The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, February 15, 1923, Image 3

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Don't Be Fooled
Low Price and High Quality
Don't Go Together, Stick to
Never accept "Just as Good" Brands; it
will only mean disappointments and fail
ures on bake-day, which are expensive.
Calumet is a High Grade Baking
Powder, Moderate in Price
When you use it
you never spoil any
of the expensive in
gredients used
such as flour, sugar,
eggs and milk.
The sale of Calumet
is 2A times as much
as that of any other
V eotrriNTtiifc J
i if
Boy Who Kept Green the Memory of
His Favorite Deserved to Havo
Christmas Tree.
After ho lincl spent ninny minutes
looking over the Chrlstinns tree dis
play of a Kings IllKlnvny (Urooklyn)
tore, u smiill hoy approached the deal
er and timidly asked how much the
cheapest tree hi the stock would cost,
Buys the Now York Sun.
"Fifty cents." replied the dealer, and
then noting the look of disappointment
Mi the hoy's face, asked htm If that
las too much.
"Yes, sir," responded the youth.
"I'm nfrald It Is. I've got c,nly 'St
cents, which I saved In my bank. You
Bee, It's for my ting, lie died three
years ago and every Christmas I have
et n tree on his grave In the back
"Well, here's ono you can have for
25 cents," said the dealer. Tho boy,
with a light of gratitude spreading
over his countennnce, stnrted uway
eu a iui), shouting back that he was
going home to get his savings.
"Hey!" yelled tho dealer. "Come
back and get the tree. You needn't
mind, about your pennies."
Hanatf Tied.
The Woman heard a long, an end
lessly long sermon In a small country
town where she was visiting upon a
recent Sunday.
When It seemed as though the minis
ter were about to stop he would beam
upon tho congregation, baying:
"Now you will forgive mo If I say
a few words about this."
And io It went on and on, while
frem time to time he nssumed that he
would be forgiven for his long and (In
his own opinion) enlightening talk.
Hut what could anyone do? Just sit
Ft 111 and let the minister believe tlint
his assumption v was correct I New
York Sun.
It Is not always tho head of tho
family that foots thn bills.
Some men seem to bo happy only
when -they linvo a grlovnnco.
Work ill done must be twice done.
A caretul skipper never has much
trouble on the sea of matrimony.
.Towel A 10-page letter from Dick?
What on earth does ho say?
Mabel He suys he loves me.
"Your friend seems quite talkative."
"Yes. There's mahy a dull minute
when bo's about."
VARIETY in foods is essential, of course,
but in providing variety do not overlook the
importance of nourishment.
Crisp,dcIiciousGrapc-Nuts is a highly nourish
ing cereal food irt 'jnusually compact form. It
supplies the rich nutrition of wheat and malted
barley, including the mineral elements of these
splendid grains,withoutwhichhealthandstrength
cannot be maintained.
Grapc-Nuts,with good milk, is a complete food.
Economical, too, because a moderate amount
provides unusual nourishment.
Sold by Grocers Everywhere!
"There's a Reason39
Made by Pottum Cereal Company, Ino.
Usttlo Creak, Michigan
: Hats for Between-Seasons; g
Matched Sets in Lingerie
WIIKN It comes to their millinery,
women will always turn their
backs on winter, long before It has bid
them good-by, and herald the spring
lieforo it begins to peep over the hori
zon. Just now they are buying be-twecn-sensnns
hats that have a more
or les decided llavor of Hiring. Per
haps the showing of spring millinery,
for southern tourists, In the shopi,
turns their thoughts and hearts spring
ward, or economy suggests that u hat
and prices as low, or lower, thnn they
are likely to be at other seasons.
The displays of lingerie feature silks
In garments that are a little showier
than those made of fine cottons hut'
not superior to them In any way. Thti
same styles appear In both silk and
cotton materials, and colors aru dupli
cated In them. Silk liau encroached
upon cotton In popularity until It Is a
clove ilval, and will hold Its own, If
manufacturers do not mictIIIco quality
Each pnekage of "Diamond Dyes' con
tains directions to eimplc that nny woman
can dye or tint faded, shabby skirts,
dresses, waists, coatc swentern, stook
hiKS, hangings, draperies, everything like
new. Huy "Diamond Dyes no other
kind then perfect home dyeing is piiarnn
teed, even if yon Iinvc never iijed beforo.
Tell your druggist whether the material I
you wih to dye i wool or ill, or whether j
it is linen, cotton, or mixed goods. Dia-
niond Dyes never streak, spot, fade, or i
run. So easy to use. Advertisement. '
Spanish Wedding Custom. '
Each man present at a Spanish wed
ding party Is entitled to dance with
the bride, but he must pny for this
privilege literally.
