The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, November 28, 1918, Image 1

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Today may aptly be termed a Libi
With grateful hearts all peoples of
thanks for the -greatest blessing record
The ending of a war that threalenc ! to destroy the very foun
dations of civilization.
Thoic whose loved ones are soon t return to the family cir
cle will give thanks imbued with the Sj lit of gladness.
Those to whom no soldier "will return, who must look with
tear-dimmed eyes on chairs forever va ant, may still find cause
, for thanks m the thought that IhciVhcr gave hit life-in aiding to
end a warfare that threatened all lives
For the restoration of Libcily. '
For the safely of future geieralions.
For the triumph of a righteous victo .
For the downfall of a vicious militai .sin.
For the promise of a world at peace with itself.
Let us all be thankful.
Death Calls Two
Opera Day and Night
' i ' "
The community was 'shocked lust
Thursday evening wliun news en mo
of tho deiitii ot two people, old to-l-ccuts,
both of whom a few hours pre
vious had upp.uently many seats yet
Tho story can bo told only one way
and wo therefore quote from the Ad
voi User:
"Thuisduy afternoon Oliver Noblo,
aged 01 yerus, uihti led and u father of
three ohildien, and for j ears a farmer
ivsldiun on Walnut Creek, while Mif
foiinu from, a del uui'd miiul, went to
his barn and luuiK himself, his lifeles
body beiiifr found by his wife, within
an hour after the net had been coin
mitted. An uuUerialcor tiom this city
was ealled anil when pieparini; to
leave for the Noble lumio wai recpiebt
cd to allow Mr. and Mis. S 15. Kivor,
patents of Mis Noble, to accompany
him to Walnut Crech, they iKdnjr notl
lied of Mr. Noble's denth, but not told
of its manner.
Defore i caching the Noble home In
passing a piily on the toad the under
taker was asked whether or not he.
knew how tho Jrugody occurred, tho
paity, asking licit noting the piesunce
of Mr. and Mib Kier in tho cm At
tlietimu of this-qucty. Iiovvever, which
was'Mis. Ki.ei'a (list inkling i.f wliat
hud happened Sim dlsplavoil no ejno
lion nor n'tcicd u sound and on ii'iieli
ill' I lm home of their diumlitei, with
tlic ashiatiuico of ijer liusbani, alight.
ed fiotu the v ir, niU'ied the house,
sat down in a cli.tlr and piis-e.i into a
btupui, liotu wliicl; it was iinpi sniblo
to ni'iiisi' lier, death claiming lur wllli
in e "liort pniind of time, J)i, Watts
of -mlt!i Center, .K.iuaf., who hud
het ii eallod iu the eapiuity of e roncr
li Mr-. Noble and who du'emed an in-cpn-st
uiini'ces.iiiy, had left for home
previous to the arrival of the under,
tikni and Mr, and Mis. Kier and was
again summoned, baton hi", leluiu
Mrs Kier was hoi ond earthly aid ' horvieos for Mrs.S U Kioi
were held Sunday afternoon ut 2 o'clock
at tho Cnnntogatlunal church in ch.ugn
of llev .John I) Haininel, absihted by
itevh Hal per and Milidiell,Hiid the large
inimbei of ft lends in attend nice and
beautiful floinl oll'etiugs altesicd in a
rnciMiM) the esteem and deep repaid in
Which tlie. tlt'ricensc I wib held by all.
Anm M lzcr was bom In Sucttor.
lllinoin," reh 7, lb5'., mil dUd No
vtuihcr .'1, ,1H18, lining ,i'ni)hii1 ihe
uge of Oil yoAiM. 6 uiontlifi and 10 days
At tho age of thiee yonrf, she moved
with hei paionts !o tho tute of Iowa.
'She was iinltod in muui.ige to S IJ.
