The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, March 22, 1923, Image 7

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For Infants and Children.
Mothers Know That
Genuine Casforia
Lodge Tales
Ford C. Frick
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linthcSlonuisigncgM BQErTS tllQ
gSitMfiTc Signature
mM8 Of
Minerni. irIl I
ft llV
If You Heed a Mefliclno
You Should Have the Best
TN T1IK npstllnir vales and on
A ir
For Over
Thirty Years
w 7-1 ill 4&T " 1 lll&v II
Exnct Copy of Wrapper. thc ntur commny. NrwroRKcrrv.
That Fetched Her.
The lioston girl was very pretty, hut !
evidently not much In favor of liolnu
petted by comparative strangers. The
young tiinn was imiUliifr fair prom-ess,
however. It was evident that she liked
htm. I'lnally he asked for a kiss. She
considered this Judicially.
"And why should I give you a kiss?"
she iltmiuuilcd.
"I presume ,1 can furnish no ade
quate reasons," ho replied. "Your mo
tives must he altruistic.1'
That landed her.
to nn ncuto attack of Nasnl Catarrh.
Tlioso Fiibjcct to frequent "colds" aro
Konoriitly In a "ran down" condition.
Treatment eonslfUlmr of nn Ointment, to
ho used locally, and a Tonic, which nets
Qulcklv through tli niood on the Mu
cous Surfaces, building up tho System,
unci maklnR you less llnblo to "colds."
Sold liv dniKglsts for over 40 Years,
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O.
Doubly Dazzled.
The glare from the car almost
blinded (he tralllc cop at the crossing.
He held up his hand, the car .stopped,
and he went over to It with stern pur
pose In every line of his vis
ace. There was a lady at the wheel.
The conversation was prolonged. Fi
nally, however, the olllcer returned to
his post and the fair drler proceeded
her way.
"Why didn't you make an arrest?"
chaffed a passim: lmtrnlman. "Tho
car had dazzling lamps."
"Ho had the girl."
Fair Enough.
"Why will ok', men marry such
young girls?" "I!ccau-e the oung
girls are willing." Now York Sun.
It Is within the power of the least
of us to he polite, straight from the
1 raitor.
Pthrwyx So brother ZhnrbdolT vvni
kicked out of the soviet and sentenced i
to he bunged. I thought he was a loy- i
al member. What did he do? I
Quentwrk He had a tooth crowned. '
Tho prices of cotton and linen hnvo
been doubled by tin war. Lengthen
their service by using Ited Cross Hall
lilue In the laundry. All grocers Ad
pnys an honest Incomo
What comctb
to the heart.
from the heart goes
Help You
Run the Ball
brin homo the bacon, collar the blue v&te,
carry the message to Garcia, etc.
1ITTLE Raisins, full of energy and
-iron, will put the pep into you
that makes winning plays. Use vim
like it in your business, too.
One hundred and forty-five cal
ories of energizing, nutriment in every
little -five-tent red box that you see.
Comes from fruit sugar in prac
tically predigested form levulose, the
scientists call it so it goes to work
almost immediately. Rich in food
iron also.
Try these little raising when you're
hungry, lazy, tired or faint. See how
they pick you up and set you on your
Little Sun-Maids
"Between - Meal"
5c Everywhere
Had Your
Iron Today?
nnd on the
Brassy plains which lie at the foot
of the (Jreat White mountain that
points the way to heaven lived the
Chosen People. Mere they dwelt In
happiness together. And above them,
on the summit of the mighty pi'itk,
where stands the western nates to
heaven, dwelt the Manltou.
In order thai the Chosen People
might know of bis love, the Manltou
Mnmped upon the peak the Image of
I his face, that all might see ami wor
j Hhlp him. And there each day the
' Chosen People came to pray and wor
i Klilp, where the llrst bright rays of
I the rising sun embossed the Image I"
, their golden glow. There in happi
ness they dwelt, their realm evtend
1 lug Just as far as they might see the
face of Manltou over l.lll and plain.
' And the land was fair and the chosen
tribe was em led by all the dwellers
1 of the -plains who knew not Manltou.
Hut one day, us the storm clouds
played about the Peak, the Image of
tho Manltou was hid. 1-ow hanging
clouds swept down from out the sky
nnd crept to earth In mist und fog nnd
rain, and the happy, smiling face of
Manltou was bid. and none could see
i it And down from the north swept
n barbaric host of giants, taller than
I the spruce which grew upon the moun
tain side and so great that they snoou
lliu earth with their strides.
