The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, December 28, 1922, Image 5

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h ' ry:s
'A- i. r
Mr. Jacob Peterson was a ms
scnger tj Ilrstings Saturday on train
Lynn Du h spent Thursday in Mc
Cook icturjing home on II Friday
S. I. Parker was a passenger to
Central City, Satin c'ay m Tiling: on
Uivn 'i.
Miss Anna Stuniponlio st w s a pas
senger to Bladen Saturday morning
on train 4.
Miss Margaret Miner i home fiom
Falls City, to spend Christmas w'th
home folks.
Italph Whitney was a passenger
to Lss Angeles, California, Monday
evening on train 17.
Miss Hthel Hilton went to Hardy
Saturday morning ,vi train 10 alter a
short visit here with friends.
Roy HoUnson arrived hcie l'ruh.y
morning to spend a few days visit
ing with lelalivci and fr'cnds.
Miss Minnie Christian and VJ giniu
Tale were passengers to Superior
Wednesday mo ning on train 10.
C. M. Funk relumed to his home
at Superior Tuesday morning after a
couple of ('ays hcio visiting with
Donald Funk returned to his work
at Hastings Monday evening after a
short vis't here with hi-, aunt, Mrs.
Zella Taylor of Chicago is
hcie visiting for a few days' at the
homo of her sister, Mrs. C. M. Sher
wood, and with friends .
Mrs. E. F. Bennett and baby went
TJtefc to Friend Saturday morning where
VfSjw $y v'' spend the Chri tmas holi
iVjy' with her parc.its.
,Mis. Chas. Turner returned home
Friday from Illinois where she has
been spending the past couple of
weeks visiting with relatives.
Harry Thompson left Fiiday even
ing en train 17 for Bellefontaine,
Ohio, wlieie he will .spend a few
days visiting his son, Wiliam.
Mr. and Mrs. John Amcll went to
Orleins Monday mu-n'ng on train 15
to spend Christmas with his parents,
returning on 14 Tuesday morning.
Mrs. Georgia Wnl'.er went to Lin
coln Saturday morning to spend a
week visiting with her daughter.!,
Mrs. Chas. Sherer and Miss Moy.
Mr. and Mr Harvey Rickors n and
children spent Christmas in Orleans.
Mr. Ricke on returned home Tucs
day morning, the latter remain'ng
fo." i. few moi e days.
Raymond Turnure ' arrived here
f.-om Mitchell, Sundiv morning on
train 16 fu a few days visit with
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Tur
nure, and other relative.
Attorney and Mrs. Howard Fo
and baby returned home Tuesday
ova ling an train 11 froni Lincoln
where they had bec-i for the past
few days visiting with his mother and
brother, Glen.
THE folks who make use of
our cleaning and, prosslug
ud dyeing .faqllltiejs are be
,gtVMtt,t ,we. wl)tl Mis Weotl.
miaX,?- WfllclUkcnaeW!1 extreme'
,WAlafJ?tellk'lt.iit)fl in anil
U'r. w Umf-limt WVfcK
i rlgbt
t" ?"' upiF ! e n sV !
tOt'WU V.ta WHV
l ".""h; ih
Mr. and Mr . Chester Roberts
pent Cluistmns with his naxmtsat
l irbury.
Walter T. Graves ipent Christina
with his wife and iclafves at Km
sas City.
Mr. Mid Mrs. Howaid Fee 'were
passengers to Hastings Tliur day
moining oi train 4.
Mr. ;.nd Mra. Al Goodwin ar
rived i:i the city Tuesday evening to
visit her patent , Mr. and Mrs. Win.
Mi, and Mrs. Iloy Oatnian went
tj Onu'ha Tuesday morning ou train
4 to spend a few days; visiting with
W. A. Komjuc went to Krdicott
Thursday morning on train 10 to
spend the day attending to bu iness
Olias. Conard went to Hastings
Thursday morning after spending
the p.'ist few days here attending to
busmc s mattes.