Kier on Ootohor I. IMS. To this uuloi
witH born six children, ouc pasilng
awaj iu Infancy, blio moved v.'itli her
husband and family to lied Cloud in
I She joined the Mothodl&L Episcopal
( ehurcjli in 1882 and leiuained an ac
tive member or Hie same Mis
Kier was intoicmed in the Miccesn of
f' cli in c'i MTi'l evldcncBd it in munv
1 wi,s. fpt'liilly i-i the mill liu nt Hp
Ileil rioiid chinch
In a L' S. 'government twdning camp
iitijl WilllAm ICier of Lincoln and two
clMaJ'ri.-13iiiml. Noble t-Womfrr
K.itiKH. und fillllo Alny Dlckersou of
Ray Bayless
Mrs. O.I3 Chipniau of our city lias
siiaoio bympathy in the deatli or her
son, Itay Hayless, tills week, at Fott
MoAithur, San l'edro, Calif , wheio tlie
hon was stationed in tho naval seivico
in which he volunteeiod sonic time
htni'p. Rays doath lesultod fiom pneu
inonia following influenza. Hay had
many fronds heie, wheio ho lived
most of his lifetime, who will bo
shocked and p lined at his untimely
going. McCook Ti ibuiio
The body in lived lieio Wodnosday
on IU an! fuuer il services weio held
In tho afternoon, llev. V. M. Iltupor
ollleiatlng. Tin young man was glvou
a military banal. Tho Locil Homo
Cuards iittHti Iu I in a body and had
ohm go of the set views at tho grave.
Raymond Groal
There is a Difference in
senses .
dual 9 theie is between a piece ol ptue gold and that
containing alloy. Tho lenses used by me mo tho llucst
Unit Mti 1)0 had Tluso enmn in thn tough and nie
gioiind until llio i actly meet tho mquln nionls of jour
paitlcular eye truuble One too eatoful ulout
the jefi Tho matter of a doUaHcr no Mmnhl not enter
Into tho calculation. Thin t,tm refuses to ask for your
pnlronuftu by pilou iilciiic tho (Miio it th tiling deh'tcd
iiy me oi well an join self. Icu fd,'yni will llnd the
ohaigc unusually low, taking Into- umHib lation
liiglujualliy '
wiii be to the interest of jour
eyes to have them examined
Jowoar and Optometrist
C. B. & Q. Watch Inspector
1 (v
I i
orse rlearse
Auto Hearse -' H
$ Phone, Ind. Store 158, Res, 93
u is Knymouii iJiront was born at
Unci ton, November I, lsfl'i, ;iud died
at I.iiiioo, Culi ido, Novuib'erSl, I!U8. j
tin- had been west tot 'omo lime
Vis'iinig ndativc-, und was ill
with lite "Flu, ' llTlng only two weeks.
Tho young ui.ui leaves pnctits,
brni hers and si-tern, and otlier lela
tiM's to moil in his loss.
J uiiernl mm ices weie conduoted
Sunday by lUv .1. 1, Uecbu at the
llivoiton ceniMtfrj.
This May Help a Little
Hamilton - Gather
Clothing Go.
Everything a Ulan
or L7oy Woors
Had Cloud Nebraska
If jou live iu a place wheio tlie laud
loid was looking tlici other way when
thej woiohan liugoutolobctsyou need
not pi iiniuinu'h ik'fcpalr. J'a!:o iIoaii
the ot I piano lui, turn il on its side
doil h upalid ilieroyou aie Turn tho
ftoiit of Ulhtnu door. Tin igiua;ioii hatli
no Imiimls foi tlie deoomfing pousiblll
tins i.i tht well known pitno l,o wl)(rti
It tuiiib Mirtle in j'oui' bwl elmmboi.
Von em uovui It with builup, oloth,
wall pupil' 01 the pletureh of your bet
frit i iu loving i eme nbraiice
lied Cloud people can pieventnp
pondicltis wltli Himplo bnekhoin tiark,
glycciluo. elc,. as mixed in Adder Idea
ONnsi'OONI'TL (lushes tho KNTIIIIJ
bowel tract so completely It rolioves
ANY CASC sour stomach, gas or con.,
stlpitiou and prevents appciullcith
I The INSTANT, ploasant action of n;
In riiu i'ieiiii (ourt of V eUli r i diiniy
SlMU Of Wi ikUU, i
iwtur i)uni, i
.To all persons Intcroslul In the iMtato ot
Anna ICatrlua Ilur, Dutiihnl:
TvuuNorii n, that iiputlllou lias Iuioji Mini
prujliiK thnt tin Instrti tiion t nicCl In
tills court on the llth iluy ol Novi.mii
bcr, 1UIH, iiirinMliiK to lo the hut will
and Ictauieiil ol wild ikiraMud, limy l
prot(i ana auowui ami rocoiiled ait
E. S. Geurber
Wall Paper, Paints, Oils and
Work Guaranteed)
Electrical Goods of all Kinds
Will Wire Your Hous: And
Furnisji You the Fixtures
Notlco of Hearing
('.mate of Job mat h Hi ImtulMm, U eased, in
the county Court of WuUior Couuty, No
m k.i.
