The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, September 26, 1918, Image 4

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of those in its office, and refer
I ing again to the
S. tonal lakes natter
I man who had the Lord
3 printed and framed
said "Lord, thems
fl ments.
; I Speaking of "Fourteen Yearn
; With the Kaiser," which is now
J I being featured in this paper,!
several outside exchanges sug-i
1 ' idmi lw.l T.. i-,.:.. ,.l.....'.l ul . I
entitled his story "Opportuni-i
ties that I Have Missed." A ad!
tho suggestion has logic in it.
Read the narrative and see.
i .-.r.. ,'i; . mpgrreaM: "rrer r.'narTty.rrt r-rr.,rz.i t.r . ':ttt. .'n ri'JTV" . T"r ... ?!.
Printer" cdi- aaCKSS?S3S?
n from the' m immm.a ;a ir . ;:
s Prayer f?? K tfeT'd ri J fl d VsT U ' l?M:
and retiring eS I. Sja,: 54'wrfjft. :iJUO.t'3-aV.'5i M r
my scnli-, lllMWKMmiU
.??y a?3i. Su$m fssi -s?Laj a wiMiMsJi
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77ie Tentative Ideas of the Fashion l
Artists Have Crystallized
THE experimental stage in trying out the new Fall and Winter
fashions has passed and only the most successful ones remain.
You find the best efforts of the New York, Cleveland, London i
and Paris fashion artists here in Red Cloud. ;j
We lake a great deal of pride in our showing of women's and ;
misses coats- for it is the result of months of searching for the best
in the market: a market, as you know, that has been none too well ;
supplied and has been getting "thinner5' day by day.
You can buy here with confidence that you are receiving the f
best obtainable.
i UMuurcp t
Red Cloud, Neb,
jT O ..
r &wi9.
Every democrat running for
Congress, this fall will be an
out and out supporter of Presi
dent Wilson's war policy. Hence
a vole for a democratic con
gressman is a vote to support
President Wilson's war aims.
It will serve notice on Berlin
that this country is going to
push the war to the limit and
will not accept any half-way
oMiiniiinf i laMUHii.jtt "i iie; ivi'! laiiiui! ' m 'i
Christian Church
Rod Cloud, Nobrnslcix
SUNDAY Sunday School at 10 a. m.
Preaching at 11 a. m. and 8 p. m.
Service at Indian Creek at 3 p. m.
inttred In tlu Posto.'llcc nt lied i loud, Ntb
us Hecond Olnst Matter
F. L. BROWNE. Ediloi nd M.nase
vi:hsti:u county
The public cordially invited to attend these services
V av .v kiwM. n
a&j(fl"aMHe h
i8S.U.'4yiUlL &
and Telegraph
GKO. .1. WA;riU:'.Mnr..i,vr
Conservation comes easy to
the one who pays the bills.
Germany sowed the seeds of
hatred and is reaping a harvest
ot Hades.
During the Spanish-American
war political leadens (republican)
shouted from the housetops
that any change of administra
tion would be construed as com
fort to the enemywould be
looked upon as disaproval of
McKinley's war policy. A re
publican congress must be
maintained intact to show Spain
that the nation was upholding
its president. The republican
clamor for votes at the coming
election sounds queer when
lined up beside their own argu
ments of twenty years ago.
Nebraskans in general, which
includes Red Cloud in particu
lar, may be proud of the fact
that they live in a stale where
fundamental foods are cheaper
than in any other state. This
is due to keen direction over
food prices by count: Food Ad
ministrators, and ithal the
fact that profits permitted dis
tributors are fair, reasonable,
and often greater thin before
the war is another compliment
due this hard working body of
men. Nebraska is lowest on
Hour, hominy, cornstarch, corn
meal, corn flour, butter, eggs.
crackers, rye flour, barley flour,
oatmeal and corn syrup.
There's another little item.
Mr. Hohenzollern, In the matter
of the damage suit The World
vs. Germany: You are debtor
for twenty-one million tons of
shipping destroyed by subma
rines. Atler you nave settled
for wanton shedding of inno
cent blood, for desolation of
happy homes, for destruction
of urban and suburban property,
we shall require your attention
to the above item and some
more of the same description.
Don't get the idea into your
brain pan that you can cry
"Kamerad" and wipe the whole
account off the slate with one
swipe of a sponge.
O yoi know that you arc skimming awn.
dollars if you pre using the gravity methods?
Come nnd :-ce i.!v Viking Cream Separator at
Farmers' Union
Co-operative Co.
and wo will show you how th
Viking skims to the merest trace
and makes every cow you own
woith $20 more in butter fat.
We will show you that the Vilr'r
is the tnobt scientifically ob
structed machine, oi i j
finest mateiials, in the ,t
separator factory in tho wnvl.
We will show you that the Viki:;
is the ea-jicut running, has greater,
capacity, nnd is hy far the eniett
sepr.rntor to clean.
Yet th? pries is Iocjc:
Pee it tGv'.iy-vc will be Rind to
show it to ycu!
Sail" """..r.hftfcv
(s...-,TVISSii SHVtimr
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T m itv
ic.vft .w " v
vr w ""ITj'Tk 7T , &
l-.-ll,' rt " l-S .'1 . .. . IK. J . 7 J .-
4j 'iik'iofor.."i-ij. rrz-ji z.ri
iinTrir '-t i:r rj-Ji-..-rTi Wl Uif- C
A" -t Wltfttv.'-u'Vl-!'?!;''"
m "W
v.- '
EISJCEP W I'-'Jir'- TTSiXZ a vvziC: 'riCIZ3ES3r
""l ty
UwMM i ,tl-l.
