all stntc banks In
Nebraska has been ordered by the new
Hate guarantee fund commission. Tills.
t is estimated, will raise !?l,."(HI, '.suf
ficient to j iay expenses of the commls-
Mon until August.
Fruit men In the southern .part of
the state tlo not believe the recent cold
weather has damaged the prospects
for a bumper apple crop. They de
dare that the cold weather has pro
tected the fruit better than If warm
weather had been experienced.
Accompanied by Professor W. W.
perrlck of the animal husbandry de
partment of the Cnlversity of Nebras
ka, about tlo students of the fresluuan
i lass In agriculture at Lincoln, visit
ed the yards and other points of in
terest at South Omaha one tay last
Seven United States senators and
former senators were in Otniha at
the same time in tine day last week.
They were: Senators Norrls and
Howell of Nebraska, Senator I. enroot
of Wisconsin, Senator Slieppanl of
Texas and former Senators ltrown,
Hurkett and Hitchcock of Nebraska.
Samuel 1). MeGinnls, sergeant-alarms
of the State Senate, tiled In a
Lincoln hospital as the result of a I
stroke of paralysis received while m
duty at tne state nouse. no Had serv
ed as custodian of the cloak room
In the house of representatives In UK;i,
and was postmaster In the same body
In lOOTi.
In an egg eating contest at (iross,
John Luproth consumed the dozen
eggs and one loaf of bread In twenty
seven minutes. After the contest Lap
roth stated he could have swallowed
another dozen eggs.
Tlie value of the work of the Agri
cultural college In reclaiming run
down orchards in tills state Is esti
mated at $l.r.),000 each year. This is
based on the Increased yield as a re
sult of the pruning nnd spraying work.
M tiij large run-down orchards which
v i i' not paying expenses have been
i i.ty reclaimed nnd put on a pro
fitable basis thru the aid of the college.
Ai. Irrigation project Is under con
ttitirtlnn nt Whitney, which will even
tually Irrlgnte 5JO.0O0 acres of land ad
joining the town.
The possibility of the sinking of an
oil will near Nehavvka Is being Investi
gated by J. T. O'Hara, oil man from
Texas. This Is the second time In re
cent years that prospocts of oil In
("ass county have been taken up.
Sports at Stelnauer are stocking that
neighborhood with pheasants. They
have released twenty pairs this sprint
and have other broods to release soon.
The game wardens nro on the lookout
for hunters who molest thorn.
Llvoly Program to be Staged at Lin
coln May 31-June 4.
Lincoln. Neb. The program for Hie
second annual Cornhusker loundup
and commencement even lies at the
I'nlverslly or Nebraska from May .'SI
to June I will Include traditional ev
erclses for the alumni the tlrsl three
Thursdny, May .'II, will be Ivy d.iy
with the May dance and crowning of
tlit .May (tifcu in the morning, the
"tapping of the Innocents" and mask
ing of the mortal boards In the after
noon and a university sing in Hie even
lug. Friday, the annual competitive mili
tary drill will begin, an alumni coun
cil meeting will be held at 10 o'clock,
and the cornerstone for Memorial
stadium will he laid ut 3:30 o'clock In
the afternoon. There will be reunion
baniuets in Hi" evening.
Saturday morning, class reunions
will be held on "The Midway," and
the alumni will parade the streets end
ing at Memorial hall fm luncheon at
noon. In the afternoon the alumni
business meeting, address, class stunts
and award of Alumni day class trophy
will take place. Nebraska and Kansas
university baseball teams w.'l phy at
:'.:.'!) o'clock and a dance v III la held
In Hie armory Saturday night.
The baccalaureate sinnnn b.v the
Hi'v. Herbert Cray of Scotland, will lie
ile'lvercd Sunday morning, followed
by a concert b.v the university chorus.
Seventh Pay Adveutlsls will remove
their headquarters from College View
to Grand Island at the close of the
present term at Union college.
