The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, March 01, 1923, Image 3

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Exact Copy of Wrapper.
Take a good dose
"Hos," said the Editor's secretary,
"here's a loiter from n fellow who
ays you are a hog-eared, wall-eyed,
pig-jawed, hatchet-faced hone thief.
What'll I answer him?
"U'hy-or," said the Editor, languid
ly, "did he Inclose a stamp for reply?"
Itlclimond Tlmes-DIs-patch.
Cotton spinning was established In
Japan In 1R0U
A liadly told story Is n poor relation.
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IF your hard work and investments are not giving you the return they should
if highland prices and high rentals are blocking your road toSuccess if you
are beginning to see how hard it is to compete with low-priced lands that are
equally fertile, you owe it to yourself and your family to get the facts about
farm oooortunitles in Canada. Lower-nriced land lower overhead lower
taxes and operating costs may be the solution of your problem.
Low-Priced Land-the Seeret
Virgin prairie land at $15 to $30 an acre, with Ions termn, if you want them, close to rail,
wnysand market towns, schools, churches, telephones, highways these vast virgin prairies
offer you the last great farm opportunity. The fortunes of the United States were built on
low-priced land. Those Iand3 ere now dear perhaps beyond your reach but Canada's
lands are still low-priced. You may have missed the first chance don't miss the last.
Your Own Farm
Prosperity, Ilnppliiesa
The opportunity that fits your particular
financial aiidfamllyneedaawnitsyouinCan
nda, nnd the Canadian Government Agent
will help you find it. Land of Rrcat and con
tinuous fertility, (Western Canada's wheat
crop in 1923 was the bitrnest in history), land
suitable for stock-raising, dairying, mixed
farming, fodder crops, market gardening, to
suit your experience and your pocketbook.
Land that v.'ill pay for itself in a few years
crops: hundreds of Canadian farms have
produced ciupa in one year worth more
than the price of the land.
Rent If You Prefer
Pay Out of Profits
The Canadian Government has devired a
means by which youcan"tryout"afarmfor
d year or two before investing, and at the
same time increase yonr capital for the day
when you arc ready to buy a faim of your
own. Many Canadian land owneis arc will
ing to rent a portion of their holdings; others
Get the Facts Costs
to rou. without cny chino. tatuiknun orocthitiftof
tr noaluon. and rnnlva f re book with mini, anri
your i
Wa aa aavwIaa a thk fAPiarlUn ?MVMvnr4 An
Agtnt in yoor irruor , uu inrorma-
iion duw .urciu (iii,ri.isarui
bctmngad fotf trip of Inspection.
Hall coupon to ceirert Acont
300 Peter's Trait DMg.
Omaha, Neb.
rnrn noMESTCAnftart
tfil Tai)bla In coma localitlca.V
cnnnnnweirouirs inuriara
-conio anil aw our country
for rouraelf Pio l'oaapcrta
Gives New lire to Old Stockings
Putnam Fadeless Dyes-dyes or tints as you wish
For Infants and Children.
Mothers Know That
Genuine Castoria
For Over
Thirty Years
of Carter's Uttle Liver Pills
iv As
then take 2 or 3 lor a few nights after. They restore
the organs to their proper functions and Headache
and the causes of it pass away.
tSaturc-" ytjBri?cZC Sma'- Pill ; Saiall Doie; Small Price
Was Not That Serious.
Elinor got a new tricycle and the
next morning she announced that she
was too HI to go to kindergarten.
Mother had her suspicious, which
later were continued when, after an
hour or so lying in hed, Elinor ob
served, "I don't think I'm sick enough
to hurt that tricycle any."
A Sentimental Show.
"This Is hilled u a love story and
comes up to ':s hilling."
"Also Its cooing."
ere already retiring and will rent on easy
terms. in some cases giving an option of pur
chase. If you have a farm outfit, or the
meansof buying it, even if your other capi
tal is small, this is yourchance to try out the
country for yourself. Seeing is believing.
Sec for yourself. A year or two on a rented
farm may be the road to success. If you have
present holdings which you cannot sell to
advantage, hold them another year or two,
conditions may improve, but start in Con
adn nt once. Lands are being taken up;
nothing Is gained by delay.
