The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, February 22, 1923, Image 7

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After Every Meal
Chew .your food
well, then use
aid digestion.
It-also keeps
the teeth clean,
breath sweet,
appetite keen.
The Great American
' m ---
on Neb. and Iowa FARMS
40 years' tlmo, no commission.
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Lincoln Joint Stock Land BanU
Lincoln, Neb.
Write for particulars, CUIl'KKK 1.ITTL.K
lirhMfHt rack, Linen, etc., from ground onto
wniton nnl ofT. V t.ovtirlnir, Fremont. Neb
Using the Talker.
"lie tells everything he knows."
"I know, but lit conies In handy
sometimes. I often niuku food use of
lihu myself."
"Vou do? How?"
"Whenever I wnnt to get n rumor
.started I always go mid tell It to him
in strictest contldeuce. Then all I
have to do is to sit hack and watch
things develop."
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Surfaces, thus assisting to restore nor
mnl conditions.
Sold bv druggists for over 40 Years.
b J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O.
Famous Pool Dries Up.
The romantic, and mysterious "si
lent pool" nt Alhury, Surrey, England,
whose creeping legends, Including death
pilots, go buck to King John's day, lias
lrled up and disappeared. The drought
of 1021 is blamed for the exhaustion of
the springs which foil the pool.
Cuticura for Sore rmds.
Soak bands on retiring in the hot suds
of Cuticura Soap, dry und rub in Cu
ticura Ointment. Remove surplus
Ointment with tissue paper. This is
only one of the tilings Cuticura will do
if Soap, Ointment and Talcum ure used
lor all toilet purposes. Advertisement.
A thing of beauty may remain n Joy
forever, if you let the other fellow
marry her.
For true blue, use Red Cross Ball
nine. Snowy-white clothes will be
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ways use it. All good grocers huvo It.
Experience may he n great teacher,
but a man's experience with u woman
doesn't tench him sense.
Cut your coat according to your
"Hair Groom" Keeps Hair
Combed Well-Groomed.
Keeps Hair
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Sticky, Greasy or Smelly.
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bprn, unruly or shampooed hair stays
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"Hulr-firoom" is n dlgnlllcd combing
cream which gives that natural gloss,
mnl well-groomed effect to your hair
that final touch to good dress both in
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Grenseless, stainless "Hair-Groom"
does not show on tho hair because It
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your hair remains so soft and pllnbla
und o natural that no ono cau pos
sibly toll you used it.
I iCopv for Tliln Department Supplied h
, tli American Lemon New Srrvlcfl.)
Father O'Connor of Cincinnati As
sumes Task to Increase Member
ship of the American Legion.
Father William l O'Connor of Cin
clnrfatl, national chaplain of the Amer
ican Legion, re
fuses to admit
that the duties of
his ofllce are con
fined to the de
livering of an In-
iW vocation at the
t . J, Legion natlo n a I
w, .' convention. Inac-
lty&toZ$d. cordance with this
4fml mt ,)('llpf' F a l llu r
SBBLbKBbWi O'Connor as-
USHBi organizing all war
Father O'Connjor.
chuplalns in nn
effort to gain
new members for the Legion.
William P. O'Connor is a fighting
type, and his thirty-three years are
full of Interesting experience. Porn
In Dayton, O., he attended tho public
and parochial schools and .was gradu
ated from St. Mary's college, now the
University of nuton, In 10S. Ho
was graduated from St. Mary's sem
inary and ordained In 101H, when lie
accepted an appointment us pastor of
a church In Urhana, O.
Ho was serving there in July. 1017,
when he became chaplain of an Ohio
National Guard organization which
later became the One Hundred and
Thirty-sixth Field artillery of the
Thirty-seventh division. He sailed
with this organization for France in
Tunc, P.HS. The ship, before complct
.ng the voyage, rammed a German
submarine which Inter was sunk by
Father O'Connor served with his or
ganization In the Baccarat sector and
later at St. Mlhlel, the Meuse-Argonne
and In Belgium. After the armistice
he proved his versatility by arranging
for the production of "The Passing
Show of the A. E. F.." one of the best
soldier shows presented overseas.