Forty-seventh annual shooting tour
ney of the Nebraska State Sports
man's association will be held at thf
omaha Gun club's grounds May 'Jl, -'-and
The .people of fourteen school dis
tricts In Jefferson county with Hey
nobis as a central point, are agitating
a rural high school to he constructed
at He.v nobis.
A freak In the nature of a two leg
ged colt Is reported by a farmer liv
ing near Eagle. The animal appears
to he normal In all other respects ami
shows no symptome of dying.
A vacation ltlhle school will be con
ducted at Pawnee City this summer
for persons of high school age and
under, the proposition being sponsored
by a union of Hie city churches.
The new capltol will not be ready
for the session of the legislature whirl
meets a year from next January and
the old one must he kept Intact foi
another two years at least, It has de
veloped. While hanging May baskets at Hit
front door of the home of a friend,
Mary Louise Johnson, little daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Johnson of Ne
braska Clt.v, was attacked by a dog
ami badly- bitten.
L'agle took (list and Aurora and
Waverly lied for second place In the
annual livestock Judging of the ninth
annual Nebraska agricultural high
school contest held at the college of
auriRUMurc at Lincoln.
The Scottshluff board of education
has decided to establish for the sec
ond year a summer school for child-
I ion of the workers In Hie heel Ileitis.
The school will open about the middle
of July and last six weeks.
(lame Warden (leorge Koster has
concluded the purchase of 'J.OOO pheas
ant eggs from a game farm In Illinois.
They cost $300 per thousand and will
he hatched In Nebraska as part of the
campaign to stock the state with the
(iovernor Hryau has re-appolnted
(leorge Koster of Niobrara to be game
warden for the next two years. Kos
ter has been holding over In the posi
tion since the MeKelvie administra
tion. He lias held Hie post for foui
years. "
Fourteen students of ji class of .-()
or the University of Nebraska medical
college "succumbed" to senslilvoncss i
nnd fainted while watching a surgeon '
skillfully amputate a man's lc' at
University hospital at Omaha. They
were carried to fresh air by their fel
low students and were soon revived.
The third anniversary of the charter
lug of the tlrst PeMolay chapter In
Nebraska, the second chapter in the
world was observed last week b.v a
banquet at the Scottish Kite Temple
at Omaha, followed nnd preceded by
convocation ceremonies in which 10
hoys were taken Into the order. There
were J.'VO PeMolays and Master Ma
sons present at the banquet.
A still was discovered In the can
yons south of Alma by Uev. L. C. Fu
qua, scoutmaster, accompanied by IS
boy scouts on a hike. The still con
slstctl of a copper holler of 'JO-gullou
capacity, oil burner and about the
gallons of oil.
Doubly equipped for flight of great
er duration than Is usually accomp
lished liy the breed, and also endow
ed with a pair of "spare" legs s a
chicken hatched at the A. ltoweiis
place near Seward. This baity MnJ,
which seems entirely unconscious of
Its extra wings and stilts Is the mter
child of an Incubator.
Members of Hie women's dub of Ne
braska Clt.v have endorsed the acilon
of Hie Nebraska and Kansas siaie
federations of women's chilis in bo.v
cutting sugar, and will not use it, .
cept where absolutely necessary, until
the price Is reduced. They are now
making cakes and other confections
with honey In place of sugar.
Contracts for the construction of the
Junior high school to bo erected nt
Grand Island by the board of educa
tion, with tho architect's total esti
mate of tho cost of tho building nt
$110,000 the contracts were let in the
UKWcgute sum of 110,030.
R O. T. C. of
I me jW,lMBPBTfHMMB7WPJWM'i'll""'i 'i' ' 'iiiiiiiiniimiiiiiiiii I i n n i moiq 1 1 minimi i i fin iiiinii in inn 1 1 rag
Here lire the cadets of the II. O. T. C.
I.leul. Col. Kretl P.urkart nnd Mnj. Lewis
Army Men Fly From Coast to Coast
Lleuts. John
from Hempstead.
