The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, August 11, 1921, Image 3

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Every Time I Sit Down to a Juicy
Steak Now I Give Thank;
Tanlac, He Declares.
s to
"Hvery tlmo I t-lt down to n Juicy
Moult now I give thanks to Tanlac
for taking nit! oil' that milk and mush
diet I had to llvo on for a your," said
Joseph It. Towns, tho well-known and
popular proprietor of tho Sanitary
Moat Market, of Marshall, Mich.
"I had stomach trouble of tho
worst sort and was going down hill
M fast I thought I would have to glvo
tip my business. I was so nervous
and worried I dreaded to see night
come, as It meant little for me and
then In the morning I was so fagged
out I dreaded to no to my market.
"The money I spent for Tanlac was
the best Investment I ever made. 1
never dreamed a medicine could do
the work It did for me. Three bottles
was all I needed to make mo as sound
h a dollar. I never felt better or
more like working In my life than I do
right now. I eat anything I want, my
stomach Is In good shape and I am
brimful of energy. I sloop all night
without turning over and got up In
the morning as happy as a boy.
"Not only has Tanlnc made me feel
fit and lino, but I have also gained
twenty-live pounds In weight. If any
body wants to know more about what
I think of Tanlac lot Miem come to
me and I will ho glad to tell them.
It certainly hasn't an equal."
Tanlac Is sold by loading druggists
tvery where. Advertisement.
Inquisitive Lillian.
' Lillian, four years old, has attended
Sunday school and hoard some things
!ie does not understand.
Lillian said: "Mother, what Is tho
Mother replied: "Child, the soul Is
flic mind, the pnrt of you that thinks"
There was silence for a little bit
nml then LUIItu: said: "Mother, how
will Got get wings fastened on to the
Mother did not answer. After n short
cllcnco Lillian said : "Mother, is Cod
and central the same?"
Uy this time father had begun to
take notice and unswered: "Not In
our town."
For many years druggists have watchrd
iJ mf, n'th much interest the remarkable record
r '"" maintained by Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root,
y the great kidney, liver nnd bladder medi
It is (i physician's prescription.
Swninp-Koot is a strengthening modi
fine. It helps the kidneys, liver nnd blad
. iler do tho work nature intended they
should do.
Swamp-Hoot lias stoid the test of years.
It is told by nil druggists on its merit
nd it should help you. No other kidney
medicine has so many friends.
He sure to get Swamp-Root dnd start
vrcatnicnt at once.
However, if you wish first to tcsu this
great preparation send ten cents to Dr.
Kilmer & Co., Hinphamton, N. Y., for n
cample bottle. "When writing bo sure and
mention this paper.
Got Them, Anyway.
The eccentricities of scientists are
like those of artists, says Dr. Charles
V. Baldwin of the United States pub
lic henlth service. There Is, for In
stance, the clnsslc example of Dr. Kile
Metchnlkoff of the Pasteur Institute,
who becauio famous for tho discovery
of tho so-ciiUuti bacillus of long life,
tho micros which makes buttermilk
fcour. "She doctor was, quite natural
ly, 'cry particular about grapes and
K was so careful that he washed each
ftrnpe separately In his water glass.
Then he drank tho water In which he
ind washed Umjui. Philadelphia Led
Important to Mothers
Exnmlno vtrefully every bottlo of
OASTOItJA, Mint famous old remedy
or infama and children, and seo that it
yvnr tho
gnattiro rtC&jUiffiJrjfa,
la Uso for Over 0 Years.
Children Cry for Fletcher's Castoria
The Connecting Link.
One of tho Instructors In a prepara
tory school which professes to tutor
V oaths desirous of entering college re
cently had an Interesting time with a
lad who was tackling blo'ngy.
"What," asked tho tutor, "Is the con
h.'ctlng link, If nny, between tho mil
tual and tho vegetable kingdoms?"
, "I think I know," said the boy. "It's
.sh I"
A Lady cf Distinction
fa recognized by the delicate fascinat
ing Intluenco of tho perfume sho uses.
A bath with Cutlcura Soap nnd hot
water to thoroughly cleanse tho pores,
followed by a dusting with Cutlcura
Talcum powder usually means a clear,
sweet, healthy skin.
A Mixed Metaphor.
Speaking of mixed metaphors nil
ex-doughboy wns relating his experi
ence somewhere over there.
"I'll say It was sonio buttle. I was
up In the nlr for the tlmo being with
my bnclc against the wall, but I re
solved to die In tho ditch rather than
yield an Inch, bo I continued to ad
vance regnrdless of tho Jerries who
were pressing me from the rear."
