The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, February 22, 1923, Image 6

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Lake and River Connected at New Orleans
Tl dream of Now Orleans of one hundred years tin- " octlm: up of tin- .Mississippi and Luke I'otitcliiirtrulit
Willi a navigable waterway was realized the oilier day when dock board bored through tho main levee and
nulled the Industrial canal wllli the river. The cost of the work was over .(MXMMHK). The Illustration shows the vva
ter rimiiiuj: through from (lie lake to the river when the. break was made.
American Troops Ready for Winter
& aMKaaisasa U
The third battalion of the Third infantry, .stationed at Kort Snollliig. Minn., has been equipped with skis and snow
shoes to be ready for any winter emergency that might eoine up In (he snow-covered Northwest. The Idea Is that of
Col. A. W. Itjornstad, commandant of Fort .Snclllng. The battalion is under the command of Mn.i. It. E. llrewer.
How lowans Treat Hen Thieves
tl jf E m tAKfrm - Im. rE flj
These three men were sel.ed by a fonnnlttee of vigilantes and Heated to
coats of tar and feathers. The flashlight photograph was secured by t'tty Mar
shall John L. Spurr, who arrled on the scene too late to save the three men
whom the vigilantes had churned with chicken Mealing. The. Incident occurred
at Sanborn, Iowa. Duckets in which Mm tar had been prepared were used to
hide the faces of two of the victims. The third didn't need any covering other
than Ma; tar and feathers.
Claiming Land
Left to light are Chief Amos S. Hear and Chief War Knglu of the Oneida
tribe, who lire In Philadelphia to establish claims to titles of property at Chest
nut and Second streets, which they say Is the property of the Sis Nations, of
which Chief War Kagle is the olllclal Interpreter and spokesman. The title to
the land has not been clearly Invested in the, rights of the Indians, but every
owner since the time of William I'eim has failed to build on tho property ton
leur or being dispossessed.
in Philadelphia
fCf ',
lMvvnrd 1'. Snjder of llalllniore re
centlj celebrated Ids l'o,,t -sixth year
as a newsboy on the same stand. Sny
der started to s(.i papers when he was
twelve years old, and established him
self at the corner of (Sreen and Frank
lin streets. He's still there and tin
ing a bigger business every ,ear. He's
never bad au.v other Job, but lias made
a success of selling newspapers.
c. -o&
.J ?' -
?iW& . ... TAB
I ' Hags' Is Ids name, and be has
caused excitement among dog fanciers
of the Quaker city. The Philadelphia
Kennel club Intioduccd the dog at Its
annual show, and olTeied a cash prize
of jtftOO to the person guessing Its
breed. The dog was found on the out
skirts of the cltj, and seems at first
glance to be a cross between an Aire
dale ami a sheep dog. Ills coat Is
like a French poodle's, yet he Is al
most the size of a collie, "Hags" lias
the face of an Airedale, and when ho
stands and rims bo has tho tumour-
jance of an English sottor.
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Recent Happening3 in Nebraska
Given in Brief Items For
Busy Reader's.
The State Prcs association will
meet at Lincoln February 'JU to 1M.
Mlucklog In taking a heavy toll of
tattle in Hall county, according to re
ports. Work Iiiim commenced on the excava
tion for the million dollar home to ho
erected by Omaha Klks.
Another effort Is being made to re
vive Interest In oil pr ii-pectlng In the
lclnlty of liluc Springs.
Klchurd Sholes, an Omaha lad, has
started on a "hike" around the world.
Me expects to make It In about a year.
The Nebraska Ilolsleln-l-'rleslnn as
sociation state meeting and sale will
be held In Kearney on March t and '2.
of Scottcbluff, Congressman from the
Sixth district of Nebraska.
The big Armour plant lire at South
Omaha was by long odds the largest
in the history of the packing plant
Industry In America.
I'reinont police are looking for a
claimant for a new Kord coupe which
wns liililiil lihniiflittiiwl mi tiin vtrmitc
there M'wntl days ago. It bears no !
license tag.
Nearly one half of the $-10,000 neces
sar to erect and equip the receiving
station for the Cldldretis' Home so
ciety at Omaha bus been already sub
scribed. ,.
Adams county men who fell in the
world war are to be commemorated
with a memorial window In St. Mark's
cathedral, now under construction at
A home talent minstrel featuring
sixty characters will be staged at
Central City, March r and fl, tinder the
auspices of the St. Agues fiuihl of the
Episcopal church,,
Special railroad rates of a fare and
a half for Hie round trip have been
xeeured for automotive dealers visit
ing the Omaha Automobile show
February 'M and week.
.1. F. Harnest, who makes a .specialty
of handling the high-grade seed corns
for which the territory around North
Loup Is famous on account of its long,
dry autumns, has shipped out this
season about thirty curs of the various
kinds, but mostly sweet and Hint corn.
Sportsmen who have paLtlclpated in
wolf bunts in Adams county during
tho last few weeks declare that pro
tected game Is olten slaughtered be no game win dens are present.
The killing of pheasants in some In
stances Is mentioned as the most seri
ous offense.
