The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, May 15, 1919, Image 1

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A Newspaper That Gives The News Flfb-two Weeks Each Year For 51.50
It til) CLOUD, NEBRASKA. MAY 15, 11!.
p uupjionEiJiBniir xrjiii n . & .a. ., ii , 1 1 r-inrj; .mr m uw GirniiiiYriiMi i ' n: jot is n. id- , i. ai n
We can handle some more Business
and We would like to have Yours
If you feel as we do about this
come in and let us talk it over
Interest paid on Time Deposits
Deposits Guaranteed by Depositors
Guarantee Fund of State of Nebraska
Webster County Bank
Red Cloud, Nebraska
Edward Flounce, Prciident S. R. Florancc, Cajlnei
THItainimmfnuiniiiinmituiHir warm 1 .r iw :i i'i .; 1 1 c r ' . i1, , nr " ' 11 . ii1", 1:1 wra iirrair iiiiirinTWiiiii 11 win nm
immmuiciWu.H. ,'..', 1
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II 1" I lllllt
M i Canned Fruits
1 1 Held Special Meeting
Keel Cloud, May 12, 1910
Itanul of Education met in special
session with all member present,
President Wcesner picsiding.
The chairman appointed the fol
lowing committees:
Buildings and Grounds' Dr. Hox
sey Chairman, Boczley, Grimes.
Claims Pope Chairman, Sherwood
and lloxsey.
Disaiplinc Sherwood Chairman,
HoKs-ey and Dcozlcy.
Text Hooks and Supplies Grimes
Chairman, Rcczlcy and Hoxsey.
Finance Ucezley Chairman, Pope
and Grimes.
Teachers and Employes Pope
Chairman, Giimes, Sherwood.
Motion made by Beczlcy and sec
onded by Hoxsey that Mrs. Hogue
he retained as grade teacher but to
bo transferred to the Cth grade. Mo
tion carried. On motion it was de
cided that the employment of all
teachers should he left to the Teach
ers' Committee and they are authori
zed to contract with teachers anil
name salaries for same.
Adjourned to meet at the next
regular session, Monday, Juno 2nd.
C. J. POPE, Secy.
Gives Excellent Satisfaction in a jlarge number
of Red Cloud homes. WE GUARANTEE THEM
We Have Some Very Fine Dried Fruits
Have You' Tried Mrs, fJQ 8Aac
Rohrer's and Verebest Ul 1 C ? &
that are gaining in pbpularity.
Garden Seeds of Kinds Also Onion Sets
Our Stock in AilSLines is New and Fresh
and know that or groceries and service
P J A. WuUbrandt
Groceries and Queensware
ll'lliillllll.1! liniilllillllll.lllIIIIIIIIWIIl'Il'WIllIll'llllliil lllllllfl'lll Ii!" i IfflWFPJllCllilllliEilllll Pi W lil.!! MIUI1I1M IUIIHIIU
Licensed in Kansas and Nebraska
Peterson Ice Plant
Is Now In Operation
AltlimiKh not entirely completed
Peterson' now artificial ice plant Is in
operation, turning out huge cakes of
pill'.., iJ?an, solid ice, nt tho rate rtJ;
four tons every twenty-four hours.
Constmit requests for tlw product
caused the manager, Frank Peterson,
to begin operations at once. Tlio urn
cliincry was tested out, tliH biinu pre
pined ami the "first hitch" of unter
put into the containers on Satiinhy
night, which was dr.iwn from tlio eon
t.iiners In the form of ice oirly .Mon
day tnoining. CoiisideinhU moio tluu
was inquired for this' fietri;" Lltiiii will
be for those following.
Another section is being piepaicd
and when completed tho capacity of
the I'lithu plant will bo tun mid one-
half tons every twenty. four houi-.
Tlu' plant will be kept in operation
constantly, Curl. MoAithur being tin'
man in charge on the day inn and E 1
Fiy looking after tho night shift.
A twenty horse powor gas engine is
being used to furnish power atpiesenl
but as soon as the new motors have
been received and installed the plant
will bo operated entirely by electric
A huge rcfrigorator will be built, in
which to stoie the surplus supply, in
tlio near future and when all is coin
I leted it will be one of tlio most mod
ern plants of its kind In this part of
the state.
RT Jetty Reilly of Seattle, formerly of
Lawrence, visited over Sunday at tho
Geo Tiine home.
Miss Clara Warren went to Su
perior this morning to spend tho
day with friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Sleeper) of Lin
coln spent the first of tho week with
relatives and friends here. They
were enrouto to Kimball to look after
his realty, holdings.
S. C. Ellis received word Wednes
day that his son, Dale, who was a
Sergeant Major in the army, had
been discharged from Camp Dodgo
on Monday. Tho young man was
united in marriago to Miss Mariam
Jones of Farragut, Iowa, on the day
following his discharge. Tho Ellis
family had planned on attending tho
wedding but tho haste of tho young
couple interfcrrcd with theso plans.
It. L Hippie of Ft. Morgan, Colorado,
secretary of the Morgan county Short
horn Association and J. W. Mcllrath
foreman of tho ,1. P. Curry ranohes
wero in this vioinity tho Inst of tho
weok interviewing the Shorthorn
brooders and looking over their herds
These gentlemen purchased one heifer
and two cows fiotn Steward A. Sons.