Hartford Times.
Some Important Factors Cited
That Help to Determine Mar
ket Prices of Product.
Inspection Service Varies Consider
ably at Different Centers Few
Bales of Off-Grade Hay Will
Hurt Grade of Car.
(Prepared by tlio United States Depart
ment of Agriculture.)
While supply and demand arc the
principal factors which determine tho
market price of u product, there are
a number of other factors which may
lie of considerable Importance to the
individual producer or shipper of hay.
Size and weight of bale, character of
Inspection existing nt prospective mar
ket, grading and tho manner of inter
preting the grades are among the i
more important 01 uicsc laciors, say
marketing specialists of the bureau of
markets, United States Department of
Size and Weight of Bale.
The preference for bales of a cer
tain size mid weight Is so marked In
some of the Important markets that
premiums ranging from f0 cents to $2
per ton are paid for bales of tho size
and weight desired. Hales may be
roughly classed as small, medium and
large in size. The small and medium
sizes are sometimes designated as one
quarter and one-third bales. The small
bales are made In a perpetual press
and are 14 or 10 by 18 Inches, variable
In length but usually about HO Inches
long. Medium bales are also made Itrtj
u perpetual press and are 17 or 18 by
til! Inches and about !!! Inches long.
Large bales are usually made In boc
preves and are about 19 by 2', by -10
The weight vnrles considerably, even
though the bales are of the same size,
us hay Is pressed under varying con
ditions and by balers having a wide
range In tension. According to the de
partment's marketing specialists hay
should be pressed sulllclently tight
that the wires will hold well, nud so
that the required weights can be load
ed Into cars. Dllllculty Is experienced
In some sections In loading cars to the
minimum weight, because the hay Is
presed too loosely.
The character of the Inspection
service varies considerably in differ
ent markets. Besides the various
Selling Hay by the Auction Method at
a Market Using a "Plug" Method of
methods now generally designated as
warehouse, enr-door, plug and hale In
spection, there Is a difference In apply
ing tho grades. Some Inspectors give
the entire carload the grade of the
poorest quality of hay found In It.
Other Inspectors endeavor to apply nn
average grade.
Some of these practices nro hardly
fair to tho shipper, but so long ns they
exist the shipper must meet the situa
tion In the best manner possible. Uni
form loading Is probably one of the
most Important methods of obtaining
satisfactory grades.
Mixed Cars Unsatisfactory.
In some sections tho alfalfa mead
ows arc allowed to stand until they
contain a largo quantity of weeds
ami grass. In other sections other
grasses are sown with the alfalfa for
hay. When loading any mixture tho
greatest care should be exorcised to
have the hay loaded Into any one enr
nil of the same degree of mixture.
This suggestion applies also to hay of
different quality becnuso of bleaching
or dninage.
Many shippers niuke the mistake of
thinking thut a few bales of off-grade
hay will not hurt the grnde of a car
but will bo accepted along with the
good hay or nt only n small discount.
Unless tho market Is very strong the
liny usually will be ncoepted only at
a heavy discount, and frequently the
whole enr will bo rejected. If tho car
Is accepted It will be taken only at the
price value of tho poorest liny found
In the car.
For best results In marketing alfalfa
bureau of markets olllclals caution
To ship hales of size and weight de
sired by buyer.
To ship grnde desired and not to In
clude hay of other grades or mixtures.
To Insist upon official Inspection
certificates which show tho actual
emtio of the luiv In tho enr If cars nr
I otllclally inspected by regular lnspec-
. tors located ut important markets.
52"! "W - f , J .B&f5l
Teams From Many States to
Compete for Prizes.
Seven Winners WW Be Given Trip to
English Royal Stock Show Lead
ers and Members Are Show
ing Interest In Event.
(Prepared by tlie Putted States Depart
ment of Agriculture )
Probably the greatest gathering of
boys In the history of club work will
take place at Atlanta, (!a October 10
to 21, 11(121. when club boys represent
ing practically every section of tho
United States will take part In an In
ternational club judging contest. Tho
seven winners In this context will bo
given a trip to the English royal stock
show, and hundreds of dollars will
be distributed as additional prizes.
This contest Is under the supervision
of club leaders representing the state
A Pig Club Boy Preparing His Prlz
Pig for the Show Ring.
agricultural colleges and the United
States Department of Agriculture.
Many club lenders and members are
showing nn Interest In the contest and
have expressed their willingness to
send Judging teams. The team from
Texas, which defeated tho entire Held
last yenr. Is now completing prepara
tions for the trip to Kuropo. Thnt
state will be represented again nt tho
contest In Atlanta, but this year thero
will be more competition, for teams
from Mississippi, Louisiana, Virginia,
Oklahoma, 1'loiida, Arkansas, Alaba
ma, Kentucky, North Carolina and
South Carolina are preparing to enter.
