The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, December 29, 1921, Image 1

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Are You Buying Dependable
That is The Kind Vfe .Sell
Corn Eaters Banquet Jan. 4
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Lincoln, KeijiHsU.i. 1'ot 1MTI e
ninny committees from t!i hlncflln
Clumber o( CnuinieroM are c unpllli'i;
pmns fur th uom dinner unci t in
st minion of tiie "uorn mters uni,
The device hold in this church
wn.i rol'ceil for its simplicity and
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, f ! reverential ppirn. ino.e wno proper-
:j MaJone Glellatly Co. ij
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jLigt Jiunaaaau'-a anataaaa mi-kj
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bell i our Cream
Feed Your Calves And. Pigs Skimmed Milk
You no doubt will shake your head in disaprovnl
at this suiest'ion. and yet farmers over the country
arc doing this very tiling and making money by it.
vr11 t
Affordto Let a Calf Have Cream
so lontf as buttjr fat is bringing the price that is
being paid for,, it at vhe present time. Give tlic pigs
and caj-ves an inexpensive- food mixed with the
skimmed milk and market the cream for cash.
Security Food Compound for calves or pigs
contains every element necessary for their healthy
growth that the cream" contains. Besides being an
ideal food it acts as a tonic, giving strength and
vitality. A small amount of Security Food mixed
with skimmed milk gives surprising results.
A special offer to prove its merits
To get you to using this food we are going to make
a special price of SI for a 25 pound pail, the regular.
" price of which is S5-. Wc also have the Buttermilk
Hog Builder. A trial will convince you.,
America", whioh tuUes lace on
niHiliiy evening, Jumiury. Il'i. t
Duriui; Unit woclc Orximizcri Acti-!
ouli mc nu'ets in lilncolo, taintui;:
hiuiii'i(l of reprcMMUAlivoA froin .tin
iiumy fiirni orf(nnl2siMon, nnd il M&U)
(oiidfed (linl t'u-ro will bo tleWJjHm.
Iroiti 1'noli of tiiC'i! orKiinimUum iVrat
tjin anco iittlio diiiiier. . 1
Uiii-H.v, the prnrnni ciiIIr frtr 11 Imit
ouot wltli th menu rplfin with corn
ptodiiuth'-frmn corn t'Uiip to coin juu
UIX'HUl, till! UOIIIinilUK liiivin thw SOliilll
in i h n-jje proinlshiijiiiHiiy iniioviit(ojiw
lollfiwin tut' Iinnr, Hut Uorii-131-
ra Clnb of Atnuriun will l) ari(Mtin(i.
1'iiiintis "Alll utvivo tht ooin cnfu
! linttoii tuiU will uledsro I; i use mbn
join pio'iltiL'li. ' ''
; Scioturiei. of thu ninny uhlunlnnof
' l iiiinlorcu urn expected,!) ho In aUjtn
i iiiiet, toietnrii tu'nm tuid bs-ImI iitlie
1 introduultoii'of this movement In tlfcfr
own couimuniiioh. ;
I This Ujut ilic opening nun fyY'.!l
, e.uiip.Uk'n Unit Mncoln bulite.s Lilian
hoi o will be tiilien up m nil purtRfOf
t ie btato witli the intent
tho lnif.inev.nieu In thi- sluttfi
I Urn mi Idlclwesi to further th-1
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, nliuorii nroiiiieth n move ccrtflinao
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lprellyclij;d-i,attkfiii ii'-'lUrRjir
til mi'ii'lv inureiifiil use of
I liuiiiim cousiimuioii.
, ly eclehrated this occasion in the
jtntc Christmas fpirt, wPl not have
I Mid reflections in tiio days that fol
1 .. Fi.miliar songa ami envois were
I muff- by all present. It was a "kiv
I injj" Christma in tliia clittrch. Christ
mas ftijiufc sliouui uo liom purest
motives and with tho desiro to please
Tlim who has made tho joy of Chrixl
mai possih'c t all. They Kavo thom
oIvcm over-Rcnerously and thus a
!?'-oat spirit resulted. A pleasinR
feature of the program was the le
gend of "Boiiifaci" or "Keep It All,"
told by Kcv. Mary Mitchell. In ac
cord w'lh l!ie story, the collection
was jriven as? a mis'onary offering.
