The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, March 01, 1923, Image 2

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HAIR stay:
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Combed Well-Groomed.
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w f(
& ,4ilKk
i 4fVF tN
Recent Happenings in Nebraska
Given in Brief Items For
Busy Readers.
The postolllce at (Jem, In Logan
county, has been discontinued. j
The woman's club of Kuvenmi In it .
Ing day collected !"() for the Nebraska !
children's home fund. I
Oil Interests hae .signed up extensive j
leasing privileges ut Kearney the last
week. Two wells will lu sunk.
The First National bank of Fair
bury Is to have a new home, which
cost $7r,HH) with the equipment.
The Central Whist association, having
ft membership In ten states, will hold
Its sessions at Omaha February Uli to
Fourteen thousand and fourteen
fathers mid sons took part In the
observance of father and son week
In Omaha.
More than $10,000 bus been collected
lu auto license fees at York. Last
year this time but $11,000 had been
taken in.
Three boys were expelled from the
high school nt North Loup for start
lug n i lot. Thirty others participated
lu the tiirair.
The opening of King Tukeiikiia
mini's tomb has cnused ipilte a run
on books treating on (Egyptology, In
the public libraries over the state.
of York, Congressman from the Fourth
Miss Lena Driever of Lincoln, Is
the newly appointed superintendent
of the stale homo for dependent
children til that place.
ICobbers entered the Scrnggiiis tc
Co. state bank ut Oak and, forcing
the vault with thirteen nitroglycerin
explosions, left with loot exceeding
Fort Omiihii led all recruiting sta
tions lu the Fnited States for the j
llrst 10 days of February, with 11 en-1
llstments. Fort Crook was fourth j
with 'Jli. I
An explosion and the in the research I
laboratory of the chemistry building j
at the State I'lilvcrslty at Lincoln do-
stroyed research work which had I
taken Prof. I). .1. Hrown several years
to eomplctc. '
Frnest Ucudekovje, fourteen, nil '
eighth grade Oiuiiba pupil, Is the win
ner of a bronze medal awarded by i
the state or Nebraska and $5 In gold,
the prizes tor an essay on "Surety on
the Illghwa.s." I
.Mildred Piliman, II year old daugh
ter or .Mr. anil Mrs. William I'lttmun
of Mln.itaiv, was Instantly killed when
a Ford uir lu which she and three
friends were racing two boys on horse-'
buck, overturned.
Pintle county banks will pay their
taxes In full under protest mid des
ignate one of their number to start
a Irleudl.v lesf tiis( to determine
whether their assets .should be classi
fied its tangible property under the
slate law.
Nearly 100 delegates from over the
state will attend the aiiuuiil meeting
of the Texas I'aille (! rowers' nssoeia
1 Hon at III Paso next month. The dele
gation will i nnss of Ihe stock com
mission men, heavy feeders and oper
ators, bunker anil others interested
lu tin' live stock business.
The house of representatives went
1 on record, 71 to 'JO, against any
changes In the Iteed-Nonal luugiiiige
A campaign Is on to send n car
of Hour from Front ler county to the
near east relief. The Crete Milling
i couipan. lias promised to mill the
1 wheat free. The Hutilngtou also takes
, it through freight free.
Three hundred and lll'ty tons of coal
owned by the .VyeSchnoldcr-.lonks
company at Fremont burst into Humes
1 us a result of spontaneous combustion.
Tin' tlnuics were louliiied to the coal
; bin, constructed of concrete.
! Warden W. T. Fontmi of the State
i penitentiary at Llmoln bus been order
' ed to his bed lor a week following 1 1
hours of constant nose bleeding.
The Jawbone and luolais of an Im
pel iilor, a species of mamiiiotli that
Inhabited these parts lu the prehis
toric period, were unearthed by Fred
Keiin, young fanner, lu his father's
sandpit, near Table Hock.
Mr. mid Mrs. .1. F. Tlioniseii, Cedar
Willi's. Ml and "it, celebrated their
golden wedding anniversary last week.
Tho Thotnsens are pioneers of Saun
ders county, settling
lg on homesteads
with their parents
W. O.
Omaha Man Proud Owner of Copies
of Antique Relics.
A. It. KadclllTe, an employe of the
Western Paper company nl Omaha,
Is the possessor of .several rare relics
In the way of old-time newspapers,
among them being the New York
Ilernld of the date or April 1.", LS0.",
containing the telegraphic report of
the assassination of President Lincoln
at Washington, and of the escape of
.1. Wilkes liooth, the actor, who com
mitted the crime.
The sheet Is In deep mourning
column rules nnd head rules being
Another paper Is the I'lster County
Gazette, published at Kingston, New
York, bearing date of Saturday, Janu
ary I, m), containing the notice of
the death of President Washington,
who died on the 1Mb of the previous
month,, together with an account of
the ceremonies connected with his
burial at Mount Yeriion.