The senate committee on miscel
laneous alfalrs reported Indefinite
postponement on Senate File No. 71,
a bill requested by the Nebraska
pharmaceutical society to make two
years of training In a college of
pharmacy a icqulsito fur registration
In Nebiaska.
A sum of ."WOO has been set aside
by the Kearney chamber of commerce
to promote the di.-trlct basketball
tournament which Is to take place In
that place March 1, - and II. More
than llfty high schools have already
signified their Intentions of entering
teams In the tournament.
A petition has been presented to tho
bouse from P.attle Cieek citizens asking
that the state again appropriate .!IOO,
000 for the 'eradication of bovine tuber
culosis during the next two years.
There are eight candidates for the
otllce of postmaster at Pawnee City,
which will be vacant April 1, when
the leslgnatloii of the present Incum
bent, A. V.. Overdon, becomes effective.
Merchants of nine states have been
Invited to come to Omaha during Mar
ket Week. .March ." to 10. Plans of
W uoicsaieis anil liuinmui uiii-i n iui 1111-
week assure It of being the, biggest In
Its history.
Mrs. H. (J.. McCutchen. a 70 year
old resident of Archer, has recently
registered at the Slate university, for
the study of science.
Automobile dealers of Scottsblilff
have announced the llrst iiununl auto
mobile show, to be held February 12U,
' and -I, under the auspices of the
recently organized Platto Valley Auto
mobile association,
llortoii S. Calland, 78, a resident nt
the soldiers' home at Hurkctt, fell from
n hecond story window at the homu of
Ids daughter, Mrs. Perry IMnck, at
(irand Island, sustaining a fracture of
the left hip and minor bruises.
- v
Me, k
At Omaha March 5 to 10, Under Au
pices of Wholesalers and Manu
facturers Association.
A week of activities has been ar
ranged for visiting merchants who
come to Omaha to buy their spring
ami summer Hues of merchandise.
While the week will be a busy one
II will not be devoted entirely to busl
ness. The will be evcluslvely
for the Inspection of various Hues at
the ilitTeieut wholesalers and Jobbers.
' Tlie evenings devoted to entertain-
.Monday night there will be a recep
tion mid special entertainment at t lit?
('Iiamber of Commerce. Tuesday night
Mire will be a lnilTcl supper, followed
by a theatre paity and a midnight
dance at one of the big hotels.
Wednesday night's event will In
clude an evening at a real circus to
be put on under the auspices of Tan
gier Temple Shrine, at the Auditorium.
There will he plentj of pink lemon-.
ade, peanuts, clowns, elephants, pretty
bareback riders, trapeze performers
anil even thing that makes the old
fashioned circus glorious.
Thursday evening will be the dis
tribution of gifts to the guests. A
high powered radio otitllt will he the
main gift.
An epidemic of "tin" among the
pupils of the schools of Lexington has
called for u tempoiniy suspension.
Frank Fisher, a fnrnier and Mock
raiser near I'.loomlleld, has fed and
shipped over lO.lMIO sheep already this
The Modern Woodmen of America
will bold their encampment and ath
letic tduinament at Kearney August
l'-'to 1"..
The M. K. church at Hopewell with
most of Its contents was destroyed
last week, by a tire caused from nil
overheated furnace.
Mr. and Mrs. .lames H.-Weoirendcn of
Herlng celebrated their slxtj-slsth
wedding anniversary last week. They
are Nebraska pioneers.
Norfolk's new S.'OO.OUU high school
building, said to be one of Mm most
modern school buildings in the state,
has been formally dedicated.
. The placing of a sugar factory in
Pavvson county this year is causing
much excitement, ami i.i.iny options
have been taken on land near Cozad.
Mr. and .Mrs. Knac Fitzwater of
I'.eatrbe, the parents' of sixteen child
ren, all of whom are living, are to
J,,,,,"-' w I1"' iirrlvii! of another
.1 baby daughter
Charles A. Hustler of .liaiid Island,
an employe of a Ilurllngton hiidgu
gang, was Instantly killed when Miuck
by a ton and a half plledrlvcr on
which he was wot Icing at Havenna.
An SO-acie alfalfa farm In Dawson
county netted Its owner .Sit an acre
this year, after paying for the labor
of putting up the crop. Dawson coun
ty Is the banner alfalfa county In the
An old ordinance rcquliiug all
children to be at their homes after S
In the winter and !) in the summer
months has been revived and will be
strictly enforcd by authorities at
Itoss Culbertson and Leon Wolf,
two of the workmen engaged in the
excavation of the dam for the new
power plant at Fullerton, were serious
ly Injured In a premature explosion
of dynamite.
The clgaret bill, a measure propos
ing a tax on "fags" ranging from one
to three mills, met death at the hands
of the standing committee of the legis
lature, even sworn enemies of the so-
called poor manU smoke opposing its
Henry A. Hrnluerd, of Lincoln, past
president of the State Press association
and a pioneer newspaper man of Ne
braska, was struck by an automobile
as be was crossing a street at Omaha,
"and painfully cut and bruised about
the head ami body.
Theodore (Iran and Cerald Nordqulst,
Douglas County boys who won SGO and
$10 scholarships offered by Walter W.