The national chaplain obtained first
hand Information in regard to the
feelings of newly discharged veterans
when he served for a time with na
tional headquarters of the American
Red Cross. Later he became pastor
of a church nt Jamestown, 0 and
subsequently was transferred to his
present charge, tho church of St. Vin
cent do Paul In Cincinnati.
lie served as a member of the Le
gion's nntlonal ceremonlnls committee
in 1021, which drew up the ceremo
nials which have been used by nil
Legion posts. In all clashes of relig
ious creeds and dogmas, Father O'Con
nor has been noted for his marked
liberality and toleration.
W. A. Stevens, Commander of Des
Moines (la.) Post, Promises to
Have Largest Organization.
Any man who can go out nnd get
201) members to anything, even the
American Legion,
Is worthy of at
tention. W. A.
Stevens, newly
elected comman
der of the Legion
post of D o s
Melnos, la., has
tho credit for get
ting one-tenth of
the 2,000 members
of his organiza
tion, the second
largest post in the
During the wnr
A. Stevens.
Stevens was a sergeant In the One
Hundred nnd Ninth Ammunition train
of .the Thirty-fourth division. Uo spent
11 months nt Camp Cody, N. M nnd
later went overseas. lie has pledged
himself to mnko hlc post the largest
In tho country and to lend It In par
ticipation In civic affairs.
Praises tho Legion.
Phil D. Swing, a member of the houso
of representatives from California, has
issued a statement praising the Amer
ican Legion for its work In conducting
American Education week. "As water
will rise no higher than Its source, so
our republic will prove no wiser than
tho electorato from which It draws Its
authority and Inspiration," Congress
man Swing stated. "Hence, the nil im
portance of seeing that every person
admitted to participation in our govern
ment rocoles tho necessary education
to be able to understand the problems
which confront our nation and to con
tribute ills bit toward their Intelligent
solution. This applies with equal forco
to the native-born ns well as to tho
naturalized citizen. The American Le
gion Is doing a splendid peace-tlmo
bervlco by-"boosting American Educa
tion week."
The Social Climber.
Old King Coal was a merry old soul,
A merry old uuul was he,
Bald ho: "Since I'm worth 'steen dollars
a ton,
I'm tho pride of Socleteo."
American Legion Weekly,
m $$ -' JfHJK
Takes Prize In Legion's National
Lssay Contest,
Ah Sing Chlng, of Ewa Oabu.
Hawaii, a fourteen-year-old boy of
Chinese extrac
tion, won first
place In the Amer
ican Legion's nn
llotial tsay con
test on the sub
ject, "How Can
the American Le
gion He-it Servo
th Nat ion V" Con
tent results were
1 announced recent
ly by Garland W.
Powell, who Is
the director of
the Legion's na
Alt Sing Ching.
tional Americanism commission.
Second prize In the contest, which
was open to all school children be
tween the ages of twelve ami eighteen,
was awarded to Miss Pauline Virginia
Chastaiu of Indianapolis. Joseph Gian
donnto of Bridgeport, Conn., won, third
prize. Honorable mention wus made
of the s.says of Phillip E. Mosely of
Wosttlclti, Mass., ana Ralph R. Sulli
van of Twin Harbors, Minn.
The hoard of Judges of the Legion
contest was composed oC John .1. Tl
gert, United States commissioner of
education ; Chancellor E. E. Brown of
New York City university, and S. S.
McCIure, the publisher. National
prizes are first, $750 ; second, ?r00, and
the third, $2.'0, the money to be used
as scholarships in any university or
college. They were awarded by Han
ford MacNlder, of Mason City, lit., who
was national commander of the Legion
last year.
"The lact that u hoy of Chinese de
scent In Hawaii won the essay contest
testifies to the splendid work of Amer
icanism which Legion posts in Hawaii
are emphasizing," Mr. Powell stated.
"Tho Hawaii department Is to be con
gratulated on tho development of a
national winner in a contest In which
more than 00,000 s'iiool children par
ticipated." The text of Ah Sing Chine's winning
essay follows.
"The American Legion, which Is
composed of men and women who en
Gene Haver, VIcksburg (Miss.) Young
during the war stands for unity, de
mocracy, peace and service to God nnd
our country.
"The slogan of our country Is, 'In
union there is strength,' nnd It is be
cause of this unity, our country Is so
strong, but during the World war, we
found that we had Internal as well
as external enemies. Bolshevism,
communism and anarchy are as real
enemies as any we had to fight over
seas, and tniich harder to conquer.
