The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, October 19, 1922, Image 5

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Cowley for State Senator.
(e for Cowley for State Senator,
27 District. Adv.
Kuinil Ondrak went to Omaha Mon
day morning to spend a few days.
Nov. S. llardman Siient Thut.sdny in '
Wednesday, Henry Ford reduced the j
price of h.s cars $50 each.
Ralph Newhouse went to Omaha on
Tuesday to spend a few days.
A. D. Peirco was a passenger
Hastings Wednesday morning.
Mr. and Mrs. Gus Wiggins wont to
Superior Wednesday morning.
I. D. Richardson was a passenger
to Hastings Wednesday morning.
Mesdamcs Dale Montgomery and
C. A. Shccloy spent Tuesday in Hastings.
Dan G arbor went to Lincoln Tues
day morning to attend the 1. 0. 0. F.
grand lodge.
Tli Wnmsuis' Somety of tin; Congre.
gitHntitil church will hold h Food Mario-tut
Wcesnur'd Htoro Saturday, Oct
12 1st.
Good, sound, winter apples. Wine
saps and Ben Davis, at 1.00 per bu
ohel at D. Hcffclbowcr's farm. Ind.
Phono 4-28.
Chas. Swartz returned to Bladen
Tuesday morning after spending a
few days hero with his daughter, Miss
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Hutchison ar
r'vod home Tuesday from a trip to
Oklahoma where they had been visit
ing relatives.
J. H. Bailey went to Omaha Tues
day morning to vin t his sons, Grant
and Will and wife.
Joseph 0. Peterson and Miss Lavada
K. We.stcssen, both of Mindcn were
granted a marriage license by Judge
Ranncy, Wednesday.
Chas. Brjan the noct governor of
Nebraska is billed to spej.k here Fri
day, October 27th.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. F.gglcston of
Bladen spent Sunday here with rela
tives' and friends.
Rev. J. M. Butes returned home
Tuesday evening from Hastings where
he spent a few days.
Tickets for the Georgia Minstrels
arc now on sale at the Johnson-Graham
furniture store.
W. G. Warren and E. II. Newhouso
are attending the I. 0. O. F. grand
lodge at Lincoln this week.
R. B. Howell, republican candidate
for U. S. senator, will speak here on
Monday, October 23rd, at 2 p. m.
Mr. and Mrs. Mosc Oarmony of Mc
Cook spent the weekend here at the
home of her mother, Mrs. Cox.
Mm. Gilbert Heed and Miss Clela
Drain returned home Tuesday evening
from Lincoln where they attended thn
W. C. T. V. convention
Carl Oglcvic
was in Hasting on
Bon McFnrland
Studcbakcr car.
is driving a new
Mrs. A. C. Slaby
Monday morning.
went to Lincoln
Mrs. Joe Topham went to Lincoln
Thursday morning.
John Bloom was a passenger to Hnst
ings Friday morning.
Miss Josephine Davis spent the week
end with her parents at Superior.
Cowley is Webster County born and
bred. Vote for him for State Sena
tor. Adv.
Oliver Powell went to Ncligh Mon
day to spend a few days with his parents.
Mrs. Herb Ludlow spent Monday
with her daughter, Mrs. Paul New
hiuse at Guide Rock.
Dr. Robt. Damorcll went to St. Fran
cis, Kansas, Wednesday morning
where he will spend a few days look
ing after his realty holdings there.
At the annual meeting of the Far
mers' Independent Telephone Co., held
Saturday afternoon, the present of
ficers were re-elected for the ensuing
Rev. Fred J. Newland, who was
pastor of the baptist church here for
the past year, has'acceptod the pas
torate call of the Baptist church at
Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Bunn have re
turned to their home at Brownville,
Nebraska, after spending a few days
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Clair
Raymond Koontz shipped four cars
of cattle to Kansas City, Tuesday.
He accompanied the shipment.
G. R. Beck and Chas. Pichlor autocd
to Hasting Wedncd iy uftcmoon to
attend to h -e bin'nosj- otters.
