The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, June 09, 1921, Image 5

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Vi - - -
t UK K M W K a M K K K K K K K
Kiit Mill tlriitU at Powell it I'opo'.s
Cafe, tt
spent Tuesday
Harry Cramoi
Mrs. Hoy Cramer
in Ilastinirs.
CluiM. Moon of Hnllnrf Was in the
city Tuesday.
JsimoK Poterson spent Wednesday
in Guide Rock.
Joe Crow wo down Train Kepubll City Monday.
Jas. SHvey was down from Inavale
Wednesday mominp.
F. N . 1'ovIimi ("nl -o '., Funk, i n.
Tuesday in 'Hntim.
IhUtlero John-' i pnt Sunday a itb
IiIh pan nt- at. jlinlini: .
Cli.i1-. I'lui'-. w.i up from (luide
Rock Monday iiflvion.
Deaconess .Smilli was a pns-cnsor
to Mullen Friday morning.
Miss Kdith Hcozloy was a passenger
to Kearney Friday morning.
Agent N. 15. Hush returned liome
Tuesday morning from Denver.
Attorney (Jeoige Marshall of Riv
cton was in the city Wednesday.
11. 1). Gaston and son. Frank, of
Hastings were in the city Tuesday.
Mrs. Chas. Turner went to Hail
ing Wednesday morning to visit rel
atives. Miss Minnie Kcllett went to Yoik
Monday where she will attend sum
mer school.'
Mr. and Mrs. George Kailcy moved
into the Malonc-Gellatly new res
idence today.
The workmen have the derrick up
at the oil well and will soon start to
pulling the casing.
Mrs. Kay'-Nelson wont to McCook
Thursday jo visit Mr. Nelson's moth
er and other l datives.
Frank Starr took his race hordes
to Hlnden Tuesday afternoon
they will bo worked out for the rac s.
Mrs. Anna Wright and daughter,
Lois, and Mrs. Anderson wcrepaen
gers to Bancroft, Iowa, Tuesday morning.
Mr. and Mrs. Kay Offclvie and
Next Tuesday in Flag Day.
Iltiy Hrortd at Powell and Pope's.
(loodmeals good service moderate
prices Powell ts. Pope's cafe
J. W. Auld returned homo Thurs
day ecning from Omaha.
C. F. Itankiu is loading his house
hold goods and Intends to move to
Grlnuel, Kansas, where he will make
his futuie home.
Mr. Linn departed Tuesday for
Edgemont and Hot Springs, South
Dakota where he will attend to some
lMi.-tnc- matters.
John Edwards, J. A. McArthur,
E. S. Fit?, and Jack Wiscarver attend
ed a Farmer's Union meeting at
Superior Tuesday.
William McIJride went to Lineoln
! i it", morning alter jniinini a 'ov
"M'rs. Albcr. Sfaby wffitnffTnaVMo
Saturday evening. , '
Misj Jessie Kellogg went to Lin
coln Saturday morning.
J. h. Heche was n passenger to
Lincoln Monday morning.
Mr. and Mrs. D. G. Hritton spent
Sunday with his parents at Guide
Hock. '
Mr. II. C. Gellatly and baby re
turned home Saturday evening from
Glen Fry returned home Saturday
been attending college the punt your.
Miss Ethel Hilton returned to 'her
home in Hardy Sunday after ipoml
injj a few days with Mian Aiineo Ar
nold. Mi -a Pearl Vh.; w at to Uncrfn
L iv with hif. ta-"t t M. iiwl Monday montta, w... mq will v
Ilobt. McHride. .lend .ummtr 'chool foi -i couple of
J? inl'iou o Foreman Ilaiuk left .month
!'u da morning for Cof fc ille, ' a. T. Walki-r returned home Sal
Kansas where he will visit his mother ! urday .ening from Omulni where hi
and other relative
Mr.-,. W. M. White depailed Wed
nesday morning for Nemaha, she be
ing called there on account of the
illness of her sister.
Miss Mabel Pope arrived home
Tuesday evening from Sheridan,
Wyoming where she had been teach
ing school the past year.
Mr. and Mrs. Irving Cummings
and son, Cecil, spent Sunday with
their son and brother, Allan Cum
mings and wife at Hastings.
