The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, January 18, 1923, Image 3

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Mrs. Viola French.
rvftnville, III. "I think Dr. IMerce's
Golden Medical Discovery Is the best
medicine I linvi; ever used or henrd of.
I learned of It through n friend when
I was in a wonk mid highly nervous
condition. I lind lost interest in al
most everything Just dragged on In a
listless sort of way. A few doses of
the 'Discovery' pave mo a brighter
view of life and 1 began to gain
strength. No ono but those who have
used tills helpful medicine are in a
position to speak fully of its merit."
Mrs. Viola French, 103 S. Hazel St.
What'Oolden Medical Discovery lias
done for thousands it will do for you.
Oet It today from your nearest drug
gist, tablets or liquid. Write for free
medical advlco to Dr. Pierce's, Buffalo.
N. Y.
By the Vse of Nujol
Nujol la n lubricant not
a mcdlcino or laxative o
cannot gripe.
When you nro constipated,
not enough of Nature's lu
bricaUnr liquid Is produced
la tho bowel to keep tho
food waste soft and mot Inc.
Doctors pro.
flcriuo Aujol
because It nets
Ilko this until
rnl luhrlcnnt
and thus rc-
USSCflLIrl Ptaocs " Tr,
.24 Hours
a Grippe
Uses "Cutter's"
Serums tnd Viceinesheli btt to conserve your
The Cutter Laboratory
"Tht Lhrtnp Out Knrwl lliw"
Berkeley (U.S.Ltccnst) California
Skin Tortured Babies Sleep
Mothers Rest
After Cuticura
Sotp 25c, Oiataent 25 tad 50c,Tlea 25c.
.!f i.Af hitttvwl twEclJula:
AhdrfulRenwJyj? .
Exact Copy of Wrapptr.
Take a good dose
"Tanluc is my stand-bj-, and I
wouldn't think of being without it.
It has set me on my feet more than
mice when I had such bad spells of
stomach trouble. I thought I couldn't
get well." This emphatic statement
was made recently by W. C. Wallace,
.'120 N, Normandy IMacc, Lob Angeles,
"An acid stomach and indigestion
caused me indescribable suffering for
more than four years," he said. "Awful
pains would strike me soon after eat
ing, and I would be almost doubled
up In agony. Often I had to take to
my bed, and I would lose much weight
with every spell. I was told I had
ulcers, enlarged stomach and other all-
I ments, but.ull my efforts to get relief
failed. I kept getting worse, and fig
ured I would have to get something to
help me or I couldn't keep going much
"I read In the papers where Tanlnc
was helping others with stomnch trou
bles, so I began taking it. It never
failed tn straighten me out, and I
gained back my lost weight, too. I
am more grateful than I can say for
the good this medicine has done me,
and I do not hesltnte to give It my
fullest recommendation."
Tanlac Is sold by all good druggists.
Over a.ri million bottles sold. Adver
Has Made Discovery That Weather
Can Be Utilized as an Aid
In Recruiting.
".Studying wenther forecasts, that's
how I laud 'em." Thus one of the reg
ular army's most proficient recruiters
explains the success which has made
him one of the "aces" of Uncle Sam's
recruiting forces.
When winter blasts blow around his
"Uncle Sain Wants You," sign the ser
geant hangs out alluring pictures of a
Hold artillery column at rest on the
side of a Hawaiian island road shaded
with palm trees. When the city siz
zles in tho summer he extracts from his
supply of posters a persuading "Spend
Your Summer In Cool Alaska With the
Infantry" sign.
"And you ought to see 'em flock In,"
gloats tho sergeant. "(Jive me a week
of rain and I'll land 'em for any post
on Hie Mexican border, f0 miles away
from a river. Come around and sue
me this winter. 1 can (ill n division
for the Philippines any day lhere'3
snow on the ground. Hut Alaska, or
the Canadian border, not n chancel"
An Expert.
