The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, July 25, 1918, Image 2

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fr T"C"V" TT1 A TJ Author of "The Iron Trail," "The
y tXlJV X JUuML-i JL
Spoilers," "Heart of the Sunset," Etc.
'Copyright, by Ilirpcr and Brothers)
CHAPTER XV Continued.
Estebnn raised himself to his elbow,
'you think it's n myth, n Joke. Well,
It's not. I know whero It 1b. I found
Norlno gasped ; Johnnie spoke sooth
Ingly: "Don't get excited, old man; you'vo
talked too much todny."
"Hn!" Estcbnn fell buck upon his
pillow. "I Imven't nny fever. I'm na
,nano ns over I wns. Thnt treasure
exists, iturt thnt doubloon gtivo mo tho
cluo to Its whereabouts. Don Estcbnn,
'my father, wns cunning; ho could hldo
'things better than n mngple. It re
mained for mo to discover his trick."
"Ho Is raving," O'Reilly declared,
iwlth n shnrp stare nt his friend.
The girl turned loyally to her pa
tient. "I'll believe you, Mr. Vnronn. I
nlwnys believe everything about burled
IlilF WM
1 if A' yA. m
"I Know Whero It Is. I Found Itl"
jtrensure. Tho bigger the trensuro tho
more Implicitly I believe In It. I sim
ply adore pirates and such things; If I
were a mnn I'd bo one. Do you know,
I'vo nlwnys been tempted to bury my
money nnd then go look for It."
"Thcro Is no doubt thnt my father
lind n grent deal of money nt one time,"
iSstelmn began; "ho wns tho richest
innn In tho richest city of Cuba."
O'Reilly shook his head dubiously
nnd brnccd his buck against n trco
jtrunk ; there wns n look of mild dlsnp
probation on his fnco as he Ilstcued o
jtho familiar story of Don Estcbnn nnd
the sinvo, Sebnstlan. When Estebnn
had finished, Norlno drew n deep
"Oh I That Inys over nny Rtory I
over heur.d. To think thnt tho deeds
!nnd tho Jewels and everything nro In
tho well at this minute l Suppnso some
body finds It?" Norlno wns nghnst nt
tho thought.
' "Not much chance of that. Tho
trensuro hns lnln there for n gonern
'tlon, and the story Itself Is almost for
gotten." Estebnn turned triumphantly
to O'Reilly, saying, "Now, then, do you
think I'm so crazy?"
O'Reilly didn't hnve It In his heart to
nny exactly what ho renlly thought.
jWhnt ho more than half suspected wns
thnt some favored fancy had formed
lodgment In Estelmn's brnln.
"It's nn Interesting theory," ho ad
mitted. "Anyhow, there is no danger
'of tho trensuro being uncovered very
'Boon. Cueto hnd n good look and nindu
himself ridiculous. You'll hnve nmplo
Ichnnco to do likewise when tho war Is
on n looking-glass. Goodness I Dow I
hnte n sneering skeptic, a wet blanket."
O'Reilly rose with ono arm shielding
his fnco. "In tho Interest of friend
ship, I wlthdrnw. A curse on tlieso
burled trensurcs, anyhow. Wo ehnll
yet come to blows."
As ho wnlkcd away ho henrd Norlne
Any: "Don't pny any nttentlon to him.
We'll go nnd dig It up ourselves, nnd
we won't wnlt until tho war Is over."
An hour Inter Estebnn nnd his nurse
still hnd their hends together. They
wcro still tnlklng of golden Ingots and
pearls from tho Caribbean tho size of
plums when they looked up to see
O'Reilly running townrd them. Ho wns
visibly excited ; ho wnved nnd shouted
nt them. IIo wns pnutlng when ho nr
rlvcd. v
"News I From Mntanznsl" ho cried.
"Gomez' mnn has arrived."
Estcbnn struggled to rise, but No
rlno restrained him. "Rosa? What
does he sny? Quick 1"
"Good news I Sho left tho Pan do
Matanzns with tho two negroes'. Sho
went Into tho city beforo Cobo's raid."
Estcbnn collapsed limply. lie closed
his eyes his face was very white. He
crossed himself weakly.
"The letter Is definite. It seems they
wen starving. They obeyed Weyler's
hando. They're In Mutnnzus now."