R y Hasshgcr and his mother
we e passenger' to Hastings Friday
morning where they will spend a
.'cv diys visiting with relatives.
Mis, Kr'.ith Ileezley ar.ived hero
Tliur day evening on train 11 for a
couple f weeks visit with her par
ents, Mr. ! d Mrs. She man Dcczley.
M s Theltna McBridc is heit'
fom Manhattan, K- n-as, visiting
tiuough' the holidays with her pat
ents, Dr. and Mrs. W. H. McH:iX
Mr-s. Lcc Johnson and son went
to Beatrice Friday niornng on tr.v'n
10 whore they will spend the Chri. I
mas holidays visiting with relatives.
Carl Allan and Cecil Harris ie
turned home Sunday eve ling fr m
Goring and Srottsbluff where they
had been working in the sugar beet
. dories.
Fred Kuehn, who is world tg in
the 0. B. & Q. round house at Lin
coin spent Christmas heio with his
wife and her patents, Mr. and Mr .
Ed Anderson.
Mr. and Mrs. Out.. Huflfer end her
mother, Mis. McDowell and daugh
ter rpcnl Christmas with the'r
drughtcr and sister, Mrs. Ernest
Davis and family at A:;tcll.
Ficd Gordon arrived hcie Thurs
day morning f'.om Chillicothc, Mis
s jri, where lie is attending sclio 1
to sj'end the holiday. visiting with
his parents and with friends.
Hibart Blackledge, who is at
tending the stjte university at Lin
o In, is spending the holidays heic
with his father Judge Blackledge
and .ister, Mrs. Floyd Turnure and
Lewis Ciwler left for Live Oak,
California, Wednesday evening rn
train 17 wheie he will spend a
couple of weeks vil iting with his
son a id attending to some business
Miss Wilma Payac arrived here
from Omaha Wednesday evoniijg to
pend tho Ohristnu's holidays with
her grandma, Mrs J. Wisccarver
and at the home of, her aunt, M s.
Geo. Kuiley.
Mgr. Bill Linn of the Auditorium
is to be complimented for showing
"The Old Nest" on Sifiduy and
Monday. It wns one of the best
picture's that has ever been shown
ii this city and the people would be
pleased to see more special features.
Mrs. Chas. Brubalser, so it is re
ported, wou somewhat lacerated
about the face, from glass from tho
widshield, on Christmas night, when
she and her husbabd were out riding
und their car lights went wrong.
The misfortune occured while they
were endeavoring to reach home, but
were bumped into by another autoist
however. Commercial Advertircr.
Wiliam Montgomery, young son
of Mr. and Mrs. Dale Montgomery,
while playing about the homopf
tiis grandparents, Mr. and Mra. yf,
A. Kent, on Sunday, coma iri contact
with a barb wire fence, with the re
sult that it required a. few,, stitches to
close the lacerations sustained "ibiwi
1 9i&m?.
i V 'X
.Firm Loams
-"" " w w j wm M -api uv
loT&tttitfflced rate of In for. I hd
best option. Loans closed iriarftedl.
uau and see me ir jroa waut ra ttl
ately.wlth no delay or eipeBse'forex1
.ulmtlnn. I '"'' V
J. a. 9UIM
Kins of the Hill
By Christopher G. Hazard
1(0, lit'.".', Woatrrn NfWimir Union, )
npiIK long bill glistened In the win-
ter moonlight like a frosted cake.
The road that rnn down It like a
silvered ribbon, reaching across the
railroad track ntnl on through the val
ley, lost Itself In n shimmering haze
of snowy whiteness. The wind, as If
afraid of awakening the sleeping
town, had hushed Itself Into stillness,
waiting along the way and under thu
shadows of tho quiet trees for the sig
nal of dawn. The scone was an Invita
tion to a sport now largely displaced
by rushing motor cars, but then one of
the chief delights of the Christinas
season. The bobsled of those days
and nights was the pride of owners
nnd the prize winner of competitions.
