The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, August 03, 1922, Image 3

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Miss Amy Kaukonen, Guardian of Lit
tle Duckeye City, Active In
Auxiliary Affairs.
Ohio not only boasts that she has
prodticed many more than her share
tf v ra in ft L w
ill ?
din W 4s
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Strong Persuasion.
"Thnt was a fine editorial you had
on 'Woman As a Power In Politics.' "
"Thanks," said the editor of the
Chlggersvllle Clarion. "A delegation
of lady voters called and ordered mo
to write It on the pain of their In
stant displeasure. After they'd gone
I got to thinking nhout the way they
came In, what they said, and the way
they went out, and I concluded that
niayhe they are a power In politics."
Important to Mothers
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Children Cry for Fletcher's Castoria
Flowers for Luck.
In Switzerland when the cows nro
driven to the mountain pastures for
tho summer, the lender, which wears
a hell, has her neck garlanded with
llowers for luck.
Apparatus will be sold to
millions of people this
fall and winter. Have
you considered the ad
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Lieut. M. L. Gelsenberfjer, Valuable
Aid at Natchez, When Missis
sippi Vent on Rampage.
After the American Uoil Cross at
Natchez, Miss., had ohwlneri from the
l'o eminent sev
eral hundred army
tents to House
flood refugees. It
was found that
the government
had failed to send
anybody a long
who could direct
the erection of
the canvas shel
ters. Fortunately
members of the
Natchez American
Legion had had
experience with practically every sort
of tent from "pup1' tents on up. After
having rescued hundreds of people
from housetops anil troetops, the Le
gionnaires took upon themselves tho
Job of creating a tent city to house
these refugees.
A Legion doctor laid out the enmp
from the standpoint of sanitation, and
M. L. Gelsen'jerger, a former lieuten
ant, was made commandant of the
refugee camp.
More than live hundred people wero
taken care of during the first few
days, and as the Hood area widened
the number rapidly Increased. The
Legion's workn the care of Hood vic
tims received uiibtlnted praise from
every quarter'nf the country.
Western Canada
Offers Health and Wealth
and has brought contentment and happiness
to thousands of home seekers and their fami
lies who have started on her FREE homesteads
or bought land at attractive prices. They have
established their own homes and secured pros
perity and independence. In the great grain
growing sections of the prairie provinces there
is still to be had on easy terms
Fertile Land at $16 to $30 an Acra
-land similar to that which through many
years has yielded from 20 to 45 bushels
of wlicat IO WO acre oais, uuiicjr aim um
also in great abundance, while ruislng
homes, cattle, sheep and hofta is equally
nrolltarjie. riunarcas m iwiiicibiii icu
Canada have raised crops in a single season
worth more than the whole cost ot their land.
Healthful climate, cood neighbors, churches,
schools, rural telephone, excellent markets
and shipping facilities. The climate and soil
offer inducements for almost every branch of
agriculture. The advantages for
Dairying:. Mixed Farming
unit iCtnelc Rmlalnir
make a tremendous appeal to Industrious
settlers wisning 10 improve marmwiw
to reduced railway, tote. Illustrated
literature, maps, description 01 itiu
opportunities in Manuona, aaa
Kaicnewan. Aiuena ana uit-
tun uyuraoia, etc., wruo
300 Peter1 Trust Building
Omaha, Nb.
Sir $(, 3
of the nations
'1. -M i
chief executives,
but she also
points with pride
to the fact that
her little city of
.'airport has one
of the most at
tractive and cap
able "huly may
ors" In the coun
try. Miss Amy
ICnuhonen, w h o
during the war
was a member of
the volunter medical service corps of
the United States army, has given en
tire satisfaction as mayor of Fair
port. Mayor Ktttikonen finds time from
her official duties to take part In the
affairs of the American J.eglon Aux
iliary of her city. That she Is a
stunch supporter of the Legion Is evi
denced by her statement: "It Is dis
tinctly an American organization, in
which politics and selfish interest have
no place. Its cornerstone is Ameri
can manhood, Its objects liberty, fra
ternity and service. Its principles are
as broad as the continent upon which
falls the shadow of our Hag."
"Legionnaire" Not Yet in Official
Guide Promisee to Hold for
All Time to Come.
The American Legion Weekly com
ments on a New Zealand Newspaper's
use of the word "legionary" to denote
a member of the American Legion.
'The word 'legionary' lias an honored
place In the dictionary which 'legion
naire' has not as yet, the Weekly
points out. "Hut all tho sentiment,
and It Is n case where sentiment
counts, Is on the sTfle of 'legionnaire.'
'Legionary connotes an embattled Ito
man, toting a shield and spear for
Julius Caesar. 'Legionnaire' cnlls to
mind (from the French point of view)
a regiment of foreigners of the French
Foreign Legion.