Taxes Favor the
Producing Farmer
Western Canada's tax system encourages
farm production and the improvement of
firoperty. Taxes on an improved farm are
ess than on an unimproved one, and there
ate no taxes at all on the farmer's buildings,
machinery, livestock, automobile, crops, or
personal effects. Tax laws are designed
to old the fanner In build
ing up a nome ot tils
You Nothing
raaos whare you can eet m"imr- fTmUNIm
teoat. Vhaoffidaiiar I 5ftXi ti liW'Mf M
ijr are aalar- I K'lMSKlffShl Hll I
tlmMXU&BB RS$$S$1 f
RHiSP junnrisi iraasfast
miLLX&fY4L'Si- wtr W m u m m
M&ZjgSjKffl? W. V. BENNETT
WrM Phi mmW7 tDm' W, 300 Peter's Trust BIdg.
fh!mKHmfllfD 1? .r Omaha, Neb.
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SulfllfiJJfjr Name ,
(TfajrflJsr at(aeeeaetaeaiatiaaaiiaeMaaiaetMietaaataaMtaaaaM
MflfiiF n P Ti Wn ait fit AiMratoa
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Lodge Tales
Ford C. Fridc
E i
NOW It so happened that yearn
ago. before any of us were born,
and when our fathers' fathers' fathers
were only 1io.h, there enute out of the
Southland many white men, and nil
the white men were In search of the
sparkling gold which lay In the moun
tains where it was hid from all eyes
And these white men were cruel to the
tribesmen and murdered them and
made them slaves, and the tribe was
greatly frightened.
I'.ut one day there came another
white man and bis name was .limn
De La Crux, and he called hlmsell
"Padre." and he was a great medicine
man, who worshiped strange gods and
who taught many of the tribesmen to
worship Ids gods also. lie lived with
I lie tribe many moons and went atuoiiR
them in his strange garments and
talked to them and taught them many
lo continued to move norihward
out of the desert lands until ho came
to the Orcat White mountains, where
dwelt the gods of rain. Then Ida
Indian friends told him not to go fur
ther, for the mountains were idled
with great spirits, who weie angry
with the Kedinen and who would not
permit them to come within their
lands. Hut he only laughed at thelt
fears and told them bis god was the
m cutest god of all. and the Indians
believed him, for be was a great
medicine man and Ids medicine was
.So be came to the (treat White
mountain and entered Into the cunons,
where the spirits dwelt anil the In
Hans miw him walk unharmed. And
so they followed him and the whole
party entered the canyon and spent
many days.
One day Juan He La Cruz found
there nuH-h gold and he was very glad.
And the Indians told him It was the
gold of the gods and warned him not
to touch It, but he laughed ami said
It was "The Lost Mines," and with
their help he collected great hags of
the gold, which he loaded on his bur
ros to take with him. That night
there was u great feast and Juan Do
La Cruz was very happy, and at
the spot of the mine ho erected two
Inrge sticks in the form of u cross,
and before them he brewed great met!
In the morning, before the journey
was begun, he went to the top of the
great bill and walked in tlio sun
light and sahl strange words to his
Hut as he was walking this Indians
saw him stumble and fall and he
plunged down the mountain' side out of
sight. And when they readied him be
was dead and his body was broken
and bruised. And the people were
very much afraid.
Then the chiefs held council nnd
when they were through they called
on (he medicine men of the tribe and
the medicine men" told them It was
bad. They said the gods of the Oreat
White mountain were stronger than
the white man's god, nnd had caused
him to lie hurled over the cliff because
he touched their gold.
They urged the people to return
whence they came and so they went
back to their homelands. Hut the1
left behind them all the gold which
the padre bad collected, and they
would not touch it, for It belonged to
the rain gods, who dwolt on the Great
White mountain, and If they touched It
thoy would die.
When they returned to their home
they told oilier white men of the
strange gods which dwelt in the moun
tain, but the white men only laughed,
antl many there were who went forth
to senrcli for the gold, but there were
none who found It, and there It Is to
this day, hidden In the canyon In tb
shadow of the Great White mountain
Whales Not Disappearing.
