The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, August 29, 1918, Image 1

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ni:v cloud, xb nit ask a. vucust 2J, uns.
I .- FFHT--ti.Lnri1fT.Mf.frf .jw wruH
Death Colls Old Citizen
a single prosperous man who does not
carry a bank account? Do you Know
lhat money in the bank is a friend in
need? Do you know that a bank ac
count is the first step to success? If
you know all these things and are not a
patron of our bank, why not call today
and become one?
DEPOSITS in this bank are PROTECTED by the
Depositors Guarantee Fund of the State of Nebraska
1 1 Anion the inanv mutes of iiii-n who
' u'e entitW.lto i-t'Ut-iiit credit fin iify.J9n
i long mnl ctlioieiit i ilni'l In bi.( i ihe I
i ... I
, miicii!.1 and spirit u 1 upbuildilur of must
' the communis in uhieh thev h.vo.toi'n
i mveit, i" Unit til IuIiuiiihI I rislii- who
i aiisrtoiecl the Ma-tcrV suinuioiis at
ji Aiuliny List tiniay, August iMih.
i Mr. Filsbie's lift ilium' iilinost 'oils
! I whore he whs born He was of the
''sturdy Xei Lhigluud .stock nnd llrst
i saw the licht of diiv nt oulhitigtnn, evor.v
1 1 t'oimetleut, noceinliei Mil, laXI III shoe.-.
net biitluluy would Imve competed cheap"
With The Colors "
t. IMS.
of ii lung nt (1
Jeb&ei County Bank
Cipilnl and Surplus $5,000
Edward Florance, President
Red Clou J, N'tbrak.1.
S. R. Florai cc, Cashier
l lie eighty-thud .vo.i
useful Uhiistian life
Miteh has been said and putdish. lie
gat ding his eonituetidnlilA net it it - In
Inisiiii-hH nml eotn in unity bill uii i.e. imt
pet hups no grentT tilbniu em. I
; pnul tlnttl the Sttltilllent that tin. KU middl
heio in Fiance, Aug
tor n.i '. All:--"
ii little tu ;o to sp.uo bei
.ind will uiite n few lines. Af
it two weeks lidmir we finall.v
it thin jiliice. 1 cannot .-a Ilia'
like Fiance. However, theio
natty odd thing.- our mv that
intei eating place, after all. j
Peop'e drops so diireient. .Men,
wonn ,i and children may lie .seen ,
1 1 10 wearing large wooden
and their clothes aie of the
' material that can lie had. I i
I tjxii
aic m
it is i.
pfriim.ijm..iin m..P.-ji.iiiu ... ..... ...,. -- ... -
I ?'J'"'"'"""i"''''''rjiaiiuiEU
There is a Difference in
Of ,
o.vqia '
win t
"o. iiiwci
all the later ye irs of his life In
1 ' his turn ly e usely together .11
Licensed Embalmcv in
Kansas, ami Nebraska
Horse Hearse
Auto Hearse
Complete. Line of Up-to-date
Furniture, Rugs, Etc.
- r -
home nml business nssoPintiohs
lie enine to lied Cloud in .tml
entired iutu n pa ttier-ldp Willi .lulni
.' I'ultet, building iiiul eondueMiig Hie
Ke I i;iond iMids located snuth of the
i' lv. Intel ho pin chased Him AiiH,V
.Mills audopei'Hlcd tlieiiiuiittl Iiio.itli
itit liuwgh lor J eats, his giounup 'ii hud the nelive cluiige theieef
Mi. Insbie was n li A. It man.
orifB. 1
a fiei,
Bmall .
u r.( tlioio aic the nioro M
chiRfcii, but you can see that w
1 g poncibly available to help ja
ar is In'ing api.Ied to that M
Eveicne who popMblv (an,
i"CT. Yov soldrfm tee a man of
re or a young man e.v'it in
of their counliy.
1. girls, boys ard e'd g'a.v
d men are rill winking at
g. You we thrm harvesting
oops or woiking in the fact
even saw a woman fiiftnan 01
1' enjfine.