She "Do you like to dance?" He
"Not particularly." She "Oh, well, no
one dances that way nowadays."
American Legion Weekly.
As a rule, the silent partner has a
good deal to sajr.
Most dinicult of till feelings to Imi
tate Is Jealousy.
For Infants and Children.
Mothers Know That
Genuine Castoria
Bears the
For Over
Thirty Years
of Carter's Little Liver Pills
then take z or 3 for a lew nights after. They restore
the organs to their proper functions and Headache
and the causes of it pass away.
2S'"rV s&&SZct S-U Pifl; Saull Dom Sash Met
Lodge Tales
Ford C. Frick
TN THK golden ages of memory and
x legend, when all tho world was new
and fair, and all the sky was blue as
babies' eyes and Just as clear, the
paradise of earth, wherein all was
happiness and contentment, was situ
ated upon the smiling slopes'thnt rose
to meet the sunset sky. In those days
there was no mountain range, no laud
of eternal snows piercing In the heav
ens, that made n barrier 'twlxt east
and west. Instead, all was golden with
the sunshine of happiness anil purple
with the afterglow of peace.
Here lived the chosen people, and
over them was the constantly watch
ing eye of the Manttnu, creator of man
anil beast, ruler of eartli and heaven.
And the world was good to look upon.
The chosen people, roaming the hills,
felt not the heat of summer or the cold
of winter, for the seasons were as one.
The trees brought forth their fruit
without cultivation, and the vines their
berries, nnd from tho ground sprang
up the luscious maize that the chosen
ones might not wax hungry and lean.
The streams teemed with fish, and the
air with wild fowl, 'and the woods and
fields with beasts that gave themselves
up gladly to be a meal for man. In
those days there was no war. and no
sorrow, and po discontent, but man
was willing to follow the rules laid
down by the all-wise Manltou. who
governed wisely and well.
hut by and by bad spirits came
weak spirits from the lowlands by
the sea not strong enough to fight
the chosen ones In open hnttle, but
crafty In deceit nnd discontent. And
long they Journeyed through the hind".
M'rendlng their lawless tales anil turn
ing each against the other, until no
man was safe and lawlessness held
undisputed sway.
Then the chosen race lost faith:
they cursed the Manltou and wished
him evil ; they spat upon his Image In
the woods and defiled his name at
every thinking breath. And had grow
worse, and soon their homes were
broken and horror ruled upon the land,
and the sunshine vanished and the
snows came and the world was a world
of sorrow.
When the .Manltou saw what the evil
spirits had wrought, ho became ex
ceeding wroth. lie stamped his foot
and tho rain gods enme and Bwepf
down upon the earth: nnd the waters
of the deep were released and hid the
land ; and everywhere was desolation
nnd death. 'And tho chosen race, flee
ing In fear from tho rising flood,
rushed townrd the western gnte that
leads tq Heaven, hearing In their
hands fragments of soil and rocks ami
precious stone with which to build
elsewhere a better world, hut Manltou
Fnw in their nctlons nothing of good
or sympathy or ropentnnce, but onls
evil and fear, nnd so ho forhnde thnt
they should bring their worldly spoil
to Hcnven.
So the floods caught them nnd swept
tlipin Into Its grasp, nnd ns they died
each evil spirit, lost for evermore,
cursed tho great nnd wise Manltou,
and they cast their handfuls of dirt
and rock townrd the Heaven they
mocked. And there they formed a
mountain, vast In size, towering nhovo
the advancing flood nnd shutting off all
view of Heaven's light. As the flood
receded It left tho peak, n monument
of precious stones and gifts, marking
tho path tn Heaven, hut in Its vnstness
shutting off all view of Manltou and
casting Its great shndow over all whero
once was earthly paradise.