Mcssis Hippie and Mellnith eonipll
meutcd the Stewards on the fine grade
of stock they raise and stated that
they hoped to see moie of Webster
county's fanners take to tho raising of
tho high grade stock.
Commissioners Proceedings
Red Cloud, May M, 1019.
I lie County Bouid of Commlssion
i r met at one o'clock pursuant to ml
j rnment, with all members pres
ent. County Treasurer was instiucled to
l'Hluce the Jo-sscssmctit of .lames
r.rnnwH owner of c'i of sw4 soc
t hi l-t-0. Said assessment to be re-du-l
from $1145 to ?1325 assessed'io said tcduction amounting to
Motion made by Thomas and sec
ond m1 by Waldo that the various Pre
cinct Assessors be allowed $o per
day from tho first day of April ac
cording to the new law regulating
their salnrics, us pased by tho last
1 gislature of Nebraska. Motion
On motion John Pavlick was ap
pointed Hoad Overseer of district No.
'I ho Bond of C. M.' Wilson as Hoad
Oifi'scer of district 15 was appiovcd'
b, Hoard.
Motion made by Waldo and second
! ,y Shidicr that the salary of 0.
J K.iiley as janitor of court houoo
1 increased ftom $75 to $85 pel
nioii'h commencing Juno 1, 1010. Mo
tion carried.
The following claims were audited
and allowed and County Clctlc instruc
ted to draw warrants on the proper
funds in payment of same:
Frank Starr, county expenses $332 73
7 QO
41 (!(
75 00
100 10
45 00
1 02
2 28
An Investment
In Happiness
TO purchase a NEW EDISON is not an ex.
ponditurc: it's an investment. It means
evenings filled with enjoyment of the world's
best music RE-CREATED so perfectly as to be
indistinguishable from the interpretation of the
living artists. And it menns evenings at home
where you don't spend a cent. To own Tho
New Edison means not only more happiness but
more money in the bank.
H. Newhouse
Optometrist and Jeweler
$. S Jones-...
Annie Ii. Spanoglc i
Ed A mack -. - - -..
C. C. Frazior . .. ..
Dolly Dickenson
Charles Iiarrett - .
Zion Institution & Industries
II. C. Wright . 20 f7
C. T. Dickenson . - 18 55
Ellis Shoe Store 3 75 ,
Oscar Harney. 4 00
C. A. Waldo 28 00 ',
Malone-Gellatly "Co 122 30 I
W. II. Ro-oncrans 21 00
Farmers Union Ass'n
Hoscmont ... 10 01
E. A. McKinney ...-. 35 00
II. Ludlow . 5 00
A. H. McCoy -. 25 00
Ed Lewis . - 10 GO
E. J. Emorton 10 50
Roaid adjourned to Juno 1G, 1010.
II. F. PERRY, County Clerk.
Ed Pegg Laid to Rest
After mi illness of about three yours
duration Edward Ii. Pegg passed to his
eternal reward on Sunday morning at
the home of bis brother, Ren, west of
tl'iis city.
The deceased was born here Novem
ber 11, 1881, and mude this his homo
practically nil of the time. He wns
about 31 years of age at the time of his
About three years ago he was strlck
f n with rheumatism, later resulting in
diabetes. Various health resorts wero
visited and every effort made to restore
the young man to health, but nil prov
ed of no avail. Ills passing away
makes the fifth death In tho family in
the past five years and tho second
within the past three weeks.
He Js survived by bU mo(her, Mrs
L. V. Pcgg; four brothers, Hen and
Will of thlb city, John of Oklahoma
City and Lloyd of SanPedio, California,
two sisters, Mrs. Chris Jensen of this
elty aud Mrs. Hattie Martin of River
ton. Funeral services were conducted
from tho Methodist church, Tuesday
afternoon at two o'clock, Hev. J 1).
llammll In charge. Interment was
made in the city cemetery.
Waists, Skirts, Dresses
At M, A. Albright's
Friday -Saturday, May 16-17
20 pet cent Discount
on Suits and Capes
Mr. and Mrs.
Phone, Ind. Store I58,'.Res, 93 RED CLOUD, NEB.
inrTtinMuiunmiuEmiiiimuLiuiiuininuunutnninminiitfiiii'iiiuniiUii.iijHiininiimmu'nnminii nminjmnniLiiijiiuuicnimint'niiriiiiriinuiuiiiiiiniujuinixrtiiiinf.iiuijnnni'iiiuHiiujrii:!!:!
On Tuesday evening the Chamber of
Commerce met and after allowing u
few claims tho President appointed a
committee of six to have charge of the
Decoration day program. Seo'y Wees,
uoftwas eledted a delegate to attend
tho state meeting at Broken How, Juuo
3rd and 4th. It was also decided to
pay Uaiidmaster Miller bis salary the
Hi st of each month, Hev. Hummel ap
peared beforo the meeting and nsked
for $100 to build a cabin for tho Boy
Scouts. Agont Bush apoko on freight
talcs. The club also decided to lme n
.celebration in the future tor tho re
turned soldleis of the count) .
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