Can the whales multiply with sulli
clout rapidity to pre'vent their exter
mination by man? The whalemen
themselves arc convinced that they
can. Thoy estimate that there are
lens of thousands of whales In the
sens, nnd at present the various whal
ing stations have been able to catch
all the whales they need without going
more than two hundred miles up nnd
down the const and out to sea. Rncli
station has undoubtedly already taken
moro whales than would be nnturnl
residents of the waters In which they
operate, hence the losses In that nreii
can only be made up by other whales
swimming In from other parts of the
What Is Good Lens?
A 'good" lens, !r. the photogrnphlc
sense, is one which will give u per
fectly clear distinct Image, without
distort Ion, nnd without "false linages,"
when It Is used with a largo stop, and
over it wide angle. Hefore, therefore,
we are In a position to say whether a
lens Is "good" or not, wo must know
at what aperture It will work, and
what angle It Includes. It is evident,
therefore, that something more than n
mere cnpaclty to give uhnrp plcturei
Is necessary.
omnn'a Hcartlesaness.
"I hear tell that llabe Ouwkey Is fig
gerlng on getting u divorce from his
wife," said a neighbor. "What's tho
matter with her, anyway?"
"She's plumb heartless!" replied Gnp
Johnson of Humpus ltltlgo, Ark. "He
talked about some spring medicine ami
she up and told htm that the best kind
to suit his case was a bucksaw and an
ax. That there Infernal lady hain't got
no moro feelings than a snapping tur
tle!" Kansas City Star.
Angela A clock Is different from n
Andrew What do you in" t
Angela Well, when It strikes It
keeps on working.
Roe to It that the best company of
rill Is your own.
oAt the Omaha Automobile
will be one of the great attractions. The cut-open chassis will show
you the refinements of its wonderful mechanism, the reason why it
is conceded to be
The Standard ofi the World
AND at the Cadillac Building, 26th and
Farnam Streets, sec the special made-to-ordcr
Sedan, mounted on a Cadillac
Chassis, listing at $7,275, Omaha. Spec
ifications by Mr, Hansen. Novel light
Sco the latest development in the art of body
building, resplendent In coloring and finish n
beautiful ttlbuto to tho craftsmanship that has
outdo CADILLAC pre-cmlnont.
J. H. Hansen Catilfllac Co.
Farnam Street at 26th, Omaha
Little Indianapolis Newsboy Proved
He Had His Sharo of the Wit of
His Race.
She is one of Indianapolis' most
ngrecublo and attractive young busi
ness women, who has fallen Into tho
habit of bringing all sorts of pres
ents to n little Irish newsboy who sells
papers not far from the News olllce.
Tho other evening she brought him a
pair of warm gloves, and he racked
his little Irish brain for suitable
thanks for her.
And finally they came with a true
Irish compliment. "Lady," ho wild,
"I'm glad the likes of you Is an old
maid. If you were married and your
boys sold newspapers on this street,
and bcln' anything like yourself, tho
rest of us kids would have to go out
of business."
The business woman says that was
tho best compliment she ever re
ceived. Indianapolis News.
Great Invention.
Demonstrator Tills machlno will do
tho work of ten men.
Lnzy Husband My wife should
have married It, If that's tho case.
Tho man wtio Ulrts with troublo In
apt to get It where Uncle Bill got
tho carbuncle.
Has your
AOOOD many people have had
that message from coffee or
tea after the drug, caffeine, has
had its effect upon nerves or di
gestion. Frequently the message cornea
at night, when nerves won't quiet
down and sleep won't come, after
the dinner cup of coffee.
There's no unfriendly after
notice from that good cereal bev
erage, Postum.
Postum delights the taste, gives
comfort and satisfaction, and is
Mad by
Buy It Either Way
For Coughs, Colds and Catarrh
Mr. ft. W. Marshall. Ilinmpton. Michigan, autfcrlnsr from Silrmlc Cntarth Invohlnfl
llcuil. Note, Throat and Stomach, claims n complete cure. His teller Is convlnclnc
"for the past two year I tiaro lieen troubled
re-rn-na lauieti ami mry iisto auccicu a compicto
iur an caiarrnai coduimoqs,
Mr. Marshall is liKlonrofrntinyllioinnndiwlioIiive
lucn lienrlitetl by 1 Jr. llarluun slatnuus medicine In
the past fifty yrnrs.