Court lv '' I
In fin r:t in
Mrs. A. Delph returned to her home
at Edson, Kansas, Wednesday morn
ing after spending a couple of weeks
here at the home of her sons, Albert
and Dave Delph.
Attorney R. G. C.hh.eH Boit
Daclu r and B. F Perry were in Bla
den faturd.iy afternoon.
Evciclt Hawkins arrived here Sun
day evening to visit his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. T. W. Hawkins.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Morgan are the
parents of a baby boy which arrived
at their home last Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Luke M. Bates and
baby of Valentine, Nebraska, are vis
iting his father, Rev. J. M. Bates.
Art Nelson returned homo Thurs
day afternoon from Hastings where he
had been installing a lighting plant.
J. W. Auld and daughter, Miss Vir
ginia, returned home Sunday morning
from Denver where they spent a few
Mr. and Mr. Wycth Fogcl have been
residing at Tacoma, Washington, the
past year, b'it returned on Wednes
day to isit hi i.'itle and aunt, Mr.
nul Mrs. O. V. liu chisont
T!'e f1 : (' r piicl.icl hrg s de
cd t i!a.iiiv;s M nduy nrinr g niVr mds t'.iis a' or thh v.tck. Webster
spending Suuiltf.-. hcie v ith U-- family. C.mnly Dune As-, n.. Smith Bros., of
jSupcr'or ami the Nuckolls Countv
Mrs. Henry Clauson returned home
Monday evening from Omaha where
she spent a few days visiting relatives.
Mrs. J. W. Hauck departed Monday
morning for Goffeyville, Kansas,
where she will visit her parents and
Delaney Bros., shipped one carload
of hogs to the Kansas City market
and A. B. Crabill one carload of hogs
to Kansas City. Eighty-three cars of
stock comprised the run through here
Sunday morning. They wore handled
in two trains.
Breeders Ass'n. Head these ads and
write for catalog.
At the slate convention of the W.
C. T. U. held at Lincoln this week,
Mrs. Tabor of Inavale was elected
Superintendent of the Loyal Temper
ance Legion and Mrs. Topham was
elected alternate delegate.
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Copley and his
mother autoed to Culbertson, Sunday,
whore they spent the day with rela
Mrs. Rich Lippencott and daughter,
Lucille went to Inmnn, Nebraska, Sat
urday morning where she will visit
Special Sale Of
Starting Friday, Oct. 13-Lasting 10 Days
I HROUGH an error of the Factory in
"' shipping, I received more blankets
than I have room for and the Wholesale
House made a special rate to me rather
than have them shipped back so I am
passing this on to my customers. These
blankets should sell ?or $3,50 but to
move them ia a hurry, will offer them for
This blanket is a full sized blanket, 66x80. No more at this
price when these are gone.
During this sale will give a 10 Per Cent discount on all of the
other blankets. THIS OFFER IS FOR CASH ONLY.
Cowley for State Scnntor, 27 Dis
trict. Adv.
Mrs. Claude Henderson came down
from Hastings Friday evening for a
short visit here with her husband who
is engineer on train 4 and 11.
Mra. Clark Orow of Republican City
a mo . in the e'ty f'tui'ln" Firming to
.spfnd u f c daj i it'i 1 .v parent
M1'! rrie-,.! .
Mi.- h.iv. Boner .ent to Lincoln on
Thursday morning to visit her broth
er and sister who are attending the
-tate university.
Chas. Randall, aspirant for governor
on the Republican ticket and Attorney-General
Clarence A. Davis, were
in the city Saturday afternoon and
spoke on the issues of tho campaign,
according to their belief. Both of
these gentlemen were good speakers
and held the attention of the voters.
Saturday, Oct. 28th, 1 P. H.
3 Aged Boars
20 Spring Boars
25 Gilts
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Sutton relumed
home Saturday evening from Omaha
where they spent a week visiting rel
atives and friends.
Will Hunt arrived home Friday even
ing from South Bend, Indiana, where
he went after a Studcbakcr roadster,
which he drove home.
Mrs. I). G. Addloman went to Leaven
worth, Kansas, Friday morning after
spending a few days here visiting at
tho home of her brother, N. B. Bush.