Chris Zeiss returned home Monday
evening from Lincoln where he had
been visiting his daughter nnd at
tending to some business affairs.
Mrs. Homan Pate and children re
turned to their home at Stratton Tues
day evening after visiting with her
iifirotds. Mr. and Mrs. A. Claikand
other jelatives.
Miss Mao Huffor was taken to Hast
ings Tuesday where she underwent
an operation for appendicitis at a
hospital and is getting along nicely
at this writing.
Mrs. Mary McClelland departed
Friday evening for Denver where she
intends talcing charge of a looming
house which she owns in that city.
Mi-, Julia Funk accompanied her for
a visit.
within .10 dayb after
linn rnfitmlprt Send
will spend a couple of ; (or eatulotftie liraud Island Business
College Nebraska's Oldest. lrn
. est ami LcHdiitK liusintos Training
MKS Fay -Com" n Ii.vtUou .i., The follov. ing .4iipiud slock .o Kan-
Knm : .asi c, TucMlay morning: J K
Cockr.m one eti of hop:, H. V. Goi-
Gcorge Khn- oT Il-id, Kan a , don one car of cattle and W. II.
and Mi- Jane M. Dedrick of Hod , Thomas one car of cattle. Mr. 'llim
Cloud were granted a marriage license ' as accompanied the shipment to Kan
sas City.
" . "i
children departed Tuesday for Denver j -.r,iaatj0ll or t uttion refunded.
Where they
Tia' V. H
vmitc-d 'n m.nHre by Judge
Pridaj .
had been attending to some business
Mr. and Mrs. Fiank Foley returned
hum" Sunday morning fiom Norcauir,
Kansas, when they attended the fu
neral of his father.
. Mrs. Will Sunberry and children ie
lurned home Monday morning from
Republican City wheic they had been
visiting her patents,
Two cars of hogs were shipped to
the St. Joe market Sunday morning
and one car of hogs and one car of
cattle were shipped to Kansas City.
II. W. Dunkel of Lincoln has leased
the Hruce Framu building, formerly
occupied by theUralmni Furniture Co.,
aud will open a G-lo-lo and tloo storo
Agent N. II. Hush went to Denver
Sundav evening to attend a meeting
of Hurlington agents. The purpose
of the meeting is to reduce loss and
damage claims.
Frank Gaston had his household
goods trucked to Hastings Friday, he
:.nd his family going up via auto that
evening. Dr. R. P. Hoxsey has rent
ed Mr. Gaston's residence and has
moved into the same.
Engineer Geo., who wn-,
called to Denver two weeks ago on
account of the serious illness of his
wife, returned Saturday to Ins work
here on the switch engine iu Uie lo
cal yards. Engineer Pettis who ;ltad
been tuking his place went to SIcCoo
Saturday evening. j
Tho Irish Refief
Miss. Verna Trine returned homo
Saturdayirom Lincoln where, she had
been attefnding the state university
the past year V
Tuesday morning while v helping
shingle a now barn at Mr. ItomjuW
farm, George Atkinson had the 'mis
fortune to "fall from a scaffold and
fracture his ribs and injure his back.
The Red Cloud ball team went to
Inavale Sunday afternoon where they
nlaved the local team 'at that place.
I The first six innings ofjthe game were
very good but the balldon went up in
,the 7th and 8lh innings and Inavale
Avon the game by a score' of 6 to 1.
Roy Hassingor had the misfortune
to throw his knee out of place.
i- t . i i i
lo III lit, KlOv ' ' ' ' ' ' OUltMl '
i lie l'.ii ict Ion I .it. I ifi.i- .it ofh Id
ten and wouu'ii of lu'lu id. Far the
-like of humanity we have worked and
donated to this hind. lUwill bo sent
to the Society of Friends (Quaquurs)
who are the good angels helping those
poor people who are caught between
the fires of two opposing (armies
Contributions are as follows: Red
Cloud, 8178.75; Inavale 1847.00; Guide
Rock, 830. Total 8-255.7C
nernuru munouj, uimmunii
John M.Ryan ;
Broce Conley
M. F. Detour.
b-ut it pours!
IT WAS "company night."
BUT WHEN I got homo.
I FOUND tho Browns.
