The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, January 04, 1923, Image 5

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Carl McArthur and Fred Sluby went
to Lincoln Tuesday.
Mr.?. Al Slaby was a passenger to
Cowlcs Thursday morning.
Win. Harris was a passenger to
.Hastings Thursday morning on tiain
The 1. 0. 'o. K. and Kebekah
lodge., will hold a joint in. talhition
of uiPiccrs January loth.
Frank Starr ar.ived in the e!ty
Saturday to attend to some busine -a
matters and visit friends.
Mr. and Mr.,. 0. J. Palmer .spent
last week here with her mother, Mr. .
Hassingcr, and brother, Uoy.
Ralph Da Mctz, of Harlan, Kits.,
rnd Miss Ucha Yor'.; of Atliol, Ksh.,
were mr.r.iod by Hev. Fisher last
Mr. and Mrs. Meredith IJuller of
Hastings spent tho first of the wool:
hero with his parent--, Mr. and Mrs.
J. E. Ilutlor.
Ed Carbsr rcttrnd hfim te last
of the week from Omaha r rcl
coin where ho had b"r"i ottcn'Ur.r to
some business matter .
Isadore Johns; n spent the first of
the week In Hastings with hin par
ents, It's mother having fallen down
and seriously injuring herself.
Joe Hewitt received word Monday
stating that his mother pa-sed away
at Portland, Oregon. Her remains
will bo brought to Nelson for inter
ment. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Abol and chil
dren from Campbell spent a few days
here last week v!siting with his sister,
Mrs. A. 15. Crabill and with other rel
atives. Edgar Harrington third trick op
erator at the depot, left for Denvo
Colorado, Friday morning wheie lie
will spend a few days visiting with
Harry Thompson returned home
Thursday morningon No. 11 from
Bellefontainc, Ohio, where he went to
spend Christmas with his ion,
' A large number attended the
wolf hunts held last Thursday south
west of this city and Monday ndrth
of town. Last Thursday seven wolves
were killed and it is reported that
three were killed Monday.
Mrs. Emma Hickson, aged 45
year.-, d'ed at he: home in Tennc see,
Dec. 25, 1022 and the rem:-in, ac
compaircd by her husbnnd were
brought to this city Tuesday morn
ing. The deceased was a sister of
Mrs. Harry Stroup and Newt nnd
Frank Scibert. The funeral ser
vices were held this afternoon anil
interment was made in tho city
PIAXO Al' A lAI?fSlX:-We Iimvp
a pliino In good eotxlitinn tint otn of
our rnstnmpr wns unable to finish
paying for, thnt wn will place free of
ehnrpe in tho home of any satisfactorr
customer in tho vloinity of Red Cloud
who will pay the balance in cash or
easy payments. Write GASTON
, vrmf t h tir, wf k Uiimrlv ttquUUt. ' '
.1 ,s ' .-falnty Dtrtthy
'THEft folks have floma to the
Vyoonoluslon thnt ours Is a real
exquisite serio. They are treated
politoly, tholr woik is wpII done and
our chargeH'8iinply give u a fair
return for e.xpertness and labor.
Your soiled gown will be better otl'
for a visit to thib shop. Your bus
band'-, elutlus slll re'aln their
tailorel iine if you hai" us look
after them Xn I von Uouw a
mtm's ojiitlies lc ii-t'il mpuli at
toiitiou. m VVi 'X
To accomudntM patron! deMrlng
to visit till
Live Stock.
the IiiirliiitMi.n will Hi'li round
trip tielfis nt nttf of fare nnd
one.thlnl (iiiiii.iniitn tare $'' (n
January il to IT). ImdiKivc,
lliml U'tuiii llinir, Jntiuuiy -A.
Ticket Agent.
Miss Midrcd Uoren was a passon
ger tj Cowle, Monday morning.
C. 0. Saunders was a p.ssengci to
Uluo 11:11 SuUiiday moniing on Aai.'i
Gone White wp.s r paaaenge..
Guide Ivoe1: Tuesday morning
tfa'n 1G.
Mi s Yola Swarts went Alma Sun
day morning on train 1C to spend
the thy vi itintr with friend-.
T. C. Swartz is in Kansas Oity for
a few days attending to bus'nes
matters, returning home the first of
the week.
Mrs. Halbert Thomas went to Lin
coln Monday morning on train 4 to
attend the Annual Meeting of No
braska Organized Agriculture.
Mrs. C B. Crone was a passenger
to Hastings Tuesday morning after
a short visit here at the home of her
daughtc:, Mrs. Frank Peterson.
Miss Mary Christian left on Sun
day for Hartington, where she has
accepted a responsible position in the
office of the Cedar County News.
Jame.i Peterson went to Omaha
Monday morning on train 4 to at
tend the Implement Dealers' Con
vention being held there this week.
A. T. Walker returned home Sun
day evening from Kansas City
where he went the first of the week
to attend to some business matters.