Willi tiin Inviiilliic hosts came ter-
, rlhle beasts, unknown and awful In
their mightiness, monstrous beasts
1 that would devour the earth and tread
j It down. And as they came on the
Chosen People were frightened, and
' In their fear they lied to the Holy
i Mount, for In the sight of their titanic
foes they were as grasshoppers.
I As the Invading tribes came on, the
I Chosen People fell on their faces and
I prayed to Manltou for aid. Then came
' to pass a wondrous miracle. The
! clouds broke away and sunshine smote
tho peak. And from the very sum
mit, looking down upon the valley and
the plains appeared the Munnou Him
self. Sternly he looked upon the in
vaders, and as be looked the giants
und the beasts turned Into stone.
As then they stood, the giants stand
today. Their scattered bands, now
rock of red nnd brown, aro found to
cast and north, time-worn and scarred.
with legs deep burled In the drifting
snnds. Some holder than the rest
are near the mount, and some lire far
nwny In sheltered canons as If they
sought to hide. Some hold their
shields uplifted as If to meet tbe
stony gaze of Manltou, while others,
crouched In horror, were struck dumb
nnd turned to stone there where they
stood. The beasts the giants drove
nre stranger still big, clumsy ele
plinnts with clumsy trunks; camels
und massive bears and timid deer;
binnntli, glossy beaver with Hat, scaly
tails; huge frogs and timid turtles.
All were changed and stand today
us they stood then when, living, they
defied the Manltou.
They covered all the valley these
living men and beasts sow turned to
stone. And It you doubt this story,
go nnd see them standing there today
us they stood then. Time worn and
prny they are from countless storms.
Iinlf-burled In tbe sweeping sands, nnd
. yet If you look closely you can see
ihelr forms, the giants and the beasts
that hoped to steal the land where
ilwelt the tribesmen who were our fa-
When the white men came they
called the spot the Garden of the
finds, because, they say, the rocks nre
great and odd ; but we who know the
story of the race still call It "Valley of
tho Miracle," for hero It was tlmt
Mnnltdu gave aid to save his chisun
people and left there these rocka and
forms of men all turned to stone,
ns warning to nil of us who may
some time attempt dellnnce to him and
Ids commands.
Not. The Utes for jottr lived on
the eastern slope of the Rockies, with
their big town "Ituated near what Is
now tho city of Colorado Springs. This
legend refers to the Garden of tho
Gods, Just outside the city of Manltou
a spot that has become world fa
mous for the unique beauty of its rock
Have you ever slopped to reason why
it U that en many product'1 that are ex
tenivoly nilvcrtiFCil, nil at oihh drop out
of fight and are soon forgotten? The
rcaon n plain the nrticle did tint fullitl
the protines of the niinufiietuier. This
apptleo more t?-' t iottlnrly to n medicine.
A nirilieitinl ptiparntnut thit has rcnl
ciuatiie value almost fell itelf. an like
an cndles clinin Fvstem the remedy in
rcoiitiitnetuleil by those who have been
benefited to thofo who are in need of it.
A piominrnt druggist ai, "Tako for
exninple Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Knot, a
ptrpntiitiiiti I have mid for ninny cars
and never hesitate to recommend, for in
almost eery case it shows excellent re
sults, ns many of my customers testify.
No other kidney remedy has so large n
According to sworn stntements and
verified testimony of thousands who hae
used the preparation, the succes of Dr.
Kilmer's Swamp Kootj is due to the fact,
fo manv people claim, that it fulfills al
most evcrv wish in overcoming kidney,
liver and bladder ailments, corrects uri
nary troubles nnd neutralires the uric acid
which causes theimuitism
You may icceivo n sample bottle of
Swamp-Hoot by parcel post. Address I)r
Kilmer .t Co., llinghamton, N. V., and
enclose ten cents; also mention this paper.
I.irge and medium sic bottles for sale nt
all drug stores. Advertisement.
They Spring Up Fast.
August Helmoiit said at a dinner
party ia Tuxedo:
"New Yolk Is a hustling city, and
It Is ast iiiishlng how fast we can pro
duce aristocrats here.
"I dined tin other evening In tbe
new granite palace In Fifth avenue of
a war profiteer. It was a magnificent
feast, and I said to my hostess after
It was oxer:
"'Milt 1 haven't been Introduced to
your husband yet. lie's lime, of
" 'Well or no, lie Isn't,' said my
"Then she shrugged her white shoul
ders and added:
"'You've got to draw the line some-'
where, you know.'" Pittsburgh Chronicle-Telegraph.