So today It stands on gunrd agnlnsl
tho further ambitions of man inrt
benst. In yenrs that passed the white
man came and gave to It the nnme of
Pike's peak in honor of their lender,
who first saw Its giant bend stretching
nhovo the clouds. Hut those of us who
know tho story of tho chosen race,
which was our fathers, still see In Its
great height n guiding mound that
points the way to Heaven, yet shuts off
our view and bids us bide our turn nnd
wait till wo are cnlled to do our pen
nnce there before the throne where
sits the Manltou.
Note This legend of Pike's peak,
most famous of American mountains,
Is told by Ute, Comanche and Shoshone
alike. It Is repented, too, by the Ara
pahoes and Cheyenncs tribes of n dif
ferent family who knew the Pike's
peak region nnd who, in all probabil
ity, had the tale from somo of the
mountain tribes. It Is very beautiful
ly told, in part, In poem by Ernest
Whitney, who spent years with tho
Utes of the mountain region.
His Rule.
"Hnve you gotten so thnt you can
distinguish classical music?" naked
Mrs. Newrlch.
"I think so," replied her husband.
"When a piece threntens every minute
to be-n tune nnd always disappoints
you, It's classical." Boston Evening
From Bradford ho went to Rlehhurg
and Bollvcr'nnd there fortune contin
ued to pour Its golden stream Into his
coffee. PiRnd(nu Kloi-.
Odd African Trlbo.
Tli El Molo ("Poor Devil") nre a
Small and little-known tribe, dwelling
on islands closo to the east shore of
Lako Rudolf, In East Africa. They nro
now a community of about 70 souls
under tho leadership of a blind chief.
They construct tho poorest typo of
shelter from leaves of tho Dom palm.
Their solo food is fish, which they occa
sionally spear, but more often cntch In
coarse-meshed fiber nets; their only
drink la tho vile soda-lmpregnntcd
water of tho Inke.
Tho El Moro nro nlmost amphibious,
nnd nro apparently unable to go for
more than an hour without water, for
after that time their lips swell up and
start bleeding. They have their own
Necessary Repairs.
Mabel I hear you and your fiance
hnve kissed nnd made up.
Phlllppa Yop. And a girl has to
make up a wholo lot after one of his
A hnlr In the bead la worth two in
the bruah.
SAY "BAYER" when you buy. Insist!
Unless you see the "Bayer Cross" on tablets, you are
not getting the genuine Bayer product prescribed by
physicians over 23 years and proved safe by millions for
Accept only "Bayer" package which contains proper directions.
"-Handy "Bayer" boxes of 12 tablets Also bottles of 24 and 100 Druggists.
AajUla U the tnd mrk of Oartr MumUrtor of Jtono4oeUccl4etr of 8UcjUcacl&
"I sorter hnto to cut down that there
old tree," admitted Gnp Johnson of
Ilumpus Ridge. "Klnda seems like
ono of the family, so to say."
"Hallered memories, and all such,
hanging around It, as It were?" In
quired a visitor.
"Eh-yahl That's whur we tied our
children, one after another, as thoy
got big enough nnd put their first
shoes onto 'em." Kansas City Stur.
, In Bolshcvla.
A traveler, newly returned from
Moscow, tells a pretty story In the
columns of tho London Morning Post
of how he found himself In uncoin
fortablo quarters, and decided to
chnngo a very small amount of Eng
lish money Into nn unthinkable num
ber of rubles, und buy a hotel. Here
ho lived In contentment for a fort
night Leaving for home, ho gave
the hotel to the head waiter as a tip.
Many a small boy finds thnt he has
slipped up In his calculations when
the slipper comes down.
I A failure who won't admit It Is often
f the best of company.
Rosy Cheeks
and Sparkling Eyes
Just a few doses taken In time have saved thousands from serious
sickness. For fifty years reruns has been the popular family
medicine for coughs, colds, catarrh, stomach and bowel disorders
and all diseases of catarrhal origin.
Tableti r Liquid Hold Ererynhere
Every fnlluro may be a step nearer
to success.
Colds Headache
Toothache Rheumatism
Neuritis Lumbago
Neuralgia Pain, Pain
Call for Assistance.
