The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, February 22, 1923, Image 10

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Red Cloud, Nebraska
Entered In the I'ostorllco nt Hod Cloud, Neb
i Second ui&M Matter
A. D.'McARTHUR-; Editor urn! Owner
Garfield Community Church
School. Subject:
Ills Opponents.'1
10 n. in., Sunday
"Jesus Answering
Ln. 'JOilO-'JO, 31:1-4.
11 n. in., Sermon: "The Inllueucc
of J ho Itiblu on Civilization."
7:30 n. m. Young Pooplcs Program
iind Public Discussion oti "How SIihII
Our Community Spend $2.',0(X)'.'"
'k'lfi p. m., Suitnou: -"Tito Commun
ity Movement nud tin; Community
Church in America."
The Chorus meets Saturday evening
In the homo of Mr. and Mm. Utorge
Drake for work on the Muster An
thorns. A full attendance of the
uhtiruh Is deslioil.
Special services Iihvc been prepared
for both morning and evening of
Easier Dtiy l'lun your Etistor In atl
vatico so its to be present ut both ser-
Congregational Church Notes j.J; publu (Uhciu(jlmi topUl fnr Sllll.
riav cvenlnir will be of no little inlcr-
Advertsing Races
Forolrtn. per column Inch 15c i
LocaI. I2H&I5
Sunday School 10 a. in.
Morning service 11 a. in.
Evening service 7:30 p. in
Everyone welcomo to thoscurvieai
Enrlish Lutheran Church
Regular services every first and third
Sunday in the month in the Adven'ist
church at 11 n. m.
0. R. lleinitz, Pastor!
est. A study of the conditions unti
-needs of our Community will be made
so as to more Intclllffetitly work for
advancement along nil lines.
The evening Sermon will be a brief
history of the Community movement
and will answer the question, "What
is a Community ChurohV"
Orvilic 0:mpbeU Harold Doyle and
Bdgur Mclntvh went to Kansas City
Jfrujsday. morning in charge of the
stock shipped from here.
Dennison's Wax Outfits lor Correspondence
Beads Jewelry Decorations
Dennison's Crepe Paper, Plain and
Decorated Folds
Doll Outfits Place Cards
And Many Other Dainty Novelties
Hurry Ileal made a shoit stop in the
city this week.
Mr. Rutledge has bought the John,
son properly.
Wm. Crabtll came home from West
Virginia this week.
The meadow larks and robbtns ure
here, and 60 is spring we bopo.
Harry (table and Charley Rnnney
went west Tuesday night in search of
Mrs. A. C. Hostner entertained a few
friends on Thursday evening in honor
of Miss Anna Randall.
I.) wight .Tones is going to movo to
Guide Rock where he expects to en
gage in the hardware business.
One hundred emigrant cats, loaded
with all classes of onlgrant goods,
huvo passed westward in tho last ten
days, Between eight and ten have un
loaded in Red Cloud, and we believe
with the proper "get up" of our real
estate agents, many more oould be In
duced to stop here. Our real estate
men ought to be embued with a spirit
of advertising their goddrf far and
wide, that those who desire to,- come
west might know that Webster is the
best county in the state,
Christian Church Notes
"JJi1 kindly iilfectlonod one to an
other with brotherly low; In honor
prefcrriru! ouo another; not slothful in
business; fevorcnt In spirit; serving
Sunday School 10 a ut.
Morning Worship II n. in.
Christian Endeavor 0130 p. m
At 7:30 wo will unite witli the other
churches of the town In worship at the
Brethren Church, Let's all support
this splendid movem nt.
Christian Endeavor is gi owing. All
young people not attending services
elsewlieie ate cordially invited here
In order to be foursquaie men and
women you need this spiiitunl training
Hiong with your secular oducatiou.
The Missionary Society will meet
with Mrs. Oitude Nelson 741 Cedtr
St., Friday afternoon at. n .00.
C. O. Nelson, Pastor.
Allen lllackleige is visiting his
sister in Illinois.
(it-orge Trine is spending a few
in 10 n, Kansas.