A Special Introductory Sale of
Dr. Wests
Tooth Brusl
Mrs. Dorothy Wilson ret lined
Iio u. Sunday coning ft m 1 Jnc .In
I'C'c fk lad bH'i! i.-.ltii " h-i
i.'.ii, ISTi.-. ). I). S.inder..)n iv
Chrs. Rust returned to Gdletlr,
Wyoming, Monday morning after
spending a couple of weeks attending
to business matters heie and visiting
Mrs. Chas. Brubaker returned home
last Wednesday from Phoenix, Ari
zona, where she spent several months
visiting her daughter,
The Chester High School foot ball
team comes here tomorrow afternoon
for a game and with all the local play
ers back in the game. No doubt our
team will win.
will begin next Monday, October Jfi. and cpntinuc
two weeks. The regular price of these brushttis
arc 50c but during this introductory sale you can
get one for 05 cents.
This brush is approved by Dentisls throughout the
country. We have all the popular Tooth Pastes
and Powders. CIILOR-E-D1XO Paste is one of
tho best for clcanina and preserving the teeth.
CHAS. L. COTTING, The Druggi8t
A game warden was here Sunday
and he arrested several from here and
Kansas for fishing without license, etc
The gentlemen appeared before Judge
Ranncy on Monday.
Friday afternoon tho Harvard high
school foot ball and the local team
pUyed a game here. Tho visitors
won bv a score of 7 to 0.
Last, Friday the Harvard foot ball
team defeated the local high school
team by a score of 7 to 0 on the Hedge
field. Several of the local players
wore out of the game on account of
injuries which caused the team to be
Just received a shipment of fresh
Holland grown bulbs consisting of
Daffodils, Hyacinths, Frccsia, Crocus,
Tulips, Narcissus und Sacred Lillics
Romine's Cream Station.
Mrs. Cora Kidd returned to her home
at Sedalia, Mo., Thursday morning
after spending a few days here visit
ing her brother, Chas. Kaley and at-tc-Kling
to some business mailers.
fcholde Pure Bred Duroc Hoga Consigned By
t i i
' J, H, KELLOGG, JR., Sales Mgr.
'rpOYLE BROS., Auctioneer ,
m&r JH
Tho Rivcrton PJagross, a news
paper published by Cluis. D'. Spcnce,
made its debut last week. While Mr.
Frank Lantz, a newspaper man of
many years experience, came out with
his name as editor of the Republican
City Ranger. Col. Edson has enlarged
the Argus to a seven column paper.
Mrs. Dickson of St. James, Minneso
ta, arrived hero Monday evening for
an extended stay at the home of her
daughter, Mrs. R. V. Nicholson Her
son, A. E.. Dickson, who accompanied
her hero, left for Los Angeles, Cali
fornia, Tuesday evening on train 17
where he will attend school through
the winter.
t St o
The annual meeting of the Web
ster County Farmers' Union was held
at the court house tho last of the week
with a large number of members in
attendance. Alva Stoner was elected
president and Bert Grossman secre
tary. The Garfield local won the prize
for having tho largest number of paid
up members.
An important event f
' here because of the
fine style and quality
You get more than
new clothes here; you
get Hart Schaffner &
Marx style and quality
There is nothing better
See the new Norfolks,
sport suits; 2, 3 & 4
button sacks at
$27. SO to &45.QO
New Shoes, Fall Caps, Bradley Sweaters
Stetson and Nlallory Hats
W. G. Hamilton Clothing Co.
Yes, Garber's
Is The Place!
E. G. Caldwell
1 til
Democratic Candidate
County Attorney
This week members of the Flro Do
riartmont circulated petitions among
the,buslncs8 men bbUIdk the Council to;
purchase motorized equipment for this,
II A.. M.n ni-oonnt lilnlr I u lint fill ffl PJ
Inn fnr nil i" nnpdfl WO linilB the COUDOlF
I will take favorable aotjon op the earno
-ii .r, '1
To Buy Wall Paper, Paints,
AfcV$lectftcal Supplies.
Th$rljest place for Picture
idimi.i '
- kv Mi .n