The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, February 02, 1922, Image 3

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a. jui &mA f A A m.
This new
gum delights
young and old
It 'Welts in your
mouth" and the gum in the
center remains to aid digestion,
brighten teeth and soothe mouth
and throat.
There ire the other WRIGLEY
friends to choose from.
too: -tftv
Mally There Is Something Worth
White In the Assertion Made
by Little Johnny.
J?he physician wns telling little John
ny's mother about a railroad accident
In which a teamster, had both legs
crushed from the effects of which he
died tho same day. Little 'Johnny,
about six years old, stood by, greatly
Interested In the accident.
"Thny, doctor," he broke in with
his eyes wide open, "wutu the north
"I don't know," said the doctor. "I
was more Interested in tho man, and
didn't think of tho horse."
"Well, I don't care," Johnny said,
taking the doctor's reply as an Im
plied rebuke, "but a live north 1th
better'n a dead man, anyway."
Teacher Wo borrowed our numer
als from the Arabs, our calendar from
the Romans, and our banking from the
Italians. Can nnyono tlilnft of any
other examples?
Willie Willis Our lawnmower from
the Smiths, our snow shovel from the
Jones' and our baby carriage from the
Rumps. Judge.
There's n pleasure In being cranky
that only a crank can know.
Flve-Year-Old Got Drawing He Want
ed, but Retribution Was Stalking
Behind Him.
It. S. Grnble, n St Louis newspaper
man, celebrated his fiftieth birthday In
n unique way. He gavo a birthday
party and Invited 75 children.
Cobb Shlnn was In St Louis at tho
time, and was asked to help entertain
the youngsters by drawing pictures on
the largo paper hats which were given
to each child. He would draw "what
ever the children asked for, and the
subjects wcro many and various.
Finally a five-year-old handed up bis
hat and said:
"I want n pig."
Tho drawing was started, when a
brother about a year older, spoke up :
"Awl he don't want a picture of a
pig" und tho argument was on.
When the drawing was finished, tho
flve-yenr-old stuck out his chest and
bonstcd :
"Sec, I got what I wanted I"
"Yes, but Just wait until I get you
home and see If I don't ruin you," re
plied tho brother.
When It comes to getting his dues,
his sntanlc majesty never gets left.
Tailors make wedding suits, but
lawyers make tho divorce suits.
You wouldn't put on hobbles
to run a foot race
Then why load up on handicaps for
the day's work?
A good deal of food, unwisely chosen,
does weigh the body down and clog the
digestion, and dull the brain.
Why put on the hobbles?
Grape-Nuts is a breakfast or lunch
time dish for those who want food effi
ciency, and mind and body efficiency.
Grape-Nuts satisfies and nourishes.
It delights the taste. It is ready to serve
whenever you are ready to eat. And it
digests easily, quickly and completely
leaving no handicap of heaviness and
Grape -Nuts Is the food for health
and action.
"There's a Reason9'
Made by Poatum Cereal Company, Inc., Battle Creek, Mica.
Sold by good grocers everywhere!
(Copy tor This Department Supplied by
th American Legion News Service.)
Stephen S. Tillman of Washington
Now Sergeant-at-Arms of Qeorge
Washington Post.
Stephen S. TUlmnn, Washington, D.
0., served as a private in the army dur
ing tho World
war at the mature
ago of fourteen
yenrs. He wn
regularly enlisted
and sworn in and
didn't have to lie
about his age.
.Tnst before he
went to tho re
cruiting oillec lie
cut the numerals
"18" out of n cal
endar and pnstcd
them In the heels
of his shoes. When the recruiting of
ficer nBked him how old he was, Till
man replied: "I'm over eighteen."
They swore hlin In.
Being a trllic smaller than u regula
tion army rifle, he wns detailed as a
bugler. He went to the Mexican bor
der with his company, "B" of the Third
D. C. infantry. Coming back from the
border as the United States entered
the World war, he did guard duty
along Conduct road, Washington,
where several hundred attractive
young women were taking an Intensive
training course. But he was only six
teen years old then.
Now he Is sergennt-nt-nrms of
George Washington Post No. 1 of the
American Legion, Washington, the
first Legion post organized. His fa
ther Is a retired cavalry officer.
