The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, December 14, 1922, Image 6

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III the Btm shop of the Washington nnvy yard they nro making letter boxes
dlscnrded shell cases and other ordnnnce material.
Biggest X-Ray Apparatus in World
Garfield hospital, Washington, D. C, has Installed the largest X-Ray ap
paratus In the world for the treatment of cancer. This machine Is so designed
that It Is unnecessary for tho patient, attendants and operator to he protected.
A Jacket of lead, one-half Inch thick, lines the cylinder, effectually preventing
the escape of the rays. A slx-luch aperture In the hottom permits the rays to
play upon the parts of tho body selected for treatment. The equipment de
livers 200,000 volts, which Is 100 per cent greater than has been produced lu
America by nny other such apparatus.
Lots of Oil Wells
? vxn '
mi .u-m. r " h im iwib. - Anv m
This Is Durum, but where arc the "elephants u-pllin' teak" and tho "neater,
sweeter maiden"? It Is n view of the Durmese oil fields, where the wells nro
so close together that the workmen Interfere with one another. According to
John Park, a former Dayton (O.) man, who Is manager for the Dritlsh oil com
pany controlling these wells, the number of wells to the acre on this Held is
from 76 to 100.
Costly Strawberry
S 9&agA'Wmask)a B " SS
Frank K. Beatty, president of the It. M. Kellogg company, fruit growers,
and tho Itockhlll ftrnwlerry plant, for which ho has Just puld $50,000, gaining
tho exclusive right to propagate tho berry. The plant was orlglnuted by Har
low Itockhlll of Iown and Is almost us largo as a bushel basket.
for the Instruments
in Burmese Field
Plant and Buyer
WLmKEtf&r b
of Warfare
for the Post Office department out of
Beforoyou start a riot, examlno tho
above photograph. . Capt. L. M. Mc
Bride Is showing the new tear ebb
gun with which Washington pollco
will bo equipped for riot squad duty.
The gun has two cylinders and n noz
zle. Compressed air In one cylinder
draws tear gas from tho other and
throws a stream through the nozzle.
The stream breaks up into a lino mist,
and If It ever ranches you, you nro
going to cry and cry hnrd, no matter
how stony your heart may be. Tho
gun weighs seven pounds.
Oen. John J. Pershing being doc
orated with tho Polish "Vlrtutl mill
tarl" and "Polonla restltuta," awarded
him by tho Polish government for
services during tho World war. Tho
presentations wero mado by Dr. Wro
hlewski, tho new minister to this coun
try from Poland.
Trailing Aurora.
Incidental to his voyage of discovery
In tho Arctic, Captain Itoald Amund
sen plans to make movie pictures of
tho aurora boroalls that wonderful
phenomenon, now known to be olectrl
cat lu Its nature, which manifests it
self In tho form of light-streamers
that ascend Into the sky all 'around
tho Arctic circle.
Occasionally In our latitudes wo get
a glimpse of It, but only n glimpse;
and it seems to us. as If tho stren 11113
sprang from the surface level of tho
earth. But they do not. They sturt
from 40 to 50 miles up.
It Is tho sun that makes the aurora,
which varies In size and Intensity with
solar activity. Onco In a while, when
It reaches a maximum, Its streamers
may bo seen stretching clear across
our night sky, and thero Is so much
electricity let looso that all our tele-
J graph Instruments go on strike'.
Recent Happenings in Nebraska
Given in Brief Items For
Busy Readers.
There are live applicants for tho
position o postmaster i.t Wymore.
John Peter Oloson of Omaha cele
brated his tOOth birthday last week.
The Stale .Manufacturers associa
tion will hold Its sessions at Omaha
December H.
A loss of nearly $10,000 was caused
by a lire which destroyed the Catholic
church at Agnew.
Lake Doris, near Sargent, has been
stocked with 1,000 black bass from
tho hatcheries at Gretna.
The city of Harvard is advertising
for bids on the paving work which It
plans to start next spring.
Harold Smith of Plattsmouth was
killed when the auto In which ho was
riding ran Into a heavy truck.
Former governor of Nebraska, chosen
by the democrats at the recent elec
tion to represent the Flret district
In congress.
