The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, January 19, 1922, Image 4

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Tifile Economy
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selecting the better grades from a
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puu pnj 'ouip 8SAC8 jnajuiouoas puo oqiunQ
u3ao oip ut :jcoiq o) ?ou poojuu
-icnD e; puu osn A"upA"jnAs joj jnatpojcl puu A.unjuus
SUIGq pOOJ Dip 305 pUTJ X3lAd
jtnoiC iiSnoitrj oo- A'luiuiJoatm puu ioaw-jouS
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Fogel I ( RI1TI CI) Red Cloud
Bldg. J. Vi DU I LCK Nebraska
Red Cloud. Nebi;aaicpk -
tiutcred In tho I'oiitofllco nt Kcd Cloud, Neb
as Hccond Claw Matter'
A. B. McARTilUR, Editor and Owner
Advertsing Rates
Foreign, per column inch 15c
Local, " " 10 I2i
Farm Bureau Notes
I love the big out-of-doors; the
smell of the soil; the touch of tho
rain; the smile of the sun; the kiss of
the wind; 'the song of tho birds and
the laughter of the summer breezes in
thq, trees,,, .. .
I- love the growing crops; the rustlo
ofthoicorn; tho golden billow of the
ripening wheat; the fleecy cotton
bursting from tho boll; tho musky
odor of the ripening fruit and the
shimmer of the grnss that is blue.
I love God's creatures great and
small that minister to man's needs;
tho friendship of tho horse; tho con
fidence of the sheep; tho gentleness
of the cow and the contented confi
dence of the fattening swine. These
represent the response of service to
kindness and care.
Because I love these things:
I believe in tho open country and
the life of country people; in their
hopes, their aspiration t.nd their
simple faith; in their ability and
power to enlarge their own lives and
plan for the happiness of those that
they love.
I believe in the farmer as" the Na
tion's sure defense; the reservoir of
its prosperity; its haven of security
from those who would despoil it from
within or without.
I believe in the fanner's right to a
comfortable living; to such recom
pense for his capital and labor and
skill as will make him the peer of
those who work in office, shop or
mine; in his right to cooperate with
his neighbors for the security of his
business life and in helping service
science sends as handmaid to his com
mon sense.
I believe in the sue redness of the
farmer's home; in the holiness of the
country womnn's love and the oppor
tunity that home should assure to
culture, grace and power.
I believe in the country boy and
girl; in their longings for opportunity
and their vrightf to trained minds;
healthy bodies and clean hearts; and
to the country's call and claim to
.thejr service. , ( ,,-'
T believe in work; ,inr the. glory of
servico and the benediction of j duty
honestlyroWgeji: "
I believe' in my own work; the op
portunity'lt offers to be helpful, and
in its touch of human sympathy arid
its joy of 'common fellowship.
I believe in the pubb'c institutions
of which I am a part; of their right
to my loyality and my enthusiasm
in extending the established principles
and ideals of those who seek and.
find tho truth.
I believe in myself; in humility but
with sincerity of purpose I offer to
work with country man, woman and
child in making the farm prosperous,
tho country homo comfortable and
beautiful and tho rural community
satisfying and my own life useful.
Because I love these things and be
lieve these things, I am a county
County Agricultural Agent.
Red Cloud, Nebraska,
T January 15th, 1922.
..At a regular servico of tho First
Baptist Church of Red Cloud convened
this day it was by unanimous voto
duly Resolved:
That Wo have learned with feelings
of deep regrot that our former be
loved Pastor, Rov. V. M. Harper, has
depnrted this life at his former Mis
souri home, and recalling his exalted
piety nnd great faithfulness in chris
tian duty and pastoral service, wo
hereby express our thankfulness that
he was permitted to serve the dear
Lord he loved and this church in pas
toral connection. We remember with
devout gratitude his love of true
biblical exposition, his interesting
and instructive sermons and hiB or
derly walk before God and all tho
people and his service to his beloved
country iri 1ier lioiir of Peril from
internal strife, nntl,moht of nil his
loving Christ like spirit manifested
through all our intercourse with him
We commend all the largo circlo of
hi3 stricken relatives to tho love and
care of A Divine Father and will re
member them in our prayers and in
voke upon them the rich blessings of
RESOLVED: That we present a
copy of these resolutions to the city
papers. Also that they be spread up
on the records of the church and al
so furnished to the family for their
comfort in their sad bereavement.
The memory of the Just is blessed;
the Godly man ccaseth; tho faithful
fail from among the Children of Men.
For the Lord lovoth righteousness, his
Countennnce doth behold the upright.
"So Enoch walked with God and was
not for God took him; So Job died
old and full of days."