" 'Legionnaire' as Indicating n mem
ber of the American Legion, seems too
firmly established to dislodge. We
must remember thnt nil Legions -Ho-mnn,
Foreign and American had one
thing In common: They fought In
Araonne Association's Plan May Bo
Used for Unfortunates In
United States.
A plan for the care and training of
French war orphans, worked out by
the Argonne association, an organiza
tion formed as a permanent memorial
to the Americans who fought In
France, Is said to bo functioning so
satisfactorily that a similar organiza
tion may be formed for the care of
orphans In the United Stntes.
The Argonne association was formed
In 1018 by a group of Americans In
terested In French orphans. It hns us
Its motto: "To provide for the child
who has no parents, a home and a
family life; to secure him his birth
right of health ; to educate him and
trnln him to enrn n livelihood; to de
velop his character that he may be
come n useful and an upright citizen
and to do these things so well and so
economically that others shall follow
this example Is the nlm of the Ar
gonne association."
The orphnns cared for under the ns
Boclntlon's plan nro placed In private
homes In a community where they are
renlly wanted. They nre not "farmed
out." There Is a community school,
playground and vocational training
center where the children nro dally
brought together to get their mental
ami physical development. There nro
three such centers In Frnncc where
the orphnns nre given threo distinct
stages of training.
No Difference Now.
. -I' '
&f If '
L.-TrrHMBTrr-lMW J. I il
Movie Director Now hero is where
you jump off.
Star I know, but suppose I'm hurt?
Director That's all right, old man.
It's the last scene In the picture.
American Legton Weekly.
Surjaestions of a Doughboy.
Being the suggestions of n dough
hoy on the manner of conducting the
next war, together with certain reflec
tions on thi) conduct of the last one.
Thut all song writers, would-be writ
ers, song leaders and vaudeville sing
ers be marked Clus 1-A. That they
! drafted In the first contingent nnd
have nt least six montlrs' Intensive
training nt K. P., sanitary detail, etc.,
jtieforo being permitted to compose
their country's songs.
Thnt any person who shall write,
composo or sing, or attempt to write,
compose or sing songs expressing
doughboy sentiment without such pre
vious training shall be liable to death
nnd shall bo sent over tho top at mid
night with a lantern In each hand.
American Legion Weekly.
Ernest Hall, Arizona's Secretary of
State, Knew France's Idol Under
Different Circumstances.
When Marshal Foch visited Arizona
on his recent tour of tho United States
ns the guest or
the American Le
gion, he was offi
cially welcomed
by Ernest IL
U n 1 1, Arlzonn's
secretary of
state, who In tho
absence of tho
state's chief ex
ecutive became
acting governor.
It had not been
mnny months
since Mr. Hall
had 6een the marshal
different circumstances
mer occasion, Mr. Hall wore an "Is
sued" uniform. He was known as
"Corporal Hall of the Twenty-seventh
Although he was over draft ago and
a member of tho state senate when
war wns declared, he was one of tho
first men In his community to enlist.
Just now ho Is almost ns proud of
his position as chaplain of the Frank
Luke, Jr., post of tho Amerlcnn Le
gion ns he Is of the secretaryship.
under entirely
. On that for-
"It's a Groat Life."
Proving that gay l'aree didn't cause
them to forget the cows nnd chickens,
000 of tho ,!S00 vocntlonal trainees In
tho Seattle (Wash.) district of tho
veterans' bureau are taking up agri
culture as their now occupation. When
asked about their work, these embryo
farmers Invariably reply, "It's a grent
Carrying On With the
American Legion
Tyron, Neb., 20 miles from n rail
road, in tho midst of tho sandhill re
gion, hns dedicated a 52,300 Ameri
can Legion memorial hall.
The Legion In Massachusetts has
raised funds to Install n radio receiv
ing set in ench of tho stato's flvo hos
pitals where servlco men aro being
enred for.
Freo traveling libraries nro being
furnished Oklahoma posts of tho
American Legion by tho department
of educntlon. Tho post may keep
each collection of books two months.
Commander Hnnford MacNIdcr of
tho Legion has announced himself in
favor of every Legion poHt adopting
n troop of boy scouts or forming
troops In communities where none
exist. "Scouting Is tho best educa
tion in America today for developing
futuro citizens nnd I favor nnythlng
that tends toward Its promotion," Mr.
MacNlder says. ,
III U eyj-.v.vwjv
Vvv'vKfJf2,J,y J
No Thanks, I Must Have
Never fails to produce pure
and wholesome bakings.
You save when you buy it
You save when you use it
v If you buy big can or cheap
baking powder you don't get
the Calumet quality.