"Do you hear, Esteban?" Norlno
shook her patient by tho shoulder.
"She's nllve. Oh, can't you seo that It
always pays to bellcvo tho best?"
"Alive 1 Safol" Esteban whispered.
Ills eyes, when ho opened them, were
swimming; ho clutched Norlno's hnnd
tightly ; his other hnnd ho extended to
O'Reilly. "A reconcentradol In Mu
tanzasl Well, that's good. Wo hnvo
friends there they'll not lot her
stnrve. This mnkes a new mnn of me.
Sec l I'm strong ngnln. I'll go to her."
"You'll go?" quickly cried Miss
Evnns. "You'll go 1 You'ro not strong
enough. It would bo suicide. You,
with n price upon your .head l Every
body knows you there. Mntnnzns Is
virtually a walled city. There's sick
ness, too yellow fever, typhus "
"Exactly. And hunger, nlso. I sup
pose no ono has taken Rosa In? Thoso
concentration camps aren't nlco places
for a girl."
"Rut wnlt I I hnvo friends In Wash-,
lngton. Thcy'ro Influential. They will
cablo tho American consul to look nftcr
her. Anyhow, you mustn't think of re
turning to Mntnnzns," Norlno f altered ;
her voice caught unexpectedly and sho
turned her fuco away.
O'Reilly nodded shortly. "You're a
sick man," ho agreed. "There's no need
for both of us to go."
Estebnn looked up. "Then you"
"I leavo at once. Tho Old Man hn3
given mo n commission to General Bo
tnncourt, and I'll bo on my wny In nn
hour. Tho moon Is young; I must
cross the trocha before "
"That trochnl" Estcbnn wns up on
his elbow ngnln. "Re enrcful there,
O'Reilly. They keep n" sharp lookout,
and It's guarded with bnrbed wire. Bo
sure you cut every strand. Yes, nnd
niufllo your horse's hoofs, too, In cross
ing tho railroad track. That's how wo
wero detected. Pablo's horso struck
n rail, nnd they fired nt tho sound. IIo
fell nt tho first volley, riddled. Oh, I
know that trochnl"
"D tho trocha I" O'Reilly ex-
clnlmcd. "At last I'vo got a chanco to
do soinothlng. God I How long I've
Esteban drew O'Reilly's tenso form
down and embraced his friend, after
the fashion of his people. "Sho hns
been waiting, too," ho snld, huskily.
"We Varonas nro good wnlters, O'Reil
ly. Rosa will never ceaso waiting un
til you come. Tell her, for me "
Norlno wltlulrow softly out of ear
shot. There wero a lump In her throat
nnd a pain In her breast. "Sho had ac
quired n peculiar nnd affectionate- in
terest In this unhnppy girl whom she
hud never seen, nnd sho hnd learned to
respect O'Reilly's love. Tho yenrnlng
Tho Trocha.
Of nil tho mllltnry measures em
ployed by tho Spnnlnrds In their wnrs
ngnlnst Cuban Independence, pcrhnps
the most unique wns tho trocha
trench or traverse. Martinez Campos
during tho Ten Years' war built tho
first trochn Just west of the Cubltns
mountains where tho wnlst of tho
Island Is narrowest. Not until Wey
ler's time wcro tho two method) of
pacification, the trocha and tl.j concen
tration enmp, developed to their fullest
extent. Although his trochns hindered
the free movement of Cubnn troops
nnd his prison enmps declmntcd tho
peaceful populntlon of eevcrnl prov
inces, the Spanish cnuso gnlned little.
Both trenches nnd prison enmpa be
came Spanish graveyards.
At tho time Johnnie O'Reilly set out
for Mntnnzns tho wnr a wnr without
bnttle, without victory, without defent
hnd settled into a grim contest of en
durance. In the cast, whero tho Ihsur
rectos wcro prnctlcnlly supreme, there
wns food of n sort, but beyond tho Ju-cnro-Moron
trocha the old ono of
Campos' building tho country was
sick. Immediately west of It, In that
district which the Cubans cnlled Las
Villas, tho land lay dying, while tho
entire provinces of Matanzns, Hnbnna
und Pinnr del Rio were -prnctlcnlly
dend. These three wero skeletons,
picked bnro of flesh by Weyler's beak.
