The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, August 17, 1922, Image 8

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    ' KID . CLOUD, mClRAfKA, CHUl
, irewy f'
1.. J
J KlpW3on90,BclM74,
Residence, Bell 241
Ed A
je AsePT
&. lUUk
v y-WE
.. -
ihe 1
is one of the modern conveniences which has assum
ed a place oE first importance in the community. The
trouble, inconvenience, danger and loss of time that
would result if all the telephone lines were silent for
a single day would be appalling. Such a condition
must not be permitted to exist, and the faithful and
conscientious vork of loyal employes is your assur
ance of continuous service.
Telephone development proceeds apace with the
development of the community, and without the tele
phone the community progress would be greatly
A telephone in your home and place of business is
an essential to your convenience, comfort and. pr.o- ,
tection, and oiice established, you-w.ill find. such'&'drg
vice indispensable. . WSJ&
Information. relative to rates arift.e'rvice-1' may be
obtained fronv the 'Local Manager. ":r.ffi'.c '." ' '; ..
"-J.1" '
ING F. ;.-ORT M,
.- ' -:
ID ,.iif ;l "..
crops sold abroad lnrgely sots tlio
prlco of those commodities in this
Farmer Vitally Concerned.
AI F" ,if,l ;r M I at : pei i
crnt. of n . uhe.t i '.I .'0 mm rout 1 1
'i. r co"'"i is ex; -"J
et f.ov; as
Jo .G.7i.IR?.38,
('. '.y th'. coat of
M'l .ral ci r:oe
l uimaed ' ' .. i
nve t'
I)'.b! tt t
on -i'.'0 "t'nl .ii
. ' r t i i' i'
ii" i: ureir
'-ld ..iii". a ?rf-'
tho ct, and,
Moi.nt to an1
f cent ii
" , a bale
to- I. "The'
i"ui; a-. im! 'OMt ,
R f ''iff,
1 our
.en , ol
' ' of a "rk
fo' T !n i- t
o. urt.r.a oa tip .
Mulne b the I'aaiun.u of t.e B
t nn Board.
Wfteoln;. telephone & TreliTapb;dI:.
kviSjai m
The poultry liuhiHtry is one of
the biggest agricultural industries
In tho world. Few persons ap
preciate Its importance until fig
ures are presented showing that
Us products sell for hundreds of
millions of dollars annually. In
many parts of America tho poultry
Industry Is of more valuo than
tho horse, cattle, swine or sheep
business. For several years a 1Ik
campaign has been conducted to
Interest the children in poultry
raising. .Many thousands of hoya
and girls aro being instructed in
Hock Impingement and the caro
and marketing of egps. In onler
to assist in popularizing poultry
raising, liberal i.rhces for poul
try are- being offered by tho No
Bra ska State Fair, l.lucolu, Sept.
Annct.2 6.
Modem civilization la en ecoaoiulc
one. Tho basis of all economic civ
ilization tians-portatlon. Coal and
oil may be only momentarily basic
fuels; it Is r.osslble soma other fuel
may bi discovered. Furt In oho
form or another will always be basic
to trail" cv'i.ttlon. and transportation
In one c,r anothor is basic to
exchange of goods.
In my first artlc'.a I undertook to
demon Vj Ui how, up to the time of
tae . " ... Anu...ti, had dvelop
od a strong merchant niarlno, and to
j-UiMch t u conditions yuiroumling
our prnnical tllsappparanco from tho
sea between the Cmo of the Civil and the World War.
Daring this latter period wo were
a self-sulllclcut and self-contained
nation, having' nee.l of world trade
only In small meafro for the dispo
sition of surpluses to pay with
thorn the moneys borrowed for our
development. Our creditors were
largely the leading narltlnio nations
of tho world, and they sent their
ships to receive th ' good In pay-.
iKont of v.-liul wb iiw nil tbtim
America's Position Altered.
