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-V" Rats and Mice Destroy Crops
M and Property Valued at Mil-
linrte Pfjfih Vnnr
lions Each Year.
S A FLA X AKVb lHfcM Hill
Tha lo Best Done by .Building Rat-
Proof Buildings or Re-arrannlng
Old Structures Cut Off Their
Suppy of Food.
'(Ey W. O., KAISKR, Agricultural Engi
Since the tltno when the Pled IMper
lot lluinlln destroyed the ruts, no oth-
cr such satisfactory method of ridding
Efnrins of these pests lias hcen found.
mie nest wny la to starve tliem out
Ti 1
5 I
. i y SS Cfntrtlt fleer Jk
i::$t f'0. 1 How a
! r Bo Ratproof.
MM,C Installed.
an 0d Foundation May
Ratproofed and a Concrete Floor
and this can only he done by building
rutproof buildings or rutprooflng such
structures as are already built. The
United States Department of Agricul
ture says that rats und mice destroy
crops and property valued at more
than !?U0O,0OO,(XX) yearly. They carry
bubonic plague and other fatul dis
eases. One pair of rats at the end of
three years will be the ancestors of 18
generations amounting to 359,709,482
Plan for Foundations.
In the three Illustrations, I have
shown how to build foundations and
lloors ratproof; how to build u false
foundation alongside nn old founda
tion nnd floor It to keep rats from
working through nnd how to ratproof
a wooden building.
Lumber piles nnd other miscellane
ous structures form a living place for
rats which should be eliminated. Lum-
Flo. 2 Showing n Good Method of
Making Foundation and Floor of a
New Buldling Ratproof.
ber piles should be elevated at least
18 Inches from the ground, board walks
should be replaced by concrete and
gaibage should be kept In concrete or
metal containers having tight-fitting
tops. There should not bo a scrup of
food left where rats can get It.
Concrete Mixture.
For foundation work such as I have
mentioned a 1-2&-4 mixture of con
cvete Is recommended. This means one
sack of porthind cement to 2 cubic
feet of sand and 4 cubic feet of peb
bles or broken stone. As Is absolute
ly necessary In all concrete work, the
sand and pebbles should be free from
loam and trash and the water used
should he fit for drinking purposes.
Fig. 3 Buildings Supported on Piers
Ara Ratproofed by Raising Above
Ground Level and Placing Concrete
Between Walls Above Sills.
Only dn'ough water should be added to
make the mixture of a quaky and jelly
like consistency. Floors of concrete
Bhould not be less than 4 Inches thick.
They may either bo placed directly on
tho ground or on n cinder base, but nl
ways be sure the soil Is well drained.
For lloors, u concrete mixture of one
sack of portland cement, 2 cubic feet
of sund and 3 cubic feet of gravel or
Mono is recommended.
Along with ratproof buildings, start
iv campaign for killing rats. If the
ground Is undermined with holes, It is
posslblo to drive them Into the open or
to sulTocnte them by connecting the
Bystcm of holes with the exhaust pipe
of on automobile.
I'! rCentrttt A
S r""r vfl
"J ,'' i SK I
i 'r,.,',J Tiac
... ii pllljll IIIL'IIIIUPf
Ncstar Going to Waste in Tulip
Tree Regions.
No Question but That Area May Fur
nlsh Many Times More Product
Than at Present Bulletin
Dlscusces Methods.
(Prepared by the UnlUd SUtes Department
of Agriculture.)
With the tons and tons cj nectar
going to waste every year In (he tulip
tree region of the United States be
cause the colonies of bees are not
strong enough to get the full amount
of surplus, there Is no question that
this area may furnish many times
more honey than It does at present,
nils opinion Is expressed by the Unit
ed States Department of Agriculture In
runners' HullctiA V222, "Beekeeping
In the Tulip-Tree Region," prepared
by K. P. I'lillllps and George S. De
muth, and now available for distribu
tion. The tulip tree Is occasionally found
ns far north as Vermont and Ithoilc
Island, and west to Michigan, Arkan
sas and Louisiana, On the outer lim
its of Its distribution It is not abun
dant. It Is more plentiful on the
south shore of Lake Krie nnd rare
west of the Mississippi river, except
In northeastern Arkansas and south
eastern Missouri. The trees arc more
abundnnt and larger in the south
central pnrt of Its rnnge, especially In
Tennessee, Kentucky, the western
part of the Corollnns, and in the Ohio
river basin. It Is common throughout
the Piedmont plateau of Maryland and
That this honey can be marketed at
a prollt Is attested by the fact that
this section now sends to outside re-
Modern Hornet for Bees.
glons for pnrt of Its honey supply.
