The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, February 22, 1923, Image 3

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The Kind That
Makes Youi Like
Fruit Cake
That tender, almost juicy
cake with the rare flavor of
delicious raisins and piquant
That rich, fruity luscious
cake that doesn't crumble mid
dry out.
The kind that you have
always liked the kind you
mean when you say "fruit
You can buy it now get
Sim-Maid Raisins
Sun-Maid Raisin Growers
A Cc-optratitr Orxd nitdliim Comfruint 14,000 Grotetr Mtnbtrt
Dept. N-553-31, Fresno, California
Hie Clearly the Best Job.
Henry Ford, who was unci.' lit part
nership with r.imuy Oldlleld, was ac
costed some tlnii' after the dissolution
ol' tin; brief business arrangement by
ii friend. Who said, "Well, Hunk. Har
ney Oldlleld helped to make you."
Mr. Ford nciiulesced, but added, "And
I helped to make him." When next
the two ox-partners met, the famous
racer asked Ford If he had said such
a thing and the creator of the lllvvcr
readily admitted be bad. "Well, all
I've got to say." Oldlleld returned, "la
that If I helped to make you and you
helped to make me, I did a lot better
Job than you did."
World's Mjost Famous Tunnels.
If the new tunnel through Mont
Itlane Is cut, as anticipated, within
live years, the work will compare fa
vorably In expedition with some other
great undertakings of the kind. The
Mersey tunnel, though but a mile and
a half long, took six years to cut;
the Severn, four and a third miles
long, took thirteen years; the Mont
Cents, eight miles, tcok fourteen
years ; the St. (Solium!, nine and a
third miles, ten years; and the Slm
plon, twelve and a quarter miles, eight
A Correct Definition.
Dolphus Ph, what are the great ma
jority? Ills Father Fools. London An
swers. ,
Just say to your grocer Hed Cross
Hall Hlue when buying bluing. Vou
will be more than repaid by tho re
sults. Once tried always used. Ad
vertisement. The Lowbrows.
She (literary) "I suppose you have
read HaconV' lie (in the grocery
line) -"lied and white."
Seven quarls to the peck Is the way
some grocers measure their success.
Sure Relief
4 j "'" -
Hot water
Mfc ,w - sure teener
liMt mil timtxTAatCbJdmid wn
I CSUO IK... C7.. 30 M
I TOW ww Ull it. tujiuriw. CMIS!
wiHikuco,! DttrnoiTi
ur&y, tain, airjtgfur
hair ronlcea people
look Try old. It
iin't ntcesiary a
boltle of CMJati Hair
Color Rrttorer will brine back original color
quickly atopa dandruff. At all rood drug-gUti,
Tic, 0 direct lrom liutli-EHii, OisbU, UmtUt, Tata.
I ISlui Patkait .
II -. ---,,-,... r i im i
just the kind you likeand
save baking at home.
These plump, tender, juicy,
thin-skinned raisins are ideal
for cake. Taste the cake you
get and see.
You'll enjoy fruit cake more
often when you can secure such
good cake ready-made.
Mail coupon for free book of
tested recipes suggesting scores
of other luscious raisin foods.
Just a?k your bake shop or
confectioner for it the cake
that's made with
Sun-Mnid Raitin Growers,
Dept. N-553-31, Fresno, California.
Please send me copy of your free book,
"Recipes with Raisins."
According to Leader, "Cow Protection"
13 the Gift of That Cult
to the World.
iMuhntnm Gandhi, the Indian leader,
says that the central fact of Hinduism
Is cow protection. '-'The cow was In
India the best companion," declares
Gandhi. "She was the giver of plenty.
Not only did she give milk, but sho
also made agriculture possible. She
Is the mother of millions of Indian
mankind. The ancient seer, whoever
he Is, began with the cow. Cow pro
tection Is the gift of Hinduism to the
world. And Hinduism will live as
long as there are Hindus to protect tho
"The way to protect Is to die for
her. It Is a denial of Hinduism to
kill n human being to protect a cow:
Hindus are enjoined to protect tho
cow by, by self-sacrifice.
The present-day cow protection
lias degenerated Into a perpetual feud
with the Mussulmnn, whereas cow
protection means conquering the Mus
sulman by our lovo."
Discovery by Scientists Has Replaced
Pills and salts give temporary re
lief: from constipation only at the ex
pense of permiuient injury, says an
eminent medical authority.
Science bus found a newer, better
way u means us simple us Nature.