In the last decades, though. Amer
lea hai changed '10111 a solf-con-'
tr. n.'d an 1 tplf-sumcicnt nation ' to
one that now must look across thel
waters for rimy of Its needs., Our
munjifuclurnri must look across tho,
sea both fJr lariets niid raw nTar
.t6rjals; .pur agricultural sections
iinnst1 sell their sdrp'lus' to othor htt-1
Itjjil ' - V
' 'V Vn nrn fr. lfA:,Wfl'9tt 1ni1lll)'iM
i WUIA" i , -.". ;5:jjr,t.. ... . .-. ...i
I '.,, ,jrn ' i , K
'tin'. ' ' lay th irr.
.toMewi. " '.l;i s,!il)B' i
'.Uftlj n- for U' m."
' v.s., ' '''f from 'hr -n i!nt
tl-.-i tho i ' 't WH Vav rfnrrluFOf,
vi li, If V ': tranr,;oi'Xni' a abroad
'i ' ne'i i: will back up ou him
to t s . : !on of hi', i rice; . or
wh ;h-r ultimately ho w!!l hao no
8".r-e and i.Jlog on the .rospprlly
of the America n workers In other
eAllinga, ihe establishment of a tuor
Pliant marina has bocome of prlmo
In the ilexl and concluding article
of this series I shall undertake to
dl-icv ? how the Oovonr.v 'Tit pro
posts 0 Inauro the needed !ea nr-
i rj
1 1 ESMBUMmzaBsamtMS: :,j:uaam.
'I I .r, M
10 i lv or-.-.ii
; ,i
'', I Ii .
i ! KC.
II: t '
:a-5-' izarmmamr
K- r,
Moorlch Infiucnce on Spain.
In thi' Klghtb century the whole of
Spain, evcept Asturias, was coniiuered
by the Moors, and their voeabulnry,
phrases' and proverbs made u lasting
effect on the Custlltan tongue. . . .
Many of the words concerned with
war, agriculture. Irrigation, gardening,
and the udmlnlst ration of Justice are
derived from Arabic; they are, Indeed,
the Arable words themselves taken
over with the dcllnltc article prefixed
to them. Hut If the Moorish Inlluence
on the outward fonn.s of Spanish life
was great. Its Inilueiici' on Spanish
thought was comparatively "mail.
. . . A. J. 15. Tr.nd. In "A 1'lcturo
of. Modern Spain."
And '
It t'ount Lui&ip
We sell for cash that's
why we sell cheaper.
Fly Nets
Now is the time to buy fly n els and'.covers of all kinds at
pre-war prices. Come in and see midline before buying.
Succcor to J. O. Itutler
In the Fall They Virc.Lcs3.
Willie Ma. lender "nld.the wires
on the telegraph poles arc cilucated.
Ma She couldn't bae -alii that.
What did she mean?
Willie- Well, she alil the wires
.expand m summer and get saggy(
Svflflli' In winter they contract and
bei-oiilO talit ! Science anil Invention.,
Requires each.
Often a man falls to embrace an op
portimlty because I n "y " P.oston
Tra"M'rli '
The Margin of Safety
Is represented by the amount of
insurance you carry.
Don't lull youiself Into u fancied
Because fire has never touched you
it dooEii't follow that you're Immune
Tomorrow no today, if you have
tiste--niil you better find time
como to tho ofllco nml we'll wrlto
n policy on your hoiuo, furniture,
stqro or morchandUe.
R.ciltxblc Insursxnce
It is said that our government
specialists have enrolled ovor a
million girls In cunning work In
this country. The canning of
fruits and vegetables Is being em
phasized, not only to teach tho
girls how to can, but to popular
Ire home canning as a means of
preventing food waste. Tho can
ning of alt this food will save mil
lions of dollars' worth of food that
would otherwise decay. Ihuigotlc
effort Is being made to Interest
the girls ai id Loj.. i-i his territory
and their pannts. In the runre,
thut we may lead In this work. To
help this iiioveiiu nt liberal prima
aro being offered for canning by
the Nebnthka State Fiir, Lincoln,
Sept. 3-S.
going, wo must maKe sure or a'sieauy
By pf tVoso"' mWfirffilkfiUsV-'W
ItgeJQnd jfauBt'ftsaVflto-ift antf
ous nquycrjrormanuracrurew
Q?,:il RrtfT -i -. -, r-.H. - '
Itir --f y v mv,i..