A Mneltendy and Oakle.v (!. Kelly of the aiin.v air servit t and the big monoplane In which they flow
N. Y., to San Diego, Cal., without a stop, setting a world record.
I Pennsylvania Fights Big
Scores of towns In eastern Pennsylvania have been endangered by forest
llre.s raging in the Pocono mountains, about 5!."i miles north of the Delaware
water gap. 5 rent timber belts havt been destroyed In the neighborhood of
Dusliklll falls and Hi'dea. Hundreds of men and boys were mobilized by the
Mate forestry department to light the blazes.
Brave Phone Girls Stick to Posts
U I t 1 ' irllff r sWZ:Br--l; PMiiUWiw?
JfrtT ' W$My& W Kmm'
When n tlangerous broke out In u bulltling of the Aiiiciicnii Hallway company in Chicago the nine girl telephone operators, headed by
Chief Operator .Mary Dnlttm (standing) remained at their posts tlesoitc smoke
and gases until tin thousand other employees were notified and rescued.
Building the Biggest Generator
The largest generator lit the world Is being Installed b.v the General Elec
tric company for the Niagara Falls Power company cu the American side of
tho Falls. This ninchlne, when completed, will supply 87,000 horsepower, or
energy equivalent to the muscle power of 375,000 men.
Northwestern University Drilling
of Northwestern university ul Kvanston, III.
T. Hyrne.
They ure being well drilled by
Without a Stop
Miss Olive Louis Martindale of San
Antonio, Tex., who wns crowned Queen
of the Court of the Sea during tho
annual Fiesta tie San Jacinto.
This Is a new photograph of Itenr
Admiral Colby M. Chester, II. S. K,
retired, who obtained from the Turk
Ish Nationalist government the exten
sive concession to which the French,
British and Italians art; objecting.
VtjNC iTV . 3
"""(& y x&
This Is tho khan of Khiva, ruler ot
tho territory south of the Aral sen,
who was taken prisoner by the Uol
shevikl nnd confined In the Duturk
prison nt Moscow. Tho khan has been
succeeded by an ox-Amerlcnn tailor
who, It Is said, has also taken ns leg
acy his harem of three hundred wives.
- s, jcii ny&?Hi
; IMJ ir VT- vSPliiiAl
vrru ..i-sjsfiss
i .irfaE55-i
- -iri " ir--" if "
" -.. p?m
W VK T? L tstli 'JiVir
T Lesson
!Dy HKV. v. n. IITZWATKU. D. n.
Tenclicr of KiifillHh Hlble In U-e Moody
Illble Instltuto of Chicago.)
Cooyrlrht. 1323, Wrttern N'pvpapT Union.
J.IXKON THXT-I KltiRS t'S.lT-t'?
OULUHN TRXT-Choope you this day
wilotn ye will hcrvcJoslina 2l:lf.
6, 6 Matthew 11:14; 1C:H; Luko 1:17; John
1:21-20. .IniiifS r.'IT, 18.
PHIMAKY TOl'IC-EllJah and the Poor
Jl'NlOll TOPlC-r.llJah's Wonderful
How EIIJiili Ucllcd Wlckontu-ss
What Modern Reformers Can r
from KHJnli.
I. Elijah Meeto Ahnb. (vv. 17. IS).
At the Lord's command Klljali
showed himself to Ahub. When Kll
jali last was seen b.v Ahab he an
nounced that rain would only be given
by his word (17:1). In connection
with the propbtt's appearance before
Mm king, rain was promised.
I. Ahab's Question. "Art thou he
that t rouble) !i Israel V" (v. 17. Ahab'
aim was to intimidate Klijah, to awo
him into submission.
J. Elijah's Answer, (v. 1S). He
denied the charge and boldly de
clared tli.'t the calamity which had
befallen the tuition was caused by
the idolatry of Aliah nil. I his family.