I. W. EDSON Pastor
E. B. GOBLE '.
v y
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The Red Cloud Chief
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Kansas Pickups
tlohn Browu in bedfast with rlirumn
tlfl'ti. NowpII Mirr1tt and wife sm-nt Sun
d with the Ku'l Abbott f.nilly.
Clins. Blount ford and family visited
with tho Virel Kiism'II fiuiilly' Sundnv
County Commissioner 12 K Spurri i
wns tnuistictinjr IiiihIiioss tu tlio uotiiH
ut Monday.
liittlo Mvrln Upp hnt.l)ieii undor il"
doctor's (Mm for Miino iliiu' tint lb ini
piovlnn iili-cly
Mm Ki'ott is tnoviiiK on what i'
known us tho Cox fa i ut tecuiitly pin
uhusud ly .lns Swollow.
.Inn Anderson of Davenport, Iowa I
hoio visiting his mother Mrs. Limn.
Morris Mini other mlitUvos
Tliu men of the l'ltwneo neighbor
hood cut nnd siiwed wood for Join
Brown one day liiht week.
Mr. and Mrs. O. L Vance of Lebanon
visited thtir duiiKhter, Mrs. Ernes"
Freeman one day last week
Mite Arlle Mortis of Smith Centfi
snent Saturday and Sunday with bui
anther, Mrs Laura Morris.
Chns. Mountford. random trip to Leh
ion getting repairs for Ills oar, hav,
!K tho bud luclt to brtmlc uu axlu Situ,
Spring Bathing Ic Good.
"SppnUliiK of bathing In famous
springs," Hald the trump t the tourist.
"I tint hod In tho spring of W
Orum:o Pool.
Governor S. I?. McKfdvie followed up
his endorsement of the principles of
tho V, S. Orniit Growers, Inc., iundi
oirlylnst full, tiy attaching his signa
ture to a lire year individual grower
contract last weeh, when solicited in
his otllce by Walter Sandqulst of Walt,
hill, Held ivpreseutativo of the faim
his' national cooperative, marketing
company, according to an minnunuc
niL'iit made by the fltutc organier. It
was fin ther stated in thu niinotincc
ment that over 8.O0O grain growers in
Nebraska have become afiiliated with
the farmers.' company nnd they control
in excess of 22,000,000 bushels of grain.
"I have, at all times had confidence
In the ultimate success of theU. S.
Oraid Growers", said Governor McKul.
'Vie KometiineHgo'aftcr considering the
cooperative; movements "Tlio jihder
taking -is b. large one to fao-fture but
successful cooporatlvo marketing along
this line has been involved in other
lines and I believe it can be done with
regard to grain. I think the effort is
vnry well woitli making, and I recog
nize in the movement 110 selfish inter
csts beyond those that may be proper
ty., observed by the farmer who has a
rjght to obtain for his products the
mimiinmn prices that the economic
l.iwH of supply nnd demand will create".
Several '.prominent Nebrm-kans are
INtvd in tho 8,000 membeiB secured
t his far by the U. S. Grain Growers
A.J. Weaver, president of the consti
t'ltional convention t-iuned a growet
o hi tract, with thu statement, "If is the
only tliiutf for Kebtala fanners to
do". "It Is tho greatest movement
Ofer staited in iIih interests of Hgrl
e iltnrH," said Dan V Stephens, form.
e congressman and vice piesidcnt of
tie War Finance Corporation lotn as
s iciatlnn in the state. 10. R, Daniel
son, secretary of the statu board ot
iiirricnltnie, nccepted a contract with
a -tatcmcut that it was the loKical step
biond the country elevator. Other
u-aders to accept thu grower oontiact
ai-h C. J. Osl.oine. piesidcnt of the
thinners' Union; Prof. V. C. Filley,
li-ad of th rural economics depart-
in nt of tho Nliraka College of Ajrl-
c 1 1 In re; mid J. N. Noiton, eliaiiman of
lie leuislaiive and the oigimiz itiou
om nitiet of the Nebn bIcii sjtuto Farm
.loit-au fudeiiuiou.
Notice of Final Report
In the County Couit of Wobbler
v'uuniy, NibnisUn.
In the matter of the estate of Niels
Jensen, l)eeeaed.
Ail puisons Iniercstod In said estitte,
re hereby notified 1 hut tho Adminls
.lator hub Hied herein a final aucouut
ml report of his ndmltilstration, and
i petition for the Html settlement of
such account and report, and for a de
Tee of, distribution of the residue of
-aid estate, and for the assignment of
the real estate belonging thereto, and
discharge , from his trust, all of
whieb said mHttera have (been set for
tearing b-fqro snld court, on the 21st
day of January, 1U22 at- tho hour of 10
o'clock, A. M , when hII persons inter
esteil may appearand contest thu same
Dated thit. 11th day of Jinuaiy 1022
A. D. Riiiney
(Seal) County Judge
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