The World's Greatest Baking Powder
J" " BY TWt
t - (mm
Court Robbed of Imposing Timepiece
Under Its Very Eyes and With
Its Permission.
Thousands of law-breakers hnvo
been given "time" nt Iierlln's central
criminal court in Moablt, but recently
an Ingenious crook posing ns a repair
man nctunlly was given tho court's
official clock nnd that while n case
wns being tried.
Tho sitting wns well under way
when a mnn In working clothes entered
tho courtroom with n long ladder
which ho calmly placed under the
huge, Imposing Umcpleco on tho wall.
Tho Judge, counsel, accused nnd spec
tators wero astounded nt such nn un
precedented interruption. The presi
dent stopped tho workman's ascent of
his ladder long enough to Inquire the
meaning of his conduct. Tho visitor
explained that ho merely wnnted to get
the clock for repair and thnt it would
take only n moment Tho president
objected, but consented when the mnn
snid ho nlrendy had called six times
and always found tbo court In session.
Tho vacant space on the wall sur
prised tho Janitor later in tho day, and
Ills investigations revealed thnt tho
court had been robbed under its very
eyes, In fact, with Its permission.
Were More Humano Than Popularly
Fabled, Says Professor Who Hat
Studied Their Laws.
Tho Assyrlnn is popularly recalled
ns coming down "like a wolf on tho
fold." But ono provision of tho As
syrian code of laws lndlcutcs that tho
Assyrians aro more humane than they
nre popularly fnblcd. This requires
that tho destltuto widow bo supported
by her sous "us tho brldo whom ono
Instead of the Assyrians being whol
ly abject, their letters, says Prof. A.
V. Olmstend, of the University of Illi
nois, show high officials speaking their
minds with tho greatest plulnness, tho
kings making pathetic appeals to those
whose support they would win. Their
Imperial freo cities wero ns freo as
those in western Europe In the Middle
nges, with charters of freedom from
taxes, and trading rights to tho four
corners of tho earth and to all
'Riches hnve wings."
"Yes, but bad Judgment brings on
many a nose dive."
Some Are.
"I see Turkish women nro disenrd
.br trousers."
And ours nre putting them on."
Left Him No Escape.
"If you feel that way, why did you
proposo to the woman?'"
"I didn't. She proposed to me."
"Hut you could hnvo refused her."
"No, I couldn't. She said y'wlll
mnrry me? Have you any objection?
So whether I'd said 'Yes' or 'No,'
she had mo either way."
"Well, you shouldn't hnvo answered
"I didn't, so she said, 'Silence gives
consent,' and that settled It."
Law Is No Longer Popular With Work
men In Hamburg, Germany,
Says Writer.
Keener competition Is causing a de
cided swing away from many post
war pet Ideas In Germany. Even the
eight-hour law is no longer popular,
Frederick Simpich writes In ( Our
World. Tho labor inspection bureau
In n recent report pictures the trouble,
its enforcement Is bringing as Ham
burg's economic condition improved.
Employers complain that laborers of
both sexes, after an eight-hour day,
undertake to do outsldo work for other
people which cuts down their efll
clency on their regular Job. Workers,
on the other hand, consider It nn in
terference with their personal liberty
If their employers try to hold them
to the eight-hour plan. Although tho
law was passed to safeguard the health
of the workers, they appear to have
lost sight of Its real Intention, nnd tho
authorities show reluctance to prose
cute cases of its violation. In tho ho
tels nnd enfes, especially, It has been
difficult to enforce the eight-hour day;,
waiters are loath to give up their
chances for more tips during overtime.
Tho glory of lovo is that It never
knows its own cost.
The Limit.
"Bump is nwfully henpecked."
"Yes; his wife lets him cnt only
tho things which ugreo with her.1
There nro fewer Umn 832 parks and
squares In rnris.
Tea Is gathered from tho plant fou
1 times a year.
I IjuBkK Back to the
I mBBmm!mJ) Grain Fields
GRAPE-NUTS is a regular "threo
bags full" of the best food quali
ties of whole wheat flour and malted
barley, carefully mixed and slowly
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To preserve all their wholesomcness,
And to provide nature's "broom" that keeps the diges
tive system spick and span. ,
There's not a bit of artificial sweetening in Grape-Nuts
it just becomes sweet of its own accord in the long baking.
And that enticing flavor how good it is with good milk
or cream! Fruits, too, fresh or cooked, add to the delight of
a dish of Grape-Nuts, morning, noon or sundown.
It is a compact, ready-to-eat food no cooking needed.'
Why not try it for tomorrow's breakfast?
' "There's a Reason"
t '
Postum Cereal Co., Inc., Battle Creek, Mich.
SalkMtM Mt, Owl-. Iwnlj
trrtjg tl'l1 lUfl M mtmtm w