In perfect health n natural lubricant
keeps the food waste soft and moving.
Hut when eonstlputlon exists this nat
ural lubricant is not sufllcient. Medi
cal authorities have found that tho
gentle lubricating action of Nujol most
closely resembles that of Nature's own
lubricant. As Nujol Is not a laxative
It cannot gripe. It Is In no sense a
medicine. And like pure water It Is
harmless nnd pleasant.
Ts'ujol Is prescribed by physicians;
used In leading hospitals. Get n bottlo
from your druggist today. Advertise
ment. Escaping the Critics.
He was showing his friends his new
"This," he snld, "Is an Idea of my
own. It Is my bridge whist room."
"How very small. Tliero Is room
hero only for four chairs."
"Yes," he replied, "that's tho lden.
I wanted cto have one place where wu
could play bridge without being both
ered by the experts who merely wnnt
to look on."
I O, Wondrous Age I
I "Dr. Harvey I trace Lemon of tho
I University of Chicago's department of
, physics will lecture on tho secrets of
Ills department by radio tonight."
News Item.
When a wlfo reigns she sometimes
It Is wcli to bo confident, best to bo
Lodge Tales
Ford C. Frisk
T ONO j nrs ago, before our fathers
and our fathers' fat hers were
born, but long after the Maiiltou bad
rreated the boiling springs and the
beautiful hills and the vullc.vs for bis
children, the cIiom'ii people were rich
and prosperous. Gold nnd silver they I
had In plenty nnd the brave ones of
the tribes v. ore glorious ornaments and
rings and' bracelets made from pure
gold thelook from the hl'ls where the
Maiiltou hail laid It.
And all the chosen people were hap
py, and there was plenty of food and
plenty of meat and the entire tribe
vvuxed rich from the fruit of the plains
and the gold and silver of the bills.
Hut one day there came from the
southlands strange white men, swarthy
of countenance, bepilng strange rods
which spit forth tire and sparks and
which Killed at long distance. Their
clothes were strange to look upon and
on their faces they grew long hair, and
their language wns u strange one to
the chosen people, who made them
welcome nnd who shared their tepees
with the strangers.
When the strangers saw the gold and
silver ornaments they became much
excited, and by gesture and strange
speech they demanded to know where
the precious metal could be found i
And then' wns no one among the j
chosen people to tell them bow to go
or where to llud the gold mid those
who knew- only shook their heads ami
ran away, for they were sore afraid.
When the chosen people would not
tell, the strangers became angry and
turned upon them with their magic
rods ami from the rods came thunder
and llinues, and many of the chosen
race were killed and sorrow was on tho
land. And the chosen people ran and
bid In the canyons and in the hills whllo
the struugfts roamed the land. Final
ly one day they found one of the
chosen ones, the son of the aged chief,
and took him anil bound htm fast nnd
threatened him with death unless he
would lead them to the spot when -e
came the gold.
Now It so happened that all the gold
was taken lrom a hidden canyon and
no one knew Its entrance except the
chief nnd his sons and bis family. And
when the slm was captured then the
old chief came forth from the moun
tuin where he was hid and promised
to tnke the strangers to the gold If
they would spare the life of bis son.
This they promised to do.
So the nged chief led them In sor
row to the hidden canyon and the
strangers laughed and shouted and
beat him on the back and spit In bis
fate. And when they saw tho gold
they shouted uloutl and each and
every one throw down bis rod nnd be
gan to pick and dig at the shining
rock where the gold wns hidden. And
the chief then asked the leader for his
son that he might lend him back safe
and unharmed.
Hut the leader only laughed, and
turning his rod toward the young lad
he killed him there, nnd then be slew
the chief while all the while the others
laughed and Joked. t
Hut when the Maiiltou saw the cru
elty anil greed of the strangers lie win
very wroth. And as they killed the
chief he sent the darkness. And In
his anger he picked n thunderbolt nnd
hurled It earthward to the walls of
the canyon. The wnlls split anil slid
In, and all the strangers were burled
up In the muss, nnd the mouth of the
canyon was closed by the slide and the
strangers could not get out and there
they died and there wns nono to help
them In their plight.
When the chosen people snw what
the Manltou bad done, they fell on
tlielr faces and thanked him for bis
grace, which saved then from the cruel
and grasping strangers. And there
they vowed that never more would
they enter the canyon walls for fear of
So was the canyon lost and to this
day no one has been able to llnd its
mouth or enter to gather tliero the
gold. Yet It Is there between the two
great peaks a giant canyon cl.tsnd ut
both Its ends.