Thii was a fine prbjrrnm, ard tho'
we know thai many method of cele
brating Christmas do not savo of
ro!ij;i m devoVon u."d many fail to
honor Christ, but ralhor dHtonor Iliin
by worldlinee.s and FelMndnltrenco
wh'ch jircclrde all thought of Chris
tnn worship, Uee scrvirrs had not
this fault. In add't'on to the Fonp;3
readings, music nnd oxcerciscs, Miss
Owens t III thn Christmas story in
dialogue form with the children. She
deprecated the idea
the chitdrou about Star
hi- proper nlaco Is in legend or myth, i;
JLJ i u
Chief Begins Fiftieth
Year Next Week
One of Each' $2.75
While the present stock lasts I am offering
two bargains. A guaranteed watch with
unbreakable crystal - - - - $Ii4Q
en of deceiving jj
Santa Claw- ty'
n letrend or mvth. I
Such delightful stories of tho Ik-bo of '
rothlol'cm to wn'rh little es 1'fhm,
itnj tfrai.'acgMLjre
The young man in love often goes into raptures about
"the blue of the sea in her eyes and the golden haze of
autumn in her hair," but .remember this, young man
SHE'LL EAT just the same as any other healthy girl.
Therefore, get down to practical affairs. Save your
money, deposit it in a good reliable bank like ours and
get ready to own a home for you and the girl and to
provido the three square' meals a day that you will both
need as long as you live. You know when poverty comes
in at the door, love sometimes flies out at the window.
Edward Floianco, President Red Cloud, Nob. S. R. Flounce, Cailucr
Capital uid Surplus $jj,ooo oo
I), '1)0 nit Guaranlctil b'j lt Jhioltor Uuinmhj I'anit of thf iilale of S bruit, i
Tins inm nf the Chief complete? the
I'.illi volume and nest weelc this paper
eiih'ts itb f.Mth year. It hnriliy seems
possible that the city of Rud Cloud nnd
the Chief huve ben in exist enpti fur
half u eu.luiy nnd yot such is the uacu
Thu liist issue of thin pnpur made Vr
appearance, ill July of tho year HT-
niiil bus never misled an issuo since,
i that tiui". A iHiue number of the old
settler', distinctly remember th
i tbtit whs published. Itwusqulto
an ticliieremeiit. in those frontier diyi,
In the near futuio w will hnvo sonic
uf tlinso who v.'eie present when the
1 ll st fHper CKino from the prets t"ll us
about it. In looking over the flics of i
the paper we notice that news uiad iff-
eri'iit tbtn and advcrtilng not very
, plentitul. - Vet the Chief bus survived
through advoi-fclty and thrived with
pnsperity. H ban boon edited by
tliliteen diiroreut editors Hiid wns
operated tit one time an a daily Tho
endear the hy to them. The Christ
mas oxceivlse.i in 'which they lako
ravt, make d tmas memorable.
After the rtudy of the Clir'.tma
1 'Vf on on Sunoay mornihg, the pii
vt'ivy derartirent a short .
.ram of Bon.-', and 'tcitati ms. Spe.
ial hymns woro Ming and tho pastor
preached an apin-opriale Christmas
sermon. The church was beautifully
decorated for tho glad season.
The customary sevvico with holy
communi in administered by Mow j
Hates; tho Ch-Kmas sermon on "Up-
mombrances" bv Kov. Hardman, and
a program of song wan the celebra
tion at Grace church. Tho offeit rv
anthem, "Wo Have Seen Ills Str.r"
was beautifully rendered. The pro
gram was rather more elaborate than
in former yours. They had their
tree and treats on Monday evening.
Members -tf tho Sunday School prc-
A guaranteed alarm clock - - $ 9
These are bolh special values at the prices.
eight clay
Llso a very few guaranteed
alarm clocks at the right price.
Wo Hike 'Quality' Right Then tho Price; Right
ItcJ ChuJ
Jeweler and Optometrist
A'ttr.M An
.jgr-isCTnnttin iuiMiiunmgjairM
'f'-i"'"" ' i
BTAmwmtinxiJimuu.tijft h 43f smnaixanxxmeeusisxvMjuaxaMHMWt
My Fall and Winter stock of PLUSH and FUR ROBES
have arrived, and include some handsome patterns.