Several other states In the North and
West have signified their willingness
to send teams to the contest If suit
able arrangements can be made.
Material Sometimes Contains Quanti
ties of Nutritious Grain,
Good for Farm Use.
Dockage found In wheat In some in
stances Is of real value, while In oth
ers It not only may have no value but
often may contain Ingredients that aru
positively harmful If ground with the
wheat, say specialists of the United
States Department of Agriculture.
The value of dockage, therefore, de
pends on the value of the material
separated from the wheat. Dockago
frequently contains quantities of nutri
tious grain and weed seeds', as flax
seed, wild oats, or other cereal grains.
Much of this material can be used to
good advantage as poultry or stock
feed. Wild mustard nnd flaxseed
can he removed from the dockago In
practically a pure state by tho uso of
special cleaning machinery, such as is
sometimes found in terminal elevators
and the larger flour mills, but oven
then the cost of cleaning will be con
siderable, and when so separated will
ordinarily command u fair price.
Under the dockago system of the
federal standards, the amount of for
eign material separated and consid
ered ns dockage Is deducted from tho
weight of the wheat purchased and,
In any event, does not affect the grade
of the clean wheat. This results In a
higher grade and tho price paid Is on
the basis of this grado for tho dockage
free wheat.
One Virginia Farmer Reports Selllno
Fowls to Amount Jf $70 Without
Lessening Eggs.
Good reports continue to come Into
the county agent nt Smyth county,
Va., from those who have taken ad
vantage of the poultry-culling work
given by him. There Is still n great
demand for Information concerning the
culling of Hocks. One farmer reports
that he sold chickens amounting to
$70 without reducing his egg produc
tion nt all. Another reports thnt ho
sold poultry amounting to $72.50 and
Is now getting Just ns many eggs as
All Growers Are Warned to Thoroughly
rtlelnfrt All tnr;in Pl.lrAe '
Before Using.
Kvcry grower who experienced trou
ble with dry rot In his potntoes Is
warned by A. O. Tobias of University
farm, chief Inspector of the potato seed
department, to disinfect thoroughly nil
bins before using them again. Kltlier n
solution of formaldehyde In ten gul
Ions of water, or a solution of blue
stone (copper sulphnte) consisting of
one pound of tho bluestono dissolved
In ten gallons of water, should be used
for this purpose.
T Lesson T
(Py HKV. P. H. l-TIY.WATIJU, I). t
TotU'her of KiikIIsIi Hititu In tlic Moody
Bllilo Institute of ChU'acn )
(, IM1, WoHtern NeWBpuper Union,)
LKSRO.V TKXT-Acts H.l-28.
UOLI)I:n TKXT-Thou lmlt worship
tlio lxird thy Ood, nnd Illm only Bliiilt
tliou nerve Mutt. 4.10,
rilLMAIir TOPlC-Paul Heals a Crip
ple. JlTNMort TOIMC-P.iul's Nnrrow Ksenpe
nt l.ystni,
l'nrly Adventures In AhI.i Minor.
ICxiuuples of l'uul's Missionary Methods.
I. Paul and Barnabas Preaching at
Iconlum (vv. 1-7).
As to their work In Iconlum ob
serve :
1. Their manner of preaching. This
Is suggested by the little word "so" In
verse 1. They "so" bpako that n great
multitude believed. They were true
preachers. Only that which brings con
viction of sin and Induces decision for
Christ can be truly said to bo preach
ing In the biblical sense. Tho same
Is true of the Sunday school teacher.
Let every Sunday school teacher at all
times have as his supreme aim to hear
the gospel of Christ so as to Induce
decision for Christ.
2. Their attitude toward opposition.
This Is suggested by the word "there
fore" In verso H. "Long tlmo therefore
they tarried." The opposition did not
prevent their preaching, but Incited
them to continue preaching. Christian
workers should learn not to give up
work because of opposition.
.. The Lord accompanied their
preaching with miracles (v. :i). Since
the opposition wns so fierce, special
help of the Lord was needed.
1. Tho effect of their preaching
(v. -I). The multitude of the city was
divided. Where men faithfully preach
the gospel there will be division.
II. Attempt to Worship Paul and
Barnabas as Gods (vv. S-18).
