The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, January 19, 1922, Image 3

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Sure Relief
jv tt
6 Bell-ans
Hot water
Sure Relief
Kr &,Bq nll9
25$ and 75$ Packogcc. Everywhere
IT ) JffidE
fa&m mk vjf
WARNING I Say "Bayer" when you buy Aspirin.
Unless you see the name "Bayer" on tablets, you are
not getting genuine Aspirin prescribed by physicians
over 22 years and proved safe by millions for
Accept only '"'bayer" package which contains proper directions.
ITandy "Bayer" boxes of 12 lablcta Also bottles of 24 and 100 Druggists.
Aiplrln la the trade mark of Bayer Manufacture of Monoaccllcacldeitcr of Callcyltcscld
for Coughs & Colds
Thn Tfop dilfmni from ill other.
Quick lelut. No opliici )5 cvnhit
Presence of a Canary or Goldfish In
tho Sickroom Invariably Has
Beneficial Effect.
Next time you sit In n room, the
furnishings of which Include a howl
of goldfish, consider how much time
you spend watching the small fish as
they swim slowly about or durt about
in pursuit of each other.
Probably you will concludo you
were Indulging tho usual tendency of
the normal person to be attracted to
moving objects. In sick persons nnd
convalescents this tendency Is more
pronounced, and in the aged and very
young it Is still more so.
That psychology of this attraction
was given by Dr. Edward N. Leavy,
formerly veterinarian to the animals
in Central park zoo. He Is now con
nected with a Fifth avenue pet store.
"Sick persons lying In bed spend a
great deal of tlmo watching the gold
llsh If an aquarium Is In their room,"
he said. "It takes their minds off
their pains nnd aches and Is very ben
cfie'al." Canaries share with goldfish tho
honor of being the chief animate en
tertainment to tho sick. New York
One Isn't troubled much by the laws
against vlolqncc If he Isn't trouble-fcomo.
You are entitled to the benefit
of the doubt Why not take
advantage of it?
Tho law i3 very careful in protecting the
rights of a prisoner charged with a crime.
How about the Law of Common Sense and
the man who has committed an error only? Isn't
this a good place to use the benefit of tha
doubt, too?
Take your own case? If you don't know for
sure whether tea or coiTmj is harming you, you
do know that many are harmed by the drug
element in tea and coffee, and that headaches,
nervousness, or high blood pressure are symp
toms which often tell that the drug, caffeine, ia
giving the nervous system too much jolt.
Probably you know, too, that some peoplo
can't drink a cup of tea or coffee at bed-time,
and sleep well that night.
Where many have been harmed by tea and
coffee, and you may be harmed, isn't it well to
put tho benefit of the doubt on your side beforo
doubt becomes an unpleasant certainty?
There's charm without harm in Postum a
pure cereal beverage, rich in flavor, fully satisfy
ing; the favorite table drink of thousands.
Suppose you try giving yourself this benefit
today, and keep up the test for ten days; then
judge the results. See if you don't feel better and
work better. You can get Postum wherever good
food and drink arc sold or served.
Postum comoD in two forms: Instant Postum (in tins)
made instantly iu tho cup by tho addition of boiling water.
Postum Cereal (in packages of larger bulk, for those who
prefer to make the drink whllo tho meal ia being prepared)
made by boiling for 20 minutes. '
Postum for Health
"There's a Reason"
Making Good an Old Boast.
A process 1ms been discovered
whereby old leather can ho converted
Into gulntin. Such transformation of
fers n ready way of utlllsdni; many ar
ticles after their value to every ono
hut the Junk man appears to he pme.
Hlnco head coverings arc sometimes
made of leather, It would appear that
at least the man coullileut that his
candidate will win in an election may
literally had: up his conlldence with
the time-honored pjomlse thut he will
cat his hut In the event that his ninn
' loses.
Pain, Pain
Skin Tortured Babies Sleep
Mothers Rest
After Cuticura
I Soap 25c, Ointment 25 and 50c, Talcum 25c.
