The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, January 05, 1922, Image 4

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Don't Let Your Business Slow Down
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Use the Long Distance Telephone
c fc2
At this time when business is dull, do you
know that your Long Distance Telephone
is an ever ready aid in stimulating sales?
Why not start now on a Long Distance
Telephone campaign for increased sales and
boost your business? Besides you reach them in
a personal, voice to voice manner, that is most
Try this modern business method. Put your
tclcphoncon the pay roll and see how economically
it can travel for you. The cost is small and our
toll lines reach everywhere.
Lincoln Telephone & Telegraph Co.
True Economy
In buying groceries comes through
selecting the better grades from a
store you know you can depend
upon. l
We pride ourselves on our sincere desire
to have in stock at all times the best
quality food stuffs at moderate prices.
Satisfaction or your money back guarantee
P. Ao Wullbrandt
Groceries and Q'ueensware
I Buy Them With VourW
Them With
and Chicken Money?
Set aside your egg and chicken money and
almost before you realize it, you will have
enough to buy an equipment of beautiful
"Wear-Ever" aluminum cooking utensils.
Bright, light, silver-like "Wear-Ever" uten
sils will make you as proud of your kitchen as
you are of the other rooms in your home.
Aluminum Cooking Utensils
cost slightly more than ordinary utensils because
they are worth more. It pays to buy " Wear-Eva"
just as it pays to buy good farming implements,
"Wear-Ever" utensils are made in one piece from
hard, thick sheet aluminum without joints or seams. v
Cannot crack, flake or peel are pure and safe.,'
Replace utensils that wear out
wjth utensils that "Wear-Ever'
ll!i1!ll!!mnmn,im''mtT,,.IM, ,..,, ,.,..,,,,,,.,.,,,., ,
wuuiuimui Hiiiuiiiiu' !rii;iiiiiii!m;:iiiuiiMiiimi'ii!ii!niii'!!Uiiiini 'ii!iiiiiii:i!iiiiii!i"miiiimuu!i!iii!iiu!iuij
g: Bring 'it to
Rod Cloud, Nebraska
Jnttircd In the I'ostolllront Kid r loud, Nob
an gocoml Class M alter'
A. U. MoAllTHUlt, Htlltor unci Owner
Advertsin Rates
Foroltfn, per column Inch 15c
Loccl, 10 & 12i
Form Bureau Notes
Hospitality! Isn't Unit u Rood word
both socially and applied to the pure
bred business 7 The dictinary says,
"Hospitality meanH Uio practice of
cnterta'nhu; friends and strangers
with kindness and liberty." In
any purobrcd business it is absolute
ly nocPKf-ary to the growth mid wel
fare of the buiucss hospitable.
It nredB no education n r outlay of
cash l tnuko anyone fool welcome
when ho of she comos to your place,
whatever tho cause.
Doesn't it make a tfood impression
on tho parly when meal time comes
and the housewife extends a glad
hand and with a cheery smile invites
the friend or stranger as it may bo
to shaic their meal, no matter what
it chances to be, whether a company
dinner is boing seved ctr only left
overs warmed up. No matter how
plain tho food, it is appreciated to
the utmost if the spirit in which it is
offered is right. Tho guest may for
get all about what he had to cat in an
hour but still never forget the hospi
tality extended him. Ho va3 made
to fool welcome by the ease and
naturalness displayed. If anyone
could realize what a good-fellowship
fooling is created over tho dinner
table, all would call in their friends
and customers from the house-tops to
cat with them. There is nothing Mke
it to promoto personal interest.
As I am writing this I recall to
mind the time a stranger came to our
place to look for a male hog. It was
nearly noon when he came and the
dinner was practically finished, at
least we had no time to prepare any
"extras." It was cold weather and
the table was laid in tho kitchen. V,c
were having left-overs, wormed up
for dinner that day, but asked our
prospective buyer in to cat with us
From a distance he looked like any
ordinary farmer would, but as soon as
he came in removed his wiaps and
began to talk we plainly knew wc
wore entertaining some highly cdusat.
cd man, which ho was. Kcally a
state if not a national figure in tuc
agricultural world. When the meal
was fin'shed, he very graciously
thanked us for tho hospitality shown.
The food wasn't worth praising, but
his method of showing his appreci
ation has never been forgotten. Hos
pitality! that was such a wholesome
expression and really meant nnrc
than any praiso he could have given.