HAD A sick baby.
SO I chortled "Ob, Joy.
WONT SUE and I have.
SWELL EATS for two!"
BUT NO, Suo said.
"YOU DON'T Bupposo.
I'D WASTE all this food.
JUST ON youl"
AND SO I said.
"LETS PHONE tho Smiths."
BUT THEY had haadacies.
4 4
THEN WE trioil tho Jonesoa.
AND THEY foil for It.
AND WHEN grub for four. .
1 WA8 JUST about ready.
THE PHONE bell tinkled.
AND THE Brown baby was better.
AND A mlnuto later.
THE SMITHS changed their mnv
AND THE Missus fainted.
"OH, WELL," I said.
THE MORE the merrier.
WHAT8 THE difference?
JF .THERE isn't enough ftoiL
I'LL FEED tho males.
ON THE cigarettes that satisfy.
AND YOU women con talk.
WE'LL ALL be utitfled,"
WONDER FULoompany,
Chesterfields any time, any
where. Just seem to "hit the BpoL"
Good -tobaccos, good blending, (by a
ntinntn fnrmiiln that. pan'khnpfmltiW-
?"??? ..:.'jr-" in:"'' Vi"
gOOU-IUUMiig jjutivu.wo wiuu nu mw
tight wrapper. On every count, an.
all-around downright good smoke.
"Satlflfy"? All over the place.
Information that has reached us
seems to indicato that the Midland
Chautauqua Circuit made a big hit
when they succeeded in closing a con
tiact with Frank Dilnot, of London,
Knglaud, editor of tho London Globe.
Reference lo "Who's Who in
land" rcu-nU tho fact that Mr. Dil
t'ot has had some verj inteiestingex-puience-t.
Fiom arloUf! .source', we
iiae gleaned the following facts,
which we think will be of more than
usual interest to our readers.
Hecauso of the unusual opportuni
ties Mr. Dilnot has had to meet, ami
become acquainted with, some of the
louhn-r world fitrc , ! will prob
.. i ! u'kul to li'tiui - In on the
bit '. ''Martn1 Mindi nnd Ma-'er
t i' ." For in-tantv, Mr. Dilnot In
i ) ' I wi; intimate and elo - .it'qun'n
! t i ie. with Llol tloniiit foi many
Mai. and the Premier -.enl him a
cordial, well wishing telegram when
he left Kngland for this country.
This lecture consists of snap shops
of famous people known to all news
paper readers and practically every
one contains an original story, gen
erally humorous, sometimes witty, oc
casionally thrilling "but always gives
a vivid and original insight on the
,-,,titiii. iili of a irreat man. He-
tides such men as our own
V.v-Piosident Wilson. Maik
George Hcrnard Shaw, etc., ho will
include President Masaryk of Czccho
Sloakia, whose guest ho was in
Prague last summer. Lord North
cliire, Mr. Knudscn, Prime Minister
of Norway, Mr. William O'Hrian, the
famous Irish leader (a non-political
i,..ii.niio stnt'vl anil Cantaiti Car
penter, V. C, who performed the
greatest naval exploit in Hritish trs-
tory since Nelson. Mr. Illinois
biography of Lloyd George, puir.isii
ed by Harper's, ha" already gom'
through si: editions and has been pub
ti j,nil in several lanmtages in Kunp''.
Now just n word about Mr. Dil'iot
.personally. Ho is not only a jouna
list, editor and author but fix the Wsl
twentv years Ins mixed with som of
the Rieatest men of the world nnd
tourhrd nuhlic affairs at .their source.
He was in Rusria just before the war
rnd met the leading statesmen th -re.
Shoilly after he was thirty years .f
nrv- i"- wn elected to organize and
'.! '- 'I' ' Citben" of Vcirf-n
.,n,i -a,h the vounre t editor of a
dill- nn -piP' i- "1 V ot
,., ( r0, t mmii-s lie had uif
i ,.r' Pre-i.lrnt of the -
sociution of Foreign Correspondents
of the United Slates, which was
formed at the invitation of the United
States, government. He received tho
Legion of Honor from France and
was offered an honor by his own gov
ernment. All of the serious, facts ho
presents are conveyed with a sense
of humor, in a strong livclyjfcarra
tivo style. Ho never mikesa spech
without something vital to say and a
vitally interesting way of saying it.
