The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, November 24, 1921, Image 5

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liny Hroml nt l'owell and Pope's
C. C. Wilson spent
Wanted Washing. Jin,. Hoyd Hub.
otson, phalli; Ind. 7S It.
Kev. Nowland spent Wednesday
Mi.s Daisy Hewitt was a passenger
to Hasting Monday morning.
Isadoro Johnson unci Dr. Liby went
to Lincoln Wednesday to spend the
C. D. Hobinson was a passenger to
York Monday morning.
J. W. Itobcrtson was a passenger
to St. Joe Sunday morning.
Mrs. E. A. Creighton returned
home Sunday evening from Lincoln.
Jack Names and daughter, Mary
wore passengers to Omaha Monday
The American Legion Post will
meet at 8 o'clock Friday evening in
the I. 0. 0. I- hall.
Lutheran services every first and
third Sunday in the month at 11 a. m.
Mrs. Ilarbara Pharos spent Sunday
vritlt her sons, Charley and Sheridan,
and their families r.t Guide Hock.
vWill exchange income properly in
lied Cloud for late model automobile:
L. E. Tait, 1511 N. St. Lincoln.
Don Fulton of Lincoln arrived in
the city Sunday evening to visit his
sister, Mrs. Earl Hall, and friends.
Sheriff Cole of Hastings spent
several hours in the city Saturday
attending to some business matters.
A. H. Kccney, of Denver, who had
been visiting relatives at Cowlcs, de
parted Sunday evening for his home.
Miss Gcitrudc Adams came down
from Inavalc Saturday morning to
tpend a lew days with relative: and
Franklin Academy vs Red Cloud
High School at .'5 p. m., at the Hedge
Mrs. Cecil Barrett and baby went
to York Wednesday morning to spend
Thanksgiving with her parents.
Mrs. Robert Mcllride returned home
Monday evening from Lincoln where
she had been visiting her .son, Will.
Some of the American Legion mem
bers' wives arc preparing to organize
a Womcns' Auxiliary of the Legion.
Mrs. McDaniels departed Wednes
day morning for Chicago after visit
ing nt the home of Mrs. J. L. Christian.
District Judge L. II. Hlackledge
went to Lincoln Wednesday morning
to spend Thanksgiving with his son.
Uobert. '
Operator C. H. Jeffers of McCook
arrived in the city Thursday morning
to work third trick at the depot in
the place of T. E. Blake, who resigned
Paul Pope went to Superior Sunday
morning. He accompanied his wife
and daughtct home via auto that
cvcn'hg after spending the day there
with relatives.
Engineer George Walsh, who has
been on the switch engine in the local
yards for the past six weeks, rciurn
cd to McCook Friday morning. Ernest
Straycr relieved him.
Mrs. B. W. Stewart and daughter
went to Lincoln Thursday morning
to spend a few days with her parents
and friends.
Mrs. I J. A. Creighton went to Lin
coln Thursday morning to spend a
few days with her sister, Mrs. C. F.
Gund and family.
Miss Blanche Pope, who is teach
ing school at Inavale, spent the week
end lire with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Georgo Pope.
Mr:.. Tate and children, who had
been vititing her mother, Mrs. J. I..
Chttisrtipn and family, departed Sttu--day
fov Holdrer;c.
Mrs. Ella It. Parker departed Sat
urday morning fo Leavenworth, Kan
sas, where she will visit her daughter
a'ftcr spending a couple of weeks hero
with her son, N. B. Bush.
Woodrow Wilson Foundation
The following shipped stock Sun
day morning: A. 1. Crabill one car
of hogs to St. Joe, Dolanoy Bros.,
one car of hogs to Kansas City and
J. E. Yost two cars of cattle to St. .foe.
0. T. Dickenson lotnrtieil linino Sun
day evening fiom MnrMiiill. Oklahoma
and Junction City. K in-iis where he
had been vWltuig his son mid "lunch,
ter. His fou Clyde mid fuiAlly who
liinl been living at Marshall, Oklahoma
tifcatupanied lilm hotm1
Mrs. Itickard returned to her home
at Ft. Morgan, Colorado, Thursday
evening after spending a few days
with relatives here.
Editor W. B Smith was able to be
down to his office awhile Monday
and 1kj will soon lie able to be about
his office once more.
Mrs. Mildred Amnck departed Fri
day morning for Oklahoma City, Ok
lahoma, where she will spend a couple
of weeks with relatives.
Mrs. Alvcna Berg returned to her
home at Armour Thursday after
spending a few days here with her
mother, Mrs. Maude Rcnfro.
Mr. and Mrs. Curt Wilson and chil
dren returned to their home at Mc
Cook Sunday evening after spending
the day here with his fqther, John
Wilson, and his sisterSMrs. "W. A.
TIih Pi'ffroe of llniixi- will imo1 tpt
Tuesday t'VtMiintf nt 7:.'u shtirp in lie
I. O. O. l hall. Tlu iiMmlicrs are -
quested to be prcciit n (jln-io wt'l lip
initiation. An ojstor supper will b''
kcrvofl after lodu'c c'om s ami the mem
bers nro invitod to biing their hits
band or friend. A piogrnnt will also
bo given.