"What is It, Tommyr
"Mre. Gadder says will you lend her
nn armful of books?"
"What kind of books?"
"She snys any kind of books. She
told mo to tell you sho has an author
comln' to dinner nn' sho wants her
house to look literary." Birmingham
Knew What They'd Catch.
Tho twins had gone In swimming
without mother's permission nud they
anticipated trouble.
"Well," snld Tommy, philosophical
ly, "we're both In the same boat, any
how." "Yes." returned Itny the humorist
of the family, "but I'm afraid It's a
Beneficent Industry.
Tho-very exercise of Industry In
Itself Is delightful and gives an innate
satisfaction that tempers all annoy
ance. - -,
Somo nervous people with a few
dollars nnd no brains take exercise by
making a run on the hnnk.
f ,3E3ssfc. X llUllsnMV
sssMsTKg T liM . JJvV SSsasssssMP " i "'
j.OOD health, the signs of which are so plainly
written in looks and action, comes from within
-rthe natural result of right food, such as Grape-Nuts.
Crisp, delicious and soundly nourishing easily
digested and quickly assimilated Grape-Nuts brings
happy smiles at the breakfast table and happy feel
ings afterward.
All the family will thank you for including Grape
Nuts in your grocery order today. It's ready to
erve in a moment with cream or milk.
Grape Nuts
"There's a Reason9'
Made by Postum Cereal Company, Inc., Battle Creek, Mich.
A cotd li an acute ca
tarrh which can cosily bo
come chronic. A great
many diseases may bo trac
ed to a catarrhal condition
of the mucous membranes
lining tho organs or parts.
Robert T. Lincoln Probably Only Man
In America to Wltnesa
Chain of Tragedies.
Robert T. Lincoln, son of President
Lincoln, nnd now In his eightieth year,
was In the army and stationed in Vir
ginia when he received an order to
report at Washington. lie got into the
theater Just In time to ecu bin father
receive his fatal wound.
llohcrt T. Lincoln was secretary of
war under Garllcld. Ho was asked by
tho President to meet blm at the sta
tion, nnd he readied there Just as Gar
field was assassinated. Mr, Lincoln re
ceived nn Invitation to attend the for
mal opening of the Pan-American ex
position at Buffalo, and nccompnnlcd
by his family, got there Just In tlmo
to seo President McKluIey shot by
Mr. Lincoln related this eery expert
enco recently to a friend, Bays Forbes
Mngazlne, nnd, so far ns he knows,
says tho writer, it had never befora
been published.
Figures Show That Tuberculosis la
Spreading, Chiefly Among Women
Active In Industrial World.
The death rate from tuberculosis
uniong women Is on the Increase. In
spite of thu Increase In active cnhca
among women the dentil rate for males
Is still higher than that for females
by nlmost one-third. "The sudden In
flux of women Into Industry during
the war may, In a measure, be rn
sponsible for this Increase," fcays a
stutement from the National Tubercu
IobIb association. "This does not
mean that (here Is any real basis for
the assumption that women nre not as
well fitted for industrial work as men
ore. It Is a fact; however, that many
women who work In Industry nlso look
after their household duties nnd bring
up largo families of children. Conse
quently, Insulllclent rest, Improperly
cooked food and lack of fresh air so
undermine the constitution thnt they
readily become victims of the tubercle)
Spreading the News.
"I hope that you won't object to my
guests knowing that I paid yon $1,000
to entertain them this evening?" re
marked Mrs. Gawker.
"Not at all, ma'am," replied the
tenor, In sarcastic tones. "Would
you like me to pin tho check on my
coat lapel Jubt before I sing?" Bir
mingham Age-Herald.
Massachusetts Long In Lead.
For more than 150 years, from the
earliest colonial days, Massachusetts
held the lead in Industrial chemistry
in America.
A successful man sees things as
they arc, not ns others tell him they