A. L. Cuvluess, for sometime presi
dent of Peru State Normal, has tender
ed his resignation, which was accepted
and will become effective August 1,
By a vote of nlnety-llve to eight the
membership of the greater Norfolk
association decided to change the
name to the Norfolk chamber of com
merce. The State Grand Chapter, Itoyal
Arch Masons, will meet at Omaha
December 13. Tho Grnnd Council, It.
S. M will also be In session at the
same time-
By defeating the Laurel American
Legion team 0 to 0, tho Ilartington
American Legion soccer football team
claims the championship of North
eastern Nebraska.
Farmers around Central City are
being asked for subscriptions to a
fund to buy a lire truck equipped
with chemical tanks and ladders for
uso In protecting tho rural district.
State expenditures lu November ex
ceeded receipts by .$178,000 and the
stuto general fund Is $74i.000 over
drawn, according to the monthly re
port of State Treasurer Dan Cropsey.
After he was jarred out of tho auto
mobile his mother was driving on a
rough road near Petersburg, the three-year-old
son of Mrs. Otto Ituinstlck
fell under the wheels of the car and
was Instantly killed.
Col. J. II. Presson, who has served
at the state house at Lincoln as record
clerk under Governors Aldrlch, More
head, Neville and McKelvIo, will re
main In charge of that department
under Governor-elect Bryan.
Attorneys have Hied a petition containing-
170 sheets In county court re
questing a recount of the entire Doug
las county vote for sheriff. "The peti
tion does not allege fraud or corrup
tion," say the attorneys. "We only
charge Irregularities and errors in
counting the vote." .
Beginning January 1 the agricul
tural college of the state university
will conduct n wintor course In automobile-tractor
mechanics. Tho In
struction will consist of lectures and
shop work covering tho care, repair
and operation of all kinds of motors
used by tho farmers.
The question of whether Nebraska
should adopt tho Kansas industrial
court will be fought out this year In
the state high school debating league,
according to announcement made by
Professor M. M. Fogg, president of the
Jonas Lucht, a farmer near Wol
bach, plowed up the skeletons of
several Indians, togother with a lot
of relics and treasures of the tribe,
all In a good stato of preservation.
Belles of various kinds have been
picked up in this neighborhood, but
tills Is the first tlmo skeletons of In
dians have been unearthed,
Representatives of farmorh' union
locals meeting at Nelson, unanimously
passed a resolution opposing the ship
subsidy, copies of which wero sent to
Nebraska members of congress.
Mare than 10,000 football enthus
iasts witnessed tho Thanksgiving
giuuu at Lincoln between tho Uni
versity and Notro Dame tho fonuer
winning by a score of 1-1 to 0.
Fifteen Nebraska candidates wero
admitted to tho bar on recommenda
tion of tho stato bar commission, fol
lowing a bar examination at tho state
house. Not a candldato "flunked," the
commission announced.
Final and Complete Returns on Ref.
erendum as Voted on at Elec
tion November 7.
The total vote for and against this
law equals &0 per cent of the total
vole cast In the election showing that
a very large percentage of voteia
expressed thoniM'lvos thereon.
The law received a majority In all
hut 14 counties In a total or P.'l. In
six of these 11 counties It lost by less
than 100 votes. Approved by l.'i.flSU
majority; Votes In favor, 1S0.101;
Votes against, l-10,ll.
The law carried in most of the
larger cities Including Omaha, Lincoln,
Grand Island, Hastings, Beatrice,
Fremont, Kearney, Falls City, Fair
bury, Scottsbluff, York and Nebraska
City. Counties with large rural
populations returned especially "large
majorities in favor of the" law.
Those counties returning more than
fiOO majority were: Adams, Buffalo,
Burt, Butler, Cass, Cedar, Cherry,
Clay, Colfax, Dixon, Dodge, Douglas,
Fillmore, Franklin, Gage, Hamilton,
Lancaster, Nance, Neuialm, Otoe,
Pawnee, Polk, Itlchardson, Saline,
Saunders, Scottsbluff, Seward, Sheri
dan, Thayer, Thurston, Washington,
Wayne and York.