Head of the Omaha National P.auk In
com club work last year, are now at
Lincoln taking short courses In the col
lege of Agriculture.
i The potato acreage in the Platte
valley promises to be reduced this
season, In the opinion of growers.
Estimates as to the possible reduction
that may he anticipated vary, some
placing it at possibly Ufi per cent,
others believing that It may bo as
great as f0 per cent.
The house of representatives killed
the Callagher minimum wage bill for
women when It came up for final pass
age. The Cltzens State bank of Hohlrego
has voluntarily closed Its doors and
notified the slate department of trade
and commerce Mint Its asseli were at
the disposal of the department.
Nebraska leads the country In the
low number of automobile deaths, ac
cording to detailed figures from :t.1
states, compared In the LItenuv Di
gest. During 1021, only -1.1 persons
were killed In Nebraska for each
10,000 cars owned, the figures show.
The llrst lieutenant governor of Ne
braska and oiio of the two surviving
mombers of the (list constitutional
convention In this state, O, A. Abbott,
sr., of tJfand Island, celebrated the
golden anniversary of his wedding
with Mrs. Abbott at Crand Island lust
Plans aro maturing for one of the
greatest automobile shows ever held In
Omaha the last week of this mouth.
The many new models ami the now
basis for prices Is certain to arouse
Interest,, and dealers have promised
that all the leading makes aro to be re
presented In the Omaha show,
You naturally feel eccure when you
know that the medicine you arc about to
take is absolutely pure and contains no
Jiarmful or habit producinc drugs.
Such n medicine is Dr. Kilmer's Swamp
Root, kidney, liver and bladder remedy.
The Mine standard of purity, strength
and excellence is maintained in every bot
tle of Svvanip-Hoot.
It is pcirntifically compounded from
vegetable herbs.
It U not a stimulant and is taken in
toupnotiful dosses.
It is not recommended for everything.
It Is nature's groat helper in lelicving
nnd overcoming kidney, liver and bladder
A worn statement of purity is with
every bottle of Dr. Kilmer's Swamp
Hoot. If jou need a medicine, you should
have the be'.. On sale at all drug stoics
in bottles of two sizes, medium nnd large.
However, if you wih first to try this
great preparation send ten rents to Dr.
Kilmer & Co., llinRlnmton, N. Y., for a
sample bottle. When vviiting be sure
and mention this paper. Advertisement,
One Sense Missing.
Tcuckci How many senses aro
Student Six.
"How Is tlmt V I have onlv live."
"I know it. The other Is common
sense." London Answers.
Each package of "Diamond Dyes" con
tains directions so simple any woman can
dve or tint her worn, shabby dres'cs,
skirts. vvaii"ts. coats, stockings,' sweaters,
coverings, draperies, hangings, everything,
even if fIic has never dyed before. Hay
"Diamond Dyes" no othrr kind then
perfect home dyeing is sure licetuc Dia
mond Dyes are gunranteid not to spot,
fade, streak, or run. Tell vour druggist
whether the material you wMi to de is
wool or silk, or whether it is linen, cotton
or mixed goods. Advertisement.
Beef Perfectly Preserved.
Experiments by Itrltish scientists
have developed a way u freeze beef
So as to preserve completely the pbys
lcul ami chemical properties of tho
fresh meat.
Important to Mothers
Examine caiefully every bottle of
CASTOKIA, that famous old remedv
for infants and children, and see Mint It
Dears the
In Use for Over :!( ears.
Children Cry for Fiddler's Castoria
it Is always well to understand when
to stand from under.
'Perfume manufacturers make dollars
out of scents.
Tcoplc throughout this country are
giving more thought to hygieno and to
tho purity of remedies on tho market,
but no ono doubts tho purity of Doctor
ricrco's vegetable medicines, for they
have been bo favorably known for over
fifty years that everyone knows they aro
just what they are claimed to be. Theso
medicines aro tho result of long research
by a well-known physician, IL'V. Pierce,
M. D., who compounded them from
health-giving herbs and roots long need
in sickness by tho Indians. Dr. lMcrco's
reputation ns a leading nnd honored
citizen of Buffalo, is a f ufflclcnt guaran
tee for tho purity of that splendid tonlo
and blood purifier, the Golden Medical
Discovery, and tho equally flno ncrvo
tonic and system builder for women's
ailments, Dr. Pierce's Favorito Prescrip
tion. Send 10c. for trial pkcr. tablets to
Dr. Picrco'fl Invalids I to tcJ, Buffalo, N.Y.
There are scores
of reasons why
"Vaseline" Petroleum Jelly should bo
accounted a household mainstay. A
few of tliuni are burns, Horcs, blister,
cuts. It cumes in bottles at all drug
gists and genoral stores.
Jute Sirrcl Ni York
Reg U S.Pat Off
f VtryyauUnt" PrtJuttlt ttfmmtndrtrjehr
h(ut ffiti kuiut$ f-urhr knd tff$tttvnut
cjidcU relief. A
yrup dillercnt
from 11 - - -
Jpleatant no up
set ilnmi!. ...
opiuUt, 35a and
00c everywhere.