The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, August 31, 1922, Image 4

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Residence, Bell 241 5
Phone Ind. 3 on 90, Bell 174.
Mrs. Ed Amack
Need Groceries To-Day?
A LAV AYS prepared and waiting to fill
Vany Grocery order" is the motto under
which our store is run. It means that no mat
ter how small your order may be or what par
ticular items you may want, we are ready to
supply them.
We never allow any of our lines of package,
bottled or canned goods to decrease to a "sold
out" levclj Neither do we oiler anything. in
the Vega tabic or Fruit line, unless it is strictly
fresh. And what's more, we arc sure our pri
ces will please you,
P. A. Wullbrandt
Groceries and Queensware
A piece of printed matter with
your name on it is your "Per
sonal" representative wherever
it may be found.
Surely then, the best is none too good.
That's the basis on which we guar
antee your satisfaction with our
Quality is the watchword here 'all
the time whether tb,e job be big
or little.
The Red Cloud
11 A
We Do Only The Highest Grade
Add Tone to -your business by getting the best
In the promotion of bottor Ne
braska citizenship through cdu
catloiml exhibits and wholesome
recreation. Lincoln, Sept. 3-8.
Red Cloud, Nebraska.
entered In the roMofflce nt Hcd Cloud, Neb
m Second Class Matter
A. D. McARTHUR.Edltor and Owner
Advertising Rates
Foreign, por column Inch 15c
Local, ' " 10 & 12H
(By County Agent, Henry R Fausch)
If nature's design is the physical
perfection of man and beast, and
must be quite well satisfied as she
looks upon the products which have
been developed under the designation
of "pure bred." Nothing more grace
ful in creation is to be found than
the high bred horse.- The pure bred
bull and cow are masterpieces in con
tour and coloring. The fowls of the
air are not more beautiful in their In
vestiture of pluinnge than our stand
ard bred poultry.
But what about man, who is given
dominion over these creatures? Well
humanity appears to have been so
fully occupied with improving beasts
and bhds and vegetation that it has
even deteriorated. When n man wish
es to point to specimens of physical
perfection in his kind he l everts to
the days of old, when phys'cal perfec
tion of the human being was the eh'of
cst aim and when sculptors preserved
for all time the beauty that was at
tained. Compaie man with his live stock
the pure breds he has coddled into
near perfection. He is outclassed, for
he is really a scrub. If the culling
process which he applies to his stock
and poultry were made the test of
his fitness to live he would be elimin
ated. There is keen competition in devel
opment of live stock, but premium
lists at fairs do not offer prizes to
encourage efforts to "complete" hu;
The call meeting of the local Cham
ber of Commerce in the Club rooms,
on last night, for the purpose of go
ing into recent complaints of dissat
isfaction, inactivity, etc., disclosed the
fact, by the treasurer's rcpr, thai
while the Club was financially some
what in arrears, the amount was not
of sufficient size as to yiutm:$ iiji'luu
nnxiety, but, that the slate could be
cleaned on collecting up of back dues
and the disposal of one billiard table,
which long ago was considered su
perfluous. Messrs. R. P. Weesner, W. G. Ham
ilton and Dr. Robert Martin were ap
pointed a committee to arrange a
banquet and open meeting to be held,
in all probability, next: week. At this
time all members and others interest
ed in the future of the organization
are to be summoned around the' tablo,
when it is hoped ways arid means, of
cutting expenses in the Club's opera
tion, finding out just what really is
expected of such an organization and
the prescribing of the. necessary stim
ulant will be staged. In the mean
time, it behooves us all to give the
matter a little earnest thought and if
possible aid in putting "the patient"
even beyond the need of a spring
tonic in 1023.
Miss Jessie Kellog Wants
Facts on The Code Bill
(Friday, Sept 2, 1802)
School opens Monday and the young
Ideas will begin to shoot forth.
Editor Wtfon and wife arc spend,
ing a few weeks at Colorado Springs,
where Mr. W. goes for bis health.
MiescFvTrlx Mlzor and Margie Miner
returned to Red Cloud this afternoon
aftor spending a few dnys with Mis?
Eveline Urodstonc. Superior Journal.
A son of Sylvester Day's was so un
fortunate as to have his arm broken
last Friday. Dr. McKeeby set the nf
fectcd member and the young man is
getting along nicely.
Mrs. Dr. Mcllceby has gone t o
Jamestown, Kansas, for a two weeks'
Ringling's Mammoth, Circus will be
in Red Cloud soon. The advance agent
has bocn here and contracted for
grounds, etc.
(Items of Twenty Years Ago.)
George Lindsey will leave Saturday
with his cattle for the State Fair at
Lincoln. We did not learn bow many
he will take. He expects, if he can
got the proper transportation, to take
tho cattlo to the Knusas State Fair and
also the fairs at Wicliita and .Hutchin
son, Kan.
Thursday afternoon one of Frank
nutter's boys got his right hand in a
feed mill and it was badly crushed.
Medical aid wns summoned as soon as
possible and it was found necessary to
removo tho second, third and fourth
lingers. Very quick timo was inado by
tho doctors in getting to the house,
which Is southwest of this city. In
about one half of an hour after tho ac
cident tho physicians were there.
Hugh Minor left Sunday tor Chicago,
Where he will purchase the fall stock
of goods for the firm of Miner Bros.
