The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, June 01, 1922, Image 2

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Kamjey Milholland
IfL flsjW iJsiIbVi J V V"" 1T J
-fiI sire .;.'&
tTTaaT .. 'I i-- MlMt. aMal
HvnODala. With hit in-nnrUiMi.r
small Itamsoy MUholland la watch- J
Ine tho "Decoration Day Parade" I
in ino norao town, tiio old Konllo
man, a veteran of tho Civil war,
endeavors to Impress tlru young
str with tho olimlllcanco of the
great conflict, and many years aft
erward Uio boy was to rornotnber
his words with startling vividness.
In Uie schoolroom, a few yunrn
afterward, Ramsey Is not dlfltln
KUlnhcd for rem.arkablo ability,
though his pronounced dlnllkus aro
nrlthmetrc, "Radiations" and CJor.
man. In sharp contrast to Ram
sey's backwardness Is tho prococlty
of little Dora Yocum, a young lady
whom In his bitterness ho denomi
nates "Teacher's ret." In high
school, whero ho and Dora aro
claJismateB, Ramsey continues to
feol that tho girl delights to manl
fost hor superiority, and the vln
dlctlvcnoss ho gonoratos boeomes
alarming, culminating In tho reso
lution that some day he will
"how" her. At a class picnic Ram
sey Is captured bag and buggage
by Mllla Rust, tho clnsn boauty,
and endures tho agonies of his first
lovo. RnmBoy'a parents object to
Mllla and wish ho'd taken up with
D.orn. Tocum. Ramsey hisses Mllla.
Thon Mllla suddenly loaves town.
Blio marries. Ramsey enters tho
state unlvorslty and thero Is Dora
Yocum again. Ramsey moots Dora
In a World War debate and Is In
gloriously vanquished.
CHAPTER VII. Continued.
Ho wnff'so right, In regard to his own
performance, nt least, thut, thereupon
drying up utterly, he proceeded to
Btund, n speechless ilKurc In the midst
of a multitudinous silence, for nn eter
nity lusting forty-live seconds, lie made
u nicking effort, nnd nt the end of this
epoch found, words again. "In limiting
my urgument In this debnte, I would
state that"
"Two minutes!" said the chnlrman.
"Refutation by the negative. Miss D.
Yocum. Two minutes."
"I waive them," snld Dora, primly.
"I submit that the afllrmatlvc has not
refuted the argument of the negative."
"Very well." With his gavel the
chairman sharply tapped the desk be
fore him. "The question Is now be
fore tho house. 'Resolved, that Ger
many Is both morally and legally Justi
fied In her Invasion of Belgium.' All
those In favor of the"
But here there was nn Interruption
of a kind never before witnessed dur
ing any proceedings of the Lumen so
ciety. It camo from neither of the de
baters, who still remained standing at
their desks until the vote settling their
comparative merits In argument
should be taken. Tho Interruption
was from the rear row of scats nlong
the wall, where sat new members of
the society, freshmen not upon tho
program of the evening. A loud nasul
voice was heard from this quarter, a
loud but nasul voice, shrill as well us
nasal, and full of a strange hot pas
sion. "Mr. Chairman I" It cried. "Look-n-here,
Mr. Chairman I Mr. Chairman,
I demand to bo heard I You gottn gim
me my say, Mr. Chairman I Tin a
gunna have my say I You look-a-here,
Mr. Chairman l"
Shocked by such n breach of order,
and by the unseemly violence of the
speaker, not only tho chairman but
everyone else looked there. A short,
strong llgure was on Its feet, gesticu
lating fiercely ; and the heud belonging
to It was a large one with too much
curly black hair, a flat swarthy face,
shiny and not Immaculately shuvcu;
there was an Impression of Ill-chosen
clothes, too much fat red Up, too much
tooth, too much eyeball. Fred Mitchell
recognized tnis violent interrupter as
one Llnski, a fellow freshman who sat
next him In one of his classes. "What's
that cuss up to?" Fred wondered, and
o did others. Llnski showed them.
He pressed forwurd, shoving himself
through the two rows in front of htm
till he emerged upon the green carpet
of the open space, and as he came, he
was cyclonic with words.