Cotton. Plant hcs:.
The moth known us Alabama argil
Incea, a serious pest of the eotton
plant, Is on; of the most prolific of
Insects. In the tlulf states It produces
at least seven generations annually,
and at the end of the fourth genera
tion the progeny of one inoUi, If they
nil survived, would amount to over
HOO.OOO.OOO.OOO Individuals. Science
Miss Gladys Moede, who had been
attending school at Bluo Hill for
sovcral weeks, returned 'home Thurs
day evening to visit her parents, Mr,
and Mrs. Harry Moede. Tho Bluo
Hill schools have been closed on ac
count of several cases of smallpox in
that town.
About twenty-five men have been
cut off the Burlington payroll at this
point during the past fpw days. Both
cction foremen received. instructions
Saturday to reduce thilr forces, this
order throwing over twenty men out
of work. In addition three men have
been laid off on the rijvirack gang.
Farm Loans
I aw ready as alwayrt make any
and nil far.m Iohiih at. the-riowest rate
and best option, Absolutely no wait
ng and no cxpAtifln for murtoetlon.
.1. H. Mallcy.
l-- JiZK -r
fha FOLKS AT home; expect you
.M...... ,. TO TFJJ- '& ALL ABOUT
CENTRE," THE S75Grf j?
Tho Art of Life.
The art of life Is to keep step with
the celestial orchestra that beats tho
measure of our career, and gives tho
cue for our exits and our entrances.
Why should we willingly miss any
thing, or precipitate anything, or be
angry with folly, or in despair at any
misadventure? In thlB world there
should be none but gentle tears, and
fluttering tiptoe loves. It Is a great
carnival, and amongst these lights
and shadows of comedy, these roses
and vices of the playhouse, there Is no
abiding. 0. Snntnyana In the Dial,
Oiimhu, Nobr , Nov. 21 MUs Edith
MoKolghnn of Hed Cloud hns just been
named chairman for Webster county
for tho Woodrow Wilson Foundation
aceoidlng to a list of county chairmen
announced t'sis week by the stat. eom.
mlttee of the Foundation. She will
have full ehargu of the Foundation
work in t his county and will select her
own county committee to assist 1 1 r.
The campaign will culminate In Jut u
nry in a solicitation Cor funds ui'h
which to establish the Foundation
Tho Woodrow Wilson Foundation
has been undertaken bv a niithiiul
committee of 'JCiO representative men
and women, its purpose is to Imiwn
a great American and to create a moth
od whereby public service will be en
eouraged and conspicuously recognlz d
in this and future generations. From
the income of the Foundation, which
It is hoped will be nt least 8l,C0l),0(Ni.
tho Woodrow Wilson Award will be
granted from time to time in rccogui
lion of distinguished public service
during a stated period
After the fund has linen rnicd a
Board of Trustee, composed of emi
nont AincrlcHiik, will bo entrusted wt'b
Us petinaiient administration. Whilo
tho active campaign thioiiuhnut I'm
country will begin the week of Jat u
ary 10, 1()2'J, subieriptioiiM will be ie
eolred at any time if sent to W F.
Bixtur, State Chairman for Nebraska,
Omaha. Checks should be mado pay
able to The Woodrow Wilson Foundation.
Farm Bureau Notes '
Poultry Culling Demonstration
Monday, November 28th at 2 p. in.
Henry Williams in Cathcrton town
ship; Tuesday, November 29th at 1:0
p. m. at It. Doughit one mile north of
Eckley school; Wednesday, November
30th, at 1:30 p. m. Chris Columbia
east of Guide Itock; Thursday, Decem
ber 1st, nt 1:30 p. m. Geo. Andcivon
north of Bladen. Everybody is invit
ed to attend these demonstrations and
learn how to cull your poultry.
They Spoiled Our Itoad
The Federal Highway Number -11
running north of Hed Cloud through
Cowlcs to Blue Hill was constructed
two years ago. Those of us who have
traveled this road know that it was
as perfect to any dirt road could be
made. It was as smooth as tho best
urban pavement. In no place in the
wliolc '23 miles was it necessary to
slow down for the slightest rut or
bump. Some have called this road a
dream, but wore they to use this
road now, they would find their drcrr.t
turned into a nightmare.
Recently some engineer decreed,
that the road must bo made over and
they have started on tho work. Tho
highway crews have been and will be
employed making over ,' pevfccMv
good road. The net result will be
the depriving the public of th'. up of
a gecd road for a period of time, and
the employment of the highway erev.
i .oinotliinii: utterly useless.
I he fainvrs of Nebiusk.' "n '
av .kc to tho rcaliyitlion Uvit r..d
building h their problem, ii'.d r
the problem of .-oir.p sinecure u I it.
coin or Washington.
However, no mnirie ialaid to our
County Highway Commissioner, Geo.