"The American Legion can do a
wonderful service to the country by
encouraging a spirit of unity and co
operation, and by teaching foreigners
who come Into tho United States how
to live under a republican form of
government, and by helping them to
understand that ours Is a government
of tho people, by the people, for the
people and It shall not perish from
the earth. Many foreigners come from
countries where they have been op
pressed and they do not understand
the word liberty, but think it Is license
to commit crimes. These people must
be taught and the American Legion
can aid In doing this.
"Wo lenrned at the beginning of tiie
World wttr that many of our own citi
zens were uneducated, and that not
nearly enough money wan being spent
for schools. Here Is a great twork for
the American Legion, to see that every
child In the United States has a chance
to be educated. What wo want In our
nation wo must put In our schools, so
the need for schools and well-trained
teachers is very great. Night schools
for the training of men and women
who work during the day help to edu
cate our citizens atid those who wish
to haeonie citizens. The American Le
gion Is on the side of education, and
we believe will make every effort to
see that the schools of the United
States rank first In the world and that
every citizen has the opportunity for
"During the World war many of
our soldiers wero wounded and re
turned home, suffering from shell
shock, sick and unable to care for
themselves. They fought in a great
cause and deserve well of their coun
try nnd their comrades. Tho Legion
can give these returned veterans aid
and comfort, und after they have
sullitiently recovered help, them to be
come self-supporting. Many of them
will be unablo to follow tho same oc
cupation that they did before tho war,
but some kind of work can bo found
for them to do. Tho Legion should
wo that their comrades are ulways
cared for.
"The United States is not a military
nation anil believes in wur for tlefense
and not for conquest. At the close of
tho war, uir country asked for no land
and no Indemnity. Not many months
ago President Harding called a con
ference of the nations to discuss u re
duction of armies und armuinent. Tho
American Legion can nld by fostering
and encouraging peace and good will
among nations and by standing for u
fair deal large and small na
tions, allowing tho small nations to de
cide for themselves how they shall bo
Disabled Man Gets Memoera.
Although ho is u disabled man tak
ing treatment ut n.St. Paul hospital,
Huns Hundorf has signed up 07 now
members for St, Paul Post No. 8 of the
American Legion. Tho post now has
400 members.
1 Lesson T
Hy Ri:v. l. U. F1TZWATKR. 1). D.,
'Teacher of Kntilnh Itlbln In tho Moody.
Ululn Institute of Chlc.iKo
Cop) right. t!2. Wcntrrn Nrwapnprr ttnlon.
LKSSON THXT-Lllkc 1'J ll-W.
UOI.DKX TKXT-llo that In fnlthful In
that which Ih 1 ast. la faithful also In
mucli.i.tiko lfi:li'.
ni:n:ui:Noi: MATicniAi.r-.Muit. &.u-
a. 1 Tim. 1.13-15.
PRIMARY TOPIC-WorkhiK for Jcsuh.
JUNIOR TOl'IC-Piiltliful und Unfaith
ful Workers.
The Fidelity That Jusmi i:ncl.i. -
What Returns Does Christ Ruijulro of
The purpose of tills parable was to
correct the misapprehension of the
disciples as to the Inline Hate establish
ment of the kingdom. They were tin
the way to Jerusalem atid they thought
that immediately upon their arrival
there Jesus would bcgti the exercise
of Ills kingdom rule. It Is to ho
noted that Jesus did not correct them
for believing In the reallly of the king
dom, but for believing that it would
Immediately appear.
I. The Absent Lord (v. 12).
He pictures His going hack to God
as a nobleman going to teeelvo a king
dom, This was a comniiin occurrence
among them. They knew how some of
the Herodlan family had thus done
gone to Rome and secured their ap
pointment to rule over Palestine. Jesus
ascended on high to receive front God,
the Father, a kingdom. Let no ono
mistake the certainty cf His return,
though the time bo unknown, and tho
event delayed.
II. The Distribution of the Pounds
(v. 12).
These pounds represent Christ's
gifts to Ills servants. When Chrlwt
ascended He gave gifts to men (Epb.