Mlna It. Tweed has been nominated
by the president as postmistress at
A steam cooker exploded in the
home of Lieutenant-Governor Barrows
at Lincoln, causing several broken
windows. Mrs. Barrows escaped in
Jury. A creamery company of Grnnd Is
land, has shipped to England the past
season, eighteen carloads of eggs,
making a total of L',700,000 of that
Fremont Sunday schools have organ
ized a basketball league. Games are
to he played Saturday nights nnd a
gold medal Is to be given the league
The Agricultural College of the
State University Is offering an un
usually attractive list of winter short
courses for the benefit of buy farm
ers and their sons.
According to records In the olllre
of the Oinalfa police department, l!V!li
was tho "wettest" year in the city's
history, -l.SOli persons arrested for in
toxication in the 11 months.
W. F. Thlehoff, for the-past several
years general manager of the Burling
ton's western lines, with headquarters
In Oiualin, has been promoted to
general manager of the eastern lines.
Mrs. Maggie Pahen, OH, a resident
of Otoe county since 1S0U, Is dead at
the home of her .son, near Talmage,
after several months' Illness. She is
survived by six sons, thirty-three
grandchildren and twenty great grand
children. Unanimous sentiment at the con
vention of Nebraska county commis
sioners, supervisors and highway com
missioners held in Omaha last week,
was declared to ho that Nebraska's
road building program should not be
Many carloads of Nebraska potatoes
have been sold In Omaha as the re
sult of' the local activities in the "Buy
Potatoes Now" campaign which Is be
ing carried on by thd agricultural
commltteo of the 0;naha Chamber of
Prof. William Francis Dann, chair
man of the department of art, history
and criticism at the state university,
Is dead at his iime in Lincoln, of
heart disease. Prof. Dann entered the
university as an instructor lu 1801 and
became head of his department in
The Annual Corn Show of the Ne
braska Crop Growers Association will
he held January .'I and , as part of
the Organized Agriculture meetings at
the Agricultural College at Lincoln,
January 2 to (i. A feature of the Show
this year will be a special department
for the hoys and girls.
It Is estimated that fiO.OOO persons
visited the annual show of tho Omaha
Poultry Association Thanksgiving
week. More than 2,000 birds were on
dlsplny. Twelve silver cups and cah
prizes amounting to SU.fiOO wero dis
tributed to winners. Tho show Is ono
of the largest th the country and Is
the only free show of its kind. Visi
tors from other states who had at
tended the National and other meet
ings In tho east said the exhibit far
excelled that held at Albany, N. Y.
The show Is an annual affair held
each Thanksgiving week, nnd competi
tion Is open to the world.
Governor McKolvio in a proclama
tion Just Issued, has endorsed Presi
dent Harding's request that the period
December .'J to 0, be observed as"
American education week.
In the Hose Comb Ancoua exhibit
at tho Omaha Poultry show Thanks
giving week, Boss It. Beams of Lin
coln took first, second, third and
fourth on cocks j first, third and fifth
on hens; fourth, fifth, sixth and
seventh on cockerels; 'fourth, fifth,
sixth and soyenth on pullets, and
second on old pen; besides having
best display in class, and ho Is feel
ing pretty proud in consequence.
Nebraska Is being represented nt
the International Live Stock Kxposl
tlon nt Chicago by thlrty-slx entries
In tho Hereford cattlo division alone.
Howard Cross, a disabled war
veteran, Is In a Lincoln sanitarium
with a bullet In his shoulder, which
he received when ho was shot and
slugged, and robbed of $lf, his rain
coat and sweater.
The now half million dollar high
school at Norfolk will bo ready for
use January 1. Tho board has bought
a complete printing plant and this
trade will bo taught, pupils turning
out all school supplies.
T Lesson T '
Teacher of English Klblo In tho Moody
Blblo ItiHtltute of Chicago.)
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LESSON TEXT-Luko 10:SS-t2; W.U-M.
GOLDEN TJ3XT-Yo nro my friends, If
yo do whntBorcr I cotnmnnd you. John
PP'MAIW TOPIC-Jesus In tho Home
of l-r ndn.
JUNIOR TOPIC Jesus Among Friends
nnd Foes. . ft
Friends and Enomli'B of Jesus.