The Wrong Foot.
From a telegram recently received
hy the district superintendent of an
Indian railway from a Iiahu station
master: "Coming on duty early In the
morning find In my new and white jui)l
form 1 perceived a man !catcd on a
box In a linked and aggressive manner.
Taking him to he an ordinary pas
senger, I proceeded to slap him, where
upon he hastily arose, unlocked the
said box, clnd himself In a policeman's
uniform ho took thereout nnd arrested
me. The shoe is thus situated on the
erroneous peddle, l'lonse arrange."
London Morning l'ost.
National Emblems.
The rose, England's national flower,
was chosen as the country's symbol at
the clots of tho War of the Roses.
The shamrock is llrmly Imbedded In
Irish hearts because St. Patrick used
it to illustrate one of his sermons.
Tho thistle was adopted as tho na
tional emblem of Scotland because,
in the reign of Malcolm II, a moat
filled with thistles wived a Scotch fort
ress from Danish invasion.
A Forgotten Art.
Iu New York's streets there may
bo counted hundreds of signs that
read "Watchmaker." Yet perhaps lesa
than a dozen of such concerns could
rnnko a watch.
The crooked path Is longest.
(Copy for 'llila Department Supplied by
I thn American Legion Nwi Service.)
Rov. Earl Dlackman, National Chap
lain of American Legion, Is Re
garded at Man's Man,
"Fighting parsons" were common
during the World war, but those who
actually fought
were not. Itev.
Earl Ulackmaii,
Kansas, earned
h 1 a sobriquet,
however, lie has
been elected na
tional chaplain of
tho American Le
gion. To make fun
for the boys whllo
in France, Rev
erend Illucktnnn
offered to box a
match with any chaplain of the A. 13.
F. of his weight. He wasn't chosen
chaplain of tho Legion for that rea
son, however, his followers declare. It
wus because "he is at all times a
man's man and represents the liberal
spirit of the organization."
Returning from France, Reverend
Rlackman resumed his pulpit In
Chanutc, Kan. Ono of his first acts
was to attend a public dance. Ho
didn't dance, but thoroughly enjoyed
the fun. A protest came from his con
gregation and lie resigned. Ills resig
nation wasn't accepted.
Then ho began doing other things.
Ho rigged up a gymnasium in tho
basement of his church and gave box
Ing lessons to the boys of the Sunday
school. The church liked It.
Reverend IJluckmau refused offers
from larger churches to stay with his
pastorate in Chnnutc. His view of
Sunday "blue laws" is characteristic:
"To my mind the advocacy of such
luws only serves to cheapen religion In
the minds of the masses and tends to
push it back Into the superstitions of
the past. What is rest and relaxation
to the farmer may' not be such to the
bank clerk."
General Pershing Gives Her Kiss and
American Legion Women Pay
Tender Tribute.
The alliance between those who
served the United States and Great
Brit nln against
the common
enemy during the
World war waB
further strength
ened by a kiss
from General
Pershing and
honors from
American war
mothers, bestowed
upon Mrs. Ame
lia Emma McOud
den, official Brit
ish war mother,
before she sailed for return to tho
Island kingdom.
Mrs. McCudden, mother of the
noted major of the British air force
who brought down more than CO Ger
man planes and won the Victoria
cross before ho was killed, was sent
to America to represent England's war
mothers at the ceremonies for the tin
known American soldier. At a ban
quet la Philadelphia In her honor,
General Pershing upon being Intro
duced leaned over and kissed Mrs.
McCudden. In New York she was
taken Into membership of tho Ameri
can Legion auxiliary, composed of
mothers, wives, sisters and daughters
of the LcgloD, and the gold star of
women whose relatives were killed
was awarded her.
Investigation Discloses Fact That Ma
jority of Ex-Service Boyo Prefer
Single Blessedness.
Three years after the war 01.0 per
cent of tho former service men are
still bachelors, according to Gray Wag
gett, adjutant of the Evanston (III.)
post of the American Legion. Mr.