The sheet Is in a remarkable slate
of preservation, although yellow with
age, and Is also heavily marked with
black borders, the columns being sepa
rated by quarter Inch black markings.
Moth of these papers are valued
heirlooms, having, descended through
several generations to their present
ow tier.
V. (J. Lyford or Falls City was elect
ed president of the State Federation
of Uetallers at Its .session Just ended
at Onuihti.
Ileatrlce voters will be given an op
portunity to vote on the city manager
form of government at u special elec
tion this .spring.
An effort In the senate to open rail
road pass privileges to denomination
college olllclnls and newspaper report
ers failed by 'Jl to 10.
About 00,000 acres of land near
Wayne have been leased for oil pros
pecting. It Is thought drilling will
.start early In t lie summer.
Yeggs visited Hi,, plant of the Davis
Stone Crusher Co. near IJlue Springs
ami stole 1,(10(1 dynamite caps and a
large iiiiut!ly of dynamite
Tim Northwest Congress of farmers
recently closed tit Chadron was the
largest exhibit of cattle, stock, poul
try and grain ever held In that portion
of the state.
I.ev. (J. IS. Wenver, for the pnt
four years pastor of Trinity Lutheran
church of P.eatrico, has accepted a
call to the pastorate of the Lutheran
church at York.
Mrs. Mary Fontenelle Tyndall, last
Ulug daughter of Logan Fontenelle,
the Indian chief, died Inst week ut the
i homo of her daughter, Mrs. Theresa
Milton, ut Wnlthlll.
The legislative house committee on
revenue and taxation killed the bill
which would have cut the auto license
fees In the state squarely lu half had
It lived anil been passed.
Miles K. Young, 117. nn old scout and
Indian lighter, miner and freighter,
and one of the original l.'t men who
organized Custer county, died Inst
week tit his home In Hroken How.
According to ligurcs by oillcers nt
the plant, the loss at the Armour lire
nl South Omaha will exceed' $1,. "".00,000.
The lire will burn for u week and
firemen have no hope of checking it.
Two handsome loving cups have
been offered by tho Hank of (inkle
Hock to members of the (initio Uock
Pig dull for the healest litter at ISO
days. The new idea Is known as the
, ton-Utter project.
An uuhleiitilled bandit was killed
and two others of a band of six were
wounded hi a gun tight In the ( treat
1 Western .Minis at Oninhn, In which
100 shots were exchanged with ollber.s
. who were guarding merchandise cars.
I The third annual meeting and con-
i fereuce of Hegion Fight, Hoy Scouts
of America, held its conference at
Omaha last week. About 7." members
, were lu attendance. Hegion Fight con
sists of six states, Wyoming, Colorado,
Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska and Missouri.
The remaining section of the S'J.'O,
00O Hastings brewery, long In disuse,
will soon be converted Into a storage
warehouse. The plant was operated
for a while under prohibition us a
near-beer factory and later as an ice
cream factory.
(irand Island's three municipally
owned public utilities grew substan
tially during P.WJ, according to tho
annual report of Commissioner C. W. j
Hurdlck, or the light, water ami Ice
department. Business for 1!)L"J In each !
of the three departments advanced j
' over that of the previous ear. j
All state employes, without exception, .
, would henceforth he appointed after
competitive examination on the civil
service plan, if the legislature .should i
pass Senate File I 'JO, a bill by .Senator '
Osborne of Morrill county. i
(iovernor Hryan has notified the
legislature of the appointment or F.
L. Haycock of Callaway us represpu- I
tatlve of the SOth district to till the
unexpired term caused ny me resigna
tion of M. K. Schneiinger, also of (
Callaway, who usked to be relieved ,
of Ids duties because of the sudden ,
death of his son, and Illness of other '
members of his family.
Flu, grippe nnd pneumonia are opi- i
demlc around liretua. There Is more
sickness than thorn has been for , ears.
Doctors say there Is no doubt ns to its
being contagious, for whole families '
mo HI.
The state fair Sunday closing bill
was killed In the child welfare com
mittee of the legislature by a vote of
( to r. Secretary Danlelsou of the
state board of agriculture opposed
the hill, whllo church delegations from
Lincoln and University Plnce spoke
In favor of It. Dnnlolson told the coin-
i mittee that the passage of the hill
i Would cost the fair Sln.GOO to $20,000.
FOR $10,000
Benefits From Tanlac to Ending
His Stomach and Rheumatic
Troubles, Priceless,
States Tucker.
'I wouldn't take $10,000 for the good
ranlae has done me," declared W. It.
Tucker, ll'JO North 28th St., Klcbmond,
Vn a boxmnker for the Allegheny
Box Co., recently.