When it is all summed up, we are all
ju&t folks, anyway.
For after all, hospitality is only a
big sister to courtesy and no one
pleads guilty to being discourteous.
Of all the single qualities which may
be made to lift a man above the crjwd
courtesy and hospitality arc easiest
to cultivate. One can hardly realize
but it is true nevertheless, that d:s
ccurtcsy in often encountered even in
cui purohrcd business.
Itoally the cssenco of curtesy if re
gard for the other fellow's feelings
niui hospitality is tho showing him of
your feelings. It doesn't cost any
thing to make a man fool glad that
ho came to your plac and in doing
go you arc not only buildwf up your
business, and pelting the good will of
your patrons but you are broadening
yourself. If it isn't natural for you
to show hospitality you may feel,
cultivate it, f r in so doing you are
establishing self confidence, will and
wolf control. You can do this by
always having the comfort of the
other fellow in mind. You know there
is a saying, "If you Want friends, be
No man in tho purebred business
can bo a success without being hospit
able. It is as necessary as the sun
shine to the earth. In tho words of
Shakespeare, "Assumo a virtue if
you have it not."
County Agricultural Agent.
Pioneers' Reunion
Tho Nebraska Territorial Pioneers'
Association Mil) Ik Id Its Animal rr.
union .Inn. 10, 1022, in tho pnrlors of
tho llrnnd Hotel. I2lh & Q Sts , Lin
coin, Nebraska.
Thu Hussion will oomiiu'iicc at ten
o'clock a. m. and ciintiinii throiiKhout
tho day with n luncheon and annlnl
hour at noon,
At two o'clock tln annua 1 niltlre'R
will bo Klven by Hon Win, II. West
over, Kiishvillo, Nobr., .Imlgo of tho
nth judicial district This will lo
followed by u poem dedicated to tho
pioneers by Dr. A' L Mix by, and ie
nitni'.cenoeh and stories by the oldest
iiili'iblUnU of tlio Hlatc-
The Impoituiiuu of them inoel'int'3
and the lnlliu'tmu they have, on the
pre ervatlon of the hiitory of tho stuto
grows with oaeli Hiieuensivo anntiiil
gathering Attend and oonlribiitw
your early experintici'.s vicissitudes an I
pleasures to tho leal history or the
p-opleof our gieit beloved stato.
. Anjonq who has Uvod hi tho Stato
t'lirty-llvu yours Is eligible to miMiilicr
Bilp. If you uaiiuol attend tho'iu
union, send jour miin to the Seey.
Tn n., fur reistiati in
.1 'lni l) I' iMoICosHo'n,, IVcs.
Minnie P. ICiiijUm'. SeOV.-Tieus
Burlington Establishes
Pension System
Following tho auuntincpmiMit o f
President lloldeti on December 1st,
that the board of directors of tins Chi
cigo, UurlliiKton &, Qulncy Itnilrottd
hid decided to inuuguratu a pension
system, thore Is boing distributed to.
day to all employees, a copy of tho
plan and the conditions under wlile.h
the employees are extended the bene
fits of the system.
After continuous service of at least
23 years, pensions may bo granted to
certain classes of employees upon
reaohing tho age of 05 years, and to
other classes nftor tho ago of 70 years
is attained. In tho event of physical
disability before the age limit has
beeu'reHched, pensions may be award
ed, provided the employee has beeu in
continuous fervice not loss than 25
The amount of the pension is calcu
lated la aucordnuuc with a rule thut
has been generally adopted, aud which
U In proportion to the years of service
aud tho wages of the employee during
the last ten years of service, but with
tho provision of a maximum of one
dollar per month for each year of sor or not less than S25 per month.
Tho plan provides for the entire ex
panse to be paid by tho company,
without contribution by the employ
Weather Report for 1921
Station at Hed Cloud. Nebraska, hit'
tude JO degrees ! uiln , longitude U8,
degivts .'17 min Elevation 1C37 fo-t,
lutiuth of vpoorrt '27 years Hours of
observation April 1st to Sopt 150, 7 a
in., October 1st to March 31st, G p. m.,
73th Mbiidiun tim
Highest 101 dog on Aug i!t5, dates of
100 deg or more June 28, 100 deg, Juno
2 ), 100 deg, Aug. C2, 101 deg, Aug. 21
lHldeg. Aug 2.-i, 103 deg, Aug 2G, 104
d g, Aug. 28, 102 deg.