Fdgar Harrington returned to
work Monday morning on train 1G
after spending the past few days
in Denver, Colorado, visiting friend .
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold arrived here
Sunday morning from their home in
Franklin fjr a short visit at the
home of their daughter, Mrs. A. K.
Dean Dickson returned to Lincoln,
where he is attending the Univort-ity
the first of the week after visiting
with his father, Ed Dickson and with
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Oatman retmn
ed home Saturday evening from
Omaha where they went the first of
the week for a few days visit with
Miss Pauline Gellatly of Indianap
olis, Indiana, is here visiting for a
few days at the home of her brother,
H. C. Gellatly and fa-mily and with
J. H, BRinger, J. M. Mclntoah, J.
W. Robertson and G. A. Merrill
went to Kansas Oity Sunday morn
ing in charge of the stock shipped
front here. .
Mr. and Mrs. Hrneat NewUous
went to Guide Rock Monday morn
ing to apend the day visiting at'the
home of his brother, Paul Newhouse
and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Hincs arrived
here S mday evening on train 17 for
a few d'tys visit with her parents,
Mr. and Mr . Frank Aile and with,
other relatives.
Farm Loans
Call and see me if you uant a farm
loan at iv roJnceJ rate of Interest and
best option, Loatw closed limnoili
utuly with no delay or expense forix
J. 1. BAILftY.
is to
ToOleiiii.flp on nil Winter Coats
will dUeomilthcm M. -HarbaraPharoa
Smttti llro'M. or Superior , will hold
their Annual Urod Sow Sato on Feb
utarv (I Wntcli thlbjiaper.
Hiss Helen Albright (returned to
Lincjln Tuesday morning after
spending the pat few days here
visiting w'th her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. M. A. Albright.
MisT 'ella Taylor returned to
Veago Monday morning after
stiending the past week here visiting
with her sisler, Mrs. C. M. Sherwood
and with other relatives.
Fprrcsl Mountford returned to
Jmahu Monday morning to resume
his studies after spending tho past
wee'; hc.e visiting with his parents
and with ether relatives. .
Mis Milded Polnicky rctur'.ed to
her stud'es at the University at
Lincoln Tuesday morning aftc:
spcnd'i'g the Chri tmas holidays
here vi King with relatives.
Mrs. Georgia Walker cturiind
home Saturday evening oi Ir.iln 11
from Lincoln wi.e:e she spent Christ
mas .isit'ng at the of her
I'aughtor Mrs. (lm--. Rherer.
il; s J'.iy Richard oi returned t)
Lincoln Titc.dty moinirg after
upending ( hristmas here v's'ting her
mother, Mr-. Ida Richan'son. She
is attending the State Unher.ity.
l''ivc ears of cattle were loaded
out of hero Sunday morning to Kan
sas City and two cars of hogs to
Kansas Ciiy. Tuesday nnr.iing
there were two cars of Hogs 'hipped
to St. Joe.
Merlyn Doner and Miss Blanche
Honor returned to their studies in
tho University at Lincoln Sunday
morning after spending the week
here visiting with their paicnts. Mr.
and Mrs. V. II. Boner.
M"s. W'll Hincs and children went
to Wymorc Saturday morning on
train 16 to spend a couple of days
visiting with his parent:'. Mr. Ilino
went down on No. 14 Sunday morn
ing, returning with them Monday.
Mrs. Alice Hosmer,' after a toJDurn
of some duration with relatives in
Illinois and other eastern states, re
turned home the first of the week.
While not having completely recov
ered from her recent misfortune, the
sustaining, of a fractured liirfb, when
run over by an automob'lc in Clin
ton, Illinois, some few montlis ago,
yet is making sufficient progress a
to enable her to make tho datempnt
that it was only the question of a
short time until .she anticipated '"P
ing back to normal. Commercial Ad
vertiser. On Friday evening a social event
of feme importance is to take place
at the , Masonic hall when the Ma-
oius and tucir it.uics anu me East
ern Star members and their husbands
or escorts will enjoy a O.O dinner
and a program. The committee have
arranged to have Emma McCIel
land, Grand Matron of the Ea tern
Star in Nebraska, ta':e part in the
program. The new Masonic male
quartet, which has just been organized,
is to appear in public for the first
time on that occasion. There will be
other numbers of especial interest.
Following the program the evening
will be spent in a social yf&y. All
Masons and Star members of Red
Cloud and vicinity are invited.
Garfield Cojunuiity Church
Begin the ?w Year right by going
to Charoh and Sunday School oli
Sunday. . ; .
f Sunday Sahool, id a. m. Theme for
atudy la ''Right Uses of the Lords Day".
Sermon, 11 a. m , subject: "flow to
Youug Peoples Prosraw of Song,
Readings, Stories etc , 7 p. in.
Sermon, 7:15 p. m., "A Runaway
Slave Who was Caught".