4 ri"i ,
m-,'the 'cJajtiiilni conditions America
fl'ndV itwff. thl in' ttii -.rtlmtthl
At a Loss.
'r"Do you suppose Charley Saplflgh
ibr'Kftd'Wn Ulrtaln.his life?" , ;,., ;
"nj'ay hKvfe had-one, ut; so;im Un
dY'tire?." suld Mlsa jl'eaclwfc Sbu.,!
douBVvbfy ijeriounly Jtf .hevknjftVYiit
to do'f,'irh?5lt"--BtrmIoihn4p Ag
Herald. vV. (t
Nat ndy ta Dia.
Notice To Creditors
In the County Court of Webster Conn.
ty, Nebraska
In the Matter of the Kstate of Kd
waid Heaton, Deceased.
Creditors of Said Itate will take No.
tlee, that tho time limited for present
ation and llllng of claims against suld
estato io November 'Jlth, 1U22, and for
the payment of debts Is January 'J2nd.
1S2J, that 1 will sit at the county court
room In bald county on tho 23th day of
August, 1022, to examine, hear and al
low claims duly filed which aro a first
or .second lion upon said estate, and on
the 2."ith day of November, 1022, to ex
nmine, hear, allow and adjust all olalms
and objections of general creditors
duly filed.
Dited tlU2Sth day of ,lulv, A. D.,
(deal).. ,x A. D. UANN'BY,.
County Judgo.
Trr life Vy"b'dpihatdt''oa tha'
axlatanca "of anAmatteaa narkaat'
marine. No lea intaraat haa tha,
farmar. Hla ioteraat la tha merchant,
marine la erldanced by tha err ot the
alxteen great agricultural state,1
ranging from our central Yallejra to
te Pacific, with a population of orer
forty million people, for the derelop
meat of the Great Lakea St. Law
rence waterway the Lake to the Qulf
waterway, and tho widening and
deepening ot our rlverss Including
the Mississippi, Intended to bring
the seacoast a thousand miles nearer
to the valleys of production.
Thus the farmer admits tho very
essential necessity to his prosperity
of water carriage abroad. Bvon the
most ardent proponent at our Inland
waterway development can no longer
feel there is any possibility of suc
cess to the venture unless we have
assurance of ships under our own
Subsidy Comparable To Tariff.
The world has completely changed
in consequence of tho late war; and,
no nation's needs have changed more
than America's. Therefore, tho old
arguments that existed against the
necessity of a merchant niarlno, no
longer hold. Hut unfortunately mil
lions, .including the farmer, have not
had time or opportunity to develop
tho facts as to tho changed condi
tions and changed needs.
It is often asked by who aro
living in the shadows of other days,
why tho farmer should bo icqulrod
to contribute, to a subsidy foi :,Ulps,
wlira tlio uodtict of the f'nii re
mains umml'hidtzcd. ruii, i-.' t.iiu'so,
is far from tho fact; berau- !n tho
protection given by the tariff, the
farmer, UKo tho manufacturer and
all of us, is subsidized, and very
propoily, to tho oxtont of our n'eeds.
Subsidy for ships is tho identical
thing that tariff protection Is to homo
At the hearings hold by the joint
Committee of the Senate and House
In relation to the proposed subsidy
legislation, Mr. J. 11. Howard, Prosi
dont of tho American Fnrm Hureau
Federation, testified that while lfls
nhsorlatlou was opposed to subsidies
in principle, and certainly to sub
files save for a limited period
(which is tho view of tho Harding'
Administration), a caroful study by
oxports appointed by tho Federation
had lod him to testify in behalf of
and to urge the enactment of tho
legislation proposed for tho mor-'
chnnt marine.
"Merchant niarlno rates," said Mr.