"Toa don't put no such stuff as this
over, I tell you I" he shouted In his
hot, nasal voice. "This hero's a freo
country, and you call yourself a de
bating society, do you? Lemrae tell
you I belong to a debating society In
Chicago, where I come from, and them
fellas up there, they'd think they'd
oughta be shot fer a fako like what
you people are tryln' to put over, here,
tonight. I come down here to git some
more education, and pay fer It, too,
In good hard money I've made sweatln'
In a machine shop up thero In Chi
cago; but if this Is tho kind of educa
tion I'm u-gunna git, I better go on
back there. You call this a square de
bate, do you?"
He advanced toward the chairman's
platform, shaking a frantic flst. "Well,
If you do, you got another think
comln', my capltalls' f rlen' I Yoa went
and give out tho question whether itta
right fer Cholmuny to go through Btl
klum: and what do you do fer the
Cholmun side? You pick out this here
ibjjj stiff' he waved tils passionate
J? rf ' SF&fa
It AT j
Till isf rMinnn hit
- Wfcr 4tl
friviM AVveM
; j 4
- o -
--yr JT Saw" - 4rrJj&J
MfWraai'r'fTr" "r"
owtfyht$yDoubliay,Page iCbmpant.
.hand at the paralyzed Ramsey "you
pick out a boob like that fer the Cho
roun side, a poor fish that gits stage
fright so bad ho don't know whether
ho's tnlkln' or dead; or else he fakes
it; because he's a speaker so bum It
looks more to mo like ho was faking.
You git this big stiff to fako the Chol
mun side, and then you go and stick
up u goll ngalns' him that's got brains
nnd makes n pnclfls argument that
wlnB tho case ngalns' the Cholmuns
like cuttln' through hog lard I Ilut
you ain't a-gunna git away with It,
mister. Lcmme tell you right here
and now, I may bo n mix blood, but I
got some Cholmun In mo with tho rest
what I got, and before you vote on
this here question you gotta hear a
few wolds from somebody that can
talk I This whole war Is d capltalls'
war, Belgium as much as Cholmuny,
and tho United States Is scllin' its soul
to tho capltnlis' right now, I toll you,
takln' sides agalus' Cholmuny. Orders
fer explosives and nmmanltlou nnd
guns nnd Red Cross supplies Is comln'
Into this country by the millions, nnd
tho capltalls' United States Is fat al
ready on the blood of tho workers of
Europol Yes, It Is, and I'll have my
say, you boorjaw faker, and you can
hammer your ole gavel to pieces at
me I"
He had begun to shriek; moisture
fell from his brow nnd his mouth ; the
scandalized society was on Its feet,
moving nervously Into groups. Kvl
dently the meeting wus about to dls-
"I'll Have My Say!" the Frenzied
Llnski Screamed.
Integrate. "I'll have my say!" the
frenzied Llnski screamed. "You try
to put up this cupltnlls' trick and work
n fnke to carry over this debute agalns'
Cholmuny, but you enn't work It on
me, lemmo tell you! I'll have my say!"
Tho outraged chairman was wholly
at a loss how to deal with the "un
precedented situation" so he doflned
it, quite truthfully; and he continued
to pound upon tho desk, while other
clamors begun to rival Llnskl's; shouts
of "Put him out!" "Order!" "Shut
up, Freshman 1" "Turn mm over to
the sophomores I"
"This meeting Is adjourned!" bel
lowed the chnlrman, nnd there was a
thronging toward the doors, while tho
frothing Llnski asseverated: "I'm
n-gonna git my say, I tell you! I'll
huvo my say I Til have my say I"
Ho had more than that, before the
hour was over. A moment after he
emerged from tho building and camo
dut, still hot, upon tho cool, dnrk
campus, ho found himself tho center
of a group of his own classmates
whom he at first mistook for sopho
mores, such was their manner.
... As this group broko up a few
minutes later, a youth running to Join
it, scenting somewhat of Interest, de
tained ono of those who were depart
ing. "What's up? What wus that squeal
ing?" "Oh, nothing. We Just tnlkod to
that Llnski. Nobody elso touched him,
but Ramsey MUholland gave him a
peach of a punch on tho snoot."
