The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, April 08, 1920, Image 1

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4 ffewsaafter That 6lrei Tie News FITty-tw Weeks Each Year Fer 11.50
You can rely
on our jewelry
Do you KNOW Jewelry?
Can you tell whether it is plated or solid?
Then; when you can not trust your own
judgment you must trust just one thing
the reputation of the store where
you buy.
Ask those who have been our
longest customers about us!
Your Satisfaction or
Your Money Back!
rcj cloud Jeweler and Optometrist Nebrsk
Miss Verna Trine Awarded
Honors in Essay Contest
That Red Clouil run Its Urst tn matters
of major or minor importance has
again been oleiirly demonstrated by
the decision tendered in this ossay con
test recently conducted by the recruit
ing division of the United Stutes Army.
A communication received, this
week, from Major V. A CiiVei.angu of
Omihii, states that the essay written
by Miss Veriiu Trlno has been uwurdid
first place in this district.
The final judges of this dUttlct were
J Answers Final Summons
The last word of the final chapter of
' tile booh of life whs written for L. II,
, MeKlinmoy, when he, on Sunday even
I ing surreudeted his spirit to its maker,
J at the 'mine ot lil.s daughter, Mis .1. II.
, KuiSHf.
1 The deceased was born in Indiana,
March 3, 1823. Ho was united in marr
iage with Catherine .1. rudeihill, Nov
( ember l'J, IS l!. To this union were
bm 11 eleven chlldicn, four of whom
pieced-d him to the great beyond.
Ho with his family, came to Nebras
ka in 18S0 lie was the oldest member
(lovenor . Climollnr Avoir , Ulc j,su, ,oll,u , ,, ,,, ,,,
Work That Satisfies
II ! i
. V
Whether you have a Portrait
made, or bring us a film to
finish or enlarge, our aim is to
We want Your Work in all
lines of the photograph business
and you zvil find our ivork
Over Smith's
Shoe Store-
The Gleason Studio
That Satisfy
In Quality
and Price!
That's the kind you'll find in our store
We don't consume large amounts of ad space,
spasmodically, telling you about big bargains in
special lines 'sold at and below cost because
every merchant must derive a certain percent of
profit on the goods he sells if he expects to pay
interest on his investment and remain in business.
During our many years in the grocery business
we have found that the average customer pre
fers high quality groceries at honest prices to
inferior brands at "below cost" price.
Our guarantee of satisfaction stands behind the
merchandise we sell. You take no chances
when you trade with us.
P. A. Wullbrandt
Groceries and Queensware
of the Nebraska "U", (Sovcruor Hard
lug of Iowa, and Dr. Pearsons of the
Iowh State Colleue. Seveinl thousand
essays were received. '
The communication further states
that Miss Trlnc's essay will be for
warded to Washington. If she is suc
cessful, which wo hope she will be, she
and one of her parents, will be award
ed u free trip to Washington and re
ceive a medal and prize cup from the
Secretary of War.
The Ked Cloud High School will, in
the near future, iccuive a silver clip
from the War Department ami the
same will be presented by u Recruiting
Miss Tiine's paronts, as well as her
many friends, nnd others, may well
feolproud of the success she has
achieved. The Chief extends congrn-
v" """ J"K 'V v -JJi
" '
District Court Proceedings
Judge Dllworth nud Court Reporter
Hnird nrrlved in the city Monday morn
ing and held a two. days' session of
district court. Owing to the storm
the jurors were dismissed and the fol
lowing cases were tried:
Stale of Nebraska v Louis Glebe,
motion to dismiss denied.
State of Nebraska v Uherral Kotmtz,
continued for term.
Civit. Dockkt
A. C. I'helps v (!eo. W. Shuck, Per
mission torcflle petition and demurror.
The- Clark Implement Co. v William
Wallace, continued for term.
The County of Webster v H W.dulli
ford, Hearing nad on foreclosure of
Tax lien.
W. H. Tolley v Earl II Slawson, con
tinued for term.
Mary Limke v Herman Limke et al,
Referee discharged.
Ell.abeth Keller v John Lalley, con
Urination. The State Dank of Illaden v Carl
Schmidt, dismissed,
William H Norrls V Chnrles S. Nor
ris, Referee discharged.
Conrad Rasser v Uhlensporger et ill,
sale confirmed.
Conrad Rasser v Uhlensporger et al,
sale confirmed.
A mm Wright v Ivan Wright, sale
Georgo King v Dell Walker, contlnu
ed for term.
Chnrles Harpham v II. F, Perry, Co.
Cleik, hearing to Quiot title.
Ilessie Cox v Thomas Cox, deciou of
divorce for plaintlir.
W. H. Cloud v Don R. Cloud, sale or
dered. Archie A Boren v C. 13 A Q, contlnu
e 1 for term.
Robt Oamerell v Mrs. ,7ohn Norrls,
Clara I'eters v Kliahotli Peters ot nl,
sale ordeied,
W. H. Tolley v N. II. Jackson, petit
ion in error denied
' Henry Dietrich v City of Red Cloud,
Writ of Injunction denied.
lug j'lined the order in Ib-p.i. Although
nut an ordalurd minister he pleach d
the Word of Uod to his fellow men for
over forty years. At the time of his
entering into this calling few ministers
were oi dallied
His wife depai ted this life in lb'JO.