Attorney J. S. llilham went to
sou, Tuesday, to attend to some
Mr.. Rufus MikBch, after spending
some time in Holdrege, visiting, has
returned home.
Miss Allison Cowden spent Saturday'
in Superior visiting at the home, of
Postmaster St inc. '
Mi a. John Weesticr and baby are
pending the week in Superior at the'
home of her pareuts.
JJruce Deckwilh was called home
from Tlilln, Ohio, by the death of his
father, Solomon Heck with
Miss Belle Spauoglu returned' home
Saturday from Denver whore she1 'had
Baptist Church
Sunday school at 10 a, m.
Morning Service II a. m. Subject:
"The Value of Persounf Service,"
The Lord's Supper will be observed
at the morning service.
No evening service, hh we join the
Churches in Union Service at the
Brethren church. Sermon by Rev.
Union Prayer Meeting of the chur
ches at the Brethren oh'ufch on Wed
nesday eveniug at 7:Uo.
Above plan of Union Services was
adopted at the pastors meeting and
will continue indefinitely.
Cordial invitation to nil.
I W. Edson, Pastor.
Why Keep Advertising?
Whin Your
Goes Wrong
phone us
We make a specialty of quick Repair work, keeping always
ready the materials for immediate service.
Or if you have new work that you wisli us to figure on wc
will be very glad to submit prices. ,...
Our work is guaranteed to give you satisfaction, and if you
are not pleased in every way wc will spare neither time nor
cost to make it right.
Lrt Nelson
AtTrine's Hardware
been to attend
the fuucral of her
Sometimes people put up with incon
veniences and get along with a range that is
not entirely satisfactory because they have
become used to it. We would suggest that
you come and see the one we have selected
for our customers.
F. G. Turuure, who last woek pur
chased his brother's interest in; the
11 rm of Turuure Bros., has taken Ids
son, Floyd, into partneiship with him
aud the new iirm is now to bo known
as FVG. TurnuTc & Sou. i
, .. . ! I
County School Notes i ,
B,y County Superintendent.
Dr. Dillon of the State Board of
Health is calling for such reports as
reunited by law to bo s'.uiin the tlrst
mouth of tchoo. The law requires
some provision be made for examining
tho physical condition of tho child
ren. This is Mippo.sed to be made by
teacher unless tiie community desires
something better and is willing to pay
for It. The teachei, even if inexperi
enced (mu locate any trouble that is
very liml and t lie doctor does the ad
vising when tho trouble is found.
.Mrs. Emily lloruberger of the Mur
om of Child Weliiuc sent out two
sheets lor gathering data for the state
from the teachers. Up to date only
the following have been loud enough
to bothet about it: K-3 (l-.S-il it) 1,' 10-1S
'1-2 '2.1 'Jii :i:M.,i.i7.iit.ri.ri,.'..,"i-(n.7r.77.
Of couif-o tin' teachers are overdone
with it-polls but nil of thctn seem
necessary and after all they do not
lake uch un excessive amount of time
I am xeuilliig to -Mrs. Hornberger for
more reports so that any who havuIo-t
or misplaced thelis can get olhcis. ,
S, Docker.
Dan (larbcr arrived home from Liu
coin this morning to spend a few days
looking after his farm.
Summons by Publication
defendants, to.wlt:
- The
Gregg. Charles B. Kysor', all
When business is slack why Advertise?
Did you ever notice that it take s time and
persistence to accomplish anything worth
while? You can't advertise today and
expect lo find your store crowded tomor
row, unless you have through constant
advertising educated the public to read
your ads. ..
The rjiajprity of people are slow to act.