Father, Mother, Four Sons and Two
Daughters in Uniform During
the World War.
When the old question of "who won
the wnr?" comes up, the Traylor fara-
Hy of Trenton,
Mo., may step
forward and ad
mit that they
helped. The com
manding officer of
iuu luiuuy uiui ( i
was aoo per cent i r, ;gns
in active service 4W5&1
was the father,
W. S. Traylor, jj$
rnnk nrlvnto. $.
Mr. T r a y 1 or.
U I n . I n fm S!-!-
... a ,v . , .uu. JiatjSfc
sons nnu two
daughters were all in uniform. When
wnr was declared, Mr. Traylor closed
up his general store, donned the uni
form of a buck private In the quarter
master corps and did his bit well, de
spite his fifty-three yenrs. Mother and
the sisters were on active duty with
tho Red Cross.
Of the four sons, Charles was with
the Elghty-nlnMi division and was
wounded. Frank wns tin nvlator. Or
ylilc served with tho adjutant gen
eral's department and Roy wns with
the Thirty-first railway engineers.
V .. vfeJbKflHIk
Sick and Wounded Veterans In New
Mexico Hospitals Are Hungry
for Cheer Letters. ,
Trained to leap through hoops and
stand unhitched, thousands of genuine
Mexican jumping beans are awaiting
girls of the United States who will
write a little letter of cheer to a dis
abled soldier. The exchange of letters
for jumping beans is being made
through Hermnn G. Bucn, Snntn Fe,
N. M., adjutant of tho American Le
glnn of tho state.
Five thousand sick nnd wounded
veterans of the World wnr, recuperat
ing In hospitnls In New Mexico, have
trained the beans. The young men
are .terribly lonesome, Mr. Baca writes,
and they will send a benn to every
girl who will write a letter to them.
Tho Jumping beans are dark brown,
somowhat larger than the ordlnnry
bean. Tho animation of tho vegetnblo
Is caused by a tiny worm tlint crawls
into tho benn nnd consumes tho edible
portion. After tho worm Is dead, tho
benn keeps on Jumping.
Hamilton Fish, Jr., One of Writers of
Preamr's to Constitution, Seeks
Increase In Compensation.
Tho preamble to the constitution of
tho American Legion lias been called
one of the sim
plest, most effec
tive nnd beautiful
pronouncements In
the English lan
guage. T h r e c men
wrote it In St.
Louis, Mo., In 1010
nnd it never has
been, nor probably
never will be,
changed. The men
wcro John Green
way of Arizona,
Judge Davis of Oregon and Hamilton
Fish, Jr., of New York.
Mr. Fish Is now In congress help
ing to put Into effect the policies re
cited by the preamble he helped write.
He has a bill pending to increase tho
compensation from $20 to $50 for the
nurses of blind, legless, armless and
totally disabled ox-Roldtcrs. He Is nn
ardent ndvocnto of reclamation of land
through Irrigation, to encourage ox
ucrvlce men to take up farming as a
At Harvard he was cnptaln of the
ynrsity football team. In France ho
led a company of negro soldiers in the
Fifteenth Now York Infantry and re
ceived tho Croix do Guerre for bravery.
Presidents as Military Men.
More than half of the presidents of
tho United States have held some mil
itary rank, according to Tho American
Legion Weekly. Of tho wholo lino of
twenty-eight presidents sixteen wero
military men, nnd of the succession
following the Civil war Grant, Hayes,
Garfield, Arthur and Hnrrison wero
generals; Roosevelt wns n colonel and
McKlnley was a major.
Unto the End.
"How's this?" asked tho lawyer.
"You've named bIx bankers In your
will to bo pall-bearers. Of course, It's
all right, but wouldn't you rather
choose soma friends with whom you
are on better termB?"
"No, Judge, that's all right. Those
fellows have carried mo for so long
they might as well finish the Job."
American Legion Weekly.
i' BlB
Spokane (Wash.) Girl, Post Historian,
Successful In Procuring Cash for
Comrades' Headquarters.
When the Legion poet of Spokane,
Wash., needed help In raising fundi
for n new club
house for the city,
It turned to n girl
holding the unin
spiring Job of
post historian.