Since that lime he has made his home
with his childieu
He leave to mourn his passing, seven
chiMien: J. A. McKiinuiey, ol Hot
Springs, South Dakota: C. U. Mclvim
mey, Taylor, Nebraska; Margaret A.
Rowland, Fowler, Colorado; J. A. Mc
Klmuiey, Orin, Washington; T. E. Mc
Kimmey, Ceiieva, Nebiaska; Ruth B.
KinsHi-nmi W. H. McKlmmey of this
city; two hi others, .1. A. McKlmmey,
Fort Scott, Kansas and .1, R, McKim.
mey of M uncle, Indiana.
Funeral services weie conducted
from the Kinser home, Tuesday iiftci
noon, at 3:3U, in charge of Rev. H. Wn
Cope. The remains were taken to
Swantoii and laid to rest beside his
School Board Meets
The .Board of Education met in
regular session in the Commercial
Club Rooms, on Monday evening wth,
members present Wcesner, Beczlcy,
Grimes 'and Pope, .Wccsner presiding
The minutes of the previous meet
ing of March 1st were read and ap
proved. It was moved by Grimes and sec
onded by Beczley that the part of
previous mwt'r.g of Mar'fc 1st, rela
tive to teachers signing contracts by
May 1st be and is hereby reconsider
ed; and it is now resolved by the
Board time all contnic..i must be
signed by the 10th of April and in
ense contracts are not signed by this
date the positions are declared va
cant and the Teachers' Committee is
authorized to hire all teachers to fill
such vacancies. Motion carried
Tiio following bills were rend and
Malonc-Gellntly 137.70
P. G. Tui nu ra & Son .99
Commercial Adveitiser .. .. 10.00
Hansen Laundry . 1.30
Schaaf Mfg. Co. 201.25
J. Fischer & liro. 1.35
North Central Ass'n of Colleges 2.00
American Book Co. . 7-1.41
Tims. Charles Co. 5.74
Midland Chemical Co. G5.00
W. M. Welch Mfg. Co. 135.42
Omaha School Scpply Co... 17.00
After listening to report by Supt.
Iloltzen Board adjourned to meet
May 3.
C. J. POPE, Secy.
"Not Just Now"
Perhaps you were thinking of when
you can pay for a New Edison.
Then know that Thomas A. Edison
has made ample provision on this
point. His instructions to us arc:
livciyoitc who wants a New lufison
must be given every reasonable op
portunity to have it.
To this cnd.v vq arrange the pay
ments according to your own con
venience. The NEW EDISON
"Tie Phonograph with a Soul"
This plan solves yoWViuestion, does
it not? Come in and tell us how
you'd like to pay for a New Edison.
Going Up I!
Tills week sees trie completion of a
deal wheioby one of our old icliablo
grooms M A Albright letires from
business. The R. P. WoOMier Co, pur-
chased the stoolc of groceries and the
At last the old rusty locks which
lias kept tho Sunday amusement. in
this city closed for man years, wn
broken Monday when a petition sign
ed bv ftVrti n hundred of our citizens
was ptofcntcd to tho county commis
sioners asking that they grant a per
mit to play Sunday bnso ball near.
this city. The- county commissioners
granted tho request and those in
charge of tho ball team aro now busy.
lining up tho players and preparing'
rt schedule for tho season. Tho lov-
A sharp advance will be
made in motor oil prices
Our contract expires Nay 1st. Until
that time we can fill four orders at the
old price, which is more than 25 per
cent less than present wholesale price
We must have your order at once i!
you are to get the price as quoted.
In Barrel Lots
Per Gallo
Phone Us Your Order Now
Work Shirts, Overalls, Jackets
Gloves; Sox Big line due here
any day nowPRICED RIGHT
Save money! Buy them here!
Farmers Union
J. F. Edwards, Mgr. Red Cloud, Neb.
As I have boon confined to my
homo, owing to illness, since March
12th. dosiro to announco that 1 am
( remainder of the stock, the dry goods J of -o mll will not Imvo to go bo Jovm t W An a t
.ho the ilxmre., will be closed out 2 otter towns this season in order " .
within the next w,.k. Mr. aii.,.im BOO a nail gnmo on bummy oner
.has leaned tho building to the Unston -00n' Lct's n11 boo3t for U, ll0m
liMiiMC Co. of Hustings, who will Install t?an1, ' i -
I ! . - .1... .. , I - i. i
, ; mi up in iiiiiu music sioro tn the s une. ,
Poiession will bo given nbout May 1st Ed llubatka, son of Commissioner
I Jas. Hubutka, passed away at tho
Jack Sharp returned to his homo family homo south of Ulnden tho first
at Liberty Tuesday. j of tho week after n shoit illness.
One District Judge-
for this district ought to bo
lewis II. Illacklcdge, Lavyer, oi
Red Cloud, Webster county.
Look for his namo on non-partisan
E. S. Gaurfoer
Wall Paper, Paints, Oils and
(Work Guaranteed)
Electrical Goods of all Kinds'
Will Wire Your House And
Furnish You the Fixtures