The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, December 25, 1919, Image 1

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4 Newspaper That fihes The Hens FIFty-tMo Weeks Each Yrar Tor 5J.50
3? ED CLOUD, RJUUSKA. DEC KM 11 KK 2j, ?.n$
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We buy and sell all issues of Liberty and
Victory Bonds at the market. If you
desire to buy or sell, call on us
Interest paid on Time Deposits
Deposits Guaranteed by Depositors
Guarantee Fund of State of Nebraska
Webster County Bank
Red Cloud, Nebraska
Edward Floiance, President S. R. Florance, Caihier
Wishing You S
A Merry Christmas
A Happy New Year I
Commissioners Proceedings
Keel Cloud, Ncbr.,
. Dec. 22, l'.)lf.
The County Board. of Commission
Dies from Effects of Burns
(By Jns. S. Gilham.)
startling accident shocked
ers met at l'p. ,., as per the call of immunity yesterday,
the Clerk. All members present. -Mrs El,na Oatman, who has pre-
Motion made by Thomas and sec- bW om' tlllJ one ih' cla hotcl ol
onded by Waldo that as the insurance tho cll' for n,01' t,mi: lhipl.v 'cal's'
expires Doc. 23, 19 ID, that it be iC.bc,camo lho victim o Jl bobble neci
insurcd for the sum of ?72,000, tlio (Icn) Tuewlay morning The old lady
policies to have the DO per cent . attempted to remove an accumulation
clause attached. In the opinion of thc'r foot fl-om tlltJ war of the oven ry
llnnnJ. M,o nrnannt vnlnn f lli lmU.I. ' thtf addition of SOH1C CO.'lt Oil. TllO
ing is 5S0.600. Motion carried. Motion J flamc unexpectedly mounting to hei
I made and seconded that above insuv-! facc shl? matc quick movement of
lance be -written in reliable company hor lian(,s to BavA "gainst It, and In
t .......i i,.. ii,.. vti...:. ...,-' doimr so. snillcd the contents of tlio
ii;iut;ai;iiki;il u iiiu ivjiiuiiiii " ' -
and divided cnuallv as to amounts: IJ.Ican uI)un herself. She was instantly
V. Stewart, K. (J. Caldwell, Joe Hew
itt, 0. C. Tcel, Fred Maurer, Geo. W.
Hutchison, Howard S. 1'oe, .Tas. Me-
Llh'idc, Fred T. Hopka. Motion carriccJ.
On motion, insurance to the amount
of $9,000 to bo written on the Court
House furniture and fixtures, tlio
same to be equally divided among
the above named agents.
Complaint was mode to the Hoard ol
Commissioners by Jake Kinser that
Lcvcn B. McKimmoy, a resident of
Red Cloud, is a poor person, unable
to earn a livelihood by reason of bod
ily infirmity and old age and has
children of suficient ability to sup
port him but that said children nave
failed to r do so. Motion made and
carried that the said children -of I.ev
en B. McKimmoy bo notified of his
condition and directed to support him.
On motion of Waldo and seconded
by Thomas, the claim of Claas ICose
enveloped in flame. She rushed out of
doors. Hor son, following her, was
badly burned in his efforts to extin
guish the fire upon her clothing.
Lawrence Doyle, a helper about the
hotel, followed with a blanket and
burned himself in an effort to smoth
er the flames.
Tho old lady was so badly burncrt
that the only posible relief was the
merciful death that ended Iter agony
in a few hours.
Mrs. Oatman, although nnold and
highly respected resident of the city,
was but little known outside of those
who were brought in immediate con
tact with her in the performance of
her. offices about;, tho hotcl.
Her' life was given to service, and
she rejoiced in the opportunity to
serve to the utmost.
She established herself, not in tho
LEOLA LUCY do you remember her? The auburn
haired Irish colleen, who starred in "Gypsy Love" and
"Mandalay." That is she the one they call "the Irish
Soprano." She sings for The New Edison with that
pleasant Irish voice which has made her such a favor
ite on the stage.