Howard, "aro Just as Important as
railroad rates to tho farmer. Tho
farmer may not nlways realio this
fact, bocauso ho Is ablo' to iaiiall.o
lac i. 1 ti t.i , crt.itioii and dies not
frequently coma In contact with
ocean traffic. It U n i.Utlnei factor,
hCWftT"1'. ill tllO lli'lco of '"I
"A booK'ialeamauyati.aayy'r -ti .
1 "tTe'doeaa't kaow the; paxchalogy, of
aale'smanahlp. tie'4 try 'to soil a cem
etery, lot to a man who bad been poor
all .his life aad had "just Inherited a
mUllou." Birmingham rAge-Herali:
Chocelate Properly Appreciated.
Qowm as beverage wus first used
by . Leonardo Cortez, to whom the
ancient Mexican natives taught the
use of It. In the aboriginal Mexican
language, this concoction was called
"chocolate," which means cocoa and
water. Although from the moment
thut this explorer and his followers
brought it to Kuropc, just four cen
turies ago, "chocolate" found its en
thusiastic devotees, yet, at the same
time, It met with bitter opposition on
the part of ninny persons. Fortunutely,
saner opinions, In respect of this harm
less product .now p&evnll, and, al
though cocoa differs somewhat from
tho chocolate of Cortez' times, the
change does not lie with the cocoa
beans, which are practically the same
now as they were then.
1 ifinrTTTTT
iKIlfefeSt iiEYSTr
1H' - 2a7:9iUUL-Ui-i
jme' to our store andiet ussiwwivou the most
onomical fence for t'ypu'jto .bufth'e.?.:ence7 tljat is
woveti lErom even, hevilv ealvahmw onen hearth wire.
'Hiewavy strand wires expand aitd-contractwitlT. the ;
lieFana 'cord and ALWAYSCTAtf -tight, ..The stay
wires are held firmly in place ,wftir,ttoe famous SQUARE
DEAL LOGKr,that positively prevents slipping these
, are' only a few of the superior featiites of
Square Deal Fence
You will make no mistake in buying SQUARE DEAL
FENCE it lasts longest, costs less for repairs and requires
fewer posts. We have this popular fence in a variety or 1
styles a fence to meet your every requirement. Come in I
and see us when you need fencing. (s J
Fish Killed by Sewage.
The other day, Just as the tide In
the Thames was turning from ebb to
low nnd the flsh were coming up the
river ngaln, a very henvy rain, follow
ing several days drought, suddenly
flushed the sewers of London, add
the rusb of foul water killed the fishes
by the million, so that the ilead bodies
covered the banks for miles.
mtUtn, yon Utl,you
CO on air play and don't
hthr m wry much
'til I ft all dona oating
thlt Kollogg'i Corn
FlahtB for lunch t Say,
I bat your mouth tDattr
uhtn yon match ma
aatinf thf bit month-
tola tt KcUogg'a good'
ItvwuG VvifAUT cox ue
GO'f 1MK 'M tMPE 'W PAPER 'W :
fi TTffl
IT'cffe s'V?. tm - -i
t " - KVT. l r ?oaW T'-tr -Jam
-WW ZVA. SPotiV J jnr- f
wUa r
The perfect child-food
w w,
t &
MMriV77'.I' fJ Vr
M MOS?''
9 17
tor summer-
serve vmi
let the little folks cat as often as they like and a3
much as they like of Kelloggs Corn Flakes wonder-
iul summer food for every member of the family!
Just what little and big stomachs need to thrive on
best during the hot days; an ideal food to tako the
place of the heavy meals which upset health, make you
sluggish and take the joy out of life!
Kcllogg's are so extra delightful in summer with
fresh fruits for breakfast, for lunch, for "snacks."
Try Kcllogg's Corn Flakes as a dinner
dessert with fresh fruit and cream!
Insist upon Kellogg 'o Corn Flakes in tho
KED and GREEN package that bears tho
Dignature of .W. K. KcIIokb, originator of
Corn Flakes. Hone arc genuine .without itl
-ft '.B'riAKRc wt
Alio n&kcri of KELLOGG'S KRUMBLnS and GUOGG'S BRAN, conked and Iaiuabled
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,. a