Tho Jucaro-Moron trochn bad been
greatly strengthened since Campos'
dny. It followed tho lino of tho trans
Insular railway. Dotted at every quar
ter of n mile nlong tho grade wero lit
tle forts connected by telephono nnd
telegraph lines. Between thoso fortl
nns were sentry stations of logs or rail
road ties. Eyes wero keen, rifles wero
ready, challenges wcro shnrp, nnd coun
tersigns wero quickly given on tho Ju-euro-Moron
In O'Reilly's pnrty thcro wcro three
men besides himself tho cver-fnlthful
Jacket, a wrinkled old Camagueyan
who knew tho brldlo trails of his prov
Inco as a fox knows tho tracks to Its
lair, and a silent gunjlro from farther
west, detailed to accompany tho expe
dition becauso of his wide acquaintance
with tho devastated districts. Both
guides, having crossed tho trochn moro
than once, affected to scorn Us ter
rors, nnd their easy confldenco reas
sured O'Reilly In splto of Estcban's
parting admonition.
Tho American had not dreamed of
taking Jncket along, but when ho camo
to announce his departure tho boy had
flatly refused to bo left behind.
Fifty miles of hnrd riding brought
tho pnrty to tho trocha; they nenred It
on tho second morning after leaving
Cubltns, nnd sought a secluded enmp
Ing spot Later In tho dny Hllnrlo, tho
old Camagueyan, slipped nway to rc
connoltor. IIo returned nt twilight,
but volunteered no report of what ho
had discovered. After nn Insistent
cross-examination O'Reilly wrung from
him the reluctant admission that ev-
t "You must help Tno And It" said Jh"1 hn,a P,lt8ici1 ln ,Ws volco a moment
ttstol.nn. "Wr, .imii nil iinro ilm for- beforo hnd stirred her deeply; It nwoko
"iuno equally, you two, Rosn and I."
"Wo? Why should wo shnro In It?"
iNorlno asked.
- Towe It to you. Didn't O'Reilly
rcscuo mo from a dungeon? llnvcn't
you nursed mo bnck to health? Don't
I owo my Hfo to you both?"
"Nonsense t I, for one, shn'n't tnko
to dollnr of It."
"Oh, but you must. I Insist. Nurs
ing is a poorly pnld profession.
.Wouldn't you like to bo rich?"
"Profession l Foorly pnld?" Norlno
sputtered, nngrlly. "As If I'd tuko
"As If I would accept a great scrvlco
;and forget It, llko somo mlsernblo beg
jgarl" Esteban replied stiffly.
O'Reilly laughed out. "Don't let's
'quarrel over tho Bpoll until wo get It,"
said ho. "Thnt's tho wny with nil
treasure-hunters. They Invariably fall
out and go to fighting. To avoid blood
shed, I'll agree to sell my Interest
cheap, for cash. My sharo of the fa
mous Varona fortuno going for a dol
lar "
"Thorol Ho doesn't bellovo a word
of it," Esteban said.
( Norlno gavo an impatient shrug.
"Somo peoplo wouldn't bellovo they
wero nllvo unless thoy saw their breath I ly out of sight.
a throb In her own bosom, for O'Reilly
was dear to her. Tho pnclllcos, accord
ing to all reports, wcro dying llko files
In tho prison camps. Norlno wondered
If there might not be a terrlblo heart
acho at tho end of O'Reilly's quest?
Ilcr fnco wns grnvo and worried when,
henrlng him spenk to her, sho turned
to tnko Ids outstretched hnnd.
"You will bo careful, won't you?"
sho Implored. "And you'll bo stout of
heart, no matter what occurs?"
IIo nodded, j'lt's a long. wny bnck
hero to Cubltns. You may not see or
hear from mo agnln."
"I understnnd." Sho choked miser
ably. "You inenn you may not como
back. Oh, Johnnlol"
"Tut, tut I Wo O'Reillys hnvo more
lives thnn a litter of cnts. I mean I
may not seo you until tho war is over
nnd wo meet in New York. Well, wo'vo
been good pals, and I'm glad you
camo to Cuba." His grasp upon her
two hands was painful.
"You must go, I know, and I wouldn't
try to keep you, but" Norlno faltered,
then impulsively sho drew him down
nnd kissed him full upon tho lips. "For
Rosa I" sho whispered. Her eyes wcro
shining as sho watched him pass swift-
"i wwmm&.
kw wm w
.ftZi 0 .