4:7, 8, 11, 12). To each servant was
given the same amount, showing tlict
to all a certain gift lus been given
and therefore ull will bo held responsl
ble for Its use. The distribution was
made by the sovereign. It was also a
purposeful distribution. They were to
put their gifts to use during His ab
sence. What the nobleman demanded
was faithfulness. The pounds were to
be used for the Master, not for tho
selfish enjoyment of the servant.
III. The Rebellious Citizens (v. 11).
They hated Him nnd sent messen
gers after Him, notifying Him of their
refusal to be subject to Him. This pic
tures the unbelief of the Jews after
Christ's nscennlon and their repudia
tion of His rule. It ulHqjiIeturcs tho
unbelieving world In Itn hatred and re
jection of Christ.
IV. The Accounting (vv. lfi-27).
1. Its Certainty. Christ will surely
bring everyone to account for the use
made of His gifts. He has appointed
a day in which He Khali Judge tho
world (Acts 17:.'U).
2. Time Of (v. Ifi). It will tako
place when Jesus coined back to earth.
At that time U will summon Ills
servants and reckon with them. This
will take place when He lias received
Ills kingdom. He wljl receive Ills
kingdom when he asks the Father (Ps.
3. Rewards Given fcr Faithfulness
(vv. 30-19). (I) The first report (vv.
30, 37). The pound lijtd gained ten
pounds. He did not nay, "I have mailo
ten pounds," but "Thy pound liath
gained ten pounds." Ih-recognized tho
Lord's ownership. To this the Lord
replied by commendation. He praised
him und promoted him He was mailo
ruler over ten cities. (2) The second
report (v. 18). In this case the pound
had gained five pnunl-. He did not
get the Lord's commendation for he
hud not done so well, but be was ap
pointed to a place jf rulershlp over
five titles. The reword In each caso
was proportioned to lalthfulness dur
ing the Lord's absence. The prlnclplo
of reward was shown to be that faith
fulness In very miiiiP things prepares
for larger responsibilities,
1. Judgment Upo-i the Unfaithful
(vv. 20-27). (1) Ills report (vv. 20,21).
This report was entirely bud. He had
not put the pound U use, but laid it
away, throwing tho blame upon the
Lord. lie asserted that the character
of the Lord was such as to produce
fear. Men ure fulling today In their
service because they have wrong con
ceptions of Christ. Vi) Comniendatldn
(vv. 22, 2IJ). The w.cked servant Is
Judged out of his own ;iouth. Ills ex
ctiso Increased Ids guilt He is called
wicked. (!1) Strlppec. of the pound
(vv. 21-20). To fall to use one's gifts
mentis to lose thorn. 0:ie of the losses
of tho next world will l.e the depriva
tion o( what we have now. (I) Warn
ing (v. 27). Those who reject Christ,
refusing to submit to ills authority,
shall share the same deprivation as
those who are unfaithful In His serv
ice. Hypocrisy.
Hypocrisy, of course, delights In tho
most mibljme speculations; for never
Intending 'to go beyond upoeulatlon, it
costs nothing to have It magnificent.
ThoTears of Children.
Ob, banish the tears of children I
Continual rains upon the blossoms arc
hurtful. RIchter.
The Lash In the DarK.
Many a lash In the dark, doth con
science give the wicked. Bostou.
Say "Bayer" and Insist!
Unless you see the name "Bnyer" on
package or on tablets you are not get
ting the genuine Bayer product pre
Kcrlbed by physicians over twenty-two
years and proved enfo byMmllllons for
Colds Headache
Toothache Lumbago
Earache Rheumatism
Neuralgia Pain, Pain
Accept "Bnyer Tablets of Aspirin"
only. Each unbroken package contains
proper directions. Handy boxes of
twelve tablets cost few cents. Drug
gists also sell bottles of 21 and 100.
Aspirin Is the trade mark of Bayer
Manufacture of Mononcctlcacidcstcr of
Sallcyllcucld. Advertisement.
The health of the people Is a na
tional resource.
No man is wise or safe but that he
Is honest.
Through the Use of Lydia E-Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound
Two Interesting Cases
Bomo fcmnlo troubles may through
neglect roach a I'tago when an oper
ation is necessary. But most of tho
common ailments are not the surgical
ones; Uioy are not caused by Bcrious
displacements, tumors or growths, al
though tho symptoms may appear
tho samo. When disturbing ailments
first appear, tako Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound to re
liove tho present distress and pre
vent more serious troubles. Many
letters have beon recoived from wo
men whohavobeen restored to health
by Lydia E. Finkham's Vegetable
Compound after operations have been
advised by attending physicians.
