The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, February 15, 1923, Image 4

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THE RED CLOUD CHIEF -.Garfield Community Church
Rod Cloud, Nobrnskn.
Entered In Ihn I'oBtoltlce nt llcil (loud, Nob
as Hccond Clans Matter
A. B. McAIlTHUK, Kdltor anil Owner
Advertising Rates
Foreign, par column inch 15c
Local, ' " " 12' & 15
Congregational Church Notes
Sunday School 10 a. in.
Morning sorvlco 11 it. nt.
Kvcning service 7:150 p. m.
Kreryone wolonmo to these bervices
Thorpe Davis returned home Satur
day from St. Louis where he .spent a
few weeks.
1(1 a, in., Sunday fc'chool
"The Story of inecliiMis,''
11 ii. in., .Sermon: "Fact vs
7:H0 p. m. Service of Snug anrl Story
entitled, "Tho Plnl: Rose."
On iiccount of (ho provulent illness
In the Cibnuiunlfy ufftdlng over half
or the Chorus, "The 11 tile Kose" her
vieo was not rendered last Sunday
evening We am planning to give thin
service next Sunday evening, hoping
thlit by then all will tin able to take
their usual places.
The Chorus will meet Saturday
evening at thn home of Mr. and Mis.
Ira Wagoner for another lehearmil for
Sunday uvenlnir and to begin on the
special music fur Master.
We desire again to call the attention
I of parents to the great value of regul
arity of attendance at Sunday School
ho as to get the very most from the
School. It Ih a important to bo re
gular at Sunday School as to be regu
lar at Day School.
More About Orna
mental Vines
Mrs. Ella R. Parker nrrivedi here
from Leavenworth, Kansas, Monday
evening on train 17 for n couple of
weeks visit at the home of her son,
N. R. Rush.
Final Warning, Auto Owners
Up until Fobniary 1&, I will only re
mind automobilo owners to secure
thoir 1023 License, but after that dato
here will be no reminders, it will
mean a line. Also remember each car
yoit own calls for a license.
Jack Waller, Sheriff.
Wall Paper
New Spring Patterns
Now On Sale
When Your
Goes Wrong
phone us
We make a specialty of quick Repair work, keeping always
ready the materials for immediate service.
Or if you have new work that you wish us to figure on we
will be very jjlad to submit prices.
Our work is guaranteed to give you satisfaction, and if you
are not pleased iu every way wc will spare neither time nor
cost to make it right.
Art Nelson
AtTrine's Hardware
Frank and (Jliarley Alles have moved
over on Ash Creek, where Frank has
bought a farm.
Cllf Pope was it town Sunday.
Chas, Sohaffiilt was In Franklin,
Tuesday, on business.
Miss Joslo Igou, who has been visit
ing relatives in Dixon, III., Is expected
home In a few (Ihs, af'er having had
a two months vacation, dho will pro.
Imbly tako chaigo of her music class
by the 1st of March.
W. M Crit tt 11 , who has been visiting
in Winchester, W Va , this winter, had
started on his homeward trip, and
while visiting f i lends at Zmesvllle,
Ohio, ho received a telegram that his
brother was dying and he returned at
To show the weakness of humanity
we only have to recite a truo story of
a young man iu this city. It 'was his
birthday, and n large number of the
fair sex hearing of the event, deter
mined on surprising the young gent,
and accordingly did so; but imagine
their chagrin when the bashful young
man, seeing so many young ladies,
picked up his hat and left, leaving the
girls to have a time nil by themselves.
In a short time there will bo a new
firm in Red Cloud.
Kllus Uoble will start n meat market
iu the building just north of Henry
F. W. Stutlebaker, living about four
miles west of this city, is the happy
father of a bouncing baby boy.
.J. W ratten, Bladen's tnilhloruml con
tractor, was a pleasant caller this
week. Ho was on the petit jury.
The poles for the lamps for electric
lighting uro being put up, and from
their arrangement wo believe (he city
will appreciate the light to be gained
from them.
SuitrisisK Paiitss On the evening of
February 17, 181)3, a very pleasant sur
prise party took place at the residence
of Mrs. Tony Clark, it being for Miss
Nellu. as the family are soon to move
to Oberlin, Kansas. Class No ,12 of the
Chapel Suuday school and their teach
er and a few school mates wprc. pre
seut, and presented her with h. very
pretty pair of gold bracekts. The
following are a lhtt of those present:
Mrb. A U. Willis,' teacher, Lora, Me-
Nitt, Winnie Martin, Clara Aldeu,
Jessie Gather, Nella Martin, r Nellie
Sherman, Susie Clark,. Sadie fellers,
Irene Miner, Jennie Rudd, Myrtle
Cliiimberlin, Vance Foe, Alvi'mt Prill,
Susie McCord, Dora Groat Iflraukie
Leake, ,1011111110 Rudd, Ilertie Clark.
A splendid use for vines that have a
sprawling or creeping halilt Is to use
them as a ground cover at the foie
ground or shrubbery plantations, says
the U. of N Agiioultural College. For
seven months iu a year these bare
patches of ground could be covered
with partly evergieen plants of Vluca
minor (periwinkle) and Kuonyuius
radieau.s and even (hn Wlc'iuriana rose
uotilil bo used for this purpose. Un
sightly and bare banks and dltehesenn
be concealed and made ornamental by
the plants of Lyciuui cliitiMtisis (matri
mony vines), a very tenacious and per.
sisteut Kroner. Onco planted It spreads
quickly and is suitable for very dry
and hot exposures Foisythia Miv
pensa, one of the golden hells, makes
a good quick cover and likewise the
Wichuriaua roe.
