The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, November 17, 1921, Image 1

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4 Newspaper That elves The Reus FITtytwt Weeks Each Year Fsr 11.50
Do You Need Any This Fall?
Legion Banquet a Success Armistice Day Celebration
at Inavale Pleased People
Now is a good time to get them as
we are making a
Special Price of
$6.00 and $7.00
See The Styles in The Street Case -
Red Cloud
Good Values
CERTAINLY you want the lowest
price on all your purchases. We are
going to give you this help when making
your purchases at our store.
Remember our store the next time your wants arc in
our line.
We are after your business.
The Jeweler Grafanolas and Records
LaM Thursday evening; about foity
fr. of the American'lon met at the
Powell A I'-pc Cafe Ht eight o'clock
whelp iliov enjoyed ll b'lliqiiet given in
honor of IIih ii w members
Tho "feed" which was gotten up for
thein attests tlio ability of Mesrs
Powell mill Pope Mild till pie-ent sioto
hlglilx of It The nigaiilztlnn tln'i)
udj HiriU'il to th I O. O !. hull whero
Mr. S lliiriliiuiti wn tin' nrlnrlpul
spoilier Ills iiiIW wa very appntpriatu
for tlii oi'cnsi'iii mill vvms jrroHtly up
pffoiMt-il iiv them, after which socoral
lleW llll'tllhel Wl'l'l' givell till I'ittllll
work of the order and a f-w ".side de
grees" tliw Inter fui ulshiuir ii gient
deal of amusement for nil present
This oritiiniz'it Mill expec s to Imvo soV'
cial prominent iiicii ( i In-cH v deliver
Interesting ImIUs .i tlu'lV niHMtluu's
i hiniighont tlu winter ml also lni)
vi-Vi'riii iii'W iiiiiiUhih wlilcli will lio
iiiilint)'(l tit thflr iipxi tiiM'Mni:
Field Being Cleared for
Tomorrow's Foot Ball Came
Clear the field! Let the band ploy I
Here they come! The Red Cloud oil
stars and the famous Red Cloud Amer
ican Legion foot ball team!!! Thoy
are all here ladies and gentlemen. The
The Armistice IMv celebration hold
nt Itiiivlo liiht Krtdny wns n success In
tivcry iletuil, Tlio fronts of tlio ntorcH
wt decoriited mid a liirKt crowd whs
pri'scnt to Iho fostlvitit'S of the
At 11:02 tlio Ainoriciiu liCgion mim.
Iioik toucflicr ith their tiring hqiiad
unil the color hearer marched to the
Hug pole when) the tiring H(nad 11 red
three, volleys in honor of tlio unknown
heio who was buried at the Arlington
cemetery that morning after which
Caul I'oluicliy sounded taps, mid Dr.
M-iitin, Commander of Post '2IH, iluliv.
eted an address part of which is i.h
"As tin' Fourth of July wlllalwajs be
HSMHiixted With WMfillg tlll'N. tll)WOllH
a kI a ueneral lejoiclng b-einihc of tho
) I'lnrutloli of liiilependeneo; us Mk.
uioilitl lav ha-liei'ii set ashlu for tlio
deeiiiHiinu of tho u'r.iveb of our ili'pirt
nil heroe-v; so Armistice Dn should be
p-ipeiunte.l in thai manner which wili
liest pteHurve tho uiomoiics of tho
fveins anil iiiciiicutsof Novuuibcr lltli.
When tin; itiinouiicemeut. was ttmilf'
to the Aunle.of the World whVih fr
flltle OIIS llsil buell SvlUggllni; ill II
flflalh. grapple, liaelc and forth over
.I...II L...u.l oiifl luiflnn liri-tiniliif
mot remarkable array of death de- ,,, UlH nu,n , tt urm,BH lllllho,i
Ood And then the realization of ht.t-
A new Sock of Westclox Alarms
.foot '
tlio Aimistlcu really mcmit burst upon
tinlr -nse-, tlio hilarity, roveliy
Unmv no hounds.
Tho evening of tho great day found
the men gathered mound tho camp-Him!-,
D'gietful , of the partings that
pence would In'tug, mid pledging to
pieHei ve forever ih comradeship which
iil thus could huow who together
hail s aired in'o tho eyes of de.nli. Hih
ciimniile-hip which litiew iioilistiiiuti u
of ranlt. or I'Hce, or wea th. And tin
Millie piril Oi prul )', thmiU glvi-g ai-d
ntV)-(!li"ii aiiiiniiUi'l the tic ii in HiiinliH'
eiuuiis a d Hie clvillmi populations of
(01 Allied LamN.
Ciowniug all ineninii'S of tho first
Better Service
Li order to meet the demands of
our patrons we have re-arranged our
store and are now in a position to
give better service and individual
attention to your wants.
Leave Your Orders Early
Our customers can assist us greatly
if they will leave their orders early.
This gives us time for careful atten
tion, considerate handling, eliminating
We Meet all Competition
We wish to emphasize the fact
that we positively pay the highest
market price for your produce meet
ing all competition.
The Farmers Union
fying, short winded, would-be
ball heroes in America.
Tho disarmament conference is
losing the public eye. It fades into
insignificance. Forgotten are the
rroot foot ball games of the past.