, y yd..
0F' JTh 3&, M ui .jfSSw PT?x HK
11 S! ft i.i fyso p..n m A l
'( R Sv -i WIS SWH W
.wj .m1
" q . j n.tfjsi
Every subscriber to the Liber
ty Loan helps feed and clothe
our soldiers.
Cold weather is coming niijh,
yet I will not abuse it, tho coal,
I fear, will be so dear, we poor
folks cannot use it. Published
by request.
A hit? story tersely t
the start of the batik
mans were three t
the finish ilv Ameri
three to or.o." Extr
letter written in the t.
'.'d: "At
' o Gcr-
e. At
:i3 were
t from
"The iirsL requisite for doing business
is to be able to get a customer. The
more customers you con readily get at
the more business you can do."
As it is "the mind that does business"
and "the telephone gives the mind wings"
you can do more business by telephone
than Jany other way, because you can
reach more customers and you reach
them in a personal, voice-to-voice man
ner, that builds business?
You Make Full Use of the
Telephone in Your Business?
Just as a record f future
reference ir te that r hly es
timated. Germany h. , looted
thirty billions of dollar ,:nd de
stroyed property to th amount
of eighty billions. Th , s mere
dollars and cents value. Lives
lost, bonus desolate, families
broken, and a thousand and one
acts of merciless savagery are
outside of and beyond .my es
The Nebraska Priut r speaks
in high praise of the patriotic
women who are assisting in
newspaper publication in vari
ous offices over the state and
country, classing the work of
these as a part of necessary
war activities. This is meet
and proper, All over the world
women arc carrying their share
of war burdens, quietly but
none the less effecthely, pat
riotically, patiently, persistent
ly. Too much cannot bo said
in their praise, and it ih no more
than right that the printer lady
should have her share of com
'.MIWW .
j:i m-
That tiniest a Lifetime
COR the sake of a few
dollars HOW why buy
a range that in a few years
will need repairs and in a few
years more will be worn out
Add a few more
dollars and buy a
The s!!iaBbc.nod Range
Always Preferable
Six months ago the Germans
in massed battalions started a
drive which was to result in
victory for them and end the
war. Today they are fighting
a desperate battle of defense
and it is not much exaggeration
to add malting a race witn tlie fl
Allied Armies to see which I j
shall get to Berlin first. Day id
after tomorrow another big s
,i-:,. ,..:n ,.t i.,. :., d, la
UilVU lll Bl.ll L IIUIU 111 LilVif.
United Status fcr funds neccs-ie
sary to cairy on the war to
make lasting md complete 5v.c-
cess ol our light for freedom of
tho world. Let there bo no I
hesitency. As the drowning $i
man grasps at straws, so is the i . r v
enemy looking for signs of a q L
weakness so the ltai&er and.W vJJ,Jl iks
The Range that'll give per
fect satisfaction in every
way and with a little care
will last a life time. When buying a range, buy the best.
Come and see it and let us tell you all about it.
It is a beautiful range
It is an, excellent baker
It is a great fuel saver
The Big Value in a Heater
that you !
r.c ' een looking for.
of fuel -Handsome in
construction Burns any
in the
appearance Strong
kind of fuel The
S&a ,
is one that v.!l give you cntiic satisfaction. Let us
you all :'$ points of adva-ilage. Come in now.
W. TRi
his war lords seek something
with which to bolster up the
weakening morale of their peo
ple. Don't Jot them have even 1aKxr mmasmamaEi wwwtranoKsmisauft
the semblance of a straw at w',Mwa,Bttw:H"M"K"
which to grasp. Do your bit. iwuracrMEtisssra
Lending a Hand
On'J'ue-iluj-, Sipt. ii.h thejlililuml
Loeal I'liruu'i'i Union n ithfrcii at tho
fiutii of Win. Copley " inik-s south cf
lihuleli and put In K'O aeieK of hu;it.
Soino of tin ground h:ttl pievlnusly
been plowed, tiunnwcd and drillud
nnd homo was put in by htalk dillln.
Ulnner was served by tlie Indies of the
poinuuinlty at tho homo of Mr. and
Mia. Clias. Cowley. Tho nfleriioou
was spent la Itcil Ciois worlt, about
75 persons woro prefcut, 21 tuoii doing
tho Hold work with 78 IichiI of hursos
Wo aroglad to add that Mr. Copley
luis been removed from tho hospital to
the homo of his brother In Lincoln
and Is rapidly linpiovlng.
Mr. and Mis. A. J. Kraut and Oival
and Gladys eatno in from Walnut
Crook Sunday, for a visit with Mr. and
mendation. The Chief has onci " McCioukcn.-tiio lmiy-b i.a.pnts.
Septernber Bulletin
of Excursion Fares
To tho Ksust
The otitiru sohiuic of Knbiern fare will be available dining September
Those nro probably the last reduced faies of the years to tho East.
To Western R.esorts
You fan go to '.Colurudo and Kstoh Tark on roduoed fares dining thla
month Colorado in September U for a short vacation and a rapid-health-comeback.
Reduced faros from Wyoming for tho big Statu Fair at Douglas, Soptetn.
bor bth to Hth; ul.o from Colorado for tho Colorado State fair at Pueblo
September 22d to Mlh. -
Got in touch with us for wliatover kind of a tour you dostro to iiiulca dur
ing September. We will b) p'o:i.o I tj inf )r.n you m 1 sarvo you.
L. W. Wakeley, General Passenger Agent
limi I-'huliih St. tnualia. Nobr
N. B. BubIi, TicJwe Agent. Red Cloud, Neb.
i u