The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, October 13, 1921, Image 8

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to develop
We worked on Camels for years before we put them
on the market. Years of testing blending experi
menting with the world's choicest tobaccos.
And now, EVERY DAY, all our skill, manufactur
ing experience and lifelong knowledge of fine tobaccos
are concentrated on making Camel the best cigarette
that can be produced.
There's nothing else like Camel QUALITY. And
there's nothing else like Camels wonderful smoothness,
fine tobacco flavor and FREEDOM FROM CIGA
That's why Camel popularity is growing faster than
A better cigarette cannot be made.
"We put the utmost quality into
B. J. RETNOLDS TOBACCO CO., Wi.iloi-5.1.
"I""" mmiiiiiiiunuiiiiiimffM
by use of
Travellers Cheques protect tho tourist by
affording a safe form tn which to enrry funds.
These cheques, whioh are issued in denoiniim
tions of 310, 320, 850, and $100, furnUu a ready
identifluiitloi) of the holder aud uro payable up
on count er-Hlffrmturu Tliey nro nccopted
throughout tho world by banUs, hotels, truna
portntlon companies nnd busluoss houses.
lleforo talcing an extended trip let our of fleers
explain In detail the advmtiiKuB of carrying
theso cheques when travelling.
Edward Flounce, President Red Cloud, Neb. S. R. Florance, Caihie
- DtjidHU Quarantttd by tli DtpotUon Guaranty Fund of the Statr of Xihraila
True Economy
I In buying groceries comes through
selecting the better grades from a
store you know you can depend
upon. - .
... Wc pride ourselves on our sincere desire
to have in stock at all times the best
quality food stuffs at moderate prices.
Satisfaction or your money back guarantee
P. A. Wullbrandt
Groceries nnd Quecnsware
MADE and REPAIRED Also Upholstering
Any thing in the top line. First class workmanship
J. 0. BlILER
Red Cloud
The Lincoln Telephone & Tele
graph company was given permission
Satuniuy by tho state rcilway-'iconv-mission,
under an order icdued-"by
Commissioner Cook, to sever the
physical connection existing at Red
Cloud between its exchange and that
of the Farmer's Independent com
pany, and to discontinue the long
distance service now furnished the
subscribers of the latter.
When the Bell served lied Cloud
it had its own toll lines, and the L. T.
& T. Co. then its rival in southern Ne
braska put n toll line into Red Cloud
and put in on tho Farmers' company
board. When later it bought out the
Boll the long distance service was
continued by a trunk between tho two
exchanges. The two companies did
business side by side amicably for
several years, but finnlly got into a
jangle over a claim of tho Lincoln
company, that tho local company was
trying to get its putrons away. It
cut the long distance lino then, but
was compelled to restore it by order
of the railway commission.
Patrons of the two companies ask
ed the commission to do away with
the double telephone nuisance, and it
tried to do this by an order for a com
bination service. The Farmers' com
pany took the matter to supreme
court, and there won its point. At
tho same time the supreme court laid
down the rule that the Lincoln com
pany could not bo compelled to con
tribute to its own financial undoing
by giving its rivnl tho only advantage
it possessed, that of long distance con
nections. It snid that unless n reas
onable adjustment could bo made
where by tho Lincoln company could
bo protected against substantial loss
it could not bo compelled to furnish
cither local or long dlstnncc service
to its competitor.
It is this order oftho supremo court
that the commission follows in its
findings. The matter came before it
again on tho motion of tho Lincoln
company to order discontinuance of
toll service, nnd nlso on motion or
tho Farmers' company that it bo con
tinued. Tho commission says there
was no testimony to disprove the
showing of tho Lincoln company that
St wns operating at Red Cloud nt a
heavy loss under existing conditions,
that no plans for a continuation of
long distance sorvico worn offered
and Hint tho only method by which
confiscation of the' Lincoln company's
property may bo prevented is tho cut
ting off of thnt service, which
orders done. Sunday Stato Journal.
2,200 Member in Nebraska
---------.-.-. , -.., -.., i -,---,-..-., , . . fVM'-- -tN-.i A i i..r,. ,;.
ur , -T Milium -jm i
WWWw . i ... Wllllll Th
UK ...- - WW i
I it took !
tftl. 9. Uriiin Orowtir nicuilierfllnh'
n INcbrnMotiuow totnlH '22C0 ucoonllnir't
- t "I
to reports Trmt the fitato orjfamzof a'i
nfllco. This Im an lnnruasu of .'500 oVi-r ,'
last wcok'H total, Oiim hundred twen
ty-llve funnel-' cooperative dlvvnlarl
Ifave sinned contracts-with the now na
tional coopeiullvo grain umrUotliig oi
K-uilzation up to dun.. The Inrpwit
local moiiiliurshlp in this state Ih.oIiucI.
at Wnlthill whoro Walter Saiy'lwM
litis Hlfrnpil 101 farmers during the piist
two weeltH.
Tho Farmers' Cooperative Company
of Mend sinned n contract with tho U.
B. drain Growers last week and at the
auiio time Mx directors and tho man
ntjerhlgnod individual contractu Tills
link us two elevator contracts at Mend,
tho former home of O. II. (Jnstufson,
president ottho U. S. Grain Orowors,
During tho next tlvo years not a
bushel of non-members' grnln will bo
shippod from the town of Swedoburg'
Kverr farmer living In tho trade terri
tory adjacent to tho town signed a
contract with tho exception of it half
dozen feeders who feed nil their (train.
The Custer County Farmers' Union
annual convention, with 000 farmers in
attendance, unanimously endorsed the
U. S. Grain Urowor program at their
meeting last Wednesday. A. L. Ull
strotn, solicitor for the U S. Grain
Growers und n director of the Nebras
ka'Fanners' Union addressed the con
vention Permission to solicit memberships
nad to operate In Iowa has been grant
ed the U. S. Oraln Growers by the
secretary of state. Iowa is the twenty
first state to grant this permission.
