The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, September 25, 1919, Image 3

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All you Yanks who
wore the U. S. uniform
CllC SlarS dhd SlfipGS, official newspaper of the A. E. F., went
out of existence when the peace treaty was signed. But the editors
the soldiers who wrote and drew 90$ of all material published
in The Stars and Sttlpu did not scatter, each with his $60 bonus.
They have kept close formation to edit a new magazine called
You as a red-chevron American will want to read this new weekly
because it ha3 all the features that made The Stan and Stripes the
mostpopular thing in the A. E. F. it will contain Baldridge's
drawings, Wallgren's cartoons, untold stories of the war, pages of
humor, tidings from all the old Yank sectors in France, Belgium
and Germany, and SERVICE, a department to answer all ques
tions about insurance, back pay, etc. It is by the same bunch,
for the same bunch, in the same spirit.
First Issue Now on All News-stands
The Home Seclor is 10 cents a copy $5.00 n year, with special combination
offer. You not only will want to read it yourself, but there is an opportunity
if you write us at once to make real money taking subscriptions of others.
Every ex. service man will want The Home Sector. This is a most unusual
opportunity if you write at once In
THE BUTTERICK PUBLISHING CO., 406 Butterick Building, New York
Odorous Epidemic.
"A friend of mine Iiiih kept himself
and Iil.s family Immune from Inlluenzn
In n district sorely smitten by eutlng
spring onions." Glasgow (Scotland)
Evening Post.
The mini only claim to Kane
tlty Is a long face should dispose of a
portion of his cheelc.
Work Is tliu best prescription for
Science says that old ago hefting with
Weakened kidneys and digestive organs.
This being true, it is easy to believe
that by keeping the kidneys and diges
tive organs cleansed and in proper work
ins order old ago can be deferred and
life prolonged far beyond that enjoyed
by the average person. t
For over 200 years GOLD MEDAL
ITaarlcm Oil hns been relieving the
weaknesses and disability due to ntlvano
ing years. It is a standard old-tliuo
home remedy nnd needs no introduction.
GOLD MEDA Haarlem Oil is inclosed
in odorless, tasteless capsules contain
ing about 5 drops each. Take them ns
you would a pill, with a swallow of
water. Tho oil stimulates tho kidney
Spectator at Moving Picture Show
Saw Trouble Ahead and Didn't
Want to Witness It.
"I saw you at the moving picture
how Inst evening," said tho fnt
plumber, "but when I looked for you
n llttlo later 1 missed you."
"Yes, I got up nnd went home."
"When was that?"
"I left when the vlllnln begnn to lay
K snnre for tho wife of the man who
lind to stay at his olllce on account
nf business."
"Did you see any more of the pic
ture?" "No."
"And you left at the most Interest
ing part?"
"I knew If things kept on as they
were headed there would be n fuss
pretty soon between the two men, or
between the man nnd his wife, and
I made up my mind I wouldn't bo
mixed up In anybody's domestic
Hlf View.
A somewhat cynical ncqunintnnte
tells us that the secret of happiness Is
not to let your troubles bother you any
. more than they bother your friends.
Boston Transcript.
All the women haters In tho world
nre not nnchelors.
action and enables tho organs to throw
off tho poisons which cause prematura
old age. New life and strength increase
as you continue tho treatment When
completely restored continue taking a
capsule or two each day. GOLD MED
AL Haarlem OH Capsules will keep you
in health and vigor and prevent a return
of tho disease.
Do not wait until old ago or dlseaas
havo settled down for good. At tho first
sign that your kidneys are not working
properly, go to your druggist and get a
box of GOLD MEDAL Haarlem Oil
Capsules. Money refunded if they do
not help you. Three sizes. But re
member to ask for tho original imported
GOLD MEDAL brand. In scaled pack
ages. United States Has Monopoly.
Neither Great Ilrltuln, France nor
Jtaly has been able to lind workable
helium fields. Russia may have them,
but that Is doubtful. Germany hns
none. The United States seems to
have the monopoly, nnd investigation
by scientists of the United States geo
logical survey tends to show thnt we
have nil we need. Great Britain inny
continue of necessity to till her gas
bags with the deadly hydrogen, pend
ing the time when she can buy helium
of the United States; but here in
America wo hope soon to bid farewell
forever to hydrogen and ull its tragic
"Amen" AM Alone.
1 have sung soprano for years In n
church choir. One Sunday morning,
while in n service, the minister nn
nounced n hymn, which was on the
bqttoni of the pnge, the third verso
helng on tho opposite page, nt the top.