It lsbyHlmiil.illiiclIiellceill(in,enrlchlnellipblno(l
nnd tonlnc up ihe nrrvrt thai IV t u mi It able lo exert
such a soollilnc. Iirallnc inllurncc upon the mucniii
membranes vthlcli line die body, Ills a wonderfully
effective remedy to restore strength uftcr a protracted
sickness, the crip or Spanish lullucnni.
Kitp In tha Houtt
Sold Evorywhtra
Kducatlon Is a chest of tools. Mor
hort Kaufman.
Automobile Show Omaha
i February at) March S
ing, inlaid wood, divided rear seat, low,
racy construction. Do not miss it.
ALSO at the Cadillac Building, a full
display of all the new standard models
at the
Low Price of $2,885 Factory
(Touring Car) Add War Tax
Tho Cadillac Building invites you; mnke It your
headquarter!); a stenographer and tolcphono nt
your command; inuko its parlor your mooting
place, wo expect you.
Good Dealers in Principal Cities
Musical "Typewriter."
Jdtlslc may be easily transput ted
from ono key to another, and nlso
transcribed onto paper by means of
n new device that Is In the nature of
a musical typewriter. The transpos
ing apparatus consists of a portable
keyboard that Is superimposed upon
the piano keyboard, along which It
can lie moved for a range of two oc
taves. Underneath each of the super
Imposed keys Is n bent lever that
transmits the Impact of the linger to
the corresponding piano key. There
fore, by shifting the superimposed
keyboard, It Is possible to change the
key of any' musical composition In any
way desired. In cot.nt.ctIon with the
transposing device Is ar. attachment,
which serves either as a score writer
or to niakn n perforated record for
player pianos. Popular Mechanics
Old Paintings Bring High Prices.
Fifteen paintings bj early Italian
masters, which belonged to the late
William Solomon, weri sold In New
York u few days ago to one of the
foremost art dealers In the country
for more than a million dollars. Tho
average cost to the nev owners of the
entire lot of pictures wns about $70,
000 apiece.
Life Is short, nnd yet some people
waste It In longing.
drink said
If S v X
free from any possibility of harm
to health.
Try Postum with your meals
for a few days and let the whole
family, the children included,
share in its appetizing, invigorat
ing goodness. It will bring better
nights and bHghter mornings.
Your grocer sella Postum In two
forms: Instant Postum (in tins) pre
pared Instantly in the cup by the addi
tion of boiling water. Postum Cereal
(in packages) for those who prefer to
make the drink vvhlU the meal Is being
prepared; made by boiling fully twenty
"There's a Reason"
Postum Cereal Co., Inc., Haitle Creek, Mich.
Tablots or Liquid
with aritrmlc catarrh I nr 0 nrrcral boxes of
cure, i no uoi uciiuie 10 recommcatl l'oruna
rc UO t5jCl(i,icr..M.i
kv to:"'S't'Jnr-iT(,nt.i
yt I'rictaociy nw.wN.iuo
' ihi u..r i
Any one can live on love alone- for
a few minutes.
Show the
Individual Cited as Example of Care
lessness Existed Only in the
Imagination. of Minister.
At the little church the minister, n
colored man, announced that ho re
gretted to state that a certain brother
had retired to rest the night beforu
wlthout locking the door of his fowl
house, and on rising In the morning
had found that all his chickens had
"I don't want to bo personal," ho
added, "hut I hub my suspicions us
to who stole dem chickens. 1 shall bo
glad If the man who took dem will
not put any money In the box when It
Is passed round, and then 1 shall
know If dose suspicions are right or
ICvery one present contributed.
"Now, breddern," announced the
minister. "I don't want your dinners
bpollt by wonderln' where dat bind
der lives who don't lock his chlckuns
up at night. Dat brutlder don't exist,
mah friends; he was a parable for tint
purpose of finance."
Very seldom tloes n man pose as a,
vonllrmed bachelor until after somv
woman has confirmed him.
Consistency Is n Jewel thnt Is diffi
cult to counterfeit.
"a!saSaWiaSaaata? "
aW SflBnSaalalaV'i'-tf''