You have to tell them the same thing over
and over again before they will heed your
Advertise now for the business
to do next month-it is the
effect that brings results.
you hope
The Red Cloud Chief
lem, to-wtt: Mason uregg, uuaries 11. f
yser, all persons having or claiming KVl
ly interest in Lots Four (il and Five f
), in Block Thiitecn (ID) nf tho Vill- fj
having or claiming. any interest in
Lots' Pour (4) and Five (5), ii Block
thirteen, (III) of the Village of, Guide
Rock, Webster County, Nebraska, real
names unknown, will take notice that
or. the 20ih day of February, 1923, that
Ralph W. McCallum aud JcsaieMcCal-
lutu tiled their petition of the, .District. I
Court of Webster Couuty, Nebraska,
the object and prayer of whioh is that i
their title in and to Lots' Four (4) and
Five (5) in Block Thirteen (l3)in the
Village of Guide Rock, Webster Couu-
tyrNcbrasku, be quieted aud coiiiit til
ed iu them, and that u ccitain deed re
corded in Book K at pages 512 nod 04.3
roAhe.County Clerli'd recordsof Web
ster County, Nebraska, be cancelled
and that the cloud on1 plaintiuV title
by reason of said deed be removed,
aud that the defeudauts"nnd each of
them, to-wit: Mason (Sregg, Charles It
age of tluide Rock, Webster County,
Nebraska, be restrained and enjoined
from in any manner interfering with
encumbering, oonwying or clouding
the plaiutillV title or in any manner
interfering with the possesion thtro.
of, and that said defendants mined LjH
and designated herein lie excluded ,!, J
fioui having or claiming any ilgh', 'W
title or interest in suid real et'itc ami !jj
for an order iiiiUiuiUing seivlcu by 'X
publication on sml defendants, and for jr.M
siK-h other and turther telicl' as may ';
lie just and equitable W
Von aio required to answer tnld poll 'jM
lion on or before Motility the 1(1 day ( f -J
April. I'.'i'l. or judgment will he enter- f
e 1 accordingly. , '
Dated l'ebniary 27. 1 1)2.1.
Ralph W MeCiiUum, J
Jessie McCallum.
Ity F, .1. Muudiiy, Their Attorney
Dr. W.H.Mc Bride
Red Cloud Nebraska
Dr.R. Y. Nicholson
Red Cloud,
Taffeta Silk Dresses
Grace Church Notes
Friday, Miircli 2nd Evening Pray
er aud Address at 1:15 p. in,
Tli id Sunday in Lent
Sunday School at 10 a. m.
Holy Communion at II a. in.
Vesper Service at l::iu.
Wednesday, Mai eh 7 th. Evoning
Prayer and Address at b p. in.
Union Evoning Service "at Brethren
church at 7:30 p m. Sunday
Place Your Coal
Orders Now
Player Piano at a Bargain: -Wo
i have a player piano iu good condition
thlil one ot our customers was unable
to iinisli paying for, that wo will place
free of charge in the hotnejof any satis
factory customer iu the vicinity of Red
Cloud who will pay the balance in cash
or easy payments Write 0 ASTON
MUSIC .t Fl'HNITUUECO., Hustings,
Don't Fill It.
A liot-water buttle should never be
reull.v llllcd. 'If It Is to be put In a
bed to wnrm It have It only about
thre-tiwrter i:ll.
By a fortunate purchase got
a small lot of the Newest Silk
Dresses at a discount by taking
the lot. So am passing this on to
my customers. Prices start at
S9.7S up to $15
in the Taffetas. This' will be the
Leading Silk for Girls for Spring
ST -
The Malone-Gellatly Co.
Ices the Child.
A little girl who had recovered rrom
the whooping cough rcinurked thut she
was glad she didn't die of it, because
"God would not like little coughing
aligns." Boston TmiiscripL
THE Sarcophagus or stone coffin, has been used by the
more civilized peoples since the days of the early
Egyptians. Its successor today is the NorwalU Vault.
Luxuriantly carved and painted were the sarcophagi of the
Greeks and Romans, but the Norwulk Vault of moulded
granite combines quiet dignity with its rugged strength.
Scaled by hand, within the grave, it becomes one solid
piece of eternally protecting masonry. For every funeral:
All Good Undertakers Recommend the Noncalk
the Best INSIST upon it'
Local Msnufsctuiers
Office at Bailey's Tie Barn
...ji i i