"I thought I would. have to give up
the Job I had been on seventeen years,
but Tanlac has built me up eighteen
pounds, and I never felt better In my
"I was so wenk and rim down and
had lost so much weight nnd strength
I Just felt broken down all the time.
I got up mornings awfully nervous,
with no appetite, feeling like I hadn't
slept n wink, and while on the Job my
nerves were so unstrung that tho noise
In the factory Just tortured mo. My
liver wasn't acting right, nnd I suf
fered so much from rheumatism I could
hardly use my nrms.
"Hut Tnnlnc hns nindo n clean sweep
of my troubles, aid now, with plenty of
strength and energy, I nm working nnd
feeling tine."
Tanlac Is for sale by all good drug
gists. Over "5 million bottles sold.
Kansan's Destructive Lzugh.
In the days when horseflesh whs In
llower one of the hardest things In
town was to get horses accustomed to
Job llofer's laugh. Kvery time It took
off the tiiatn hatch and helped himself
to a real mnstodonle gurgle of glee
there were two or three runaways
down Main street. The horses largely
have passed, but .lob's laugh has the
same devastating effect. Today he be
came amused at something while In
Loin Lump's Ford, and two (nines of
window glass fell out. Kldorado
Thousands of women have kidney and
bladder trouble and never suspect it.
Women' complaints often piovc to be
nothing else but kidney trouble, or the
result of kidney or bladder disease.
If the kidneys are not in a healthy con
dition, they may cause the other organs
to become diseased.
Pain in the back, headache, loss of am
bition, nervousness, are often times symp
tom of kidney trouble.
Don't delay starting treatment. Dr.
Kilmer's Swamp-Root, a physician's pre
fcription, obtained at any drug ntorc, may
be just the remedy needed to overcome
inch conditions.
Oct n medium or large size bottle im
mediately from any drug store.
However, if you wish first to test this
great preparation send ten cents to Dr.
Kilmer & Co., Rinuhamton, N. Y., for a
sample bottle. When writing be sure and
mention this paper. Advertisement.
She Passes.
"Nnw, 1 entn't cook at dnt house.
Dat man am liable to be cricketal."
"Ue am a food Inspector."
"And he left legacies," droned the
lawyer, "to wit" Hero he paused.
"To who?" Intoned tl r Judge.
are usually due to straining
when constipated.
Nujol being a lubricant
keeps the food waste soft
and therefore prcventa
straining. Doctors prescribe
Nujol because lt not only
soothes the suffering of
piles but relieves ihe irrita
tion, brings comfort and
helps to remove them.
nujol is a
lubricant not
a medicine or
laxative so
cannot gripe.
Try It today.
Standard cold remedy world over. Demand
box bearlnc Mr. Hill's portrait and signature.
At All nr,M.. in
LAtWI -o .- - w...
W. N. U., LINCOLN, NO. 8-1923.
Mk Prevent FLU
Hi TfTp
'Copy for Thin Iinpurtinfiu huppllert bj
the American Legion News Sen Ice )
Carter County, Oklahoma, Guarded by
Fjormer Commander of Ardmore
Post, Assisted by Buddies.
It Is one thing to oratorlcally udvo
nate the maintenance of law and or-
Vk ul-i nun iiiiuiiii-i
3?. to get out and
actually enforce
these principles.
W h en Cart e r
PR -- e ount y, O k 1 a-
fJ ll0,"" 1 1 reel of a
&y reputat Ion for
lawi cstoics s a
reputation unfor
tunately bucked
by occurrences
It sent for Kwing
London, American
Legion pott com
mander, former
Ewlnn London.
sailor und bandy tighter, nnd told him
to go to It.
Carter county said It with votes,
giving a two-to-one majority to the
young veteran of the World wnr.
London got busy almost before the
last precincts were heard from.
Ho first picked his active allies, ten
deputies, all of them experienced In
police work nnd the majority of them
service nnd Legion men. Then he
took stock of the forces of the enemy
reconnaissance, they called It In mili
tary circles.
Numbered among this genial tribe
were peddlers, gun men, automobile
drivers, hijackers, gamblers, yeggs
and plain "bad men."
Not that Carter county merits, or
has merited, u particularly unsavory
reputation. Hut It was late n border
community, easy of access to the law
less, attractive In Its newness to their
predatory Instincts. There was a
strong nnd growing better element in
Carter county, the clement that sought
out Kwing London for the sheriff's
place and elected him thereto.
London fanned his campaigns like
fi field otlicer. There was nothing Im
promptu about raids. His slogan was,
"Get the man at the top," and a raid
that didn't produce the person of the
directing genius In lawlessness waa
considered a failure.
Now London hns been In olllee not
quite li year and he and his men have
made 000 arrests for violation of
London has paid n tribute to the
assistance of American Legion men In
cleaning up Carter county. He wns
formerly commander of George II.