Miss Myrtle Wil
son there upon
made and wrote
post history by
securing pledges
nmountlng to $8,
000 for the club
house. In addition to
writing history, Miss Wilson Is adver
tising mnnager of the post newspaper,
and wns a delegate to the Legion na
tional convention. During the war she
served In tho nnvy at the government
hospital In San Diego, Cal. In a popu
lar contest In the Snn Diego Legion
post she was chosen queen without opposition.
"Doughboy," "I'll Tell the World" and
"Out of Luc," "Old 8tuff,' New
Yorker Says.
If the American "doughboy" who
started "I'll tell tho world" as a char
acteristic expression of the A. E. F.
took pride In having coined a new ex
pression he wns "out of luck," accord
ing to Henry Dwlght, Yonkers, N. Y.,
who has been trying to trace army
slang to its source.
In relating his uncertain success and
asking Uio assistance of tho demobil
ized world at large, Mr. Dwlght de
clares that each of the three supposed
Innovations is time-worn.
Referring to the expressions quoted
above, ho claims that Genernl Custer,
the Indian lighter, used "doughboy" In
letters to his wife, and that Arthur
Young, writer and traveler, announced
himself us being "out of luck" when
hunting for mail at Dijon, France, In
"I'll tell the world" remains un
traced. It is thought to bu very old
und verification of this belief Is now
WARNING I Say "Bayer" when you buy Aspirin.
Unless you see the name "Bayer" on tablets, you are
not getting genuine Aspirin prescribed by physicians
over 22 years and proved safe by millions for
Colds Headache Rheumatism
Toothache Neuralgia Neuritis
Earache Lumbago Pain, Pain
Accept only "Bayer" package which contains proper directions.
Handy "Bayer" boxes of 12 Ublota Also bottles of 24 and 100 Druggists'.
Aspirin ts the trade stark cf Dirtr Manufacture or aloaoeetticaeldester of BaUerlleaeia
The Surprise.
"A pnssel of his neighbors gave
Jtird Lopp a birthday .surprise party
ttitlier night," related u resident of the
Straddle Ridge, Ark., teglon. "Some
how tho word sorter punctuntod
nrotind to .Turd' thut they wcro com
ing, and on tho morning of his birth
day ho woko up with tho grip. Ho got
worse during tho dny and hy night
ho was fooling meaner than thunder
and plumb hostile. Ho loaded up his
old Khotgun nnd Mowed, b'gud, If any
body surprised him. they'd run their
selves ragged getting awny from
"Well, did they sure-enough surprise
"You bet! They found out how he
felt about It, and' didn't come." Kan
ens City Star.
To Be, There Is No Question.
When nn ellgiblo man proposes to
n maid of thirty summers there Isn't
upt to bo any Hamlet's soliloquy
business. Boston Transcript.
Happy tho man who knows he enn't
tell n funny story; others, too.
I'eoplo who never get down to busi
ness seiuom get up in me worm.
Total of Nothing.
Tliero wcro seven of us In nil, nt
lunch. Ono proposed:
"Gentlemen, for diversion, suppose
wo each take a piece of paper und,
without consultation, write, down ns
ninny benefits of wnr as wo can think
of, und then put them together nnd see
what they tnnke."
So, being essentially children any
how, each busied himself with his part
of the Job and delivered the result to
tho teller, who proceeded t tnlly six
blank sheets of paper and one on which
had been written:
"Yuh got me, Rill. I enn't think no
more." Richmond Tlmcs-Dlspntch.
The charm of a bathroom Is Its spot
IcBsnoss. By tho use of Red Cress Ball
Blue, all cloths and towels retain their
whiteness until worn out Advertise
ment. Apropos.
"Where are you going?" "Hunting."
"For what?" "Money. I'm on tho
cent I" Judge.
Pleasant Life.
"A fortunate ninn. Always sure to
I sco peoplo at their best." "Who Is
that?" "The photographer."
Carrying On With the
American Legion
Government controlled institutions
nro schooling 00,000 former service
men and are directed by the veterans
"Legion Park," named nftor the
local post In Uucyrus, O., contains a
tree In memory of the unknown dend
In the war.
Abraham Krotoshlnsky, the "Lost
Rnttnllon" messenger who was cited
focjds deed, hns gone to Pnlestino to
accept an offered farm.