"Whoopee 1"
Ramsey was laconic In response to
Inquiries upon tills subject. When
some one remarked : '.'You served him
right for calling you a boob nnd a poor
flsh and so on before all the society,
girls and nil," Ramsey only said :
"That wasn't what I hit him for."
Ho declined to explain further.
"The way I look at It, Ramsey,"
Fred Mitchell said, when they reached
their apartment, whither a benevolent
senior, Colburn, accompanlcil them,
"the way I look nt it. this i.iimki i,i..,i
Lot Paid you a comDllmeut. utter iUL
when be called yen a take. ft mutt
have thought you anyway looked as If
you could make a better speech than
you did. Oh, golly I"
And as Ramsey groaned, the Jovial
Mitchell guvo himself up to tho divan
and the. mirth. "Oh, oh, oh, golly 1" he
"Never you mind, Brother MUhol
land," Colburn said gently. "The Lu
men is used to nervous beginners. I'vp
seen dozens in my time, Just like you;
and some of 'em got to be first rnto
before they quit. Besides, this crazy
Llnski Is all that enybody'U ever re
member about tonight's meeting any
how. There never was any such out
break as that in my time, and I guess
thoro never was In tho whole history
of the society. Wo'il probably suspend
him until ho apologizes to the society
I'm on tho board, and I'm In favor
of It. Who Is tho bird, anyhow? Ho's
In your class."
"I never saw him before," Ramscv
responded from tho deep chnlr, where
ho hud moodily thrown himself; and,
returning to his brooding upon his ora
tory, "Oh, murder 1" he moaned.
"Well," snld the senior, "you'll
know him when you see him again.
You put your nmrk on him where you
cun seo it, nil right I" Ho chuckled.
"I suppose I really ought to have In
terfered in thnt, but I doclded to do n
little astronomical observation, ubout
ilfty feet away, for a few minutes. I'm
'way behind In my astronomy, any
how. Do you know this Llnski, Broth
er Mitchell?"
"I've talked to him a couple o' times
on the campus," snld Fred. "Ho's In
ono of my classes. He's about tho
oldest In our class, I guess1 a lot older
than us, anyhow. He's kind of nn an
archist or something ; can't talk more'n
five minutes any time without gettln'
off Bomo hug stuff nbout 'capltnllsm.'
He snld tho course In political econo
my was till 'capitalism' and the prof
wns bought by Wull Street."
"Poor old Prof. Craig 1" Colburn
laughed. "Ho gets fifteen hundred a
"Yes; I'd heard that myself, nnd I
told Llnski, and he said ho had an un
cle workln' in n steel mill got twice
that much, but it didn't make any dif
ference, ole Craig was bought by Wall
Street. He said 'capitalism' better look
out ; ho nnd the foreign-born workmen
were goln' to take this country some
day, and that was one of the reasons
he was after nn education. He talked
pretty strong pro-German, too about
tho war In Europe but I sort of
thought that was more because he'd
be pro-nnythlng that he thought would
help upset the United States than be
cause he. cared much about Germany."
"Yes," said Colburn, "that's how ho
sounded tonight. I guess there's plen
ty more like him In the cities, too.
Thut reminds mo : I'd better arrange a
debute on immigration for the Lumen.
We'll put Brother MUholland for the
negative, this time."
Ramsey started violently. "See
here "
Rut tho senior reassured him. "Just
wanted to seo you Jump," he explained.
"Don't fear; you've done your share."
"I should think I have!" Rumsey
"Yes; you won't be called on ngnln
this term. By tho way," said Colburn,
thoughtfully, "that was a clever girl
you had against you tonight. I don't
believe in pacifism much, myself, but
she used It very nlftily for her argu
ment. Isn't she from your town, this
Miss Yocum?"
Fred nodded.
"Well, she's a clover young thing."
snld the senior, still thoughtful. And
he ndded: "Graceful girl, she Is."
At this, the roommates looked nt
him with startled attention. Ramsey
was so roused as to forget his troubles
and sit forward In his chair.