The moon stands still, the winds
moan, the nun hides its face. You
can't blame tho moon, for Ike John
son, that famous piano scllin', picture
framin', victrola peddlin,' Ike, is go
ing to play full back!!!! Leaving
tho beauties of the furniture store on
Main street Ike is going to defy death
on the field of battle, pardon us, we
mean Hedge field. And gathered
about tho famous star will bo fcpii an
at Lincoln. We can't pay which one. ,i,nlrail with no though' of i
Friday will be a great day in Red prale. im-eltMiiy uml unknown, an I
rinnd Tho doctors will bo present hi, this noi hour the man who seivcd
Cloud. Hie octors win m, P-"J l1(, sui.rl,,.t.(i unknown win bo temi-
in ti body. They may have scvoinl c,iy l(l,,i , ,,.s, m the Natloi al Shrine
bodies before the day is over. Tho !U Arlington '
coaches, hearses, ambulances, etc. will A,ud ho the. Ainericm Legion nsks
be furnished bv tho local undertaking everv community to do honor to this
, ., " .mi i . -nc. irit'ut an ii i vi" mi rv flr-t, iiv t-olenin fior.
parlor, and the mourners will be pros- i V, jrn,M uml Ulli;iUsB,T1Bi Then
cnt at two bits a throw. leM'thu afiern on be set aside for IneL
It will bo a great show. Tho full ilen't, of festal rejoicing, and us the
backs will be full. Tho half backs n7Kl;S-,u"ir!!,!;:r,:o
will bo halt lull, anu tne quarter , ' . , , ,.0lllm work during the
aw-ful. war giii her round thlr lepp-'dlve
cniniillre.s. (hero to renew the comrade.
ship of the war, thus to poipxtiiHtu and
n.ii.iinnik tllik tll..tllfl.illQ II till l,l(llllll t flP
allowed on tho field. All thoso hav- tiieir service, ph'dglng uml dedicating
ing over ripe eggs will plenso levc iIimhisiIvos annw to the great work for
them at Weosncr's, he saves cm'. which th-ir departed rouundoo gave
i i...i.i !, their lues".
rovrei your iruuuicn, l-uiuu w -
We Mike 'Quality' Right Then the Price Right
E.H. Newhouse
Rca aoud Jeweler and Optometrist Nebraska
v of talent never before seen ouU u-tent Annisticc Day, on this the thlr I
' , ., - c,,,u Teiiinni aniivur-aij ol thai ni-l n . "e
of tho famous State Institution .,,. .loes honor M.os,. who gave
It's Underwear
backs will be
There will be no rifles, shot guns,
second hand cats, dogs, or cabbages,
Save Money on Your
Winter Underwear
greatest gnmc of all history and root
for your old favorite. At Hedge field
Fridnv at 3 p. m.
On lat Saturdnv afternoon the
Ladies' Clio Club entertained the P. K.
0. et the bono oT Mrs. C. J. I'opo.
TI"- ro-i'ept'oii cnmmit'po was com
po;cd of Mi-acs ol.n Swart'. Elsie
I'o-t. MrR. Mary Mitchell and Mrs.
G'n Sto'uon.
The CI!o rep-.i' v program was
enrr'ed out ami tlio members re
sponded to mil call with current
events on the lesion topic. It was an
afternoon of instruction on ".lames
Ilurrio." The lesson was carefully
rnndiipJod bv Mr. Stockman.
In ndiHlnn to ihe works nnd lrencral
l'fe of Die author, the play, "What
Every Womnr Knows" was diccussed
In ilnt'iil
M ss I'o.i gave a reading from tho
hook, "The Little Minister, entitled
"Description of tho Flood in Thrums."
A committee comnosinrr Miss Ella
Stoncbreakor, Mrs. Mnynard and MrH. V PiCkola.
Brcakcy assisted Mrs. Popo in sowing j,j0 jor'j
u nullity inu tuuiou dujiijui. j.w
whole afternoon was an enjoyable af
fair. Commercial Advertiser.
County Attorney IL. S. Foo was at
tending to somo legal business in
Burlington, Colorando, the last of tho
Me closed IiIh Hddress by ulvlng tho
Pr Minble of tho American Legion
which Ih as follows:
"For Ooil ami Country, w iiRSociato
nnrsiviN together for tho following
!' iiphohl and defond the Constitut
ion of th United dtatos of America; to
uiiiliitsiii law and older; to foster iiii'l
perpetii'itu u one liuiidred percent.
Arni'icniihun; to preset vet he mciiioripn
and Ineldeuth of our a-sonint'on in the
(irest War; to Ineiilcato u mmim? of In
illvliluiil obligation to tho communliy,
state and nailo-i; the auto
oriicv of both the clashns and tho mass
ei,; to make right tlu master of might;
to piomnto peace and good will on
earth; o safognnrd nnd trnnsmlt to
posterity tho principles of justice, free
dom and domnciney; tn coiiHecrate and
sanctify our ounriideKhlp by our devo
tloti to'inutun) helpfulness.
Th" e.v.survlcH men, whllo waiting
tnr dinner. nartloll)llte(l In hnortH. foot
inclng, etc. Hv. Ncwlaud cnlored
hpeed onntests with Miinoof tho Inn.
vale boyH, and despite IiIh vory fetation-
ary nppenrniioc, was viutorous. Tho
feed which was h barbecue consisted of ,
soup, roust beef sandwiches, coffee anu i
TIIO UlOU WHO uro rusiiiiuni"
tlie snlendid mnnncr In which I
all wero entertained nro ccrtninly to
bocongrntulnted Afternoon sports
wero races by boyH, girls nnd men,
tho prlnolpnl avont being a potato'
rnce. Tho Legion members and nil
the rest of tho people present were
well plcnRed with the dw'd program
'and the roval manner they .had been
I entertatucd by the Io&vato cltUens
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Coopers Wool
Unions at
Than Last
Boy's Special Fleece
Union, Extra good, at
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1800-$18.5O and $22.50
The Cowden Kaley Clothing Co.
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story of your business career. Write yonr letters
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BO ifc 4 .M
Ww ;w .&,