The total membership of tho national
organization is over 15,000.
Death In a Pillow Case.
The .cottiers In n pillow from Rua.
la started one of 1!iq worst epidemics
which has out u);vu plu'Co In Siberia:
Baptist Church Services
Preaching 11 n. in. und 7:30 p, in.
Sunday School at 10 a in.
I'rayer meeting 7:30 each Wednisdny
evening followed by Choir practice.
Brother Newlana is attending tho
Baptist State Convention, which met
at Norfolk, Saturday, October 8, and
w 11 continue until Thursday, the 13th.
Brother Newlaud will be back to till
both appointments Sunday, next. Uro
ther Nuwland has already made a host
of friends in all classes, both old and
young We hear only words "or com
mendation for his ability as a preach
er and also his social qualities May
this happy relation be strengthened
between minister and the community.
All are cordially iuvlted to come and
worship with us at nil services.
Publication of Summons.
Samuel Garber; Mary A. Garber; the
heirs, devisees and successors in in er
est of satd named persons and all per
sons having or claiming any interest
iu Lot 18, in Block 5, of the Orlgiual
Town of Red Cloud, In Webster Coun
ty, Nebrnsko, will take notice that
John Cummlngs; Bculuh M. Mitchell
and Mary S. Crelghton as plaintiffs
havo filed their petition nnd commotio
ed an action in the District Court of
Webster County, Nebraska, amihiht
them, the object'and prayer of which
arc to obtain a judgnieht and decree of
mid Court quieting and conllrmlug iu
the plaintiffs tho full ownoiship and
title in and to said Lot, IS. in Block 0.
of the Oriulnal Town of Red Cloud.
Webster County, Nebraska, and for
ever bar and exclude .the defendants
and all porsons other than the plain
tiffs from hereafter asserting, setting
up, or claiming any title or Interest iu
or to the said nrctnisei or unv nart
thereof adverso to the prc-ent full
title and ownership of thz plaintiffs.
Tho plaintiffs also pray for general
equitable relief
You are required to answer said peti
tion on file In the ofllco of tho clerk of
snid Court at Red Cloud, Nebraska, on
or beforo Mondny, October Hist, 1921.
Dated September 21, 1021.
John Cummlngs, ot al,
By E. G. Caldwell,
Tholr Attorney.
Notice of Administration
s - .
Iu tho County Court of Webatcr
County, Nobrnsku
In tho matter of the estnto of -Char
les It. Besse.fdecea&ed.
to alt, i'krsons interested in said
Notice is hereby given that Wlllard
B. Steward has this day Hied a petition
In the county court, praying that ad.
ministration of said estato may be
granted to J. W. Auld, as ntltitlnistrat
or, and that said petition will bo heard
beforo tho court on tho 11th day of
October, 1021, at the hpurof lOo'clock,
A. M., at tho county court room In the
olty of Red Cloud, iu said county, when
all poisons interested In saidj matter
may appear and show cuso why the
prayer of petitioner should not bo
granted; and that notice of the filing
of snid petition, and tho hearing thore
of, bo given by publishing a copy of
this order In the Red Cloud Chief, a
legal weekly newspaper printed and of
gonoral circulation In said county, for
three consecutlvo weeks prior to raid
day of hearing.
Dated this 21th day of September,
(Seal) County Judge.
A true copy.'
Do You Realize?
That the only protection you have against the greedy,
avaricious trusts and big monopolies of this country, which
feed on the efforts of the producer, is by standing firmly
together in self defense.
Tho big corporations all co-operate in price
manipulation, securing your produce for just
as little money as possible, and charging you
the maximum for goods you arc required t
The Farmers Union is the Remedy
And there is nothing quite so obnoxious an the eyes of
the monopoly as a body of FARMERS FIRMLY CO
All Sorts Of Unscrupulous Tactics Are Resorted To
in order to discourage such organizations. They will pay
big prices for one kind of produce for a short time, in
order to "freeze out" their competitors in certain local
itiesand to evade laws which have been enacted to
protect you from such methods THEY HAVE MEN BUY
FOR THEM who term themselves "Independent
Stand By Your Union
Where you know you are working for your own interests
and not feeding up the trust so it can take hold on you in
a new place.
The Farmers Inion
J. F. Edwards, Mgr. A SS Red Cloud, Neb.
Children's School Wear Week
School starts September 5th. While lots of mothers have
anticipated the dress needs for their little ones, many have
been delayed by one cause or another in making their
purchases until now, while scores of other needs will be
discovered when preparing the children for school.
Our Showing in Pretty School Dresses in
In Sizes From 4 to 20 Years at Prices TbauWill
Satisfy The Most Exacting
Nothing is more serviceable
for cool mornings for child
ren than a good sweater.
Before buying come in and
If you prefer to make
the dresses we have a
nice line of gingham,
linen, poplin or wool
in most all of the
wanted colors.
In buying hose you
want the best you can
get for the money. I
have selected my stock
of hose with care both I
as to texture and price.
Agent for Home Journal Patterns 7
The Women's Store
Just For Comparison
1-913 - - 1920 - - 1921
has been Jigurcd out, that in building a certain
ouse, the LUMBER cost
$1,600.00 in 1913.
$3,300.00 in 1920 i ,
$2,000.00 in 1921
Freight has advanced $2So,oo on this material, since
prj, which makes the lumber cost at the present time a
trijlc over $100.00 more than it did in iprj exclusive of
h freight raise.
Piatt & Frees
r r
.- i.. 'i