1. The occasion (vv. 8-10) tho heal
ing of the lame man. (Sod's gracious
power exhibited in healing this lame
man occasioned a new dllllculty. That
which ought to have been a help was
turned Into a hindrance. Tho ninii
was a confirmed cripple, lie had never
walked. lie heard Paul's preaching,
which caused faith to bo born In his
heart (Kom. 10:17). When Paul per
ceived that he trusted Christ, he called
with u loud voice that all could hear
for tho man to stand upright. The euro
was Instant, for Jio leaped up and
walked (v. 10). There was no mag
netic touch, no treatment, only the
command, and the naturally Impossible
became the possible and the real.
2. The method (vv. ll-l.'l). They
called Ilarnabas Jupiter and Paul Mer
cury, because he was tho chief speaker.
Tho priest of Jupiter brought oxen
and garlauds ready to offer sacrifices
unto those men (v. 11). If they had
only known, in tho person of Jesus
Christ Cod had actually appeared to
men (John 1:14; Phil. 2:7, 8).
!l. Their efforts frustrated (vv. 14
18). This foolish act was happily
averted by the tact of the apostles, as
exhibited In tho address of tho occa
sion. (1) They deny that they are di
vine beings and declare that to wor
ship beings with like passion to them
selves Is crlmlnnl. (2) They direct
them to turn away -from these vain
things unto the living Cod who made
heaven and earth and hns ever left
witness of Himself in that Ho has
always done good, giving rain nnd
fruitful sensons, filling their hearts
with gladness.
III. The Stoning of Paul (vv. 10-22).
Wicked Jews from Antloch nnd Ico
nlum pursued Pnul with relentless
hate to this place, wliero they stirred
up the very people who were willing
to worship them u little while ago.
This shows that satanlc worship can
soon be turned into satanlc hate. This
hatred took form In stoning Paul and
dragging him out of tho city for dead.
Cod raised him up, and with undaunt
ed courage ho pressed on with his du
ties as a missionary bearing the good
tidings to the lost.
Soon nfter this Paul turned back
and revisited the places where ho had
preuched, tolling them that through
great tribulation they must enter Into
the kingdom of God.
IV. The Organization of Churches in
the Field (vv. 2U-28).'
Hvnugellzatlon with Paul did not
mean n hasty and superficial preach
ing of the gospel but the establishment
of a permanent work. Hlilers were
appointed In every church. The work
of tho missionary Is not done until
there nro established on the field
self-governing and self-propngating
What Is Man?
What Is man that thou shouldest
magnify him? and thnt thou shouldest
get thine heart upon him? and that
thou sjionldest visit him every morn
ing, nnd try him every moment? Job
7:17, 18.
The Dwelling Place of the Lord.
Then said Solomon, the Lord hath
mild that ho would dwell In tho thick
dnrkiicsH. Hut 1 havo built nn house
of habitation for thee, nnd n place
for thy dwelling forever. II Chroni
cles 4:1, 2.
Making It Worth While.
"Whew I" exclaimed tho agent for
n tireless cooker, ns he mopped his
steaming brow.
"What's wrong?" asked the passing
"I told a wouinn ncrnss the street
thut I was selling n device that would
enable her to spend every afternoon
nt the movies."
"She wanted to know If I'd throw
In a season pass. lllrmlnghnni Age-Herald.
wlmn Miocs pinch or corn nml bunlon
elm, RPt n pncknKe of At.l.KN'M KOOTm
KAH12, thn nntlatitto powdrr to lis hnkn
Into tin "hoes u tnlcrn thn ittlnc nut of
corns snd lnintona, Khr ln-tnnt relief to
Bmnrtlntr, Aclilnft;, Swollen fret. 1,600,000
pounds of powder for thn tret wcro usod
by our Army and Navy during ths war.
Daddy's Usual Time.
Mother was entertaining n few
friends, and her young hopeful was
planted In the center.
"Whom do you like host?" naked
one friend.
"Mother," wns the reply.
"Who next?" uskeil another.
"My little sister."
"Who next?"
"Uncle .lack."
Father asked: "And when do I
come In?" "At two in tho morning,"
wns the reply.
Do you
know why
it's toasted?
To 6enl in
the delicious
Burley flavor
It's toasted.
Old Joo Had Tried "Electricity" and
Found It Wns No Curo for
Old Joe Carter had suffered from
rheumatism until, ho declined, lie bad
"no patience with It," but ho was al
ways eager to hear of possible reme
dies, and when his bister In Mobile
wrote that she knew of a cure that
had been tried with great success, and
would tell all about It on her next
visit, old .loo was nil excitement.
"Now, Muryl" ho exclaimed to his
sister, eagerly, a few minutes after
she had reached tho house, "you-all
tell me 'bout tint cure for rheumatism 1
1 was so anxious I could hardly wait
lo' ye to git heah!"