II. Elijah's Challdnge. (vv. WIM).
1. The People Assembled, (vv. Ill,
1!0). The king convened the people
at the urgent request of Elijah.
L Elijah's Ulnglug Call to Decision
(vv. 'JI-1.M). (1) The (piestton asked,
"Wlm is your ("lotl, P.aal or the Lord?"
(v. 'Jl). Many of the people had
not wholly forsaken Cod. They at
tempted to worship
Haul. Many today
tween two opinions.
Ing between self and
both Cod and
are halting he
They are halt
Savior. sa nntl
holiness, mammon and Cod. (-)
jlltiii-e of the people, (v. 'Jl).
may have been because of fear of the
king or of ignorance, for many were
of the opin!,n that to be religious
was the only thing necessary. Ir
respective of the being worshiped.
There Is all the difference between
merely worshiping and really wor
shiping Cod that there is between
hell and heaven, (,'t) The method
of decision (vv. 22-'JI). Two sacri
fices were to be provided one to be
offered to P.aal, the other to Cod. The
god who answered by lire was to bo
the Cod. Tho people consented that
tills was a fair test. Accepted sacri
fice Is the grand and .supreme test
by which Clod Is calling upon men
everywhere to make the decision be
tween Christ nnd the heathen gods.
III. The Test Applied, (vv. 'J.VJD).
1. The Offering by the Prophets of
Ihial (vv. 'J.VJ0). Elijah gave tho
prophets of Haul the llrst opportunity
to prove to the people as to whether
Until was a real god. The real differ
ence In the Issue of prayer Is tho
person to whom prayer Is innde.
2. The Offering by Elijah (vv. f!0
.10). (1) The -people Invited faear
(v. .SO). His object was for them to
see the entire proceedings In order
to fully grasp the genuineness of the
test. (J). The altar repairs (vv. HO
85!). Elijah tool; twelve stones repre
senting the united nation. (II). Tho
ofTerlng on the altar (vv. ,13-35). Af
ter the bullock was In plnco he had
four barrels of water three times
emptied upon the sacrifice and the
wood so as to till the trench about
the altar. So sure was Elijah timt
(oil's power was suftlclent that ho
heaped difficulty upon dllllculty. (4).
Elijah's prayer (vv. .10, 37). (a) It
was bused upon covenants (v. 30).
The foundation upon which all real
prayer rests Is covenant relationship.
(!) Its object was Cod's exaltation
(v. 30). Elijah was Jealous for God's
glory. Ills supreme desire was to
honor and magnify the Lord, (c) It
was for the salvation of the people.
(v. 37). Ills heart yearned after
Israel. lie was most desirous that
they should come to Cod. (5) The re
sult (vv. 38, .10). (a) The flro of the
Lord fell and consumed not only tho
Hucriflco but the wood, stones nnd
dust, even licking up lite water In
the trench, (b) The people fell on
their faces and confessed that tho
Lord was the Cod.
IV. The Execution of Baal's Proph
ets. (v. -10).
The reason for this drastic action
was that Israel's government was a
theocracy. flod wns their king.
Idolatry was treason against the
king. These false prophets wero
traitors to Cod and therefore should die.
V. God'o Prophet Vindicated, (w.
The proof that Elijah wns CJod'a
1 prophet was Incomplete till rain came.
Israel under his ministry hnd now
I turned back 'o Cod nnd Ood niiido
Known unto them Ills graclousness.
How Much Is Lost.
Would that we could at once paint
with the eyes! In the long way from
the eye, through the arm. to the pencil,
how much is lout ! Leasing.
Our Wants.
The stoical schemes of supplying our
wants by lopping off our desires Is
like cutting oft our feet when wo want
shoes. Swift.
Deserving Trust.
Ho deserves small trust who Is not
privy counselor to UlinselJ. ForiL
r J-
:'S?yi1Mm0i I
faiCjUliW.K'tm if -
-'- .v .