A. D. Ranney of Blue Hill was look
ing up buslncsss matters in this city,
Christ Zeiss, now of Horton, Kan.,
.was visiting relatives in this, city Sat
urday and Sunday.
'.J. V. Auld left Thursday morning
tot Griswold, la,, for a visit with his
parents at that place. ,
"R. T. Jewell of Hot Springs, Mo.,
who has been visiting with his cephow,
Ed. Garber, left for home Tuesday. '
Miss Mollie Ferris returned to this
oity Saturday. Miss Ferris has been on
an extended visit with her brother in
the state of Washington.
'Del and Fred Turnure left Tuesday
morning for Chicago to purchase more
goods for the fall trade. With au im
mense corn crop in sight they felt that
they must have a large stock of goods.
The Compleat Hostess.
At the Hardens', on Sunday nfler.
noon, Mrs. harden, vivacious, supple,
with a sort of frosty, golden beauty,
guiltless of make-up, but essentially
artificial, was being everything to nil
men, and much to some women.
"From Latchkey Ladles." by Mr.
. A Verbal Salad.
Tho following telegram, writes nn
Irish render, was sent by a constable
from an outlying district to his ser
geant: "Motor Just passed nt furious
rate In direction of town. Killed heifer,
containing four .gentlemen and two
greyhounds, one of which was n clergy
man." London Morning Post.
it .i ijfa i mil r t i" ------ '" ."'J; flifcSviaBMiyflrBflBUli
asseroh, the PYREX way
Easiest because it is transparent. Avoid the
guesswork and uncertainty. Look through your
PYREX and see the food baking.
PYREX the original transparent oven-ware is
sanitary and practical for everyday use and is Guar
anteed not to break in the oven.
Durable and economical saves time, fuel and
dishes you bake in and serve from the same dish.
Food actually tastes better when PYREXED thr
full flavor is retained because the baking is quid:
and thorough.
Buy n casccrolc at
I Buy n casccrolc at
fell Ir-PSIIIIi
I lllmllllK limn '"'1 lJPPr '- FW M H-flLBJI
I yilliu-JLI i j J nM(Ki ii i S)oiliiE!'ire!
G. W.
During the week ending August Dth,
tho Burlington Railroad loaded on its
system G,!11 cars of grain and grain
products. This was more grain than
was loaded by any other railroad in
the United States during the same pe
riod, according to C. E. Spens, Vice
President in charge of traffic.
Place Your Coal
Orders Now
The Malone-Gellatly Co.
, y.
Governor McKelvle's code law was
warmly endorsed by half a dozen
speakers at the republican stato com
mittee meeting in tho Lindcll hotel
Monday exening; but when a woman
member of the committee, Miss Jessie
Kellog of Red Cloud, naked to be en
lightened upon its merits, so that she
could nnswer criticisms of tho law in
her home community, nobody could
give her the desired information
"I'll have to admit that our folhs out
at Red Cloud are rowing over tho code
bill a wholo lot," Miss Kellog stated.
'I wish someone hoio would ghe me
tho facts about it. If there Is anyone
who eun do this, I'd ho glad to talk
with li I m aftor the tiieotlng."
An awkward bilonce followed. Pre
vious speakejs had praised the code
and declared that if the real facts con
corning It wero given to the voters the
republican party would surely win
Hut no one present seemed to know
anything about "tho facts."
.Stato Senator (J. II. Randall, candi
date for governor, who helped to put
tho code law through tho legislature in
1010 and who had the backing of tho
code organisation in tho primaries, was
sitting up front, but he had nothing to
Culrman 13 H. Porry waited a mo
ment for someone to volunteer, and
''Is Mr. Dross here'."' Dross absent,
iiothirg doll)','. Hut wns promUu the
Information the next day,
So, whon Miss Kellog goes Iiuium to
lied Cloud, she will cany with her-a
grip full of dope, suppllod by the $V
roo a.yeur secrotary of lliianc; in Oov
ernor McKulvlu's code cabinet, Lin
VT :-.ttt L
VvVaj i cs1
H-Jirr t
-:.). '
-'"' "S?. -LKi2i .
iisri- , .,' .
'bo -.f-.Vl
"Oh, Bad Jy boyt look what ,
Mother went and put into
the lunch hatheta whole
whopping big package of
Kellogg' a Corn Flahett
Buddy, I believe I can eat
jutt about twice as much as
you do my, hou) I lova
7t tst tn
stop eating heavy food!
& i
WssI ir the whole immly
Ualuro rebels against heavy food3
in warm weather. Much illness in
Bummer is caused by overtaxing tho
Stomach. Change your diet and keep
snappy in mind and muscle f
Kellogg's Corn Flakes with cold milk
and fresh fruit arc wonderful for the
hot days for breakfast, for lunch, for
supper or for "snacks." Eat goner
ously of Kellogg's because they digest
without taxing the stomach and supply
all the nourishment tho body needs.
For children, for the workers and for
tho aged tboro is no more delicious,
sustaining food than Kellogg's Corn
Realize what they mean to
Insist upon KelIo2gra Cora Flakes In tho
RED and GREEN package bearing the sigoa-
turo of W. K.
Kellogg, originator
S2lAW3s?i of Corn Flakes.
None aro genuine
without it I
MiI iTTnniMiiiBiniiiiM ii mmiiwi imaim wmwii - - rTT-wZT, J
nui LUI a.
AIo makers of
BRAN, cooked
and hrumblcd
SGSZrrJl'lJkVMiKMl liBMga
coln Star.: