The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, August 11, 1921, Image 1

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Nothing can adhere to its hard, odor-proof, grease
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Groceries and Queensware
Tlio wedding of F.thel IVrmotln Coon
anil Curl M. Homjuc occurred Wed.
nosday evening at the home of the
bride's parents Mr. mid Mrs. Goo.
Uoon; west of of town, Uov. Cope Offici
ating, f
Tho house mid poreli was one bower
of pink mid white flowers. Asters mid
ferns were used as tlio chief decora
tions. The ceremony was performed
before an altar made of flowers for the
occasion. The bride was given away
by her father. Miss Mildred Pope
played the wedding march and the
wedding party was composed of brides
maids Miss Alta Coon, sister of the
bride, in pink organdy and Miss Luciio
Komjuc, sister of the groom, in white
organdy; groomsmen, Everett Coon,
brother of the brldo and Everett Mo
Koe of Alma. Little Sarah Ellen Coon
was ring bearer. Miss Ruth Young of
Crete, sang "O Promise Me" and "I
Love You Truly" during the service.
Rev. Cope used the beautiful ring
The bride's dress was of white satin
with veil crowned by orange blossoms.
After congratulations a threo course
luncheon was served by Violet Died,
rich, Pearl Nowhouse, Fay Richardson
Willa MoPherson, Jennie and Ida
Coon. Lemonade was served by
Misses Blanche and Mabel Pope. Miss
Georgetta Coon presided over the table
where the presents were displayed.
This young couple caught the train
at Franklin and expect to visit Kansas
City and Excelsior Springs for a short
The out of town guests were: Mr.
and Mrs Young and daughter Ruth
of Crete. Warren Pope of Kansas City,
Mo., Miss May Hurslr of Woomington,
Miss Esther Wagoner of Hastings, Mr.
and Mrs Robert DeWitt and daughter
Carrie of Kedlands, California, Mr.
and Mrs. J. Boyce and daughter Mild
red of North Branch, Kansas, Mrs.
Minn Wadell and daughter Rachel of
Decatur, 111., Mrs. Dora Hogeurlef and
daughter Hazel of North Rranch, Kan
sas, Everett McKec and sister
bctli of Alma and Raymond Ilnskins
of Republican City.
Wall Pauer
In order to close out our present stock of wall paper
iri a hurry
We Have Cut Prices to The Quick
discounts1 of 20, 25 and 30
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& Ml' 'pMmmmist
Munger Murderers Caught
Two years ago Harry Zimmerman of
the Kansas-Texas filling btatiou here
was running an oil wagon out of llurr
Oak. Oneday he was out near North
Branch with his wagon whin two men
in a Bulek car stopped to get gasoline
from him. The men seemed to be in a
hurry, inquiring the way into Nebras
ka, saying they wished to get to Guido
Rock, Neb., in order to 6end a tele
gram for money Harry also noticed
that one tire on their car was down and
cut almost to ribbons. That night
when he got back to town someono
asked him if he had seen the murder
ers. Upon inquiry he learned that
Deputy Sheriff Mungor, of Athol, had
been killed and tho murderers had left
a Dodge car at the scene of tho crime
and had taken the sheriff's Buick car.
Harry immediately turned in the in
formation he had and other men were
found who had also seen the pair. Lat
or the Bulek car was found in a mud
hole near Superior and a cattlo man
identified a photograph that talies
with a description of one of tho men
soon in the Buick, as being the picture
of a man who rodo from Superior to
Kansas City on the samo train he did
at about that time. Last Saturdav,
Harry with tho Smith county ofllcials
went to Nelson, Nebr., to see two men
who have plead guilty to tho chargo of I their frlonds.
robbery in attompt to identify them The brldo is
as tho men who aro bolieved to have , Mabel Koontz,
killed tho Athol man. Harry is sure
' ouo of the men held was in tlio Buick
car tho day of the murder and bought
gasolino of him.
could not mako n positive identifica
tion and as the prisoners had been
sentenced to long terms as bank rob
bers, they wero taken to tho Nobras.
Ica state penitentiary and the murder
charge was not placed against them at
this time. Jewell Republican.
Buried With Military Honors
The remains of Private Charles A.
Johnson arrived In this city Saturday
morning in charge of a soldier escort
from Fort Dos Moines who released
the body to tho parents of the deceas
ed. The remains were taken to tlio'
Aluaok rnderlaklng parlors where tho
casket was kept until Sunday after
noon at which time the bereaved par
ents and tho local American Legion
Post accompanied the body to the New
Virginia church where the funeral ser
vices were conducted, Rev. Chas. 1-2.
Schofleld, pastor ot that church otlloiat
ing. A male quartet consisting of
Frank, Eustace and Cecil Boan and
Ilev. Sehollold furnished the singing.
The church was inadequate to hold
tho large number of friends who were
present to pay tribute to the memory
of a hero who gave his life for his
country. A largo number of floral
pieces and the Amorican Hag covored
the casket. Several of his boyhood
companions and members of the com
pany in which he served acted as pall
Interment was made in the P. ay no
cemetery whore tho American Legion
Firing Squad fired three volleys over
his grave and Paul Polnicky sounded
Charles Albert Johnson was born In
Lindsay, Nebr., May 3, 1893. In the
spriug of 1903 he moved with his par
ents to a farm near Inavalc whero he
grew to young manhood.
On Sept. 20, 1917, ho answered the
call of his country and went with the
.jBCoud group of drafted boys to Camp
Funston, Kiis. While in training there
he and several of his comrades organ
ized a Sunday School. About the first
of March. 1918, lie was transferred to
Camp Stuart, Newport Nows, Virginia.
Tliero he joined tho regular army and
was sent over seas with Co. G, 4th U.
S. Infantry.
On the morning of Memorial Day he
started for the front, and on the ilfth
of June advanced to tho front line.
They crossed the Marno river on the
morning of July 21st. In all he served
in the Danger Zone for ilfty-soven
days, or until ho mot his death at
Chateau Thierry, July 29, 1018 His
death whs caused by a German ma
chine gnu bullet which proved fatal
while ho was boing transferred from
tho Hold to tho Base Hospital. At the
time of his death he was 25 years 2
months and 2G days old.
Ills father, and mother, four broth
ers; Johu, Honry, Oscar and Villiam
and four sisters; Helen, Pearl, Anna
and Mabel are loft to mourn his death,
His brother Roy joined him in tho
Great Beyond on December S3, 1018.
Are you fair
to your watch?
An automobile needs frequent
attention. What about your
watch a mechanism Infinite
ly more delicate?
CARBON in the motor of a
car will decrease the running
efficiency of that car. And
yet the carbon will accumulate.
The car owner, knowing this, has
his car frequently overhauled
and the carbon removed.
And yet this same man, pei
hnps, will allow his wntch, a
mechanism Infinitely more deli
cate, to run for years without
attention. All the while it is ac
cumulating dust for tiny dirt
particles will sift in through the
most tightly fitting ense-nnd this
will in time impede the timekeep
ing performance of the watch.
Your automobile performs oc
casional service, but your watch
has to run continously for a full
twenty-four hours each day.
Look at your watch; How long
has it been since you took it to
a jeweler for examination?
I &" J
If your watch is to run at its
highest efficiency, it should be
cleaned, oiled and adjusted at
least once a year before the last
particle of oil has disappeared
from the bearings.
Our Service Department is
well equipped to make any re
pairs and adjustments that may
be necessary.
And while you are in, we par
ticularly invite you to view our
very complete stock of new
watches dressed in attractive
Wadsworth Cases.
We Make 'Quality1 Right Then the Price Right
Red Cloud
Jeweler and Optometrist
Sells His Interest in Bauk
J V. Scott, who moved here from
Smith Center, Kansas about a year
ago and purdlmsed an interest in tho
State Bank, has disposed of his hold
ings to Mr. J. W Auld and tho busi
ness will continue under the efficient
management of Messrs, Auld and Hen
derson. Since coming to this city Mr.
Scott has made many friends who aro
surprised to hear of him leaving tho
business circles of tho city. He has
made no defiuito plans for the futuro.
Weds at Osborn, Kansas
. Miss Mabol Koontz and Dewey Salad.
en were married July 25th, by Probato
Judge J. F. Irey, of Osborne, Kansas.
The newly weds mado no announce
ment of their nmrriago and the news
of the cftmt was a surprise to tunny of
the daughter of Mrs,
Sho is an accomplish
ed young lady and hus taught soveral
terms of school sinco her graduation
from liiirh school, iho groom is a
. ! itisni.iil nniinif !! aitt'l liit
Other men. however. I X?TX" ,-, ' " -" ' MB
. iiiiiiiiviin in i nil iiiiii uni iiif i;.
K. B. Sunday Special'
Powell and Pope's Cafe.
ice cream (it
Grace Church Services
12th Sunday After Trinity
Sunday School at 10 a. in.
Morning Service at 11 a, in.
No Evening Service.
Miss Alta Cpon returned to Kcnesaw
, tma iHomniriier.ucnaing.Mio wep,-
Lebanon, Kan.
32nd Annual Celebration
Thursday, Friday and Saturday
AUG. 18-19-20, 1921
Everybody is cordially invited to come to Lebanan on
these days to meet all of your old friends, and make new
friends, making this the
Greatest Event of The Year
Base Ball
Brass Band
Ferris wheel, Merry-go-round
And other attractions on the promonade
Lebanon Commercial Club
Bring it to the Chief!
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