If you doubt, go forth nnd llnd It
there. And if you enter Into Its hid
den depths there will you find I be
magic rods of those who went before.
And there are riches too, for lilin who
tluds nnd enters in the canyon which Is
Fatal Lapse of Drain Action.
Sudden lapse of brain action on the
part of the engineer has been the
cause of a large proportion of railroad
collisions IP this country.
Hs4 the Wrong Ellen.
It itAri out In tile country, whore
about ten farmers are on one purtv
' telephone line. Hy menus of varied
rings one enn telephone to any one of
tlio others without culling central.
One day I called tip my friend, lOllen,
and asked her to go to the dance with
me. Imagine our mutual surprise,
when, on arriving at ' her home, she
had not beard of the dance, In my
baste when calling I had confused the
rings and had been talking to nnother
i Ellen on the samo line. Kxchunae.
St. Paul Woman Says Stomach
Trouble Is Gone and She Has
Gained 10 Pounds.
"Tanlae has meant health and Imp- (
plnoss to me, nnd I think It has no
equal," declared Mrs. Albert Kaplng, ,
highly-respected resident of '.!! 10. 10th I
St., St. Paul, Minn. i
"I was so terribly run down my'
housework seemed like ti mountain to
me, and lots of times I had to give up
and rest. I was nervous, weak, and
had splitting headaches and awful diz
zy spells. My stomach was so badly
out of order almost everything I ate
would sour and I suffered terribly from
gas, heartburn and n distressing smoth
ering feeling. I could not sleep nights,
my hack ached terribly, I lost weight
till my clothes didn't lit, and was In
a generally wretched condition.
"Hut now I get real Joy out of car
ing for my house. Since taking Tan
lac I linve gained ten pounds, never
have Indigestion and all my aches and
pains nro gone. 1 take pleasure In
recommending Tanlae."
Taulae Is for sale by all good drug
gists. Over VJ million bottles sold.
Light Work.
A western man tells of a weather
beaten woman somewhat .over six feet
in height, with shoulders proportion
ately broad, who appeared at a bouse
In his town and asked for light house
work, explaining that she was conva
lescing from typhoid fever.
"Where do you come from, nnd
where have jou been';" she was
"I've been dlggln' out on a ranch
In Wyoming," she explained, "making
post holes whilst I was get tin my
strength back." Harper's Magazine.
Taking No Chanceo.
"Why do you stop when you see
Hint bore coming?" asked Hull; Ip
punk. "I want to see vhlch way be Is
going before I move another step," de
clared Herb Hltirb.
To be spoken well of Is pleasant ; j
and to be spoken of both well and 111
Is usually worth money. I
Plan a rotation system for the next
four or the years.
10 Cents
Lo, the Poor Indian!
Mr. Whltteinore or Washburn col
lego was struck by tbu metropolitan
education of an Indian he met at the
Taos (N. M.) art colony.
While waiting lor his wife and
daughter outside of a studio. Doctor
Whltteinore relates, "a big fat, rather
old Indian approached me. He was
wrapped In a white sheet, which fell
in stately folds from bis shoulders to
the ground. His nrms were folded
like those of the otllcer of the day
standing at parade rest during a
formal guard mount. His approach
was as dignified as that of a Itoinun
"I looked at him In recognition of
bis stately bearing, and be spoke to
mo these full and measured words:
'Sir? he said, 'I am broke. Will you
give mo n dime? " Hoston Transcript.
Diamonds Win.
"How did he win her?"
"Case of a half-carat man with a
Ibrce-cnrnt diamond."
If one will repent of his thoughts
no Isn't likely to have to repent his
What is
.for health.
"There's a Reason1
urn UN i
uf. n . i'
every i iciurc
Tells a Story"
Winter Find You Tired
and Achy?
DOES winter find you miscrnble with nn nching back? Do
you get up lame and stiff lag through the day tired,
weak nnd depressed? Do you know why you are oo
run down?
There's good reason for your condition and likely it's weak
kidneys. Winter's colds and chills throw a heavy burden on
the kidneys The kidneys full behind and poisons accumulate.
It's little wonder, then, that you suffer backache, rheumatic
pains, headaches, dizziness and bladder irregularities.