This little piutunt is mud) fiotn nn act.
mil phntog'rupti txkuii ut the IMi son Re
cording Studios, Fifth Ave., Now Vork,a
fmv uii.1rw turn tiu Mlcu F.lli.t liiinli. tlin
JttH, Kdlson Ollllolal Tt-fct" of oiib or hor re-
Kl' i(iMllmrs ImrnrM It. wrtH ruliwihiifl tn till.
"I ,,,,I.. m, ,..! l...t.l il... V I.V1I.....
I'iiiiiiui oiiu oiiuiii uirauirt wni:li j'iuiniui
and sung Then suddenly slio censed and
tho New Edison sung tluisongiilone. Was
there nny difference? Tho listening jury
of experts snld thero was no difference and the recording was pasbed
as "Otllleiar the literal KK-UKKATION of Leola Iiiicey's voice.
A; ' -V
e. n.w ri"v.';i:., it .1
. m at
iUulJ :BHT
Does this seem unbelievablo to you? If so let ns give you the proof
musical evidence your ears will bolleve, evidence vourtulud will accept
"Tw Phonograph with a Sour
deserves thirty minutes of your time. We guarantee to give you a de
lightful half hour of music. Wo will not importune you to buy. When
mfty.we se, you at our store'.' , j ,v '. . .
and thanking you for your liberal
patronage during nineteen nine
teen and soliciting a continuance
otthc same in the coming year.
?T VPl ifL TS 17 TTS W TT
Jeveler and Optometrist
m-&a'ir'tVX a C jt tJ 6 a ir jf.jH,Bi0MjiJiM.:sfri.
r$ We Wish You a , ffl
iierr CSiiistmas
office, the parlors, the dining room of
for a refund on taxes on lots C-S anu the hotel, 'but in the kitchen, choos-
10, Block 10, I'voscmont, was rejected, ing that the more showy posts should
The reports filed by John W. Tul- j ,r. occupied by her husband while
leys, accountant, showing their audit ilP lived, and her son when he succeed-
of tho books of C. D. Ilobinon, Ex 0d him, while she selected for herself H
but more important H
of the kitchen. B
by the Board. j 'inol.e an?) fortunately, women who
Motio-i made by Kniggo and sec-1 ,)lV0 0 amtjtion to shine ns socrcuy
onded by Shidler that the salary ol ira,icrP( 0l. business managers, whoso
the present Superintendent of the ' v )Pth ,B fiu. Kroatei. than those who
Poor Farm be increased to $560 pei i F0,,k lo lcad op ai,e tllc fasi,ons 0f
year, commrncing March 1, 1920. I tll (Iay They ar0 tlie womcn upon
Motion made and carried that the nhom ,.c;t tho 6crj0Uj, burdens of
sa.ary ot u. J. Kancy, janitor oi tnc lfp wililout wjlom iif0 couia not go
Oatman was a woman of
hough full of years, there
moment of her time which
j,, ' r -
fc Treasurer and Frank Huff or, present ti,0 humbler,
jli I Sheriff, were accepted and approved ministrations
W j Court House, bo raised from $So to on jIrg 0;
jp' ?90 per month, with the understand- m' cjnBB ''
J I ing that on extreme cold nights he is' v a )1()t ,j m
erry Christmas and
New Year
to remain at the Court IIou?c and
w.i-. not occupied by service, scrvico
maintain suiticicnt nro to protect tne that .oant norc ml bctter food, scr-
plumbing. Said insurance in salary to ko that mcant moro aml better liv
commence .Tar.. 13lh, 19Z0. j)U, fol. thc community. Industrious,
The following claims wore audited fi.upa) provjjonti content with old
and allowed and County Clerk in- fa hionc1( paiu aml aiml)i0 iivIllK f0r
structed to draw warranto on the pro- , ....,, ,... ,.f. !von to thc of.
i ' -'r -. - ..-- (-.
and a
Happy New Year
per funds in payment of same
IS. B. Leggett $
Geo. H. Ovcring . ,.
