The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, July 04, 1918, Image 1

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A Newsnancr That Gives Tho News Flfiy-tno Weeks Eacli Year For $1.50
This Bank will Pay, Free of Charge,
LIBERTY BOND Interest Coupons, at
Maturity or Fifteen Days Prior Thereto
Wait a Minute
Interest Paid on Time Deposits
DEPOSITS in this bank are PROTECTED by the
Depositors Guarantee Fund of jhe State of Nebraska
Web&er County Bank
Each , oar about this tiuu' wo wall
That crops uic almost mho to tall
' ' I'or want of rain nii'l falling dew.
, We my the oititli Is ilry clour thru,
!' Ami all tlio neighbors liear us swear,
l ' A ! umi lint ftxiuttic mix ff.tito ti'ittiH
nun att im iu'na ii im.-j nvnii
Then after nil our stew and fiet j
It ltilns until the earth Is not, !
And evorywheie about Is soon
Now llfo In pasttues glad and giceu.
At the Library
Ioiyonc who diivcs a Henry .T.
1 oid will enjoy nn ntticlc by the
maker in tho May Atlantic Monthly
It tells his views on dictatorship in
oui government at Washington. i
Miss Willu Collier's story "Ardessn"
in tho May Century is one of her best.
'11 o National Tribune has a depait-)
nmnt evciy weoic ot Washington news
Tho tree-leaves in tho sutitlKlit glow, h"l"vl1 yoU wm cnJO-V"
Anil fli.lil porn-vnii nn li.vir It mnv C. J. Piatt left a War atlas lit the
" - - " ''. . .... .. I
i. ni ary that has unusually good nips
Our voices then in uiptiuo chime
"Nebraska's nil light all tho "
For a good well made
' Mouse Dress
House Dresses and -Apron). V -$( Jj 1 1 11
TRADE nBK Rt. T VVxV I 111'
fwi fir
War Savings Day '
The people of Webster county as
sembled at various points last Friday
and oiganized over one bundled Way
Savings societies, the members there
of pledging the saving
of essentials; to pin chase only the
things as are needed and only when
needed; and to invest in War Savings
Stamps. In shoit, to aid tho govern
ment in every possible way.
Practial patiiotism is evident in
this action and again our people up
hold tlio enviable leputation of local
and statewide loyalty.
At Red Cloud the meeting was held
in the Oipheum and laigclyattondod.
County Cliaiiman, II. S. Foe piesided,,
Rev. V. M. Haiper gave the invoca-1
tion, Rev. Fitzgerald let in singing,
Miss Hazel Salndcn presided at tfic
piano. Upon E. J. 0 voting, Secictory
of-thc Rorifl'Gi'oss 'organization TtZy
the duty of explaining the piupose of
Worth Dress
For sale by
Hfs. BaftoPDaresj
XTyirfi-miMiiwn iiwi irw imin iiwipjimiu iimimwui wwiwdiiiiii nmn mm in -i xwwwnwn muhQT
Geiman advance on Russia
The Journal of Oatotvor life which
I . been given to the Lihiaiy by the
I'. R. O. has a gieat deal of help in
tho Juno number for those who have
t'f caio of children or sick people. I
When the Germans swept over
IMgium one hetoic man stood out
aSoe the tertiblc flood unswerving,
b ave and s6icno Catdinal Mcrcier
of Malincs His pastotate included
t 10 patishes in tho hcatt of tho
ti'ckcn count) y. The aiticlc "Car
dinal Moicicr an Undaunted Soul,"
by Ida M. Taibulo will bo found in
tho Juno number of tho Red Cioss, tho official otgan oi tho
National Red Ciqss. This magazine is
Keened rcgulnily at tho Libiaiy'and
i- one evoty American should icad.
Librarian's Ropoil for Juno
Adult books dtawn G07
Juvenile books dtawn 719
.A'olal ;.132G
Daily avetago reading loom attend-'
There is a Difference in
Just us tlieto is between a piece of purn gold and that
containing alloy. Tho lousus used by mo are tho llnest
that (Mil bo had. These oomo in the roiiKh nnd are
gioiind until thov exactly moot the K(pihiinctitx of your
prtitlculnr eye tioitblo. One cannot bo too e.uoful about
tlio eyes The matter of n dollar or so should not enter
into the calculation. This store lofmes to aslc for your
pationnKM by ptleo alone tbo euro is ktho (hlng tloslrcd
by mo or well as jourielf. Even o, jon will Hud the
charge tinustially low, taking into consideration tlio
hlghqunlity. ,
It xv ill be to the interest of your
tyes to hove them examined here
Jeweler and Optometrist
C5TC. B. &. Q. Wotch Innpcctor ,
il T1TT1 T TT"ar"inrT li il li"iilil . 'IM'i 'Wn'lnlln ii iliiii1 'II'M'WW
the meeting, which he accomplished anc0
in his usual
eloquent nnd oifectivo
Not A Soft Snap
Many people me under the iinpris0
ion that the Food AdmitiistiaUoii
duties are a -ofl snap; that some one
occupies a chair, gives out oidois an 1
dmw-n fat-alHr thercfoie. Taking o u
conntv agent, Mr. Mcltrlde, lnciolj n
one example to tho contraiy: Hois n
reality an ollloer of the government,
woiking stiiotly under Inductions i.