Also am still dohuj expert auto top and harness repairing.
Red Cloud
mpo.taut events in the entire. UfV,jnted tho beautiful paRcant "Cnrry
lUtorv of homo of our citizens nro re ln Christ lo Kver C,u,(1',! ?n Sun-
irr--. ..... .--r., ..-. .i-.h-.t-t.-.
We do building from the excavating to the painting
complete. Wc will figure your jobs to furnish all mater
ials, or otherwise, to suit our customers. We do FRAME
BRICK and STUCCO work, Let us show you the differ
ence between good and inferior stucco.
Wc build screen door and vrudow screens and do
carpenter work of all kinds. Let us have your order for
screen doors and window screens now.
Shop first door north of Holland -Hotel. Res. phone 72N
(lordiid in tiie tiles of this paper from
the notice of t libit- birth to the time of
their obituary.
Buys Shop at Bladen
Chas. Dickenson and sous, C A nnd
Clyde, wore in IJIwden Wednesday and
olos&d a deal with I'Yunk Whelm., pt'Pb-
..... il. 1l I t.l. .1 IV...
Ij I'll I, UWilPl 111 IIJC JJIHim.MUIUl IIU U
ins Dunning unci niiMiiefcs, poosbiou
g j to bo jjiveu about the ilMt of the your.
Mr. UicUeiihon also puiouusoil Iho reil
deneo property youth of tho Car
UiiHi'liico homo now oceunied by Levi
Yost. Iiuth Mr. ntokein-on and ls
boys expect to ninlco their future homo
in Illadeu Mr. Whelnn expects to
look up a new loentloii but is yet unde
cided ns to where ho will locate. Illiid
en IhiterprUo.
:! Mrs.
Grace Church Services
Services for timidity, Jan. 1st, as fol
lows: Sunday School at 10 a. m.
Holy Communion nt 11 a, m.
Hvonliitf Sorvh'o at 7:30 p. in. i
Start the New Yenr rlht by coinlnu
to Church.
Choir Rehearsal atS p. in. Saturdny.
Wednesday Hfternoon at tho John
Kellogg farm northwest of UiIh city n
straw atack and hog shed waa destroy
ed by fire.
i known,"
day oveninx at 7:30. Tho lights were
turned low and a fireplace -was tho
decoration on the staK A mother
r.nd her children were- discovered sit
ing befn-o the fire, nnd she wns toll
ing Christmas stories. They asked
for the story of St. Christophc-, and
sir she told of tho characters in this
lepcnd they appeared in tho fire
place. About twenty-five children
took part in thi pageant. Miss Cent
White played tho mother's part and
Irene Mr.ys, Mary Hamilton and Nel
lie Kniley were her children. Tho
congregation sang Christmas hymns
and carols. Tho offering taken will
apply on tho Centenary apportion
ment that m'nisters to the welfare of
childhood and youth.
The evening was given over entire
ly to a special Christmas prrgram,
on Sunday. Tho primary department
gave somo splendid songs; Mrs. Ruth
Eshohuan rend "Tho Christmas Carol"
by Dickens; M'ss Nollio Frnnt. gave
tho reading, "Tho Christmas Spirit
Speaks;" f,overal eolos woro given, in
splendid manner, by Mrs. Bruce
Ksholman and Mins Frantz. Th- -yc-c-ial
featuro of the evening was tho
spectacular play, "The, first Clrist
mas." "Joy to tho World," concluded
this beautiful service.
Ed. Amack I. T. Amack
jj Amack & Amack
p ' i F fill Y$tfVTY-,J' '-1 ' VTftttt 'i'HffyKB
Mr; and Mrs. Downey havo return.
The cause of the flre'ls uu-t cd to thin city after pending a few
E take this opportunity of ex
tending to our friends and patrons
the Season's Greetings and wish
ing you a happy and prosperous New
Year. The splendid patronage we have
received during the past year is thoroughly
appreciated and we wish to express our
thanks and give assurance that we shall
put forth every effort, during the coming
year, to make our business relations even
more satisfactory if possible.
The Jeweler Red Cloud, Neb.
days at Ilolyolcc, Colorado,