The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, May 25, 1922, Image 7

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aaLaaaaaaKafC l JtaWScf m
BEJSf SnfftmX DOUBLE treat
5vW rnillEsStt Peppermint
nSl 'IgilflflRSaaaaatV Jacket over Pep
. imlhTl fj JBfpJL permintgum
a-apgyycfeyi7?' 7
ffj Jfm
10 for 5c
Sugar jacket just
"melts in your mouth,"
then you get the delec
table gum center.
And with Wripleys three old
etandbys also affording friendly
id to teeth, throat, breath, ap
petite and digestion.
Soothing, thirst-quenching.
Making the next cigar
taste better
A C30
Ons Way of Knowing.
Two friends put up tit a hotel, nnd
one of tliein could not bleep or for
Mmo other reason got up early the
following morning mid went for a wulk
before breakfast.
lie returned In time to join his
friend at the meal, nnd was greeted
by tho Jocular:
"Up and early this morning, Bill.
What's the trouble?"
"How do you know I was up early,
JlmV" Bill fenced.
"I heard you go out an hour before
I nunc- down," explnlned Bill.
"How did you know It wus me,
Uiougli?" queried Bill.
"Oh, I can always tell your foot
steps by your cough 1" Answers.
There Is nothing more satisfactory
after a day of hard work than a lino
full of snowy white clothes. For such
results use Ked Cross Ball Blue. Advertisement.
If a had nnlilt hasn't killed a man
tiy the time he Is seventy-live, ho Is
pretty sura It won't.
Barrage From Washington.
"Did you ever ask a favor of your
"Once" said Mr. Grumpson. "Ho
fathered some legislation that was dis
pleasing to me and I asked him to do
me the favor of resigning."
"Ho didn't oblige you, of course?"
"No, but he's been franking hla
speeches to me ever since, and I'm
sorry now that I made him nware of
my existence."
Cutlcura for Sore Hands.
Soak hands on retiring in the hot suds
of Cutlcura Soap, dry and rub in Cu
tlcura Ointment. Remove surplus
Ointment with tissue paper. This Is
only one of the things Cutlcura will do
If Soap, Ointment and Talcum are used
for all toilet purposes. Advertisement.,
Nothing In the world Is either nobler
or rarer than a truly devoted friendship.
No one now otters any moralizing
on the hjesslngs of poverty. It la
called "tho simple life."
II (mm
More Quality for Less Money
There never was a time when Goodyear Tires were
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They are bigger, heavier and stronger today than
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Yet Goodyear prices are lower now than ever.
Not even in those remembered days before the war
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Tread Cord $32.40
Uanufactuttr'i tax txlr
(Copy fur This Dftmrlinrni Supplied by
the Atnrrlrnn lKlmi News Hrrvlrr.)
Trio Among Most Unusual Caeca or
Record at Veteran's Bureau
in Wachlngton.
Three men who have lost thorn
bclven and whose memory does not
extend buck to the war where they
received Injury, are among the most
uniiMiul eases on teeord at the Vet
erans' hui eau In Washington, D. C,
among the long list of war victims.
The American Legion Is endeavoring
to assist the unfortunate es-bervlco
men In (hiding their relatives.
Iluywuru Thompsontit least that
Is what he Is now called Is one of
the most peculiar cases. He has for
gotten who he Is. In his head Is an
ugly shrapnel wound. Ills memory
goes hack to .lauuary '22, 10'J'J, when
he arrived at a hotel In Denver, with
a hill In his pocket from one of the
most expensive hotels In Colorado
yprlngs. His memory, he now helleves,
lapsed somewhere, either far hack
In Franco or on the trip hetween Colo
rado Springs and Denver. Thompson
remembers having had .$l,-tH) In his
pocket and access to many thousands
In searching Washington records for
some trace of the loit man, It was
found that a certain Hay ward Thomp
son enlisted In the Marine corps June
C, IMS, and was discharged .lanuary
0, 1010. lie had a wife and three
children at Flemlngton, Mo., and a
mother, Mrs. Louise Thompson, at
Chicago. The man with u shrapnel
wound In his head and no memory of
any relatives at all, telegraphed In
great eagerness to Kleniington, Mo.,
and to Chicago. He received no
Not so long ago a clean-cut young
man appeared at a Los Angeles hospi
tal, lie wore an American Legion
hutton. When questioned as to who
he was he stated he did not know.