"Yes," said the musing Colburn,
"she's n mighty pretty girl."
"What I"
This exclamation was a simultane
ous one ; the astounded pair stared at
him In blank Incredulity.
"Why, don't you think so?" Colburn
mildly Inquired. "She seems to me
very unusual looking."
"Well, yes," Fred assented, emphat
ically. "We're with you there I"
"Extraordinary eyes," continued Col
burn. "Lovely figure, too ; altogether a
strikingly pretty girl. Handsome, I
should sny, perhaps. Yes, 'handsome
rather than 'pretty'." He looked up
from a brief reverie. "You fellows
known her long?"
"You bet I" said Ramsey.
"She mndo a splendid impression n
tho Lumen," Colburn went on. "I
don't remember that I ever saw a first
appearance there that quite equaled It.
She'll probably have a brilliant career
In the society, and In tho university,
too. She must be a very line sort of a
person." Ho deliberated within him
self a few moments longer, then,
realizing thnt his hosts and brethren''
did not respond with any heartiness
or with anything nt oil to the theme,
he changed It, and nsked them what
they thought nbout the war In Europe.
They talked of the war drowsily for a
while ; It wus an Interesting but not na
exciting topic: tho thing they spoke of
was so far away. After a few moments
of fervor, the conversation languished,
and Brother Colburn rose to go.
"To go over and help hang
their d d kaiser I"
States That Grow Sugar Beets.
Sugar beets aro now grown In 17
stntes, In ten of which the growers de
pend, In whole or part, upon irriga
tion. A new uutomobllo windshield pro
tector Is equipped with gutters to curry
rain off ut each Jrtila.
(Copy for This Department Supplied by
the American Legion News Service.)
Mrs. Jacob Caranek, Healthy and
Happy, Holds Record Among Pro
ducers of Americans.
Mrs. Jacob Carunek, who runs a
nent little grocery store In New Or-
leans and therein
sells butter and
eggs, bread,
in eats, canned
corn nnd maybe
the necessities for
mnklng those de
licious Southern
pecan candles, Is
also chu in p Ion
mother of the
American Legion
Auxiliary. She Is,
at least, until
&Omo unit nmiific
along who Is the mother of 22 children,
to beat Mrs. Cnrnnek's 21.
A child hud come to Mrs. Cnranek's
house each year for 21 years when
America entered the World war.
Which of the 21 wns dearest to her
she herself could not tell, but when tho
two oldest boys, Joseph and Louis,
went nwny to wnr the largo Caranek
family was cast Into shadow. "What
else should I do?" Mrs. Caranek ques
tioned. "They aro Americans and
their country needs them, rf It Is a
duty to raise children, 'it is right to
make them lovo their country." But
when Joseph and Louis came home
Joseph sen od overseas with the Rain
bow division and fought In four big
battles, while Louis fought In and
around Camp Beauregard the little
grocery store could scarce contain the
Joyful celebration.
Mrs. Caranek came to Amerlcn when
she was fifteen years old, leaving her
uatlve village of Petrnvice In Czecho
slovakia. She Is forty-seven years old
now and her husband Is fifty-eight
Tho youngest child Is six years old and
me omest twenty-eight. Mrs. Caranek
has been to but one motion-picture
show in her life nnd she left before
thnt one was over. She works from
five in tho morning until ten nt night
in her grocery. And she hasn't n gruy
hair and hns never been sick but once
and enjoys life.
Legion Member Pays Honor to New
Son and the Leader of the Ameri
can Organization.
Since the first time that America
had n wnr, babies have como Into the
world named for
n great or favor
ite general. The
n a m e s a k e s of
Gen. George
Washington nre
still numerous;
tnose or ltoliert r?
E. Lee and U. S. ftf,.
Grant nre colnir
strong Into the
second generation
and there are not
n few John J.
Pershlnc Smiths
and Joneses to vie with the less recent
Deweys and Teddy Roosevclts.
One service man of the American
Legion has, however, started tho nam'
Ing of babies nfter the nntional com
mander of the Legion of the year In
which the child was born. The first
on record is young Hnnford Morris,
Atlanta, Ga., born n few days after
Hunford MacNider, Mason City, In.,
was elected national commander of
tho Legion. His father, Albert R.