On a table in the center of the
room Is n pie and after each dance
the bride's partner Is expected to cut
away n piece of tlm crust and drop a
coin Inside. '
The brldo usually wears n black
silk gown nnd n lace mantilla white
only If her family Is titled or very
The Baron's Spirit.
Samuel Gompcrs said at Atlantic
"Coal Is too dear. There Is no doubt
nbout It. The coal barons have no
mercy on us.
"I heard the other day about an
Inventor who went to a coal bnron
nnd said:
" 'I have struck a marvelous Inven
tion, sir an Imitation coal that can
bo sold at half price.'
"'Hoshl' sneered the coal baron,
'Haven't we got one already that wo
sell at full price?' "
a1 v '-'s!?LiWji . fisrsssTr
WggSak-A fttJiaMllywtir "ram,!. p
Group of Lovely Hats.
Which can be worn In tho future Is a
good Investment.
Here Is a group of four alluring hats
made for present wear. It happens
thnt they are all fabric hats that Is,
shapes covered with a fabric of some
kind. Tho lovely model at the top Is
of black satin with a facing or green
satin and It is trimmed with grapes In
Bovcrnl colors. Grapes, by the way, are
In great favor smull ones In their nat
ural colors. A wlde-brlmmed hat at the
left, lias a crown In four sections and
an odd drape of printed silk across (M
to price at tho expense of Its wenring
The envelope chemise remalnB tho
most Important article In underthlngs,
for, whatever other garments nro
worn, this one Is never omitted. It la
shown In both tho trimmed nnd tai
lored styles and often with pants to,
match, as pictured here. This set la;
made of crepo do chine nnd has a
trimming of nnrrow vtu laco Inser
tion placed In parallel oirved lines or
arcs a "rainbow" design. Llttlo rib
bon (lowers are nlnnud, with tiny
4 v
tt'l (
V h
s ' A
- - -..., J w
"1 ' 1
l &J t. 1
, J. 4 .
front. It features the t,hm-t ostrldi
plume curling over the right ear, spon
sored by Paris. A pretty hat of taffeta
silk ut tho right with narrow collar of
tho silk fastened with a little buckle
at tho front, makes a line background
for a lovely cluster of grapes In many
hues. A gay dance hat of gold cloth
completes tho group. Figures cut from
silk, In nigh colors, are applied to It
and chenille carries out tho effect of a
rich embroidery.
Uy this time women hnve about
completed tho yearly replenishing of
their lingerie and tho equipment of
their household with needed linens,.
MerchnntB make Intensive prepara
tions for their annual snles of under
gnrments, nnd tho material for mak
ing them, promoting this kind nf mer
chandise In the yearly "whlto goods
sales," that aro staged Just after tho
holidays. It Is n good time to buy,
whll o stocks ure full und complete
Envelope Chemise With Pants
to Match.
snfety pins, at the center of ench nro,
Shoulder straps nro of sntln-fnced
grosgrnln ribbon.
Mr. Ilftrold "W. Bchmidt, Ilox 08,
Ilrcoso, Clinton Co., 111., believe
ho has reason to prnlso I)r. Ilart
tnnn's Komcdy for Catarrhal con
ditions. "I nfd r-rn-n etahl tnonlh for f hronlo
nronrtiUl Cnttrh. 1 iio not cottlrnl, feci ilka
Klant, m iiz pound orr nuimtl vrlKlit 1
1V to work 0Tf7 ilny. In Mtrcb, twls. I run
trctpltPTcreeulillthpltuut( ku1 took to
ur IkvI. tnd vrniiM not
ltTfi ttiriA tnnnUit. After ttklnff ft rnunlrt IpoU
tlei nf l'o-ru-nt nd Imii cf Mun lla TtblrM,
coahl irtlk rrmnil nrt In nrrcn monthi wrnt bark to work. My
tmublswuclnotoCbronloCaMrThof the noo (nil lhrit, wblca
1 hn ton Tran, itnrlloif (town Into Uio bruucblal tuba,
-i'eta tik mi my Ufa MTcr,"
Is Imlliprmnblp In trrntlnic
Influenza, Distemper, Coughs and Colds
no prevalent ninnriK tiornm nnil mntea st tills sonfon of Hie yvur
Tor iirnrly thirty yrurs "SroilN'S" linn been Riven to prevent
these (Um linen. n well no to relievo nnil euro theni. An occn
nluiin.1 dose "rondltlunn" your horpe nnd Ueepn Ueneo uwny
An a. remedy for cnncii nctunlly nurferltm-, "M'tlllN's" Is QUleU
nnd certnln Hold In two mIich at till druu ntoree
Disordered Stomach
Takca Rood dose of Carter's Liltle Liver Pills
then take 2 or 3 for a few nights after.