Rldlno Brought tho Party to
the Trocha.
crythlng seemed fnvorahlo for a cross
ing somo tlmo that night, ami that ho
had selected a promising point. Bo
yond thnt tho old man would sny nothing.
Supper, a slmplo meal, was quickly
disposed of. Then followed u long,
dispiriting wait, for a gibbous moon
rodo high In tho sky and tho guides
refused to stir so long as it remained
thcro. It was a still night; in tho
Jungle uo air was stirring, and dark
ness brought forth a torment of mos
quitoes. As day died tho woods nwoko
to sounds of bird nnd insect life;
strango, raucous calls pealed forth,
somo familiar, others strango and un
accustomed. Sitting thero in tho dark,
bedeviled by u pest of Insects, mocked
nt by these "mysterious voices; nnd
looking forwnrd to a hnznrdoUs enter
prise, O'Reilly began to curse his vivid
Imagination and to envy tho impas
slvencss of his companions. Even
Jncket, ho noted, endured tho strain
better; tho boy wns cheerful, philo
sophical, qui to unimpressed by his
surroundings. When tho mosquitoes
became unbearable ho put on his trou
sers, with some rcluctuncc and much
Midnight brought a moist, warm
breeze nnd a few formless clouds
which served nt times to dimly ob
scure the moon. Watching the clouds,
O'Reilly hoped thnt they might prbve
to be the heralds of a storm. None
came. When tho moon had finally
crept down into tho treetops old Hl
lnrlo stepped upon his cigarette, then
began silently to saddle up. The oth
ers followed with nlucrlty, and fell in
behind him as ho led the wny Into the
When they hnd covered n couple of
miles Hllnrlo reined In nnd tho others
crowded close. Ahead, dimly discern
ible ngnlnst tho night sky, thero up
penrcd to bo u thinning of tho woods.
After listening for a moment or two,
Hllnrlo dismounted nnd slipped nwny;
the three riders sat their saddles with
ears strained.
Hllnrlo returned with word thnt nil
wns well, and ench mnn dismounted to
mufllo tho feet of his horse with rngs
and strips of gunnysack provided for
the purpose. Then, ono by one, they
moved forwnrd to tho edgo of the
clenrlng. Tho trocha lny beforo them.
O'Reilly felt a pnlr of reins thrust
Into his hnnd nnd found Hllnrlo exam
ining a lnrgo pnlr of tinner's shears.
"Do you wish mo to go with you?"
he Inquired of tho guide.
Tho latter shook his head. "Antonio
will go; ho wlll-"keep' watch whllo I
clear n pnth. If anything goes wrong,
wait here. Don't ride away until we
have time "
"Never fear. I won't desert you,"
the American reassured htm.
Tho two white-clod figures slipped
nwny, became indistinct, nnd then dis
appeared. The night wns hot, tho mos
quitoes hummed dlsmnlly and settled
in clouds upon tho waiting pair, mad
dening them with their poison. A hnlf
hour pnssed, then tho two ghostly fig
ures materialized once moro.
"DIosl" grumbled Hllarlo. "Theic
nro many strings to this Spnnlsh gul
tnr. What a row when they discover
that I havo played a Cuban danzon
upon It." Tho old man seemed less
surly thnn beforo.
"Is tho way clear?" O'Reilly in
"As fnr as tho railroad, yes. Wo
henrd voices there, nnd camo bnck.
Wo will hnvo to cut our wny forwu:d
nftcr wo cross the track. Now, then,
ifollow mo without n sound."
Leading ills horso by tho bit ring,
Hllnrlo moved out into tho clenrlng,
followed onco more-by his three com
panions. In splto of nil precnutlons
tho animals mado a tremendous-racket,
or so it seemed, and, despite Hllarlo's
twisting nnd turnings, It wns Impos
sible to nvold nn occnslonnl loop of
barbed wire, therefore' flesh and cloth
ing suffered grievously. But nt length
tho pnrty brought up under the railroad
embankment nnd paused. As carefully,
ns might bo the four men ascended the
slope, crossed tho rails nnd descended
Into the ditch on tho other side. An
other moment nnd they encountered a
taut strand of barbed wire. Tho metal
lic snip of Hllarlo's shears sounded
llko n pistol shot to O'Reilly. Into tho
maze of strands they penetrated, yard
by yard, clipping and carefully laying
back tho wire ns they wont. Progress
wns slow ; they had to feel their way ;
the sharp barbs brought blood nnd
muttered profanity ut every step.