Morris, Is a member of Atlanta post
No. 1 of the Legion.
Recently nn ex-soldier of Chicago
went Into court and nsked to be al
lowed to drop his middle name, which
was unpronouncable, he declared. The
court gave permission nnd tho service
man, nn enthusiastic Legionnaire,
chose tho name of Legion to accom
pany him through life.
Legion Post Stages "Movies."
To satisfy curiosity-hounds, the
Hollywood (Col.) post of tho American
Legion stnges a "model movie" every
week. This saves wear and tear on
the nerves of tho people In Movlelnnd,
and nt the same time gives tourists
a view of how movies aro made. Real
reel directors, cameras, and stnrs are
used In the model exhibitions but the
Legion does tlto work.
Consider "Star" Flag an Insult.
The idea, conceived by tho W. C. T.
U., of putting star flags In windows of
homes where no liquor Is consumed, is
protested by tin American Legion post
In San Francisco, composed entirely
of newspaper men. The Legion men
claim that tho liquor star flag Is an
atrocious plagiarism of the sonice
flag of war days, and that it Is an In
sult to all former service men.
To Halt "Fake" Money-Ralslng.
In an elTort to stamp out the sale
of publications by ex-service men who
allege that the money derived Is go
ing to he used for the benefit of sick
and wounded ex-service men, the
American Legion national ofllccs have
warned Its 11,000 posts not to sanction
any salo of periodicals until tho
Chumhcr of Commerce or some like
civic organization hus first approved.
.Vz-w. .'. . ar -Jl
If' 'NSSi
Miss Ruth Metcalf, Burlington (Ja.)
Girl, Names Her Brother
Carnival "King."
Women began practicing the art of
diplomacy when Eve was about three
dnj-8 old, nnd the
present genera
tion of fair ones
are not so bad at
It, the world
knows. Even the
distinguished for
eign diplomats
who weur red
stripes across
their boiled shirts
at formal dinners
will give tho palm
to n sweet Iowa
glrL however, nnd
If they hesitate, a number of Iowa
men might have n word to say that
would prompt them.
It bupiMined that the American Le
gion of Burlington, la., having n high
carnival and desiring n queen, chose
one. The girl selected for hor out
standing beauty, wit, und spirit was
Miss Ruth Metcalf, who later dis
played tact. Miss Metcalf being duly
nnd fittingly crowned queen, now
would choose one of the ex-soldlers
as king, It was announced, whereat
some hundreds of nssortcd male beau
ties struck attitudes of nttcntlon. Af
ter looking closely over the assembled
Legionnaires, Miss Metcalf calmly
picked out her own brother and
crowned him king. Whereupon the
Issue was settled with nice diplomacy
and the big carnival pnrade got un
der way.
Chief Red Tomahawk, Sioux Warrior,
and Commander MacNider Smoke
Pipe of Peace.
Since the pnsslng of tho dime novel,
the -10 redskins who used to bite the
dust so frequent
ly have become
lost to the world.
But the exploits
of old Sitting
Bull inny well be
remembered, even
today, when the
matblc shooting
generation is
rending deep vol
umes that puzdc
exnsnorntod nn.
smi&Rk r;
minus mm nihil
bit the dust In approved fashion nnd,
wlille touring through Bismarck, N. D
recently, Hunford MncNlder, national
commnnder of the American Legion,
had the pleusure of meeting the gen
tleman who caused the Bull's down
fall. It was none other than old Chief
Red Tomahawk, Sioux warrior, who
some years ago captured Sitting Bull's
pelt, nnd who came from the reserva
tion to greet tho big chief of the white
tribe. With Red Tomahawk came a
number of tho younger Sioux braves
who fought in Franco with the A. E.
F. and gave the Germans the surprise
of their lives.
While In North Dnkotn Mr. Mac
Nider smoked n pence pipe with the
Sioux chief and received congratula
tions of the chief of the first Ameri
cans for tho organization which Is en
deavoring to keep America for the
present Americans.
Physical Deterioration.