There Is not the local prejudice to darlc
honey which exists In the clover re
gion and In the West. All these fac
tors taken together make the region
one of promise. The enormous num
ber of colonies of bees In this region
Is pointed to ns proof of the great
nectnr resources, and If these colonies
are given proper care vast quantities
of honey can be produced.
The abandonment of the "gums"
nnd box-hives and the adoption of
modern equipment, together with prac
tices more suited to the region, Is ad
vised. The region, it Is said, needs
more men engaged In beekeeping on
n commercial scale as a chief or only
occupation. The peculiarities of the
region, however, are such ns to de
mnnd a close study of the business.
Careless beekeeping, It Is pointed out,
is entirely unprofitable, especially In
places where the main honey flow
comes so soon uftcr the lust killing
frost of the spring.
Copies of the bulletin, which dis
cusses methods for carrying on the
business successfully, may be had freo
by writing to the Department of Agri
culture, Washington, D. C.
Most Efficient Number Is Between
150 and 500, Say Ohio
Poultry Experts.
At least IW) laying hens should
constitute tho farm Hock, say poultry
expertB nt the Ohio experiment sta
tion. The most elllclcnt flock Is be
tween 1W) nnd fiOO. Tho flock con
taining fewer than 150 hens is not
efllcient, while flocks of more thnn
fiOO, though perhaps too large for tho
general farmer, may be better ndnpt
ed to those specializing fruit and poul
try farms.
Most tconomical Material Is That
Containing Highest Percentage
of Plant Food,
Tho most economical fertilizer to
buy Is the one containing the highest
percentage of the plant food needed.
It will cost more per ton, but may be
used nt n lower rate per aero becauso
It does not contain so much useless
Four or Five-Foot Stake Should Bo
Driven Alongside Each Vino
When Soil Is Soft.
Secure a four or five foot Btake for
each tomato plant and be ready so
the stakes can be driven down by each
plant when the ground, Is soft. If the
tomatoes are to be trelllsed similar
to grapes, secure posts and two wires
for cqcli row.
I wHk LI LI i iJtai 1 1 1 1 12!
corrb&Mi ii viitiot nnn wmkm. i
"Shnll I take yon on a little trip
through the green-house?" asked thu
Fairy Queen of some of the Fairies.
"It Is a wonderful park grecn-houso
and there arc many Interesting plants
from nil around. I've been there and
I can tell you about a good many of tho
plants nnd blossoms If you'd like to
tuke such a trip."
The Fairies had said they would Ilka
some new kind of u trip, and so the
Fairy Queen had suggested this.
"The house Isn't u bouse painted
green, you know. A green-house such
ns I'm spenklng of means a house "or
flowers and ferns and shrubs.
"We'd love to go on tho trip you sug
gest," said the other Fairies. "When
will you take us?"
"After the visitors leave," said the
Fairy Queen. "Wo will go late this af
ternoon." So all tho fairies who were going on
the trip got ready In their new out
door suits which no one could see be
cause they looked the color of air.
If you can see that color and know
whnt It Is you're very, very smart 1
"Now we're off," said the Fairy
Queen, some time later.
They went to the green-house. At
tached to the big one were mnny
"Looking at Everything."
smaller ones. They were all filled
with llowcrs and plants and palms
and mosses and ferns.
They saw some dear little crocuses
and tulips and daffodils outside the
door and then they went in. There
were many palms und trees from hot,
hot countries, known as the tropics.
It was very hot in this house for it
had to be In order to have the plnnts
nnd trees grow as they would in their
nntlve lands.
Gold fishes were swimming In little
pools nnd there were rocks and tovely
moss of different kinds growing from
the rocks and ferns everywhere, and
great tall pulms which reached the
Some of the ferns hung down nnd
some were little ones. There were
ferns that grew in water nnd other
water plants growing there too. There
were sugur cone and coffee trees nnd
bnnnua trees, and lovely maidenhair
ferns enjoying the shnde.
Nearby were some cuctus plnnts,
queer and knotty and ugly In a way
und yet rather fascinating.
Each plant had to be treated Just
so receiving what It would receive
In the way of heat and proper earth
nnd water as It would If growing In Its
own part of tho world.
There were some palms with great
branches and spreudlng leaves. IMants
and ferns which land grown too fast
were clipped off so they wouldn't
go up through the celling I
Of course they couldn't do that, but
they would push other plants out of
the wny und bend over nnd break
themselves so they had to bo stopped
from growing too much.