Nono of tho four ever knew what
gave tho alarm. Their first Intimation
of discovery camo with a startling
"Qulcn vlve?" hurled nt them from
somewhere at their bncks.
An Instant and tho chnllcngo wns
followed by a Mauser shot. Other ro
ports rang out us tho sentry emptied
his rlllo In their direction.
"Sol They nro shooting bats I" Hl
lnrlo grunted.
Antonio swung about nnd cocked his
Remington, but the-other spoko sharp
ly. "Fool ! If you shoot they will seo
the flro and riddle us. A curso on tho
spider thnt spun this web I"
It wns n test of courage to crouch
nmong tho charred stumps, enmeshed
In thnt cruel tnnglo of wire, whllo tho
night wns stubbed by dnggers of flro
nnd whllo tho trocha nwoko to tho
wild ulnrm. From somewhere In tho
distance camo n shouted command nnd
tho sound of running feet, suddenly
putting nn end to further Inaction. An
tonio began to hack viciously with his
machete, in an effort to aid Hllarlo's
labors. Tho sound of his Bturdy blows
betrayed tho party's whorenbouts so
clearly thnt flnnlly tho older man could
restrain himself no longer.
"Glvo it to them, compadrcsf it is
a game that wo can plnyl"
O'Reilly had been gripping his riflo
tensely, his heart in his throat, his
pulses pounding. As near a panic bb
ho had over been, bo found, oddly
enough, that tho moro act of throwing
his weapon to his Bhoulder and flrlns
it calmed him. The kick of the gun
subdued his excitement nnd cleared
his brain. Ho surprised himself by di
recting Jacket in a cool, authoritative'
voice, to Rhoot low. When he hod emp
tied tho mngazlno ho led two of tho
horses forward. Then, grasping his
own machete, he Joined in clearing a
It seemed nn Intcrmlnnblo time cro
they hnd cxtrlcntcd themselves from
the trap, but Anally they succeeded
and gnlned the welcomo shelter of tho
woods, pnuslng Inside lis shelter to
cut tho muffles from their horses' feet.'
By this time tho defenders of tho tro;
cha were pouring volley after volley
at random into the night. i
Now thnt tho skirmish wns over,
Jncket begun to boast of his part In It.
"Hal Perhaps they'll know better
fibmSmu ret
Surgical Department
Entirely now and Isolated from
other departments.
Obstetrical Department
Furnishing an unexcelled Bervlco
for tho enro ol mother anu cnuu.
Located on our premises and
tisod in tho
Natural Mineral Wafer Baths
1 4th and M Stt. Lincoln, Nek.
Every Woman Wants
Dissolved in water for -douches atopt
pelric catarrh, ulceration and Inflam
mation. Recommended by Lydia E.
Pinkham Med. Co. for ten yean.
A healing wonder for natal catarrh,
ore throat and tore eyes. Economical.
Hu eitraonliniry deurina and stnnicicUl power.
Sample Fr. 50c all drugiuu. or putraid by
.nuM. The PailonToilrt Company, Doilon, Mua,
Kill All Flies! "M!0
PUcedanyttboro. Daisy Fly Killer attract! and kills
all file. hMttClcanmametithlfConTenlentandohfap.
, lAti all an. Madt
1 f nicUl, ran pin t
tip ortri Hll tKt VOllM
Ininr ftnvthlnar.
Udffcilv Aakfor
jar an? thin. Guano-
Daisy Fly Klllor
Cold by Uetlara. r I ml
r lprM. frtptlu. 11.00.
Newark, N. J., eliminates German
from public schools. '
Cutlcura Stops Itching.
The Soap to elennso nnd Ointment to
soothe nnd heal most forms of itching,
burning skin nnd sculp affections.
Ideal for toilet use. For free snmpleB
address, "Cutlcura, Dept. X, Boston."
Sold by druggists nnd by mall. Soap
25, Ointment 25 nnd 50. Adv.
In Japan ns well as In tho United
States tho demand for camphor has
increased enormously.