Wo know you will find all of these
meotluus or leal hi'mom rlau t
oomo If it K 'bl, firing a biielc t
along ami drain ymir car. If it i
snowing or inudily, put on the nhalis
Chuteh I-. lil;o tho time, it goson rain
or shlno.
Tlio chorus met ts Saturday evcr.lug
this woolc at the ehiireh. Homo spec,
ial work ts ahuad of us, Lut all
biisof tha Olinrns be thuru. You will
ijjj y tba Hiusiu aiid tho good time.
. E. M. Kthalnau, Pastor.
It Is rtiimfrbd tffftt this city
htirc nnothetvcjotliing stores
Tho county commissi mors "Will
meet next Tueadny. ,
Hude Robert, on of Uluo Hill wis
in the city Wednesday.
Mrs. Al'co Clauson was a passenger
to Littleton, Colorado, Monday even
ing on train 17.
The county treasurer's . oflkc is
very busy handing out the now auto
license tags for this year.
Miss Gertrude Coon is here vb it
ing for a couple of weeks with her
parent-, Mr. and Mrs. John Coon.
Mr. and Mrs. J. O. ilutlor leturncl
home Thursday after spending tho
past month in Oklahoma visiting rcl
nitves Lyle Harris of Wheeler 'a here vis
iting for a few days with his pi-ienls,
Mr. r.nd Mrs. A. K. Harris and w'th
Mrs. Dave Kaley returned homo
Wednosihy- evening on tr.-'in II aflov
spending the past few dnys in L'ncoln
M;s. Ivln.i Hinderson returned
hnmp Wedncday evening on train 1 1
after a short time tpont in Hus(irr
wit',) f tends.
Mr:. Tom Lain ro'umod tho fir t
of t1e week from Omaha where sh
Tn- hr,!i for the past coupje of week
vih't'n" with her daughter.
Pan Ga'ber wont to Lincoln Y t
V,pdno''py evening to 'lake up hi
duMes ns Uepresentnlivo at the con
vening of the leg! laluro this week.
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Wagoner and
family auloed down from I In tines
S-mday to spend the week visiting'
with his parents, Mr. t.nd Mrs. N. B
Wpgonor nnd with other relat'vp-.
C. F. Davis Passes Away.
Charles F. Davie, for many years i
resident of Lokhii prnclnet, Smith I
county, Kansas, died at his home Wed-.
nesday afternoon after an illni".s of'
snvnral months duration. He was born j
In Illinois, July 2.J, 1S2 utid was aped) A tt- Ellison went to Guide Rock
(50 years b months ami 11 days. A wifo.Thur day morning to spend the day
and fniiilly aro loft to mourn his ilc.
misti Tim funeral services will be
hld ft the Mt. Hope uhureli Friday
Card of Thanks.
Wc wish to thank the many fiitnds
and neighbors for their assistance dur
lug tho illnesa and burial of our bo
loved sou, Luwis. also tho sinci-M and
thoso who eontilbiiied the licantlfiil
(lowers. May Gud bless you is our
Mr. and Mr-J. W. II. Walter
and family.
Starts Friday, Jan. 5, Ends Jan. 2
On the Following Different Lines
Gloves, Mittens
All Winter Weight Gloves and Mit
tens in yarn, fleece, leather lined
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Outing Gowns.
ChildrensSleeping Garments
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These goods
but at this special
Hoods are goznff up
Cheerful acceptance of orders
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Prompt Delivery are two of the
reasons that our store has such -a
big clientele.
Another is that our Groceries arc always fresh,
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onable. May wo have the pleasure of a visit
or call from you to-day?
. A. Wullbrandt
Groceries nnd Qucenswarc
Bell Phone 29
attending to business matters,
Fred Gordon returned to Chilli
cothc, Missouri, where he is attend
ing school Sunday morning on train
M, after spending the past couple
of weeks here visiting with his par
ents. Mrs. Lester Amack of Scldcn, Kan-
ses, is here visiting for a few days
with relatives and friends. Mr.
Amack is expected Saturday for a
hort visit with his parents, Mr. and
Mr.'. G. 0. Amack.
JP "H3
Childrens Ready Made
Gingham Dresses
Ready to Wear Gingham Dresses in
sizes from 2 to 14 years. All good
style but lines are broken and in order;
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Twenty-five per cent
were all marked very close vhen bought
discount you will be saving money as all
in price.
Ind. Phone 12
0. C. Tcel returned home Wednes
day evening from Lincoln where he
s.cnt Christmas day visiting at the
homo of his daughter, Mrs. Frederick
V. B. Watkins, of Helena, Okie..,
printer of some fifteen years ex
perience has accepted a position with
this office. He and his vvife havs
moved into the Harwood property
north of the Auld Library.
j Mrs. Robert Breakcy and baby ro
turned to their home at Grand island
Thursday morninir after spending the
past couple of weeks here visiting
with her mother and at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Lew Breakey. i