You will relish your meals without fear of trouble to
follow. Millions of nil ages take them for Biliousness,
Dizzlness.Sick Headache, Upset Stomach nnd forSallow,
Pimply, Blotchy Skin. They end the mhery of Constipation.
:? S$o.x7&ZcL Sm.H Pil!;SBaU Doie;Sm.ll Price
Hi 1 1 113 a4liiiiilkHHiiIkE3wi4
At the International Live Stock Sliow at Chicano.
December. 1922, exhibits from CANADA were
awarded the following prizes:
Grand Championship nnd First Prize for Hard Red
Spring Wheat In this class Canadian exhibits won 19
prizes out of a total of 25 awarded.
Grand Championship and First prize for Oats, winning
24 out of 35 prizes awarded.
First, 2nd, 3rd nnd 4th prizes for Pear, winning 4 out
of 5 prizes awarded.
Grand Championship and First Prize for Rye; first
prize for two-rowed Barley.
Grand Championship nnd Sweepstakes for Clydesdale
Senior Stallion; 1st prize for Clydesdale 4 nnd 6 horse
teams; 1st prize for Clydesdale Mares 3 years and under.
Championship for Galloway Steers; twelve 1st and 2nd
prizes for Sheep. Many other prizes for Grains, Fod
dcrs and Live-stock.
Cheap Land in Canada
Which produces bttttr nralns, fodders nnd IIvr stock than lilnh priced
ianu eiscwncre, anaproaucts mem more avunaaniiy, may do ino solution
of your (ami problem. Get the (acts, with Irrc books, maps, etc., and sn
order for reduced railway rates, direct from tha Canadian Government
by writinc
W.V. Bennett, Desk W, 300 Peter's Trust Bldg.,0maha,Neb.
Canadian Government Acent
Failed When Real Test Came.
"What kind of a man Is In. Rood,
bad, or Indifferent?"
"Well, thnt depends a j;ood deal on
who Is on the other end of the plunk
with him."
"What do you mean?"
"Well, If you size him up with Ju
das iHCiirlot he looms up mlddltn' fair;
but when you come to set him down
between such fellows as you an' me,
he does dwindle terribly Hurprlsln'
ho doe, for a fact."
Hall's Catarrh Medicine
Those who nre In a "run down" condi
tion will notice that Catarrh bothers
them much more thnn when they aro In
good health. This (net proves that whllo
Catarrh Is a local dlseuse, It Is Krcatly
Influenced by constitutional conditions.
sists of an Ointment which Quickly
Relieves by local application, and tho
Intornal Medicine, a Tonic, which assists
tn Improving tho General Health.
Sold by druggists (or over 40 Years.
F. J, Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio.
Cautioned by a Tramp.
Woman Now, If you don't leave nt
once I'll call my husband, and he uned
to play football at Harvard.
Tramp Lady, If yoti'N' love yer hus
band don't ; ber.iuse I used to play wld
Yule. Colorado Dodo.
Shave With Cutlcura Soap
And double your razor elllclency nn
well as promote skin purity, skin com
fort and skin health. No mug, no
slimy soap, no germs, no waste, no Irri
tation even when shaved twice dally.
One soup for all uses shaving, bath
ing nnd shampooing. Advertisement.
The Magazine Man.
"Why don't you read your own miic
azlne?" "I know there's nothing In
it I care to see."
"I nm undone," walled the heroine.
"Pull yourself together," cautioned
the hero. Louisville Courier-Journal.
It Is a subdued Joy to unvu up for a
whole year and then Invest the money
Instend of spending It.
Important to Mothers
Examine carefully every bottlo ot
CASTORIA, that famous old remedy
for Infants nnd children, and sec that It
Tlnnre (lin
Signature of uL&&fflZ&5z
In Use for Over !i0 Years.
Children Cry for Fletcher's Castorta
A conservative is one who would
rather be safe than right.
SAY "BAYER" when you, buy. Insist!
Unless you see the "Bayer Cross" on tablets, you are
not getting the genuine Bayer product prescribed by
physicians over 23 years and proved safe by millions for
JJit JDtfflrTi
Neuralgia Pain, Pain.
ccrruoHt it vmuii utwwu
Accept only "Bayer" package which contains proper directions.
Handy "Bayer" boxes of 12 tablets Also bottles of 21 nnd 100 Druggists.
Aspirin Ii tlie trad cf U&jer Maootactnra of Mocoacetlcacldekter of Soucyltvada
If ,