Ho is not only a contributor to Hie
leading publications of England but
also to such leading American pub
lications as tho Saturday Evening
Port, World's "Work, Outlook, Review
of Reviews, Current Opinion, etc Dr.
Newell Dwight Hillia says of him:
Tv. cftlM ttiinHne and clear, ime
Fpeaking, Dilnot adds tho gift of hu-
,;. find hna a. certain racy quanty
Kiu., ...,. .. - --
tw. mnkos it certain that mere is ut
least one Englishman who can carry
an Americnn nudiencc.
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"Mrs. C. B. Crone returned to her
home nt York Friday morning after
risiting her daughter, Mrs. Frank
Peterson and family. Alden and
Charles Peterson accompanied her
home for a visit.
Sheriffs Sale.
MMooiahprcbv il on. that under and by
vnrtna oi an order ot salo liHucd from tho ot-
flcool Clara McMillan, ClcrK oi we umrwi
Court ot the Tenth Judicial District within
j .-nr,-.Koi..r'nnniv. Nebraska, upon .a
Li - .. .llnti nrnrilne IhCTfln. WllOrfln
rShoXtounty ol Webster 1b plaintiff and asnln
M AnoJ(l II. UochBtetticr, ei. iu.,uiouuiiiiu
ttdta I nall offer for ealo at public vendue
trfootaaw to the terms oi saia aecree vo uio
f7 ZXk x &m tt &k
i m r t . ym . . . mvsm ' xmi ,n
; - itncster ,;ieici
'rf'' x Mi LiaqErr & Mvers Todacco CcJ '
felgBBtf Didder lor cash In hand, at tho Bouth
door rtlne Court uouno ai iiuu viuuu u,uiii-. Neiirailta. (that being the
bullaTnii wherein the lat term ol said court
waaholden) on the ilia ony oi juij, n. ,
iiwi t-i n"f.hwt V. M. oi said day, the Jollo)
lag dwcrlbed property ,Jo wit: Lots 1,2, 3, ,
l. .ji i.. ninf-v 1 1t h'hland A Weicn B aa-
r-i ' " '"; . " . ' , .. . ...i
dUloa to Ilea Cloua, jNooraHKir, wn "
It ln'Dlock 3 Hnllroiul addition to Hud Cloud,
M.hi.v-!L- t...iu'27niid'2iln IllockS Itatlroad
addition to Hed Cloud, Nobraskn; I.otB 13 nnd
It Iu Wool: 0 lUllroad addition to Rid Cloud,
NonranKn; i.oisjo, iu, w, mm m ...v.v -HuUroad
addition to Hod Cloud, NobrfsUn;
I.,., iii ninilt 1 Railroad addition to lied
ni.i Kr.hralbnt I.otS 13 IllUl U ill lllOCfc, 12 n.ifiuiun td lied Cloud. Nubrnska!
Lots 17un' It) In JIIock-jz itauroaa wui
to Ked Cloud, Nebraska; th,o norm imoeu
loet off Hie nor tU We ol Lot, I and 2 In Block
iaif n.i"fMnud. Kobraska: the south
fllty feet of the Kast half ol Uloek 7 Hmlth &
Moore'H addition to Hed Cloud, Kebraskiv
in,u i 91 nn.t i in iiiuck2 l.nt7'i addition to
" -" -- -.---'.. .. .. . .
Red Cloud, Nebraska; lots e, n, , if, u nuu u
In niock,2 Lutrs auaitioiuQ w tiouu, nw
N i"
J tHVcnujitlfiuliauil
A. imi. , , a i
thlHfitMiiy ofJuo
i'h aik iHTi'ifn
Friday and Saturday
June 10th and 11th, 1921
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k l.1t.- CA -.J !. r,.'11rA 97 nnH tav
tfiiiirr iiir . liiiiiiiicii.fjii, &.. ii iLicm it
i.,w1rf.r . . .r : u
i-lWx' miir.'w. frv& fti'"' iv t? r A
y, For
or;.ti It iMnliillff
n i a iv a k a a u kr. a - - h 'i i v i . j -i -.
BjWi fl " ' M. ii. rt- tf " ",
to ,