Waggctt has been conducting a cam
paign to gain Information about Le
gionnaires In the Middle West, nnd
buses his statistics on 100,000 replies
Of the 38.4 per cent who married
American, French or German girls, 10
per rent have children.
Tho house owners totaled 13.8 per
cent nnd the business owners aggre
gated 15.5 per cent; nevertheless 21.7
per cent nre able to drive their own
Legion posts, too, have the billet
owning fever, 44.5 per cent having per
manent quarters now, whllo 20 per
cent will get theirs In a short time.
These statistics apply only to that
part of the country.
Oho Passed Up tho Marines.
Discovery that Mrs. Helen Ferguson
Drexler was receiving $400 a month
from tho government in soldiers' allot
ment checks led to her arrest In Chi
cago. She is said to have bad eleven
husbands in the army and nuvy, but
none In the marines.
: mm
wsr 'Jet
Five-Fold Measure Scheduled for
Favornblo Action by Congress
During Present Session.
Cash, paid up Insurance, vocational
training, farm or home nld nnd land
MCttlcment are options offered World
war veterans in the five-fold adjusted
compensation bill which congress is
expected to pass during its present
According to National Commander
MacNIder of the American Legion, who
bases his statement on Information
given him by Senator McCumbcr,
North Dakota, author of tho bill In
the senate, and Republican Fordncy,
Michigan, who introduced tho bill into
the house, the legislation wilt become
law during February, 1022.
Tho measure will become effective
in July, 1022, ns originally provided,
Mr. MacNIder believes. In connection
with the bill, It Is significant that the
Legion has termed It "adjusted com
pensation" from the first ns against
the common term of "bonus."
When the bill becomes law, each ex
service man or woman will he entitled
to any one of the following options:
(1) Adjusted service pay, at tho rate
of SI n day for home servlco nnd $1.25
for foreign service. Maximum of ?50O
for man without overseas service ; $025
for man with overseas serlcc.
(2) Adjusted service certificate (so
called Insurance featuro), a pnld-up
20-year endowment policy. The face
value of this policy will bo 3.I1S times
the amount that would bo received In
cash. The face value of this policy
would be payable to the veteran at
the end of 20 years, or if he dies be
fore the expiration of 20 years, tho
face value would be paid to the bench
clary of the policy. Loan values ure
also provided for.
(.") Vocational training aid of $1.25
a day whllo taking a course In voca
tional training. The amount thus paid
in no case would exceed 140 per cent
of what would have been paid in cash.
(4) Farm or homo aid, 140 per cent
of what would be paid under option
No. 1, If the money Is used to pur
chase, Improve or rnnko payments on
approved farm or city or suburban
(5) Land settlement.
(A) Provides for tho establishment
of reclamation projects for the develop
ment and Improvement of vacant land.
This may be government lund or may
bo Innd purchased by tho government
If possible, projects will be located In
each state, the state pnylngjmrt of tho
purchase price of private Innds bought
for this purpose. Ex-service men to
bo employed on the project ns far as
(B) Provides for the salo of farm
units on these projects when they are
ready for settlement. Snle price Is to
include purchase price of land plus
cost of Improvements. Terms: part
down, rpst In 40 years at 5 per cent
(C) Veterans may have their ad
justed service pny applied as first pay
ment on this land.
Carrying On With the
American Legion
Families of police killed by Wlclv
lta (Kan.) bnndlts received the pro
ceeds from a Legion benefit show.
Some $4,000 of the W. C. T. U.'a
war-time fund has been turned over to
the American Legion to nld sick nnd
Sale of tags bearing the name of
Worthlngton, Minn., Is being made by
the local post of the Legion to ad
vertise tho town.
Bulletins nnd special announce
ments of tho .New York Legion will
be sent by the Wcstlnghouso Electric
compnny'a radio-telephone.
Bay Shore (N. J.) post of tho Le
Blon owns and publishes a weekly
newspaper which devotes most of its
space to local and county affairs.