Don't risk serious kidney disease. Use Doan's Kidriev Pills
before it is too late. Doan's have helped thousands and
should help you. Ask your neighbor I
" Use Doan ' Say These Good Folks:
Mrs. J. W". MelCisicl;, 003
10. Hell St., Hcntricc, Neb.,
eays: "I was in u miserable
condition with my kidneys,
caused by a cold nettling in my
back anil kidney. I had ticcr
been tumbled before that and
haven't been troubled since us
ing Doan's Kidney Tills. A
couple Ihjxcm ciitcd inc, anil u
cold never bothers my kidncyx.
I nm only glad to give tho
credit to Doan's nnd know
them to be a positive euro for
Mich ailment.
At All Dealers, 60c a Box. Foster-Nilburn Co., Mfg. Chcm., PuIIalo, N. Y.
Gives Charming Mew Color Tone to Old Sweaters
PUTNAM FADELESS DYES dyes or tints as you wish
Wild Creatures Seem to Know It, and
Congregate on Rock on the
Coast of Scotland.
"It certainly Is the most wonderful
citadel 1 over looked upon. Its sides
rise straight from the sea, and If you
placejl St. Paul's cathedral by Its sidu
tho cross would only Just top the cliff,"
writes an ornithologist.
IOvery available ledge on this lower
ing rock contains Its bird.
In the past tho Hass rock, In the
Firth of Forth, had been a famous
forttess, holding out for years against
an attacking army. Now It Is a sea
birds' citadel, and tliero they are safe
on the Impregnable cllITs.
If you look at the scene from IkjIow,
It Is even more wonderful than burn
ing down on tho birds from above.
There nro thousands of tho giant birds
sailing around, crossing nnd recross
lag In what looks like a great network
of living creatures.
One moment there Is silence, and
thnt Is tho most beautiful moment of
all, for It Is llko n scene from fairy
land, with dream wings floating above
health worth
HEALTH is priceless. You wouldn't
knowingly part with it for anything
in the world.
Why then do you risk it needlessly for
the sake of a few cups of coffee? Coffee
contains caffeine, a harmful drug which
often interferes with nerves and digestion.
There's an easy, pleasant way to avoid
this menace to health, without any sac
rifice of comfort or satisfaction. Drink
Postum instead of coffee.
Postum is a pure, cereal beverage-
wholesome and delicious a safeguard
for Postum
Made by
Postum Cereal Co., Inc
Dattlo Creek, Mich.
m5siy,rt wxm
m mrgftBnki . iraiii
asm ii nm i ii m i i ill' ii ii i
Ti Ifl muiu!u . I Si
1 w miF ij ,i""'
Gutit MuiiKon, 101 10. Lincoln
St., Hlair, Neb., pays: "If I
take cold, it usually nettles in
my IcidneyH. My back Rets
lamo anil the uamclt'i in my
back nnd nido hurt every move
I make. 1 have n good deal
of backache, too. When I get
an attack now, I take Doan'a
Kidney Pill nnd n few nltfnyH
give mo prompt relief. I can
highly endorse Doan'it Kidney
Pillf", believing them to bo nil
that Is claimed for them."
you. Tlio next moment a garnet ut
ters Its harsh sole, and u thousand
birds reply until there Is a deafening
chorus. Then again there Is no sound
save the wash of the waves at tho
base of the cliffs. London Mall.
All Figured Out. J
Although Mrs. Youugbridu's cooking;
had Improved since she began taking
a correspondence course, her husbnndi
lost no opportunity of poking fun atl
her efforts. One morning she naked!
as he was leaving for the olllce: "My,
dear, what would you like for dinner
this evening?"
"Well," he. replied, "suppose we have
Lesson 4, barring Item (",, a Utile of
Lesson 9 and the postscript of Lesson
11! for dessert." Hoston Transcript.
Lucky World.
"All men enn't be orators."
"True, and bow fortunate for th
world that It Is so."
All men respect -the good, but not
the unco good.
All truth Is not to be told at nil
-5LctTrL usSp:
wa irvtlAOE fjs
,MW "l?. Q
ssaasa- hHfcj
4m fM..I Cm. a. K'JT
;- rr,z
Vour grocer soils Postum
In two forms: Instant
Postum(ln tins) prepared
Instantly in tho cup by
the addition of boiling
water. Postum Cereal
(in packages) for thoso
who prefer to malco tho
drink whllo tho meal is
being prepared; mado by
boiling fully 20 minutes.
-II !.. II UJ
. ..-.'-i' .