Anderson post of Ardmore.
Patriotic Indianapolis Barber Supplies
Ton6orlal Attention to) Disabled
Soldiers In Hospital Ward.
Service to disabled veterans of the
I World wnr is the hobby of Randolph
S. Ocheltroe, pro
j prlotor of an In
I dltmnpolls barber
I shop.
I Mr. Ocheltroe
i has been making
visits to the sol-
dlers' wards at tin
I Indlannpolls bos-
pltal every San
day. along witl
eight or ten bar
bers employed b.
lilm, anil has vis
' Ited the hospital
ut lenst one aft-
R. S. Ocheltree.
ernoon each week by himself, for more
than u year. He has shorn and shaved
the disabled soldiers without charge
and his brothers have done likewise
In volunteering their services without:
cost to the heroes.
Alvln Owsley, national commander
of the American Legion, has written
a personal letter to Mr. Ocheltree,
stating: "Please accept the sincere
tliunks of the American Legion for
your unselfish devotion to tho men
who fought for us. It Is nn Inspira
tion to our organization which places
Justice to the disabled above all other
alms nnd purposes. 1 hope that 1
may bue the pleasure of seeing you
mane day and thanking you In person
for your service."
When on the Losing Side.
Tho securities of the Hamburg
American and North (.Senium Lloyd
steamship companies ranked hs
reasonably conservative Investments
before the World war. On April 1
these companies will call In bonds
Issued at a pur value of $:i'J,ri(X),(XH).
The redemption will cost only $10,000
the bonds happen to he In marks In
stead of dollars. The sound American
business ninn who ten years ago put
$100,000 Into these securities will get
back something less than $31. One
advantage of our liming won the wut
Instead of Germany Is that Liberty
bonds are still worth from 08 to OU
cents to tho dollar. Tho kaiser can
paper Ids house nt Doom with dollar
bills, If ho wants to, but It will cost
him $0.25 a square foot to do It, plus
paste and labor. The steamship bond!
would be much cheaper. Amcrlcur
Legti'n Weekly.
v? Jm
Tlit Great American Swttlmtal
provides pleasant action
lor your teeth, also
penetrating the crevices
and cleansing them.
Then, too. It aids
Use WRIGLEY'S alter
every meal sec now
much better yon will
The Flavor Lasts
Baby Carriages G'Fumitum
Ask Your Local Dealer
Write Now
for 32-Pagi
trated Booklet
The Lloyd Manufacturing Company
.lltywooJ-tt'ak'fitlJ Co.)
Dept. R
Menominee, Michigan (16)
Cfc? e IW o
1123 O Street :: Lincoln, Neb
Creamery and Cream
Station Supplies
Milk Boitlci and Dairy Suppll"; Ec
Cases nnd Chicken Coopsi Boiler
1309 Jane Si. 1 1 W. Third St,
iNCOLN'S Roams for $1.50
Tut? i iwrniM
zmt Lunch Room In Connoctlon
on Neb. and Iowa FARMS
40 yi.'tirs1 time, no commission.
Wrlto fur iiAUio nearest agent.
Lincoln Joint Slock Land Bank
Lincoln, Neb,
Wrllo for (.urllcijliirs C1IICKKN LITTLE
Fabric Mnde From Guncotton.
From Kiincottnn there 1ms lieerv re
cently made n new product known na
"vlstru," which Is mnde use of for
Biiiiie very novel purposes. Imllntlon
Smyrna rugs, sill; sweaters nnd Oolie
lln tapestries were recently shown
made or the new material and It was
with dllllculty that the Imitation could
he detected. It may he mixed with
sllU. cotton, llax and wool.
Cuticura Soothes Baby Rashea
That Itch und burn, by hot baths
of Cutlcuni Soap followed by gentle,
unolntlngs of Cuticura Ointment.
Nothing better, purer, sweeter, espe
cially if a little of the fragrant Cuti
cura Talcum Is dusted on at tho fin
ish. 125c each. Advertisement.
The Other Side of the Shield.
"You'll never make me believe that
opals are unlucky; why, I was wear
ing them when 1 became engaged to
"Yes, hut what about Claude, dear?"
Ruby's little dresses will Just simply
dazzle If Ited Cross Hall Hlue Is used
In the laundry. Try It and see for your
self. At idl good grocers. Advertise
ment. :
Oeats 'Em to It.
Ethel "Do you upprovo of talkative
men?" Clara "Really, my dear, I
have yet to hear one!"
look to Your Eyes
Beautiful Eycs.llkeflnc
Teeth, re the remit of Con itant
Care. The dally use of Murine
makes Eyet Clear and fUdlant.
tnloyable. Harmleit. Sold and
ecoromended by All Drutgliti.
if l
& fviar
l Jtmil
B l'iiS3BLj
s."ssiIm y