Grace Church Notes
With a Small Amount of Fuel
Is the Most Essential Requisite of a Range
The Soulh Bend Malleable Range fills the bill in
every respect, and more. It is the finest looking range
built, and is made of the best materials. Wc would
be glad of an opportunity to convince you that what we
say is true.
We have received notice from the wholesale
houses of an increase in prices of ranges effective Janu
ary I st, but wc will continue to sell what few ranges we
have at the same old price.
Mrs. (Jeo. Ilollisterund Mrs. O. C.
Teel were passengers to Lincoln,
Miss Noima Richardson is tho new
iustiiictor iu the Kindergarten depart
ment of our schools.
C L. Cutting and Miss Klizst Cottiug
left yesterday fnrMowii and and other
eastern points on an extended visit.
Fred Stanbery, who for some months
past has heen the obliging clerk in
the Fd Amuck furniture and under
t iking establishment, has resigned his
position and leaves thn iHst of the
week for Scottsbluff, Nebraska, where
he has accepted a position iu the
freight ntlice of the Burlington rail
road. W. L Weesner shipped a car of cattle
to market Wednesday.
Oliver Hedge, eritwhile sheriff and
all around good fellow, was mixing
will the hoys in Hastings last Satur
.1. A Uradford spent Sunday in
Hastings visiting his wife who went
thereto visit relatives a few days pre
vious, The P. K Ob. held a linen shower for
Mrs. Hurry Qilham on Friday night al
the home of Judge Kantiey. .Ml ro
port a big time.
Dr. Stockman and his wife had for
their guests over Sunday Mr. and Mrs.
lames Chambers of Olldden, Iowa, and
Mr. and Mrs. linden of Formosa, Kas.
K J Overing Jr., treated the pupils
of Hchool District No. :), taught by
Miss Fay Teel to a very interesting ad
dress on the "Life of Abraham Lin
coin" on Wednesday afternoon.
State Line
Red Cloud Satur
First Sunday In Lent.
Sunday School al IU a. in.
Morning Service with Sermon
Rev. J, M. Dates, at 11 a. iu.
No Vesper Service.
Wednesday, February I2lst. Even
ing Prayer and Address at 8 p. m,
Friday, February 23rd, Litany and
Address at 4:15 p. in.
Join us iu keeping the Lenten Sea.
sou prayerfully.
Inavale Local Gives Smoker
The Smoker of tho Farmers Union
at Inavale was pulled off amid great
clouds of smoke, and with tho help of
a halt bushel of peanuts and a bushel
of apples for those that didn't smoke,
the evening passed away all to quickly.
A fair number of Farmers were pre
sent but not what there should have
The address of Rev. Simpson on the
Progress of the Farmers at Alberta,
Canada, was wortii coming miles to
hear. Mr. Slmp'sou has evidentally
made rural life a part of his life study
from the masterful way in which lie
handled the subject.
A special invitation was extended
the business me'n of our community,
and did any of them show up. Nix.
Was the farmers sore because they
didn't smoke the Pipe of Peace with
them. Not a bit of it. Rut it was
thought that by having a meeting for
men only (the business men heing
women shy) we could get them inter
eftrd. They perhaps thought they
could smoke at home, but the sociali
tiillty of a smoke with your nclirhboi
is wortii while and you missed an op
portuuity for a gooi time at our ox
peuse. Well other affairs is going to happen
iu the futiiie and the latch siring is
always out to any and everybody that
is interested in our social welfaio so
fall lit line. You don't, have to join in
order to be a good fellow.
A. L. Stoner, Pies.
I Place Your Coal
i : :
iwifwaM nnffMw jmvu tr "' T"1 TlZl
I tin i
That's what you get when we do
your work. There is no "ifs," "finds'
or "buts" about it. The paper stock is
right, the work is tight and the price is
We print most anything and keep
our promises on deliveries. When you
give us an order you need not worry about
it until it is time for you to have the finish
ed job on hand. And then it will be there
even before you can remind us of the de
livery promise.
Bell Phone 29
Ind. Phone 12
a c
How About Harness!
ss line
I will meet any catalogue pi ice ( ii i-nthing in the harnt
Don't, let someone tell you (hut jnu eim savt money by set ding
come in and look my stick over 1 can saveyt u vonu- money.
Bring in your old ours mid get tin in fixed up and oiled before Spring
Harness and Saddlery
Orders Now
The Malone-Gellatly Co.
tins ll'.ng was in
Charles Dlckerson arrived Saturday
from Lincoln for a vilt with rolntlves
and friends'.
Frank Slebert hauled corn from Ina-
valo Friday,
Clifford Noble and Mrlck Dlckerson
made a trip to Womer, Monday.
Frank Rrown sawed wood Monday.
Ora Prill hauled posts from Rellalro
tho first of tho week.
Mrs. O, M, Noble and children spent
Sunday at Paul Carper's near Lebunon.
English Lutheran Church
Regular sorvlcoa every first and third
Sunday in the mouth In tho Advontist
church at 11 a. m. .. l
THE Sarcophagus, or stone coffin, has been used by the
more civilized peoples since the days of the early
Egyptians. Its successor today is tlie Norwalk Vault.
Luxuriantly carved and painted were the sarcophagi of the
Greeks and Romans, but the Norwulk Vault of moulded
granite combines quiet dignity with its rugged strength.
Sealed by hand, within the grave, it becomes one solid
piece of eternally protecting masonry. For every funeral:
All Good Undertakers Recommend the Norwalk
the Best INSIST upon it'
1 U ' 'H
Local Manufactuiers
i .
Office at Bailey's Tie Barn
O. R. Helnltz, Pastor;'
, j, i f