"Well, Joe," begun tlio sister, "it's
electricity nnd "
llcfore sho could continue Old Joo
"Do Idea, Mary, of yo' comln' lieali
euggestln' dat to met Don't you-nll
remember dat only last summer I was
strucked by lightning, and It didn't
do mo no good?" Philadelphia
Beneath Him.
"But didn't Opportunity ever knock
at your door?"
"And you didn't answer It?"
"I? Certainly not! Whnt do you
think tho servunts nro for?" -Boston
A woman's lilen of economy 1b to
have things charged.
Mental butterflying at 2 a. m.
A great indoor sport for
thoughtless people
One of the surest ways
to become physically in
capable of doing your best
work is to get only snat
ches of sleep broken by
disturbing dreams.
If your sleep is being
disturbed by drinking
tea or coffee, you may be
sowing the seeds of a
nervous breakdown.
Do not wait until your
nerves are affected by tho
drugs, thein and caffeine,
in tea or coffee. Protect
your strength, vitalityand
Havo sound, restful
sleep, and wake refreshed
and fit for any task.
Postum, tho delicious
cereal beverage, with its
golden-brown richness
and coffee-like taste, will
10 nrrcs, located In Olonr Co., C'nl., U
mile to school and two tilth's to town. All
of tract In cultivation. Boll Is sltt I rim
with almonds main crop. Orchnnl of "M
almond trees. Can ho Irrigated hy woli
If needed. No ImiirovetiieiitH. This almond
orchard lies on the Orovllle-Wlllows lat
eral of thn state highway and will soon
he paved, tnnklntf this an exceptional buy.
I'rlco Is Vn per aero with possession to
he arrnnired. Por further Information
write or see
JOHN N. WESTIinUO. Uutte City, Caltf.
i m k j
General Hospital
In Connection nn nxtenstvo
Dydrothcrapcutlc Department
Natural Mineral Water
from tho
Sulpho - Saline Springs
Miiniielnc l'limlt-lnni
14th nml SI Hts. Lincoln, Neb.
Cut your finishing bill in half.
Film developed 5c each roll;
prints, any size, 3c each.
Box 6006, University Place, Neb.
Bend for
Alpha Indigestion Tablet
and Bt't relief. No money necenxnry, mall u
IKintal nml mi will hciuI you it bottle rontiilnlng
three v.ccUh' trentmcut, O.O. D. l'urecl iiunt7ic
1011 Arch Street riilladclphln. Pa.
Enslow Floral Co.
131 So. 12th : Lincoln, Neb.
Darky Got More Out of Garden Than
Ever the Owner Was Lucky
Enough to Get.
Not long ngo u couple of negroes
who had long before been uelghbora
in u southern statu rather unexpected
ly mot in Philadelphia, of course,
they talked of old times In the South
and one of them remarked:
"Mow 'bout dat truck garden, Joe?
When I left you had Jest taken It over.
Did It pay?"
"Well," said Joe, "1 didn't have noth
ing to complain 'bout."
"I always had a mighty pore opinion
'bout dat truck garden," continued
the other darky. "You remember I
told you before you got It that you
would never get your money back."
"Hut 1 did get my money back," re
turned the other. "I made more out
tor that garden than tho owner ever
"You don't say so?"
"I shore does," continued thh thor,
"I got tho rent out of It, and that's
what the owner never got I" Philadel
phia Ledger.
Nothing Serious.
They met ut n dance, nml after a
few dances together sat down.
Silence followed.
lie looked yiit hor, she looked at
More fihence.
Then nt hist George nsked:
"palsy, will you lie my "
"Oh. George," cried Daisy, "this In
so sudden! Give mo n little Mail "
"Partner for the next dance," con
cluded George.
"To get my brenth back," nlso con
tinued Daisy between puffs. "I haven't
ipilto recovered from the last shufflo
yet." Tho Pittsburgh Chronicle.
An Income tnx Is the price of admis
sion to n theater.
let Nature restore your
coffee-irritated nerves,
and bring you sound, re
freshing sleep,
Postum is wholesome
nnd acts in a normal way.
It possesses the advan
tages of a hot drink, with
out tho ill effects of tea
or coffee.
Drink Postum for a
week or two. See what
a difference it will make
in you!
"There's a Reason."
Postum comos In two
forms: Instant Postum (in tins)
made instantly in tho cup by
tho edditlon of boiling water.
Postum Cereal (in packages of
larger bulk, for thoso who pre
fer to make tho drink while tho
meal is being prepared) mnde
by bolllnc for 20 minutes.
At oil grocers.