At tho end of the second verso (not
seeing the third verse) I snug "Amen!"
all alone. Everyone, even the min
ister lnughed, the organist went on
playing the third verse. When time to
sing the amen I let the rest of tho
choir sing amen. People were still
laughing, nnd it was the most embar
rassing moment In my life. Chicago
You mny succeed when others don't
believe In you, but you will never suc
ceed when you don't believe in yourself.
At the Beginning'
and .the End
of the Day
There's health and comfort
in the truly All-American
table beverage
The Original
Bid your coffee troubles
good-bye by joining the
great army who now drink
Postum instead of coffee.
Two sizes, usually sold at 15c and 25c.
Everywhere at Grocers.
Miss Weil, Marooned in Hawaii,
Hides Herself in Steamer
Daughter of Illinois Lawyer is Herolno
of Remarkable Experience Ap
peals for Relief Failed to
Secure Passage for Her
I'eorln, III. Haying the unique rolo
of society girl stowaway, Miss Jo
sephine Well, daughter of Joseph
Well, prominent In legal and political
elides here, gave the sinatt set a dis
tinct .hock when she i elated her ex
traordinary experience, following her
arrival home from Sun Pranclvco.
Stories of travel among the Inn
gunrous Island of the southern l'acltlc
ocean always have an appeal, but the
Interpolation of a society girl stowaway
Is something s0 far out of the ordinary
that even the most captious and story
surfeited globe trotter will probably
give attention to the remarkable nnr
ratlve of the i'eorln maiden.
Mrs. Well and her daughter left Te
orla In May for California and. after n
short stay on the coast, sailed for
Decides on Stowaway Role.
When they were ready to return to
the states they were startled b.v tho
Information that the United Spates
government had commandeered all of
the larger steamships for tho return
of troops and the smaller had reached
tho limit of their jiiccommodatlons, res
ervations being mnilc months nhend.
Cabled nppeals for relief were fol
lowed by diligent effort upon the pnrt'
of Congressman Ireland of the I'eorln
district. He was advised that 070
Americans were nt Honolulu, Includ
ing Mrs. Well and daughter, nil anx
ious to return home. A message from
Governor McCarthy of Hawaii wns
the only response, stating thnt pass
age could not bo procured much beforo
Miss Josephine was much disturbed
b.v this situation. She Is a student nt
nn eastern college nnd anxious to com
mence her school duties.
Decides on Stowaway Role.
becoming convinced that It was Im
possible to obtain u passage before
ImjbMP wyf
sBCrm" V
9t lV lwtfw i-!.'
f J f
Hid in a Nook Until the Vessel Was
Out of Sight of Land.
fnll, Miss Well, with tho approval of
her mother, decided upon the role of
stowaway. Sho was well supplied
with money and, seizing an opportu
nity to enter the hold a few hours be
fore the steamer Venezuela cast off,
sho hlil In a nook until the vessel was
ouf of sight of land and there wns no
chanco to set her on shore again. Sho
then mndo her appearance, much be
grimed, and proffered the captain tho
money usually required for tho pass
age across.
There was nothing to do but nc
ccpt the money and the sltuntlon with
tho best grace possible. Miss Well
wns given quarters with the wife of
the purser and tho Journey was an
ngreeablo one. Tho other pnssengcrs
lionized her for her nerve and origl
nnllty and believe thnt sho hns tho
distinction of being tho first society
girl stowawny in tho history of ocean
going vessels.
Miss Well will be tha herolno nt n
round of soclnl events hero iMjforo sho
leaves for the eastern school. Her
mother wns apprised of the safe ar
rival home of her daughter nnd tho
former hns cabled thnt she expects
to sail from Honolulu some tlmo In
Banner of Locusts.
Rending, Pn. An nrtlstlcnlly ar
ranged bnnner, mado of soventeon-yenr-locusts,
which nro arranged Into
tho following slogan, "Itctnln our
Judges Endlleh nnd Wngner, 1010,"
hns been presented to tho Judges.
Thousnnds of locusts nro worked Into
the design nnd tho shells of others nro
used for decornttons, Tho sign has
been placed in the Law library.
f Contents 151'luidPfacli
Children Cry For
1 1 AVerte nbclYcporauonwrM'
....Iinilmithelond bVKCCUUf
UntjuVStomachs nnd IKwvlsrfj
i ThcrctryItoUn?H
u .. r.: ,,u?trafltosi
uicenuuiKM -''" "J j
bito-nl.NoTNAcoT ic
JtefrefKlDrSMLWUUw ,
','nn Jif
. '. . ... in..jfif
Constipation nnd DlarrhjM
rcaltln$ fhercfrornjmmwni;.