Osa B. Ncwhouso
Charles Hilton
I Frank . . . -
I. E, Spence ..
Miv. M. P. Lewis
A. L, Lewis
Farmers' Institute -..
C. D. Robinson
C. M. Wilson
Annie B. Spanogle ..-
Charles Hunter ,
We thank you for the liberal pat
ronage with which you have favor
ed us, also for thc many courtesies
extended to us in the past. We
shall endeavor to merit a continu
ance of the same in the new year.
sjfoit lo increase thc comforts of bus-
itnii, son ami guest.
Her maiden name was Edna Amelia
Oanfield. She was born in Watortown,
New Yoik, February 28th, 1812. She
united with tho Presbyterian church
in her girlhood. At tho age of 10 she
was married to Loronro Don Oatman.
The first years of their married lifo
were spent on a farm in Minnesota
and Montana. She came lo Red Cloud
in 1885 and engaged in thc hotel busi
ness with hor husband in 1888. Three
sons died in childhood. Roy Oatman
alone remains to cherish the memory
of her long years of affectionate toil.
The people of Red Cloud will feel
her loss deeply, even though tnoy woic
B. F. Perry
Beatrice Inst. Feeble Minded.
Red Cloud Fire Dcpt
Ol- llUL'l J'lftll ill'l 11 lW Mulmiimwl . V V . . ,
Frank Starr, Co. Trcas 145.90 , lJt mue acquainted witu nor.
2,00' Funeral services in charge ot Jtev.
2G.40 J. M. Bates will be held from tho
G9.25 , Royal hotel parlors on tomorrow,
2G.10 Thursday afternoon, at 2:C0 o'clock.
2.00 i
ll .UIMirt. rvt'IllllUt rrnitM i ..
This is our wish to you, one and
all. May the coming year be
one of peace, prosperity and hap
piness to you and all of yours.
We take this means of thanking you for your
palronage during the past year and look forward
with pleasure to a continuance of thc same in 1 920
Our business in ihe past year has exceeded, by
far, our expectations, and realizing that you have,
by your patronage, shown your appreciation of
our efforts to please you, by offering you high
grade merchandise at right prices, we have laid
plans for the future that will enable us to give
you a better service than heretofore. We shall
be pleased to serve you in nineteen twenty,
I Graham Furniture Co.
Red Cloud
Grant Davis -
Red Cloud Chief... .,.
Smith & McKimmoy ...
Harry Vnughan
Chas. W. Woods
J. II. Crary ..
bo Holvcrson
C. A. Doran
Bridge Fund
Guide Rock Hdwre. Co
II. L. Schenk
A. A.' Blickonstaff
Com. Dist. No. 2.
Thos. JIcMahon
Jack Barnes 4
Allied Contractors Inc.
W. II. Thomas
Jos. Strobl
Anton Kudrnn ..
II. C. Hansen , -
V. J. Vavricka
Continurd on piigo 8
J. F. Edwards, Mgr.
n nt 1
"" ..,.! ., t r ol...t T. ,..... r,tl,ii.
Ilir-illllllli't IV. u VJI inn--", Mimic-i wi'invi
nnd Eil Piatt entertained the members
I of the l H. 0. Chapter ut tho Grimes
58.82 boine. Muoh nmiiMtnent was (treated
23.50. i,y jbo guests appnaring dressed us
30.00 j children. Tio bouse was decorated (
03.90 wlth Christmas docoratlons, Including'
a tree Mrs. Grimes was attlreil us
Santa Olaiiho liiinohonu. In keeplngl
with the occa-.lon, was Herved.
Red Cloud, Neb.
If you are in
need of a
'Easy Terms
The Chief wishes you a Mer
ry Christmas and a Happy
New Year.
You will do well to write to
R. H.Craig, Bank of Orleans, Orleans, Neb.
t-w.MniiV-f4Vat(lVv I
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