'the Slate of Niiirankn, to all ncwoiia Inter-
I thi; hut will ami Wihtaiiiimt of Anna ICalriim ,"ila '"'"'il estate, ciwIIiom and heirs lako
liuiv. lcniiiK,l: Hut mild thHtruiiiiiii ""nrqmni hihjui k. UrJiielnn and otto
hi"idniltteltoU(ii),ito.nnl tlie mlm'iiivri. Hrhmelfon ime ilUsttlmlr petHlon alloslmc
Hon of .Hia cUt( l)iiniUd to John II. H'tttJoJmiiHc hringeliioa dlo.1 Inlobtato Iu
Ilnrx. ' , w'lWrt;oiiiiii, N'elnnHkH.niKu about .luuo
.i", w, uuiun u. riBiuoiu nnti luuntjitniu or
li Is hereliy ordered h) the court, Hint all
IioiMonn lnton.tutI lit mIi1 chuio upinur nt
Hi County (.ourt to Ub l.tld la hUU for Mid
county on the Kith d of J (. nim. HUB at
t ii o'cloolc )i m., to show caime, If nay tburt
tx), v.liy the jiroyorof the petllluner huald
not Iw roituiI, mul thnt iioilu of ih ieiul-
I oin'i of said petition And Ihi huirliiK thtrn'l
jboylven to all periiniH luUri(cd in sal' I
liiiiuur y iiuniwiiiiin r copy oi iuw onu r in
lie IUkI Cloud fhlr, it itiiui wovkly rnwx.
WclMivr Oauuty. Nibrooka mid th oh m r f
the following described real ttstMto ult.
'I h South Wmtttu.irtiri f Soctlan lucniy
t'.iijtit, tUHJfln lowanhlp linue (g), N6riho
Uniife 'Iol vi, (I'Jj, wiot f tbo dtli p. 7u ,
V staler County, N'uhr i v i initiate Ins
cJ mutt only heir n lm tho following
rm i n kJ nnwuH, in-wii: f
1 lillsabatkJeruti. n 'uwta 11. Urliigelnyii,
l.aura lltml., nikhii'tr,(jn,aintOlUiliriinfi!
iiin(.r nrlntutl In will county for rom eon. wn, nuaousaim u ui.iiiurH. nud irelwiiuii.
fccmtKowcoIsi' prior to wild day of Juarhnj. i0"' '-tl'0" 1'irnon ,,nd Itutli Person, his
Wlt.i, my hand and tlmsoal of lni.i court ' "f""?J1,lV?.,.,L,,1 ,""1.. T, W""0 "
IhlKllthdiu .f Ninrtmli..r. A.M.. iiiik I "''" '" " "" iifim in said UU
"'-"" -.. .-.F .v....
A. 1). ItANM V,
Counlj ludgu
I.', (i. Ciilducll, Attorney fm I ftato
(iduil. and pra.liiK for a, decree barring
(laliiuc, that Mild duodcnl died .Intestate;
tint no application for adniluNtratlou
hax hten iniidu and tho white ol Mild
ui-ri'diiit has not In in lUlmlnlslcircd in
Oilrjln of "Torpedo." l, ftato of NobrnHka, and that tho
The von! ten, i do In Hild hv tho mlrs "' ,nw "' Kal(l 'hecdent as herein
nnlhnrlllc-, (ci Ci,c lis ilmlen linn, to "et forth shall botliciceil to bothoowners
lht r.utln verb "torpero," to ho Btlff,
owing to Its Inauspicious appearance;
in icu binipie oi ino odono (icserllicd real
estate, which has been tet fur liLiirliiK on tho
iylllBl CiS rav Y Oil ';i'r,-,-;v---to,patio,,ts. h,Ls m wu .,ld rpcc'ie po0t fTic!!osbT tire"ficamo .nr.U', ;:!r.cA?ii',.brnHka' l,,,a,Rt
M.9.AM. JlM.& M. U JL U Uallfoinia, Clttieuce H. Klzor, who U I strouKOlias. L. Cottlntf, UrugglBt. mime, U-i Seal A. V.U aN.NKY, County, Jud,
, lAri"-1' -i f.,',11 ,f.vvwri''i,.uii.miar i - - -- ,