Got Some Telling Points.
traveling man got a letter from
bl'i linn lining a good deal of crisp lan
guage about expense necounts. It
was passed around In the smoker and
condemned roundly. After some bit
ter comment he slipped it Into his In
side pocket.
"ltut why do you keep that tulT?"
asked a friend. "I'd tear It Into a
thousand bits and scatter It along the
right of way."
"Well, they made some good points,"
he explained. "And I've gotta write to
my wife tonight."
"She's spending too much coin."
Sure Relief
stSW3 6 Bell-ans
LAV'- ' Hot water
m$LLzLZ Sure Relief
LFWl IrniC
The Retort Dubious.
Host "Well, how did ou like our
old sherry?" Guest- "Pine; I could
taste the wood In It "
Your Mm
ntft not txi itila
or Hlreakml will,
litKj vn AM
Kir.nt wiw.ii wiit
qtilcklr rrmn It mill brlnir ick h11 Us orlclnM
culur nml luiiirlnner. A I nil Knoiliriiffilt,?K. or
Ulrcrt (rain HEMIC - ElUS, CU.Mi. MEMPHIS, TtHN.
LetLydiaE.PinkhamWegetaWe Com
pound Help You to Become Well.
Manhood's Afterthought.
When a man looks back and thinks
of what a fool he was, he Is glad there
were no monkey glands to prolong bis
If at first you don't succeed, young
man, remember there may bo other
girls who aro not so particular.
is tbe fruit of misdirected
Thousands of p-irls have to work in
homes, ollices. stores, mills or facto
ries who aro physically unfit for work,
with often an nged or invalid father
or mother dependent upon them for
support. Standinir nil day week in
und veok out, or sitting in cramped
positions a girl often contracts some
deranged condition of her organic
Bystem which cnlln a hnlt to her pro
press nnd demnnds restoration to
licnlth boforo sho can bo of uso to
herself or anyone else.
For these distressine; weaknesses
nnd derangements Uieso girls hnvo
found health to do their work in
Lydia E. Pinkham'a Vegotnblo Com
pound. Brooklyn. N.Y. "Like mnny girls,
I had troubles every month," says
Cnrolyno Mangels. ' 'and they inter
fered with my work ns 1 could never
bo sure of my time. My mother often
suggested that I tako Lydia E. Pink
hntn's Vegetable Compound, but I
never did until lntcly. I havo had
very fjood results, nnu am now a pri
vate secretary and do my work with
out missing n day. I recommend
your medicine to every girl who
speaks of having troubles like I have
hail." Carolyne Mangi:us,107 14tb
St, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Office Worker Helped
Milwaukee, Wis."! havo taken
Lydia E. Pinkhnm'tj VegoUiblo Com
pound nnd Lydia E. Plnklmm's Blooi
Medieinu for three nnd n half years,
nnd they hnvo improved my health
wonderfully. My mother also hnsi
taken tho Vegetable- Compound and
wo recommend it to our iriends. I
am working in an ollico now nnd can
always do my work as I do not hnvo
tho troubles I had at first. 1 read of
your Vegetable Compound in tho
newspaper and you may uso my let
ter in that way if you wish to do so."
Ei.kanou SiicuLAlt, 037 actli St,
Mllwnukoe, Wis.
Pains and Headache
Webster, Mass. "Iwos nil run
down, hnd ti bad complexion, anil
suffered with pains nnd backache, und
was dizzy at times nnd felt weak. I
worked In n mill nnd my girl chum
told mo about your wonderful medi
cine, Lydia E. l'inkhnm'a Vegetablo
Compound. I am feeling much better
since taking it" Maky Plaza, 13
West Street, Webster, Mass.
Lydia 15. Plnkhnin's Private- Text-Uook upon "Ailments
Peculiar to "Women" will bo .sent you frco upon request. Wrlto
to tlio Ijydia K. IMnlclinm Medicine Co., Lyun, JHussaehusettfl.
This book eoutulnu valuable int'oriuution.
10 Cents
Insures Fresh Charm to OSd Shawls
PUTNAM FADELESS DYES dyes or tints as you wish
Betrayed by Pores.
Pores are more Important thnn lin
ger prints to the crime Investigator;
Tho science of "poroscopy" Is now
called in when Itertlllon methods fall.