A building worth $25,000 and a
pledge for $10,000 for Its renovation
have been given Leo C. Prentice post
of the American Xeglon by the people
of Fairmont, Minn.
Twenty-four lodgers were rescued
from tho burning Y. M. C. A. nt Somer
vllle, Mass., by tho American Legion,
which clothed and lodged them In tho
post's club.
The success of the Centraltn (III.)
post of the American Legion last
summer In giving outdoor dances hns
led to n scries of Indoor dances for
tho winter. Tho series Is sponsored
by the post
A year elapsed nftcr Gcorgo Reld,
Montevideo, Minn., was discharged
beforo his friends discovered that ho
had the D, S 0. Reld, an artillery
man of tho Rainbow division, con
tinued to flro his piece after being
wounded and routed the Germans.
Yeast Vitamon
Complexion Secret
Banishes Skin Eruptions, Puts on Firm Flesh.
Strengthens the Nerves and Increases Energy.
If you want to quickly clear your
skin and complexion, put eomo firm,
healthy flesh on your bones, increase
your nerve force and power and look
and feci 100 per cent lcttT, simply
try taking two of Maatin'o tiny
VITAMON tablets with each meal
and watch results. Mastin'a VITA
MON Tablet contain highly con
centrated ycast-vitamines as well
s tho two other still mora Important
vitamincs (Fat Bolublo A and Water
Boluhlo C) and aro now being uxed
by thousands as a tonic rrstorativo
end eniating complozion secret Pim
ples; boils and ekln eruptions oecin to
vanish liko magic, the complexion bo
oomM freak and beautiful, tho checks
rosy, the lips red, the eyes bright. So
rapid and amazing nro tho results
that succeas is absolutely guaranteed
or tho trial eorts you nothing. The
aourco of a Jowinit. radinnt com
plexion Is from intidc. You can't
expect external applications to benefit
n condition due to internal conditions.
Get some vitamincs into your system I
Be sure to nmemhor tho name
Mastin'a VI-TA-MON. You can get
Mastin'a VITAMON Tablets at all
good druggists.
x if nv II
I V. llf Vk M
V utMuiiruLi
H r.i rsn
Of Waat Uio Ara Daautlful Fcaturaa II
You Ha. An Ugly Skin, Flabby FU.Ii,
Hollow Chcak., Or a Scrawny Nacfcf
Ma.tln. VITAMON T.bUl. At. Post Guaranteed To Cln You N.w
I h. Beauty And A More Hounded
Face end Figure, or Money Deck.
mom OHM.
vcAvr m
Are Positively Guaranteed
to Put On Firm Flesh,
Clear the Skin and Increase
Energy When Taken With
Every Meal or Money Back
Health and Wealth
and has brought contentment and happiness to thou
sands of home eerkers and their families who have
settled on her FREE homesteads or bought land at
attractive pricee. They have established their own
homes and secured prosperity and independence.
In the crest irrain-srowlna sections of the prairie
provinces there is etill to be had on caay terms)
Fir! Hi Land at S 5 to 530 an Acre
land similar to that which through many years
liaa yielded from zo to 13 mtaucia ox wneai
to the acreoats, barley and flax also in great
abundance, while raisins horses, cattle, sheep
and bogs is equally profitable. Hundreds ot farm
ers in Western Canada have raised crops in a single
reason worth more than the whole cost of their
land. Healthful climate, good neighbors, churches,
schools, rural telephone, excellent markets and
chipping facilities. Tho climate and soil offer
Inducements for almost ejeiy branch ot
agriculture, ine auvawages jor
Dalrylnff, Mixed Farming
and Stock Raising
make a tremendous anneal to Industrious set
tiers wishing to improve their circumstances.
ForlllaatraUd (Iterator., ra.pi. ducrlptlon of fna
opportun'tlen la M.nJtobi, bwketchewan, Albeita
and Urltua CoJumUa, reduced railway rate,
etc., write
Boom 4, Bee BIdg., Omaha, Neb.
Authorised As eat, Bapt. of Immigration
and Colonisation! rtomlnlon ot C.naSa
Baajjl Hm Shtnm Im Wandmrtui
BBaeBal Bare the orapons for klubn aprons, elartia Martin, llfrs., Cb!csf