"I think I am thirty-two years old,"
he said. "I am live feet, nine Inches
and weigh IHO pounds. My eyes nre
gray and I have blond hair. I be
lieve I was a soldier. If any one can
tell mo who I am, or anything about
my past, please let me know." The
Los Angeles post of the Legion is mak
ing every effort to help the man find
A third "unidentified living" lives
at 7113 North Thlrty-llrst street, Louis
ville. He Is known as Ieonard Wells,
to the neighborhood. Ills memory Is
hazy. He believes that he enlisted
In the old First Kentucky Infantry,
und with the command was transferred
to a replacement detachment and sent
to France. Ills photograph was for
warded to his company commander',
who recognized the face hut did not
recall it name. A machine gun uiillet
had pierced his abdomen and Injured
his spine. Another had Injured the
left shoulder cap. No compensation
or Insurance can ho awarded to this
man, the Veterans' bureau regrets, un
til his Identity can he established.
France, It Is said, has six of these
"unidentified" living ex-service men.
Great Ilrltnln has a few. These lost
souls who cannot find their memories,
and who know they cannot, present a
spectacle unique and pathetic. They
are lost and know It.
Serrjt. Samuel Glucksman of the
American "Devil Dogs," Rival for
York-Woodflll Honoro.
Another rival for the crown worn
alternately by SergeantH York and
Woodflll as the
grentest hero of
the World war
has been uncov
ered by the
United States
veterans' bureau
In the person of
Sergt. Samuel
Glucksman, mem
ber of the Ameri
can "Devil Dogs"
during the war
and decorated by
both the Ameri
can and allied governments.
Although born In Austria, Sergeant
Glucksman enlisted with the marines
at the outbreak of the war and al
though too modest to tell the story of
his achievements while lighting
against the Germans, tho American
Legion nt Washington discovered that
Glucksman fought In seven mnjor en
gagements, Verdun, Uelleuu Woods,
Chuteau Thierry, Marbach, St. Mlhlel,
Solssons and Mont Blanc.
On the morning of October 3, 1018,
Sergeant Glucksman Btnrted out to get
water for his comrades. lie returned
without the water but with 20 Ger
mans and a painful wound. Tho
"Devil Dog" sergeant captured a lone
Gerninn and Insteud of bayoneting his
captive forced him to lead him to tho
rest of the advance party. Coming
onto the whole batch of 20, Sergeant
Glucksman waved n hand grenade and
ordered them all out of the shell hole
they were occupying nnd Into tho
arms of his Amerlcnn comrades. By
executive appointment Glucksman la
now employed at the navy yard at
Portsmouth, N. U.
Henry Sullivan, Phoenix (Ariz.) Or
ganization Enthusiast, as J. Pn
Ties Many Knots.
Hnvlng secured plenty of experience
In braving the perils of the deep while
a member of tho
navy during tho
war, Henry .7.
Sullivan of Phoe
nix, Ariz., Is now
helping to launch
the several ships
of m a t r I in o n y
that set sali from
A MfeV ti I h h o m e city.
swi-mBsti W'on "'' service
jSiVHpB; men of l'hocnlx
HJQrW'BVaH s,nlt tll(lr
ESA aIk ding bnrks they
seek out Justlco
of the Peace Sullivan to unsllp tho
lines of their single blessedness.
Mr. Sullivan Is also the man who
started the "Under one bend, the
American Legion" slogan which has
been adopted by all the war organi
zations of his homo county to ad
vance the Interests of the service men,
carry on hospitalization work, elimi
nate drives and working generally for
the benefit of the men who served
their country.
As Mr. Sulllvnn himself expresses
It : "All war organizations In the
county have united under one head
for the purpose of centralizing our
work. We expect to lend our efforts
largely to hospitalization work and In
other ways serving the disabled serv
ice men by placing tho responsibilities
on the various departments of govern
ment where they belong rather than
by advancing their rights In n slip
shod fashion."
Legionnaires. of Dement, Illinois, Hold
Up Old Commander's Car and
Demand an Address.
General Pershing was captured
while attempting to pass through
friendly territory by a group of Amer
ican Legion men at Ilcmcnt, 111. Tho
old leader of the A. K. F. started
through the town on an Intel-urban
trolley car, but Legionnaires, aided by
xi' rjryajjtjra'tpaaBSaaaptsjBSSaaj
Pershing Addressing Legionnaires.
a powerful ally In the person of the
motorman, gathered In front of tho
trolley and demanded a speech.
The rear platform of the car was
turned Into a speaker's stage and
"Black Jack" addressed the servlco
men nnd their friends for ten minutes.
The Legionnaires were marshaled to
gether by Sidney Morgan, their post
commander, who stood on tho plat
form with his old general, and It was
not until ho had given the word that
the former members of Pershing's
command would give the trolley tho
right of way.
Adjusted Compensation Wins.
Adjusted compensation won a d
elded victory In tho nation-wide ref
erendum by the United States Cham
ber of Commerce 1,110 chambers
voted favorably, 2,057 against the
measure. The United Stntes chamber
has opposed the hill from the start.
The commerce body In Toledo, O., pro
tested the questionnaire which was
sent out ns being unfair In the wny It
presented the subject.