1 ail toad engine line aie
(1 veiy odd thaped. 1 beli-e 1 1 lie iut in the coal fmiei 01
a Uni!"il States eng;ne. 'I'he coaches
fn r si ti.ii ntnil inln thiio rl!M..rj fPlio
having &e veil his co.inlry tin o,,fcrh the :firnt (!a;B coachl,hi uscil bv tho llph
OtvllWur. Keenly Intetesied In eh.u eh (( arc &onicwhul simihu. l0 0Ul.
work, h generous givor. a kind fntlier, Caf5riomo only not half as large.
ii -iiL-eu'siiu uiiMiicas man, nun a uigii
ly respected citizen, memory of him
and ills deeds, is chutished by u huge
chcleof Webster county people.
Just as thoio is between 11 piece nf iuip gold nml that
eoiitiining alloy. Tliu lenses useil liy me are the finest
that can be lutd. TIicm) come In the lough anil are
gtound until they esaetly meet the reqniii iiients of jour
piiiticultir tiouble. (Jne cannot be too careful about
the eyes The mat tor ol a dollar or so should not enter
into the calculation. This stnie refuses to ask inr 0111
patronage by juice alone the uuio Is the thi,ng des.reil
by me or well as youisolf. liven to, you vill find the
chnige itnnstially low, tulcliig into consider itton t'ic
ri'V bt to the interest of) our
eyes to ha;; them examined here
Jcwalcr and Optometrist
ETC U. & Q. Watch Inspector
Ilpftldes Iii wlilovv he is survived by
tho following ons nn.t daughters:
Charles, Finnic, Sylvester, of Ainboj:
Lucious of University Place, Neb.;
Mrs Harvey Cox,.liniusville, Floiida;
aud Mis. George Chase of Washington
state; also four stepsons: Dr. Hobeit
Mitchell aud J. C Mitchell, of Ked
Cloud; t has Mitchell of Orange. Cal.;
and W A Mitchell of lleiesford, S U.
FuneiHl seivlces were held fiom tho
Am boy home Tuesday afternoon, in
charge of Rev. F. M. Druliiier, pastor
ot the M. C. Church of this city.
Music was renJeied bj a helect qtinr
tet with a special solo by Mr. iilen
The lour sous and two stepsons act
ed as pnl I beai els and interment was
in Ited Cloud ceinetoiy.
A Good Woman Gone
Mn.. J. 0. I.indley, mother of Win.
Lindlev, who is in the lostauiunt
business on lower
paed away last
I would piefer tiding in an oidinaryj
a.h at home to one of these. I am
sine it would be moio com foi table.
Tin second-chi'S coaches are ory
small and cheap looking things. Only
foT wheels to a conch. The doors
op n on the sides into separate corn
pa' intents, of which thcic aie five to
eai'i car, each compnrtnicnt holding
cigl t people. So you see, foity people
make a load, unless they ate ciowded.
'IT cushions aie pietty nice and there
tin small lace cuitains on the win-'
dm !. Tho thiid-class cats arc just
tin amo as bo cais only they have
winldws and seats in them. I tell you,1
tin hoys laughed when they first saw
a Iionch mil toad tiain. j
i!ic people aie so dificicnt fiom
oiii- in everything. For example,
many of them cannot handle two
hoi-es so they hitch one horse in
fiont of the other and u man drives
or.f and leads tho other. We saw
in.ii v teams of oven hauling the var-!
in. pieces of machinery thev use
1 e wheat is lipe and from the car
Webster street, w ' ow looks like a dandy crop. I'ait
Friday, August of is already cut. It is cut with a
i:iul, at the homo of her t.on George si .0, tied in bundles and s-hocked.
at Culbcroton, whoie shf was at that,V' idfio, saw a narahor of tho&e hvge
! time lcsiding.
wii mills such as we read about and
Death was due to the infumities of i
ci," aiavated by a severe fall which
-he .-.uttered over a year ago. I
"Grandma Lindley," as slie was f(
'"ictuies of in tho good old V. S.
3teulay, while at the Y. M. C. A.
1 '!penod 1" mn ac-o.-s the two
'I'Vs who went with me i.p fiom
Open Day and Night
maw BitwunmmiwiiiiwniMmMHMM
Powell & Pope
familiarly known, was Angelina, H 'JB3 to enli-t. I recogni7ed them
'lrtrtlrt l.f,n In Irifli.ii.n !., 1 CO? n.,.1 .it i rW 'Cllftl. ii'.n.f iM.vlil rt.l Irt ll..