Coal Flows Like Water.
In n great steel works at Pittsburgh
powdered coal flows llko water through
l,5i)0 feet of four-Inch pipe under a
pressute of 40 pounds to thu squnro
inch, nnd flows so rapidly thnt four
tony havo been put through n 550-foot
line, in flvo ni'.urtes. '
Into tho Maze of Strands They Pene-trated.
than to show themselves the next tlmo
I como thls,wny," said he. "You saw
me, didn't you? Well, I made a few
Spulilsh widows tonight."
When no ono disputed his assertion
Jacket proceeded further In prnlso of
himself, only to break off with n word
less cry of dismay.
"What's tho matter?" Johnnlo In
quired. "Look! Behold me!" walled tho
hero. "I hnvo left the half of my beau
tiful trousers on thnt barbed wlrel"
Antonio swung a leg over his saddle,
saying: "Como along, nmlgos; wo havo
fifty leagues ahead of us. Tho war
will bo over while wo stand hero gos
siping." O'Reilly's adventures on his swift
rldo through Las Villas have no part in
this story. It Is only necessary to
Buy that they wero numerous nnd va
ried, that O'ltellly experienced excite
ment n-plerity, nnd that upon more thnu
ono occasion ho wns forced to think
nnd to net quickly In order to avoid a
clash with somo roving guerrilla band.
Food beenmo a problem lmmedlatc
iv nftor tho travelers hnd crossed tho
trochn. Such apprehensive families us j
Htlll lurked In tho woods wero liberal
enough Antonio, by the wny, know nil
of them but they had little to give,
and, in consequence, O'Reilly's party
learned the taste of wild fruits, ber
ries and palmetto hearts. Onco they
mnnnged to kill n small pig, tho solo
Mirvlvor of some obscuro country trag
edy, but tho rest of tho tlmo their
meat, when thcro was any, consisted
of iguanas thoso big, repulslvo liz
ardsand Jutins, tho Cuban field rats.
Fortunately thero wns no shortago
of food for tho horses, and so, desplto
the necessity of numerous detours, tho
party inndo good time. Thoy crossed
Into Matanzns, pushed on over rolling
hills, through sweeping savannas, past
empty clearings and deserted villages,
to their Journey's end. A fortunato
encounter with a rebel pnrtlda from
General Betnncourt's army enabled
them to reach hendquartors without
loss of time, and ono nftornnon, worn, I
haggard nnd hungry, they dismounted i
In front of thnt gallant ofllcer's hut.
Gcnernl Betancourt read tho letter
which O'Reilly handed him, then,
looked up with a smile.
"So l You nro ono of Gomez Amcri-j
cans, cur wen, 1 wouiu never imvu
known it, to look at you; tho sun and
tho wind hnvo inndo you into a very
good Cubnn. And your clothes Ono'
might almost mistake you for a Cuban
cabinet ofllcer."
A Cinch.
"Into each Hfo somo rain must fall,"
said tho philosopher.
"Yep. Especially If ho lives in this
territory, during tho month of AprlU"
Church Mice Get Fat.
Even tho devout New York mice nro
waxing fnt on tho wnr. That old say
ing nbout being "ns poor as a church
mouse" Is surely passe thesq days be
causo thero Isn't nny bitch animal In
any of tho houses of worship. They
nro all rich, fat and well fed.
Tho cause Is that most of tho
churches are offering free "feed" every
Sunday night, to tho boys In 'khaki.
And these young men, try to be ntf
careful us they may, always lot a few
crumbs fall from the wholesome sand
wiches and tasty llttlo cukes with their
rich icing.
Thnt Is where tho transformation of
tho church mouse comes in.
A woman reporter dropped into tho
chapel of tho Fifth Avcnuo Presby
terian church tho other evening ex
pecting to attend prayer meeting, but
sho got a gllmpso of n mouse npd from
that moment until she reached tho
street she forgot all about religion.
She, however, got n good gllmpso of
tho mouse. Never, sho declared, had
sho seen so largo, so healthy, so pros
porous a looking mouso In a church.
All of which proves that the war has
n silver lining even for tho poor church
fi '
That's what is done
food barley and
other grains are
used with wheat.
This adds to food
value and flavor,
and the sum total '
requires less wheat.
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