"" .
i ir.vsi m ii j ill
Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Paregoric, Drops
and Soothing Syrups. It is pleasant. It contains neither Opium.
Morphine nor other narcotic substance. Its age is its guarantee.
For more than thirty years it has been in constant uso for tho
relief of Constipation, Flatulency, Wind Colic and Diarrhoea;
allaying Fcverishncss arising therefrom, nnd by regulating tho
Stomach and Bowels, aids the assimilation of Food; giving
healthy and natural sleep. Tho Children's Panacea The
Mother's Friend.
Bears the Signature of
Exact Copy of Wrappr.'
In Use For Over 30 Years
The Kind You Havo Always Bought
Always Have the "Dough."
AVnys of the Hopl Indians of north
ern New Mexico, their food nnd re
ligious customs, wns the subject of an
address In Kansas City, Mo., the other
night by Miss Ethel Ryan, for yenrs
n Bnptlst missionary on tho Hopl
"The Hopl women delight In decornt
Ing their shoes with 10-cont pieces,"
Miss Itynn snld. "The shoes, which
resemble moccasins, often hnve as
many as five dimes on each.
"They have n way of sewing quar
ters to their drosses nnd using them
as buttons. When they go to market
and find themselves short of money
they simply cut off n button."
And they're never brokol Glory
be I
An Overrated Article.
Chnrlcs M. Schwub, who believes
above nil things In young men, wns de
fending his belief nt n banquet.
"Young men hnve energy, yes," n
banker ndmltted, doubtfully, "but, for
high executive positions, .don't you
think experience Is needed?"
"Oh, experience I" Bald Mr. Schwab.
"Experience Is nn overrated nrtlcle.
Whnt'n the good, after nil, of know
ing whnt the weather wna llko day
before yesterday?"
It Is cnsler to protect oneself from
an enemy thnn from n fool friend.
No womnn objects to embarking In
a courtship.
QuIck-Witted Youngster Must Have
Heard of Boast the Surgeon
Was Fond of Making.
This Indianapolis physician boasts
that ho would rather do surgical work
than eat. Even the children In the
neighborhood know of this, as Is prov
ed by the following story:
Recently some of tho neighboring
boys were playing bull In front of his
office. Suddenly the ball went wild
nnd crashed through one of tho phys
ician's plate glass windows. Of course
the doctor was furious and he express
er his feelings to the wco fellow who
lind thrown It. "Haven't I told you
fellows thnt this would happen some
dny?" ho demanded.
Tho little boy nodded his hend.
"Then what hnve you to say for your
self?" was the next thrust.
The llttlo fellow gulped, swallowed
nnd finally sobbed outs "Well, I
though tnnybo I would hit one of your
Had a Reason.
"I stopped In nt tho drug store Ut
buy n clgnr," said a Collego nvcnuo
man. "Behind me rushed In a lad
about five years old. Right up to the
clerk he went, yelling: 'Mister, you
gave me a penny too much change a;
while ago!'
"The clerk looked nt him n mlnuta
and said: 'That's your good luck and
for being honest enough to tell me, yoa
mny keep the penny.
"The hid still had n troubled look
on his face nnd soon explained It by,
saying: "Hut I bought a penny balloon
with it nnd I wanted to know If yoa
would take It back. They arc selling
larger ones down nt tho next drug
store for n penny.' " IndlnnnpolU
A Tip.
There nre two great races the hu
man race nnd the horserace and if
you must bet, lay your wager on tho
human race It Is safer. Jacksonville
(Fin.) Times-Union.
Peanuts In Mesopotamia.
Successful experiments In growing
pennuts hnve been conducted in Meso
potamia by Englishmen.
Smallest Penknife.
A gold-hnndled penknife thnt Is ad
small It could pass through the eye of
an ordlnnry darning necdlo Is on dl
play In the window of Its maker, Solo
mon L. Ilnxter, Jeweler, Wellesley,
Mass. Baxter claims it is the smallest
penknife In tho world. Tho little knife
hns two steel blades measuring three
thirty-seconds of nn Inch. Three tiny)
steel rivets hold the sides nnd blade
In position.
Of every hundred men called fall
tires nlncty-nlno havo been lukewarm
In their work.
It Is not so much whnt you earn a
what you spend thnt counts.
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Bk. .ay iiBii!'?,l
VVk.StVa i ss(' m
s- k HSaLLMsHBi
1.1 l
- Open your
this waytear
off part of the top
Protects the Lucky Strike
cigarette a cigarette made
of that delicious real Bur
ley tobacco. It's toasted.
Guaranteed by
i' i.
".-1.-1! ijf..
Ski JrnAjviecutA
ATI. -