Lowest ou Dee 21, ! deg. I clow zeto
This Is the only zeio weather wo have
had in 1021. Gicatcst daily ranee GG
deg. on Apill 3rd. Ltmst variation -1
deg. on Jan. lGth.
Total for year 18.2U iuuhes, our, mean
Is 2527 inches 7 08 inches less than
nvtwnKu. Wettest month April with
A2G inoheh. Driest month Decemter
with 0.01 Inch (ireutest rail in 21 hrs
1 80 inches Sept lOih. Number oT
diiH with 0 til inch or more GO l)a,s
tileMr 21, pur'ly cloudy !8, iloudy 7S.
111! tbundeisiorin-. Snowfall.'' inches
ProvullliiK direction of thu wind N W
107 days First Uillinu frost in fall
October 1th, last in spring April 10th.
nrccEMUun wrath mi
Temperatuie: Meiin:!l tletr , mn-xi
mum 71 deg. ou l.llti, minimum -1 be.
low zero on 2-ith. lireatcst daily raiiKO
t'J deg. ou 1th.
Precipitation: 0 01 Inch snowfall 0.1.
Uftjs olonr L'0, partly cloudy 4, clonr'y
7. Prevailing direction of wind N W
10 days. Porhelia on 3rd.
the Chief
Lutheran Church Notes
Regular services aro n,old every tlrst
and third Sunday In tho month In tho
AdvontlBt church, Corner of 3rd tAvo
and Walnut St
Preaching at 11 a m.
Our annual meeting will be held aft
er I lio service. lOvorybody Is request
cd to be present.
O. K, Ukuvitz, Pastor
Itoglit thu Nw Yijar by pying your
auberiptlou to thu Chief.
'Farm Loans
I y hi
I am ready as always to inako any
and all farm loana nt the -lowest 'rate
and best option. Absolutely! no wait
Ing and no oxpense for inspection.
, , , , , J. H.Balley.'
A Letter To Make Good
Must impress tho person who rccieves it with its
importance, whether the correspondence be oi. a
husines:; or personal nature. The mails arc flooded
with cheap circular letters and the average busy
man of to-day dives his mail the "once over" and
passes most of it to the waste basket. A letter to
demand attention in these busy times must be
Hammennill Ripple Soad .
Printed correctly makes the nicest letter headlyou
can possibly obtain. The hard smooth surface of
this paper renders it particularly adaptable to high
class artistic printing and the ripple finish places it
in a class by itself for attaractivc appearance. The
"crisp cackle" you notice in opening a letter written
on Hammermill Ripple immediately suggests taste
and proi'ossivencss pn the part of the sender.
Costs No More Than Other Paper
Come in and let us show you samples of work done
on this stock and figure with you on your next job.
Tli Red
i rmirira u.iri imn I'lrinmir'riiTiTrTiTiri'iVTmm r" i"" ' -'-r-r: ir an 'muaiiii w m-am
D Auto Radiator Protection $2
Our Improved Radiator Shutter is Operated from the DASH
Made oi Waterproof Fiber Composition. Retains the heat
Better than Metal. Doesn't Rust or Rattle.
Made to Jit all cars. Makes starting easy.
Send us $2 and name of car for one complete postpaid.
Town and County Agenti Wanted, Reference Dun's and Draditrceti.
Essential Automotive Products Co. 511 W 42nd St. N.Y.City
We Sell
Niggerhead Naitland
outt County Lump
S We sell for cash that's y
,4 why we sell cheaper. 9
Begin the New Year by
Subscribing For The
Llfttd Honzon.
.. . ;..,
Wlillo all mens unuer our iei w,
tnny well.BtJp at nny exquisite ha-K
slon, or riny contrlliutlon to knowledge
that seeina by' n lifted horlzoq to' set
Urn spirit free for n moment, i or , any
stlrrlnB of the senses, strange dyes,
strango colors, 'nntl curious odors,
or work pf the nrtlst's hands, or (tho,,
face of one's friends. Walter Pater,
In The ltcnalssnnce.
Mrs. PI rate.
The. wife, of Captain Kldtl was
ti'iTlfiud wlfen he enlist hor "My trons
urol" S)iQ thought he wanted to bury
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To Buy Wall Paper, Paints,
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Tim best place for Picturo
I ony .
j Jrt
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