II. Ovcring, as he is compelled to do
this on account of the rigid inspection
of the highcr ups.
County Agricultural Agent.
Keepers of Libraries.
Those who read iiian books are
like the eaters of hashish. They live
In a drratn. The .subtle poison that
penetrates their brain render.s Iheiii In
sensible to the real world and makes
them the prey of terrible or delightful
phantoms. Books are tho opium of the
Occident. They devour us. A day Is
comlug on which we shall all lie keep
ers of libraries, and that will lie the
cud. Anatole France.
Get Away
This Winter
Get away from business and household responsi
bilities, care and worry. Get out into the glorious
semi-tropical atmosphere of California, where
health, rest, comfort and delightful outdoor acti
4 vities await you-amidst the flowers and orange
blossoms beside the blue Pacific. Twill do you a
world of good! If your neighbor has been there,
ask him he knows.
Be sure to moke the most of the trip, however,
and sec Denver, Colorado Springs, Pikes Peak,
Pueblo, the Royal Gorge, Scenic Colorado, Salt
Lake City, and the Feather River Canyon, through
the Sierra Nevada Range-in daylight.
For the accomodation and convenience of Burling
ton patrons, main-line train 3 carries a through
sleeper daily, direct to San Francisco-connecting
service from Salt Lake City via the short line to
Los Angeles. A delightful-easy, care-free trip
takes a little longer but, but it costs no more and
is "The Route Beyond Compare it Vou Have The '
Time to Spare."
Reduced-rate round-trip tickets are now on sale
daily to California long limits, liberal stop-over
privileges go one way' and .return via an entirely
different route.
Deducting the cost of remaining at home and con
sidering the price of things generally, you'll
be surprised how reasonable the trip can be
made-especially when you contemplate what this
will mean to you and remember that a life which
isn't pleasantly spent isn't well spent. Think it
i '
m.NMMHON.1. y
Bettor lot sne make your reservation
wellin advance.
Ticket Agent
Cheaper Farm Loans
I am making farm loans at lower in
terest rates with optional payment pri
vilege No expense to you for inspect
ion and money Is ready as aoou aa
abstract is furnished, SEE
It. W Stewart, Bonded Abstracter
(leu f. Fry of Bod Cloud today pal
tlcipaietl Ui the beautiful academic
ctMvinwny of senior recognition tit No-
! braska Wesleynn I'niversity wheiu lie
is a member of the junior class. The
juniors foi nied a line thru which the
university procession passed. They
wot e ogas and caps of the university
colors, jollow and brown anl held
aloft pennants of tho same colors to
make an arch. Tho event was witness
ed by a large audience in the Wesleynn
auditorium. The orator of the day
was Hubeeb Skelrik, a senior. Mr.
Skeink is a Syrian who plans to return
iih a missionary to his native laud. 11 o
spoke with eloquent mastery of the
English language. Nebraska Wesley
an Mows Bureau, Nov 18th.
Red Cloud
Ho Shock Absorber.
Many a man gets a pretty bad fall
from being thrown on bin own r
source.- Cartoons Magazine.!:nwm.rcMTOn:mm
by use of
Travellers Cheques protect the tourist liy
affording a sure fotni in which to carry funds.
These cheques, which are issued in ileiioinina
tioiiH of SH, 820, SliO, and Slot), furnish a ready
identification of tho holder and are payable up
on coiiiitcr-slgnaturo They urn accepted
throughout the world by banks, hotels, trans
portation sompaules nu'd business Rouses.
Before taking an extended trip lot our officers
explain in detail the ndvxutuges of carrying
tbeso cheques when travelling.
Edward Flounce, President Red Cloud, Neb. S. R. Flounce, Cathie
Depoiiii Guarantied by the Dtpoiitori Guaranty Fund of the Statu of Ktbratla
Yesr Garber's
Is The Place!
Is given me, for CLEANING your
battery terminals, GREASING them
putting in NEW BOLTS, and above
all, for WASHING your battery
with amonia
you don't know I do these things
Well I do. With me it isn't simply
a case of charge your battery' and
throw it back in your car, but -with
eyry battery, that, comes .ihtp1 my,,
shop, I follow the above procedure:
. t.
kv .
ittcrepsfs ,thc fife .oj ? battery just
'about wo percent. ' .,.'
That's why I gqt practically all of
the battery business.
True Economy
In buying groceries comes through
selecting the better grades from a
store you ,know you can depend
We pride ourselves on our sincere desire
to have in stock at all times the best
quality food stuffs at moderate prices.
Satisfaction or yur money back guarantee J
P. A. Wullferandt
To Buy Wall Pnpir, p,m , i
A F' Jm'! i
l I i I. v !' i
u.aII .
fltai!eAtiYL-v.I7ii!..i, iiiiii
Giiritrant I' ;u t ' .1
M ATI; IT, ,. ..
. r f
M "V
Tho r:
i :.w . .iJniSiJimvatn.?.-mx3Ji.M .i. 4.uuk.iii
'Mt.n n'lK), ijiiuj. .MLHJt