Mr s.Ed wards Avoids Operation
Wilson, N. C. " For nbout a year
I was not ablo to do anything, not
even my housowork, because of tho
pains in my sides and tho bearing
down pains. I could only lie around
tho houso. Tho doctor said nothing
but an operation would help me, but
I tried different medicines which did
Ivdla B. PhiKlmm's Private Toxt-Bonlc upon " Ailments
Peculiar to Women " will be sent you frco upon request. Writo
to tho Lydia K. PlnUIiain Medicine Co., Lyuu, MasaacUubctUja
This book contain valuable Information
Take a good dose
At the Seaside.
Little Letty was asking tiuestlons of
the old boatman on the beach.
"What ure those ships?'' she asked.
"Oh, they're men-o'-wnr, missy," nn
Mvorod the old salt.
"Woally! And what are those teeny
weeny ones In front, please?"
"They're tugs," wiim the answer.
"Of course!" exclaimed Letty, look
ing very wise; "tugs-of-wttrl I've
heard of them before 1" London Mir
ror. Transmission.
Sue "Ho actually blushed after ho
had kissed me." Lou "My denr, you
shouldn't apply your rouge so thickly."
Fortune smiles on some, but they're
not so lucky If the smile broadens Into
a laugh.
You can stop a stream by damming
II, but you can't Mop an automobile
that way.
One may drcsy as If he were younger,
perhaps, but better make the limit
ten yea I'M.
Pity the ninn whirls unable to distin
guish between his friends and his ene
mies. Confldenco Is the companion of suc
cess. imm
r Nidht
." Morning m
eeoYbur EVes
Cloon -Cloor " Hoalthy
Writ for ! It' Car UooM nunna to.uncogo.ui
H 3
Check it Today!
EttablUhtd UTS
Keep the vital organs healthy by
regularly taking the world's
atandardremedy for kidney, liver,
bladder and uric acid troubles
The Notional Remedy of Holland for
centuries. At all druggists in three
sizes. Guaranteed as represented.
Look for tit nam Gold Mod! on mtrj
box and accept no imitation
no good, until my sister Insisted on my
trying Lydia E.I'lnkhnm's Vegetable
Compound. She said thero was nothing
liko it I know that alio was right,
for I began to improve with tho first
bottlo and it has dono mo more good
than anything clso. I am ablo now
to do anything on tho farm or in my
home and I recommend it to my
fricnds."--LiLLiu Edwards, R.F.D.
3, Box 44, Wilson, N. C.
Another Operation Avoided
Akron,Ohio. " I can nover praise
Lydia E. Pinkham'o Vegetable Com
pound too highly for what it has dono
lor mo. I had sucli pains and weak
ness that tho doctor told mo nothing
but nn operation would help mc, But
my mother had taken tho Vegctablo
Compound and sho told mc what it
had done for her. and so I took it and
I am glad to tell every ono that it
made mo a strong woman, nnd I havo
had two children sinco then." Mrs.
R. G. Westoveb, 325 Grunt Street,
Akron, Ohio.
of Carter's Little Liver Pills
then take 2 or 3 for a few nights af ter.They
cleanse your system of all waste matter and
Regulate Your Bowels. Mild as easy to
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Small Pill. Small Dose. Small Price.
On the Avenue.
First Mule Stroller "These twins
have fine figures." Second Mnlo
Stroller "Yes, tibout n million each."
"Is tho Sahara desert good for any
thing?" "Well, you can write novels
about It."
Cuticura Talcum
is Fragrant and
Very Healthful
Soap 25c, Ointment 25 end 50c, Talcum 25c.
RftAlorei Color and I
Beauty to Cray anil Faded Habl
ntaftix Chrpj. Wfca. l'atf lioiif,ri.T-;
Iouot. eie., nop all Ftla. rmurei comfort to the
frit, inaktt wnlklnr .. Ito. by mall or at Drue
Clita IIIkox L'btmlcal Work raUtupia. M. X,
W. N. T, LINCOLN, NO. 71923L