-Christ's Methods of Deullne With Peo
ple. 1. Jesus In tho Home of Friends
(Luke 10:;iS-12).
There Is no place where true charac
ter Is so clenrly revealed as at home.
1. Ills lteceptlon (v. .13). Martha
was the head of the home, therefore
she received him. It would be a fine
thing If nil homos were open to re
ceive Jesus.
2. Mary Sitting at Jesus' Feet (v.
39). She, of fine spiritual discern
ment, knew that sitting nt the Lord's
feet and hearing His Word was that
which would please him most.
' 3. Martha Cumbered About Much
Serving (v. 40). Both sisters loved
the Lord. It would be Impossible to
say which loved the more; but Martha
was bent on providing a fine meal for
Him. She was trying to do so many
things that she was on the verge of
distraction. This had so completely
got on her nerves that she found fault
with Jesus for permitting Mary to
leave the kitchen to listen to Ills
.teaching. Not only did she crltlclzo
her sister and Jesus, but she assumed
the authority to command Him to send
Mary back to the kitchen to help.
1. Jesus Answer (vv. -11, 42. (1)
Rebuked Martha (v. 41). lie did this
tenderly, for He knew that she loved
Him slnceruly. ('!) Defends Mnry
(v. 42). He declared that but ono
thing was needful, and that Mary had
chosen that good part which could not
be taken away from her.
II. Jesus Among Foes (11:14-23; 29
32; 37-51). . - '
3. Charged With Being In Lengue
Wlth the Devil (v. 14-23). Being un
willing to rccolve Him as the Son of
God, and yet unable to account for
His mighty works, they declared He
was casting .out demons through Beel
zebub, the chief of demons. Jesus
exposed the fallacy of their reasoning
by showing that In that case Satan
would be arrayed against himself, nnd
therefore woutd destroy his own king
dom. 2. Itefuscd to Believe Ills Miracles
(vv. 29-32). They asked for n sign,
to which Ho replied that they would
have a sign fiom heaven In His death
und resurrection. He reminded them,
however, that their request showed
unbelief surpassing that of the heath
en queen of the South, and the wicked
people of Nlnaveh.
3. Wickedness Denounced (vv. 37
51). He pronounced six woes upon
those who were opposing Him und
seeking His destruction.
(1) The Pharisees (vv. 37-41). Theso
He denounced for (a) punctil
iously observing some minute rites and
at the same time breaking the Ten
Commandments. They carefully tithed
tho smnll heibs of tho garden whllo
practicing injustice to their fellow
men and withholding love from God.
I He pointed out to them the folly of
attending to these external acts while,
the heart wan filled wjth wickedness.
(b) Desiring public recognition (v.
43). This Is a common sin today.
(c) For feigning humility (v. 44). He
compares their hypocrisy to graves
which nro on a level with the' ground
and may be stepped upon unconscious
ly by someone, and thus defiled. Wo
can avoid those who make their van-
i lty known by boasting, but some are
filled with thin same wickedness who
do not thus make it known.
(2) Tho Lawyers (vv. 45-54). Jesus'
strictures on the hypocritical Phari
sees aroused tho lawyers, ono of whom
Indignantly declared: "You aro Insult
ing us also." In replying to this
Christ pronounced three woes upon
them; (a) for placing burdensome re
quirements upon the people to which
they themselves would not sumblt
(v. 40). (b) For the murder of God'a
prophets (vv. 47-51). Ho showed
thnt their attitude toward Him was
the same that was fihown to tho
prophets by their fathers, (c) For
keeping back the knowladgo of God
by false Interpretation of the Scrip
tures (vv. 52-51). There Is no
wickedness perhaps so great ns that
of supposed teachers of God's Word
who keep Its precious truths from
the people by perverting Its meaning,
Seek Yc.
But seek ye first his kingdom, nnd
his rlghtenuMiess; nnd all theso
things shall be added unto you. -Matthew
0:33. . .
Rettping Iniquity.
Yo have plowed wickedness, yo hnvo
reaped Iniquity; yo have eaten the
fruit of lies. Ilosea 10:13.
Final Permanence.
Character attains final permanence,
nnd rinnl permanence can come but
once. Joseph Cook.