In one house which was called tho
"show house" there were tulips of all
colors and gay flamingo lilies, orchids
which were called Indian Orchids and
orchids known ns Tiger Orchids. The
Orchids were qulto decided In letting
everyone know that they liked warm
and sunny weather and thnt tliev
would complain If the weather were
cloudy nnd bad, though they liked
drinks or water.
There were long pink hanging
flowers which were cnlled Medluilln
Magnified I And there were red
flowers which drooped nnd hung down
In n very attractive way nnd which hod
the gorgeous name of Acalypha Santl
There wero flowers nnd plants from
other pnrts of the world und some hitd
colored leaves.
And little bumble bees came In and
buzzed through the green-house room
where were tho hyacinths and tho forget-me-nots
and the Jonquils nnd the
snnpdrngons nnd tho Juck-ln-the-I'ulplt
The Fairies and tho Fairy Queen
looked nt everything and they whisper
ed little secrets to some of the flowers
while the flowers told the fairies of
some of their sweet secrets. Llttlo
Friend Hellotropo told tho Fairy
Queen that she must tnlto a look at tho
Butterfly plants which had blossoms
of pink nnd white, rose and red and
lavender and which looked like but
terflies. They Wnnted so much to
bo ndralrcd by tho Fairies.
And tho Bird of Paradise flowers
i with their gorgeous blue and yellow
flowers and tho other members of tho
family with their bluo and whito
flowers which only bloomed once a
yeur for six weeks all told tho Fairies
who they were as I havo Just told you I
Agriculturist of Today Must
Know Business Thoroughly.
Canadian Tillers of the Soil Havo
Proved That Old Days of Hap
hazard Methods Havo Gone.
Agrlculturo In Cnnnda has tho sta
tus of a profession which both Its high
standard of operation and the prlmo
place it occupies In national life Justi
fy. Tho days when land was casually
filed on and farmed without any In
telligent understanding of agricultural
processes aro going with the dwindling
availability of tho land, nnd rapidly
passing Is tho epoch of tho destruc
tion of soil values, nnd the abandon
ment of farms which havo been ren
dered unproductive. Clenrer and clenr
cr has becomo tho realization .that
farming Is a specialized profession re
quiring speclnl training, nnd In tho
plnco of this spoliation thero Is an
intelligent system of crop rotation,
prcsorvntlon of the vlrtuo of tho lnnd,
a discovery of tho nobility of tho
farmer's calling nnd a determination
to securo and achieve tho best pos
slblo In everything.
Tho Education of the Farmer.
Agricultural colleges, experimental
farms, government literature, railway
propaganda, nil In nn appreciation of
tho nntlonnl benefits which accrue,
contribute to the education of tho
farmer who, If ho starts out In Igno
rance, speedily discovers tho futility
nnd profltlessness of continuing in
this state. It Is only of comparatively
recent years that farming in Canada
has become tho comprehensive and ex
haustive study It Is and Its tenets
been so widely nbsorhed, and older
farmers who have followed hnphnzard
methods or systems scientifically un
sound arc gradually forced from neces
sity Into nn Intelligent study and ap
plication of their profession.
This brings us to tho city man who
Is nnxlous to leave his old llfo for tho
greater freedom of tho country nnd
tako n fnnn for himself, nnd, tho fore
going holding good, ho need not follow
far behind tho older farmer If he tuke
up tho study of his work seriously,
bring energy nnd Intelligence to bear
upon n following out of the systems
of experienced nnd successful agricul
turists, and utlllzo tho results of tho
export Investigation nnd research tho
Dominion plnccs at his disposal. The
Baby Specialists.
THAT there are Fhysioians who specialize on Infant ailments you know. All
Physicians understand Infant troubles : all Physicians treat them. It is his
professionf his duty, to know human ills from the Stork to the Great Beyond.
But in serious cases he calls in the Specialist. Why? He knows as every
Mother knows, or ought to know, that Baby is just a baby, needing special treat
ment special remedies.
Can a Mother be less thoughtful? Can a Mother try to relieve Baby with
a remedy that she would use for herself? Ask yourself; and answer honestly 1
Always remember that Baby is just a baby. And remembering this yon
will remember that Fletcher's Gastoria is made especially for Infants and
ppf. flnntants lSPluidPiaot
MrriHOI.-.'tPEn CENT.