- "!$
I Carrying On With the I
American Legion
A community playground will bo
made by the Legion nt Nashville,
Tenn., tho ex-soldlers bearing tho ex
pense of apparatus and upkeep.
In Korea, American ex-soldlers, most
of them missionaries under the leader
ship of a Southern Presbyterian mis
sion, have formed n post of the Le
gion. During the war It cost Uncle Sam
$300 to clothe each of his soldiers. The
present doughboy Is garbed In cloth,
lng costing but $180, tho War depart
ment stntes.
The only woman field clerk In the
army Is Miss Jean Hodson of San
Francisco, Cal., secretary to Major
General Morton. She holds the rank
of sergeant major.
The Legion In both North nnd South
will henceforth obscrvo the birthdays
of Generals Leo and Grant, rlvnl lead
ers of the Civil war. Tho birthday of
General Grant wns observed on April
27 this year nnd that of Lee will be ob
served January 10, 1023.
Tabltts or Liquid
For Coughs, Colds and Catarrh
Mr. R. W. Minhill. rirtmpton. Michigan, suffering- from Sritemtc Cattrrb lovolrlof
Head. Note, Throat and Stomach, claims a complete cure. Ill letter ! convincing!
"For tho put two yetrt 1 nave been trouble d with ijittmlo catarrh I Bird tereral boxei of Ublcu tnil flier bare kOeeted totnplclo cot. I do not beiiute to recommend 1'e-ra-nk
forillciurrbil condition!."
Mr. Mirthilt Ii luitoneofminrltiouuniliwriohive
beta benrlltctl by Dr. lUrtminUmou medicine In
tberxillltty yrtr.
It Ubyillmuhllnt thealccillon, enriching Ihcblood
nd toning up Ihe nerve tlitirc-ru naltatilctoexcrl
tuch a toothing, betting Inlluence upon (he mucoui
tnembrtnet which lint the body, lilts wonderfully
effective remedy to rritorc tlrtngtb altera protracted
tlcknctt, the grip or Spanlih Influenta.
Klip In tita Hauit
liM Evsrywhtra
f.. rarw
rot ui riicfettMr ,;,.!....
DUWriMIWttAzfiisrt ilMAuiAiit,
rrmouiu, (wwfr.Mjo
No Press Facilities.
"According to this authority, Me
thuselah lived only u trllle more than
eighty years."
"If that's the case, how did ho get
the reputation of being so old?"
"I'm blest If 1 know. There were no
newspaper reporters In those days to
Interview him every time ho celebrat
ed a birthday and add ten or twenty
years to his age so the 'story' would bo
worth a front-page position." Ulr
mlngham Age-Herald.
Important to Mothers
Kxnnilue carefully every bottle of
CASTOH1A, that famous old remedy
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Children Cry for Flctchcr'a Custoria
Her Principle.
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Miss Sweet No, Indeed. Cash
down Is my motto. Wayside Tales.
It Is better to be lonely than
Can Buy Joy Rides.
Money can't do everything, hut
there's a tendency In human nature
to bo pretty well satlslled with tho
things It can do.
Our real life Is not behind, but bo
fore UB.
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aJRM indices"!
rri L -sin
6 Bell-ans
Hot water
Sure Relief
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W. N. U., LINCOLN, NO. 20.-1022.
How They Came.
Mrs. Hcnbain "Hoth hens hnve laid
again." Ilenham "Yes, wo aro gct
ting our eggs In relays."
WARNING! Say "Bayer" when you buy Aspirin.
Unless you see the name "Bayer" on tablets, you are
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Headache Colds Rheumatism
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Thus JrwsiectstA wu?v
Health and Wealth
and has brought contentment and happiness to thou
sands of home aeekrra and their families who hove
settled on her FREE homesteads or touch t land at
attractive pricet. They have established their own
homes ana secured prosperity and Independence.
In the great Kraln-Rrowlnit sections of the prairie
provinces there is still to be hd on easy terms
Fcrtilt Land at $15 to $30 an Acra
land similar to that which through many years
haa yielded from 20 to 45 bushels of wheat
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abundance, while raisins horses, cattle, ohecp
and hops U equally profitable. Hundreds of farm
ers in Western Canada have raised crops in n single
season worth more than the whole cost of their
land. Healthful climate, good neighbors, churches,
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shipplnR facilities. The climate nnd soil offer
inducements for almost every branch of
agriculture, lhe advantages lor
Dairying, Mixed Farming
and Stock Raising
make a tremendous appeal to industrious set
tlers wiahlns to improve their circumstances.
Forllluitrtted lltcrttar, tntpi. description of firm
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W., Wit to
Boom 4, Bee Bldg., Omabs, Neb.
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nd Clonlattlon, Dominion of Canada
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Putnam Fadeless Dyes
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Package oyof