"Physical examinations of rcgulnr
army olllcers show the most clear
cut evidence of physical deterioration
which Is due to strain incident to
the World war," the army medical
department reports. That investiga
tion mny bring to light a scientific
explanation of some pnrt of tho rest
lessness nmong former soldiers which
can be laid to their having undergone
u severe nervous strain.
Alaska Has the Wealth.
Alaska could not only pny for ad
justed compensation, if it were rightly
developed, but the whole war debt
besides, according to Albert B. Fall,
secretary of the Interior. What Is
believed to be tho greatest oil field in
tho world Is in tho Arctic near the
Aleutian islands. A tremendous coal
belt in Alaska is undeveloped, nnd the
greatest copper mine in the world as
Legion Aiko for New Law.
"Oh-o-o say can you see-e ?" The
band-organ man ground out the nat
ional anthem nnd tho monkey danced
and squinted his sharp eyes. Then
the hand-organ man passed the hat.
But in New York state he will have
to change his tune, If the American
Legion gets Its bill through the legis
lature prohibiting the playing of tho
"Star Spangled Banner" for the pur
pose of collecting money.
1 Carrying On With the
American Legion
f -"-
The official American Legion grave
markers may be had from national
headquarters for $1.30 each, now.
Tho Legion post of Decatur, Ark.,
has bought the city's telephone system
nnd, after nn overhauling, will oper
ate It.
Pershing stadium, built by tho A. E,
F., has been designated ns the place
for the holding of tho 1021 Olympic
Tho famous French general, Gou
raud, hns been Invited to attend the re
union tills year of the Rainbow divi
sion, In Minneapolis, Minn.
v aa . .,
Write for 32-
Page Booklet,
"Mothers of
the World"
Pat. Process
Loom Products
Mfi. Co.
oany carriages OFumiturt
KmmIh). Mkk.
Ose This Coupon
Du Mnd m oa
The Lloyd Mf.
booUtt'llotbtnaf the
PATPMTC yVmfnn K. Coleman,
m I EH I O I'atent Lawyer, Wublnston
a . 7. 7uo- AdTlcaand book Int.
Bates reuonabie. niBhou references Bettaerrloe.
Nebraska Directory
INCOLN'S Rooms br $1.50
t-unih Room In Connection
i vuu1 T
T M-
Our Iltislnrnn In H'c Tear
,...',:m UP ""' HH tin- TlecM
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Call, wrlto or phono: you'll receive prompt '
onJi n'a HlBhe,t Prices paid for old Car. Jk,,
" uncov Lincoln, eiirasKU
Creamery and Cream
Station Supplies
Milk Bctllet and Dairy Supplies: Ere
Cases and Chicken Coops; BOILERS
1 309 Jonei St. 1 1 W. Third St.
Wabash Pad
Cure Collar Sore while you
work the horse. Askvour
dealer, or send us SI S3
lor sample, postcald.
MIm.. Lincoln. Nebr.
O IW o
1123 O Street :: Lincoln, Neb
aIaeVs $110,000,000
Keep Nebraska Money in Nebraska
Patronize Home Industries
How the Fight Began.
"Tho doctor says I must keep my
mouth shut in the cold air."
"I'll open the window immediately."
And aprlnklo In tho foot-bath ALLEN'S
FOOTuEASn, tho antiseptic, lienllns pow
dor for Painful, Swollen, Smnrtlnir Feet.
It prevents bllnors and soro apota and takes
tho atlns out of corns and bunions. Always
use Allen's FontKno to break In now shoes
and enjoy tho bliss of feet without AH
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The man who pays cash often sleeps
on tick.
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Hot wafer
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Freckles Positively Removed
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complexion. Your drugxlit or by mall 65ct tend for
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The Velvet Touch
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Beauty to Gray and Faded Hal
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loam, ete.. stops all rulo. rniurea comfort to the
fret, makes vralkloir rur. ltu. by mall or at Druip.
Kilts. Ulseox Cbailcsl Works, l'tchocue, N. Y.
- At r. prirq ...
clean. onmmcntaljCcn.
venlent. chssn. Lasts
all season. JJdo of
metal, can't spill or
tipowrt will not sol)
or Injure anything,
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