AVZA otiMpTVcnafationEtfAs ',
timiifitifKMriitFofld bvRcuta.
tlnftlitcStomacns and Bowels rfj
jtoUfymnurvr t
jVirdnMi ana
liuu rwn B.irL,
rra iTTEraMi iiAaaw
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
O-SO'Eaty to Use
Color Silk, Wool, Ootton
All At Th limi Tim.
wholo country Is working for him and
tho novtco line almost nn equal op
portunity with tho farmer of n life
time. A census of Cnnndlan farmers would
probnbly show that fully one-half are
not farmers' sons nnd wero not
brought up to the life of the farm. Yet
none would criticize Cnnndn's farmers
on tho score of poor farming methods
in general, tho excellency of their
crops with International honors nnd tho
universal demand for their live-stock
products refuting this effectually. Sig
nificant is it, too, that prnctlcnlly nil
the fnrmcrs who hnvo achieved the
most signal honors nt International
farming competitions havo not been
lifelong farmers, but city men who,
taking to the land nfter reaching ma
turity without tho remotest previous
knowledge of agricultural activities,
havo through Intelligent study nnd
closo application of the best farming
methods surpassed tho efforts of those
agriculturists who have continued do
ing things on tho furm In tho wny
their fathers used to do them.
For further particulars, pamphlets
regarding Cnnnda, railway rates, etc.,
apply to W. V. Bennett, Boom 4, Bee
Uldg., Onnhn, Neb. Advertisement.
Oldest Biblical Versions.
The four oldest versions of tho Bible
nro tho Aqulln, Symanuchus, Theodo
slan, In Greek, and tho I'cshlttn In
Thcro Is only one medicine thnt really
stands out pre-eminent 'ns a medicine for
curable ailments of the kidneys, liver and
Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root stands tho
highest for tho reacon that it has proven
to be just tho remedy needed in thousands
upon thousands of distressing enscs.
Swnmp-Root makes friends quickly be
cause Us mild and immediate effect is soon
realized in most cases. It is a gentle,
healing vegetable compound.
Start treatment at once. Sold at nil
drug stores in bottles of two sizes, medi
um and large.
However, if you wish first to test this
grent preparation send ten cents to Dr.
Kilmer & Co., Blnghamton, N. Y., for a
sample bottle. When writing bo suro and
mention this paper. AdvortlBcmcnt.
Happy In Their Fate.
Rub Riches are a curse 1
Dub Yes, but only tho poor renllzo
We know beBt want is best for us to
do, hut tho trouble Is to persuade our
selves to do It.
The False
Advertisingby the use of large space, the expenditure of huge Bums
of money have placed on the market, have put in your home, perhaps,
many articles that today have been discarded, as you will readily admit.
Do you recall anything that has more 'modestly appealed to tho
public than has Fletcher's Castoria: modest in all its claims, pleading
at aU times and truthfully for our babies?
The big Bplurg, the misleading claims may win for a time, but
the honest truth-telling advertiser is like the old story of the tortoise
that beat the hare.
Mothers everywhere, and their daughters, now mothers, speak
frankly, glowingly, enthusiastically in praise of Fletcher's Castoria.
Speak of it lovingly as a friend that has brought comfort, cheer and
smiles to their little-one.
To them: to these true mothers no argument can induce them
to set aside their bottle of Castoria, their old friend, that they might
try even another and unknown remedy for babies. Then, would YOU
think of going to YOUR OWN medicine chest to find reUef for Baby's
troubles? Can you not separate the false from the true?
Bears the
Your Skin Is
So Fragrant
and Smooth
Beautiful women know the
value of using rain water and
pure soap for their complex
ions Because of its purity, girls
today favor
Caihmore Bouqual Soap
The favorite perfumed soap
for three generations
Large tiit,3jc Mwlfum.jf je, ioc
Luxurious Lasting
The renson a woman keeps houso
so well Is you'd better tell her so,
A dull mnn who knows It has ono
extremely attractive quality.
Sure Relief
6 Be;ll-ans
Hot water
Sure Relief
25$ and 75$ Packages. Everywhere
Gray Hair
Uoutof fnhlon'
U uiiuecmarj
for yon emu bnra
Ahlltlit&nL halp
had bjr u(nr Q-Dn Hair Color ntorr. Fnfo
ft water try It. At ftll rood druirclaU, 74 cat a,
or direct from HESSIG-CLUS. Owl. MmmU. Tim.
W. N. U., LINCOLN, NO. 23-1922.
Cry For
and the True.
Signature of
10c per WHV pAY-
Package anv dye?
tf-K -s-v s