.uv., .will ill 4IIIIIIIIIII ill JUUI, illlll k -i-. i .i.-( t , iv iiiit vm w iw.-
therefor SI ycais of ago. P'-' lakes while I was waiting for
In lS.r)7 she was married to J. O.'thi waiver. I was the fn.-t fellow
Lindley. Seven childien weie.boin tolwlnm they knew, that they had seen
his union. Tho family camo west to du g tho si weeks they had been
Kaunas in 1ST!) and thiee years later hen Wo had a dandy visit.
came hero and engaged fiist in the I ?!' letter is getting lengthy, so I
noticr quit and leave something
lite about tomonow. You have
i tso to worty, for this is a large
Wo have plenty to eat,, a fine
i of barracks to sleep in and I
Qlhltf fine.
ato a long vajs from the fir
line but get the news heie
tiny at noon. Tho boys heaid .1
today that a ' noted jjennal
ve would have the Hun lickrd
v'Ould bo home for Chrisfnu .
. Hollovo me they vero happ.v.
often because there is nothing
. letter fiom home.
hotnl and aftei vv:iiil In lostninnnt ha
business. Thoy resided in Ked Cloud to
up to tho time of Mr. Lindley's death no
which occuri eu lour years ago. Since cm
that tune Mrs. Lindley lias made lier'b"'
home with her sun'ivlng children at am
their re.-pective places of residence, j
Thej are Charles and Willjam of,lm
Ked Cloud, George of Culbei-ton.Mm. cm
Wm. Wood of McCook, and Mrs.,!'"
Thiers of Culhcrston. These w Jilt the ' f u
grandchildren and other relatives an
moutn tho departuvo of tho good, din
woman whoso life was an unusual Wi
exemplification of Chvit.tian kindli- lik
ness. I
" - 1
ledge ar& at your service.
We want to render greater service than the mere
selling of electric current.
Our experts will plan every detail of wiring, lighting
and arrangement of electrical conveniences for tho
home, office, store or factory.
We ore always glad to advise you how to get the most out of
the current you us.e-for example, how you can enjoy 3 times
t as much li'to by replacing carbon lamps with Ldison Mazuaa.
Our lighting experts will confer wilh you or your architect and
help determine the best places, for running wires and tho best
positions for lights
Thisadvisorv ser vi.c U without cost to you. 'Phono for it rodey.
Plumbing Heating Everything Electrical
"-- -. .--.r ..,-...!.. mmr..-n1aTn
I Schulcr V. Hayes,
- .1 i '-r XT t . .! It f II ..
runerai services were conducted ty. l. : .nvat Aviauon aiation. i-aniiiac iinti'liot " Vol. n. Xo 1 a unlnuonub
kcv. ,1. i4. iicetn; at the v.nnsttan vine ue, r.iance. caie r. w. .n. j. , .. ,,, . tll ,,
j chinch in this city Sunday afteinoon,
' and intcrmont was besitlo her hus
band in Jowell county, Knnsn
We are in reilepr of a copy of "The
atehet," Vol. fi, Xo 1, a unlqu
lieation issued on the high sons by tho
Ilhicldeg is again taking its toll in
the county. Some 15 head have been
i-.j ,- ii i!,r l i i!n nn..
. later County Fuimert Inatiliite bj8 "ROlnK ovo, - If- ,, nlfiy tluee '' " "'" '"" "'" '""
, , , C.0, m 1,0 OCobo,; 22.23- co, . , , w , ;-' J J
ais Pay You
r -,;, 2I'L IhiS V" Kl7 U1 f n tha, do "ot ,'tJ"ot,'utlt'- "Vte wnv for the farmer to produce moro
j reiMirer C. D R ,....r, nr n a chance to '-.t their ,, lhoilhl ll0lIll.. rillt. l to ,03.C3 tlml
ii L '. . ! v v c i l wo inoin' later, A ' v.-ill he , ' ', i , i .. i.:i. i.o.
I- Mm. ' ,M,r, tl, ntcst fo, f.. best llj,1. Slock ' 'V flol ' ll "w' ,p" w- jj.hrnsos in tho.e animals which ho
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s $
Jud ig team
is' tied on h i trip across.