The annals of the Slater Hill race
course registered triumphs as real und
momentous as those of any race track.
The moon had watched with an ex
pectant io until ten of the clock and
was about to retire under a passing
cloud I iv disappointment, when the
clamor and shouting of an approach
ing crowd renewed Its spirit. From a
side street they came, merry lads and
lasses, with those of Inter years who
had not forgotten how to be young.
Soon the head of the hill was crowded
with competitors and the air rang
with the hustling preparations for the
first race.
The sleds of that time were no or
dinary iiffnlis'. I.:irge enough to hold
from four to six pasencers, they ro
Jolced in Mgnltloant titles mid all the
beaut) and comfort that their maker's
art could put into shape, paint and
upholster. Vhcn loaded nnd on a
Competing Sleds Dashed Away.
steep and ley road they were swift
enough to distance the wind, ami, un
controlled by hit and bridle, they could
not be stopped before reaching the
foot of the Incline. There was thus
enough of adventure In their trips M
furnish the tingling excitement that
kept out the winter cold. The good
natured" rivalry, too, gave Interest to
the sport.
This year there was a special reason
for the gathering, for Tom Atkins,
having ioeclvd a Christmas present
of a sled of the latest style and named
"'I'lwi l.'lmr .if tu. lllll" li.i.l Imnn
. ..- ..i(i . ... ...... ...... III"....
boasting that the title was a just one
and arousing all the determination
that the others hud to prove liim
wrong. The "Dart," the "Bacer," the
"Dauntless," the "Peerless," und
others as glorious were eager to lieat
the untried ami vaunting newcomer.
The race was Inconclusive, fur
Atkins got a false start and tipped his
load over into a snow bank. The sec
ond and the third races gave the lau
rels to the "Dart" and the "Peerless,"
respect holy, and left Atkins' heart In
ids hoots; hut the fourth attempt end
ed with "The King of the III il" a rod
ahead and with its owner's chin pro
tuberant ami uplifted. Then tlmu went'
by with arylng fortunes until the
eoncliidliiK ami deciding eimtcst. It
was agreed that the winner of this
llnal should he crowned the khu; of
the hill Indeed, with none to dKpute
Amid the hiihhub of these Inst ar
raiigeiueuts no one had heard the dis
tant whistle of "Thu Fljer," as the
night expioss for Boston was called,
and the competing sleds dashed away
down the long descent without a
thought of diuiKcr, nor, until half way
down, did any danger appear, but then
the locomotive's headlight' Hashed
around the curve and upon the cross
ing, now but a short Ilntauce away
with a baleful and threatening glarK
The other sleds, somewhat In the
rear, were steered Into thu roadside
snow or left to take care of them
selves as their riders rolled off, but
"The King of the Hill" kept on, In
seeming Ignorance of the Imminent
collision. Not until the warning blasts
of the engine whistle seemed to
startle him Into action dlil Atkins
move to sure himself and his load.
Then, with, a wrench of his steering
gear and u sturdy leg-sweep, 1)6
brought his sled about, throwing it
over upon Its -side and upon its fright
ened load as the train swept by, al
most brushing theut on Its way.
It was what tho barber called, "a
tdofla shave; and what Atkint callcJ
,i'oi good- Mile! but Hue boj
called ItiRvlctoty aad.-roUa AttjMtf
faosne on "Tho Kktg af tho H1U" with
their full lnlnnMnB i. Hi, tltl.
m.m. .14 kill fo .till .K-! .... 7'
m.wv vtu-uiii. iuii Kilmer!
jet- i. Cbristaaa meoaligbU.DiiVt"
and girl jfcolMetf1 tta
av grwa oitte.ttar geaeratfaR
hai aetr toy, aai t gtorloui rwk f
.ukolvaHturHiHrtiVtAui nmotr.Ac,
- a - - - ,
mmn niw yi uiogii, a
B( i. E DMlft UMMfcftAPt'lB It tkW
vreglter -tho. .night jw.,Ta AUfau
i.gvt a, dottUft,f co Ut; kftttag tkf
racer. a ana i,W "Ktog .f.v
un.nw.';p i., -
Garfield Community Church
Now Yen is Dny services will bn he'd
at tho (Sni Held Chtnvh next Sundiiy,
The order of servii'H will tie:
U):X' a. in Sunday School.