Punishment of draft evaders to pre
vent wholesale evasion In another war
Is recommended by Major General
Harris, adjutant general of tho array.
Canoes will carry delegates from
BcmldJI, Minn., nt tho head of the
Mississippi river, to the annunl Le
gion convention next fall at Now Or
leans. Protest ngnlnst the use of the
American flag for commercial pur
poses has been made by the Warsaw
post of the American Legion, depart
ment of Polnnd.
Increase in vocational training for
former soldiers costs tho government
$2,000,000 more now thnn beforo Sep
tember, 1021, according to Director
Forbes of the veterans' bureau.
Tubercular and nervous former
servlco men will not receive tho mil
lion dollnrs proposed in an amend
ment to the deficiency appropriation
hill. Tho amendment was canceled
nnd the hospital resultant will not bo
"He needs the money and I can pay
him!" is the statement of an ex-soldler
who has asked tho Oklahoma Amer
ican Legion to locate Olllo Kendall,
formerly of tho One hundredth and
fortieth infantry, Thirty-fifth division.
The questioner borrowed a "flock of
francs" from Kendnll whllo In France
and fenrs that Kendall and his wife
and children may bo in straightened
After Thorough
Mich., Man
Tho following lottor written
from Detroit, Michigan ianoanap
judgment expressed ou tho tnorlta
of i'c-ru-na, tho woll-
known catarrh romedy,
but rathor a tnnturo.
sober opinion formed
after n full year's trial.
This is tho way Mr.
Miclinol Fako of 000
East l'almor Avenuo,
in tho Mlohlgau Metro
polis, writesi "After
uslnff I'E-KU-NA for
about ono year will say
I linvo found it a very
good medlclno for ca
tarrh. It hns holpod
mo a ttrcat dcnl nnd I
nm vory well satisfied. I faavo
gained in weight, oat nnd Bloop
woll, my bowols aro regular ana
bettor color in my face.
Modern Formula.
Johnny Do you bellevo in Santa
Freddy I nccept him in principle.
New York Sun.
There ia only ono medicine that really
stands out pro-eminent as a medlcino for
curable ailments of the kidneys, liver and
Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root stands tho
highest for tho reason that it has proven
to bo just tho remedy needed in thousands
upon thousands of distressing cases.
Swamp-Root makes friends quickly be
cause Us mild and immediate effect is soon
realized in most cases. It is a gentle,
healing vegetable compound.
Start treatment at once. Sold at nil
drug stores in bottles of two sizes, medi
um and larnc.
However, if you wish first to test this
great preparation send ten cent to Dr.
Kilmer & Co., liinghamton, N. Y., for a'
sample bottle. Wht a writing bo sure and
mention this papor. Advertisement.
Misery loves company, but it Is bet
ter to have rheumatism In one foot
than In both of them.
Important to Mothors
Examine curcfully every bottle of
CASTORIA, that famous old remedy
for Infants and children, uud sco thut It
njinra thn
Signature of Cutfffl&84
In Dse for Over 80 Years.
Children Cry for Fletcher's Castoria
Investigating committees cannot
harm honest men.
Take Yeast Vitamon
Tablets To Clear
The Skin
Build Firm "Stay-There" Flesh Increase Energy.
If you want to qulcldy clean your eVdn and complexion, put somo firm haUfoy
flesh on your bonca, Increaso your nerve forco and now er and look and fel tOO
pr cent, bettor, oimply try takiac two of Mob tin's tiny yeast VITAMON Tablets
with each moal and watch tho
results. Mostln'a VITAMUN
Tablets contain hiBhlylconccntra
tcd ycast-vitamincs as well no
tho two other otill mora Impor
tant vitomincs (Fat eolublo A
and Water eolublo C) and era
now being used by thousands.