Tho new science, dlscovcied by Dr.
Kdmond I.ocard in HH'J, has taken
eleven years to develop to perfection.
Tho shape of the pores, not easily
recognizable In the case of finger
prints obtained by printers' Ink, on ac
count of the roughness of these rec
ords, Is found to be very varied when
colorless prints or those levealed by a
method employed by Dr. Locard aro
Making Deductions.
Her Mother Now that you're mar
ried, you should help Ferdinand to
snve something.
Mrs. Junobrhlc I do. I've already
helped him to save somothln
Income tax.
on hi?
Advises Dustncss for Wives.
Mrs. Edward I.azansky, whose hus
band Is a New York Supreme court
Justice, believes that If more wives
bud Interest In the business world
there would he fewer protests when
business keeps husbands out, of the
home. Mrs. Lazansky knows where
of sho speaks, since sli Is the pro
prietor of a successful Interior deco
rating establishment In Now York
Explanation, According to Harvard
Scientist, Is Their Tendency to
Travel Down Hill.
Why loggerhead turtles readily find
their way to the sea soon after hatch
ing, has been discovered by George II.
Parker of the zoological department
of Harvard university. These rep
tiles nre hatched Inland, and soon after
birth crawl out of their nests, he ex
plains. Then with a few exceptions
they immediately start their Journey
In tho exact direction of tin sen.
The most Important reason for this
behavior of the turtles Is their ten
dency to go down hill, Mr. Parker be
lieves. They also show an Inclination
to move toward regions In which tho
horizon Is clear and unobstructed by
large masses. And blue ureas seem
o attract them more than other colors.
Their actions should be regarded moro
complex than a simple response to
light, for the retinas of their eyes re
spond to the details, such us blue
color, rather than to tJiu Image as u
A Dad Oargaln.
A darky who bad recently married
was asked by the farmer for whom ho
worked how he and his Mnndy wcro
getting along.
"Not very well, boss. The fact Is,
Mnndy and me we've done pa'hted."
"Parted!" exclaimed the farmer.
"Why, you were Just married. You
know, Sam, you can't leuvo Mnndy.
She's your wife and you took her for
better or worse."
"That's Just It, boss," said Sam. "I
shore did tell that palnjon that I took
that gal for better or was. But, Lnvvd,
dat gal Is vvus'n I took her to Ik.."
Tho Argonaut. -
Moro than rouge nnd powder nro
needed to alter tho complexion of a
woman's thoughts.
Kisses nre worth their face value In
tiny market.
Put antJ Take.
Eleanor, at three, was very fond of
her chewing gum, yet promptly obeyed
when one (lay her mothei told her to
put it In the coal scuttle because din
ner was ready. However, sho win
soon chewing again, so mother er
claimed: "Why, Eleanor, I thought
your gum was in the coal scuttle!"
And baby sweetly lisped, "It wnth. but
now llli over here vviiero mo Is!"
Put your energy Into nchlevement
today rather than Into regrets tomor
Chinese Telephone Exchange.
Tho "China" tt'lepbouo cxciuingo of
fnn Krnniisco is unique. The build
ing Is of Chinese architecture, tho op
erators are Chinese girls, and tho Chi
nese subscribers call by name Instead
of numbers.' The operators handle be
tween seven nnd eight thousand cnlln
dally, Youth's Companion.
Good Work Never Loot.
No good work Is ever lost ; many
luborers must bo content to sow;
others will como to reap tho harvest
tax Mullor.
Let the
in J
Are you fagged and foggy when you wake
up in the morning? "There's a Reason."
Coffee and tea are known to affect many
people that way. Often, these beverages
cause nervousness, sleeplessness and
6evere headache. "There's a Reason."
Postum, made from wheat roasted just
like coffee, is a delightful mealtime bev
erage free from any element of harm.
Try it instead of coffee or tea, and let
the sunshine in.
m r vw" "hw- ""zrivsis; isr
lMMUWl)Ca fci"-J
. -r-rr. Wr
There's a Reason
Made by Postum Cerenl Company, Inc.
Dattln Crook, Mich.
Your grocer sells Postum in two farms:
Instant Postum (in tins) prepared in
Bluntly in the cup by tho addition of boil
ing water. Postum Coreul (in packages)
for those who prefer to mftko tho drink
while tho menl is being prepared; made
by boiling fully 20 minutes.