II :00 n. in Soiinun: "The TlihiKH 'o
Mh)1 Leavo Behind "
7:00 p. in. New Years Service.
7:15 p m. Suiinoii: "Is tho World
(Setting Bottei'.'"
Attheeloso of the Sundii? Solum
bessinii, tho school will elect olllcers
for tho year lli'J.'l and the Adult and
Young Peoples (Masses will elect touch,
The New Vein's seivlco at 7 p in.
will consist of Minus Story of Hymns,
New Years Ntiggots and Xqw Yeais
Talks. Mis Kverott Coon will also
givti seveinl New-Yoais reading'.
We believe tlnit jon will Hud all the
Sunday services m Interesting that
you will not want to mi nny oftlieiu,
I). C. Henderson and Ike Job ison
sjient Chri linus in Hastings
Isadoie Johnson went to OmiJia
Monday night to attend to some
business matters.
The Sunny Side Sunday Scho 1
held their Christmas cxcclscs at
the school house Sunday evening.
Tho children who look-prut in the
piogiam diil splendid after which
Tom Hawkins ofliciatcd as S.i ila
''laus and distr.buted treat- to tb
children A. B. Peirco.- win is Su-
pc intendent of the Sundcy Sclioel
deerve. much for the un
tiring woik lie lias given in bu Ming
up tlii school and also for gelliiur
up the program. Tho scho.l house
was not large enough to accommo
date all those who desired to attend
the program.
Miss I'carl Newhouss, who has
been rttending 'ehool at Peru, is
lice spending the Christmas holi
days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
13. II. Ncwhnu.c and with other
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Duller entor
taiincd the "cllowing iclativcs at
their home Sunday" and Monday:
Hurry Dates and wife of Obcilin,
Ka, O. J. Miller and wife of Clay
ton, Ka., Mr. and Mrs. John Miller
of Jennings, Kas., and Mr. and Mrs.
Meredith Dutler of Hastings.
Monday, January 1, 1923
n mi. i i "' ' . ii
Roimdup will be in the Robertson pas
ture at the Glover farm 4 Yz miles north
east of Red Cloud.
North line will be the Federal highway
running east to Cowles.
West line will form on the Federal
road running north di Red Cloud.
East line will form on the Pleasant
Hill school house Ircmd.
South line will be the Golden Rod high
way. Corners will start at 10 a. m., and the
i ' )ll,i u i
sides at 10:20.
,feRifles or Dogs Alloweil Osed
Evrv iriftn whaJcills a wolf will be entitled to.
vrv man whaJulls a wolf will
,vt Invw? 1 .n
,i iy u 4swmr rp- ,wwi
Oi J Icot ibcw,
"Wf tfflilrtm
wolves a? there are plenty in this territory . r
Cheerful acceptance of orders
over the phone or in person and
Prompt Delivery are two of the
reasons that our store has such a
big clientele.
Another is that our Groceries are always fresh,
pure and wholesome and our prices most reas
onable. May wc have the pleasure of a visit
or call from you to-day?
P. A. Wullbrandt
Groceries and Queensware
8mTnTW ' ' -
Bell Phone 29
We Wish You All
it' J, ::iitM-Stiiml
01m 1 WT?lylBfc"MIWf ..
t 1A.I1
i wt1.
r, Mq my v4f
Svxn ,m ndhi:ff$m
Ind. Phone 12
a Happy New Year
MllVlit '1 "He
JlH Olii IK Kill
tn .n a '. ilvirfi.'-
firty..' HomnH nnhimfh.
.inr bio