They positively will not upset
tho stomach or causo em, but.
on tho contrary, aro a great aid
to digestion, to overcome consti
pation and aa a general condi
tioner of tho wholo system. Pim
ples, boils and skin eruptions)
eccm to vanish Uko magic, tho
complexion becomes fresh and
clear, tho checks glow with ruddy
health, the flesh becomes firm;
the eyes bright. Mostln'a VITA
MON Tablets aro positively
cuarantced to rive you new
health, energy ana ambition and
improve your appearance. Do
not accept imitations or substi
tutes. You can get Mostln'a
VITAMON Tablets .from any
Gpod druggist.
Trial a Detroit,
Endorses Pe-ru-na
TE-RU-NA has dono wonders
nnd to nio is worth itswoight in
gold. I shall continuo to ubo
PE-RU-NA 88 lontr ns
I livo and rccommond
to my friends who aro
Nothing can bomoro
convincing than nn en
dorsement of this na
ture from an actual
user. Thcro aro many
peoplo In ovory com
munity whoso oxporl using Fo-ru-na,
lmsboen identical with
Mr. Fako's. It ia tho
standby for coughs,
coius, catarrh, Btomacu
and bowol disorders and all ca
tarrhal conditions.
Put up In both tablet and liquid
form. Bold etbbywueuk.
Petting parties, so-called, don't seem
to ho much different from tho old
fashioned "kissing gamcA."
To Insure gllstcnhig-whlto table
linens, use Red Cross Ball Blue In your
laundry. It never dlnappolnts. At all
good grocers. Advertisement.
Some people nre so methodical that
they expect even their opportunities
to travel ou schodulo time.
-A Full 1
In Evcny Poir or
3h. A..JuIAJUu44I.CuPL 1
JMiywatf T&MMl
Adc"Yotin Dealer
If ht haiUhtm-0nd direct I
Accept no uuomiiute
Look for Nam on Bucklta
Nu-Wsy Strech Suspender Ca I
Adrian. Mian.
The Douglas County Hospital
having undergone extensive inv
provements has reorganized its
Quarters for nurses arc espe
cially attractive with gymnasium,
etc. Curriculum meets all re
quircments of State Board.
Address or apply, Supt. of Nurses,
Douglas County Hospital, Omaha, Neb,
Of what uia ara fina faaturaa with an uotrt '
mottlad akin, flabby flaah, aunkan chaaka,
pouchaa under tha ayaa or a caraworn, aieklr
looking facaT Lat Vitamon ..correct thaaa
Are Positively Guaranteed
to Put On Firm Fletfc.
Clear the Skin and Increase
Energy When Taken With
Every Meal or Money Back
land of Prosperity il
offers to home seekers opportunities that cannot
be secured elsewhere. The thousands of farmers
from the United States who have accepted Can
ada's senerous offer to settle on FREE homesteads
or buy farm land in her provinces have been well
.---..k I repaid by bountiful crops. There is still avail
5ieJ.::'::5sJ able on easy terms
Fertile Land at $15 to $30 an Aor
land similar to that which through many years
has yielded from 20 to 45 buelielsof wheat
to tho acre oats, barley and flax also In ereat
abundance, while raislnn horses, cattle, sheep
and hoB" is equally profitable. Hundreds of farm
ers In western Canada have raised crops In a
single season worth more than the whole cost of
their land. With 6uch success comes prosperity,
independence, good homes and; all the comforts
and conveniences which make life worth living.
Farm Gardens, Poultry, Dairying
are sources of Income second only to grain
growing nnd stoclt rawing. Attractive cli
mate, good neighbors, churches', schools,
tni m.rljit. rallrAfirl fnrlfltl rftrnl ?H.
Dhone. etc. .'In
ForlllmtrtteJ llteratore. map. deiIpUoa of farm
opportunities In Minitoba. Batkatcbtwui,
Aiuertaaixj uriuuiioiumDia,rwiu(u
leJIway rates, etc., writ
4, Dee BIdg., Omaha, Nek.
Itcd Arant, Dapt. of Immigration
oioniiiion, nonunion or vinii