docs any other olllcer of the law. 1! it
unlike elected nfllcei-, draws no salai
Hcjglres bis time free of clinic .
p-iys ids own expenses for otlicel uriilsh
lugs, rent, nuto hire, and other Iim.
dentals Ills is a volunlnry patri ' o
duty, audit is tlio sumo with thm-.
nudsof others working at home to w u
the war.
The volume of business is mioIi as to
lequiic day-, nights and own Sund.i -to
keep up with its demand.
Rvery merchant nnd citizen sb a '
nhl him ns inueh as possible by c i
pljing witli the tales, making all
quliud tepuits, uud Slicing that !..'
lations aro enforced
If we do not do this as an act f
patiiotism we thio'v tho burden on i .
Mclirldo who in hi-, otllclal onpnet
hay no choice but to see that gon
meul lobulations ate enforced.
if J
In Railroad
Readers ent oiled dining month-
Total numbei now emollcd GS2.
Books dded fiom A. C. McCluig 4G.
Gift 2.
Now accessioned 1338.
Baptist Church Notes
l'reichmg a'. 11 a m
- Sunday hehool at lo a ui.
If then Ve be Ul-en with Unist,
toek tho-o things which aie above
The Red Cloud HiiptUt cbuich was
represented at tbo meeting of the Uap
list Asmudat Inn held at (llenvillo, b,
Elder V M ihirior, Mis. Oreon nnd
j. M Howltt Tliey it-port a hplondid
meeting with cheeilng reports from
most pints of the Held. Rniollmoiit
118. A fnrinor resident of Red Cloud,
1. y. Rdsou, was chosen moderator
Near the olnso of the mooting 13io"
Rdson gave a shoit talk concerning
the meetings of the Northern Itaptist
Convention held nt Atlantic Uiti, N J
in May, which he attended With oth
er things' bo uinde reference to tue
gieetiug!? of Lo.d Cleoige t- the Hup
lists of Ameiic'i, that the Allies aio
flulitlni: for tho Diineinlcs loi winch
tho Baptists hud foi contniles been w
contondllii;, nolilical and lelhdoiis 2:
libotfy- lie a!h'i releiied to the fact
that on last count tliero weie lsj.loo
Baptists in the Ameiiean Ajiny, piov
ina their loyalty to Cluist and their
rn?'?m0r u acc, rofjftop: mMSSfm
- ' Mil- f" i j ni i mm h wm ikh m-mr. pmi
: ' v r v 7--TsfiKH3ssa
, j&r i(&' & wmmmm
'. -,ZMSSD-iE&sa!
We cater to the class of shoppers that is accustom
ed to securing satisfaction and who know
when they secure it.
That is why our customers are so- ready to rec
commend us as a place to trade.
i xst -
Watch This Space :j
for Announcements ;
Thoilillioads are now iulor Gum
meiit control and are conftonteJ w
heavy jind most exacting duties R .
road oflicets, wpllo reall.lng that hit
ii j ii inborn iiem.uiu in an tines 01 pi .
dilution, must point to the Inut that tt .
production ii to bo eJl'eotlve, tho la !
roads must be operated to their utm t
capacity. In older to accomplish tin-'
men aro needed.
Tho O. 11. &(J. pajs good wages .n ,
iiiiTiueii, uriiKfllloil, bwuciiuien nun c.n
j Congregational Church
Rev. Com go Mitchell of rrnnklin,
supplied the pilpll last buiuliiy. Ho
1 delivered two most interesting and lu
1 struetlvo eruions. Ho also explained
tlio new tlbbons and stirfe on tin) ser
' vice Hag. A silver star was plucod on
'the Hag, in honor of Voilln'Tajlor
who was wounded during tho capture
and subsequent defense of Cintiguy
Mattery C of the fith Field Attillory of
which hois n member, bay been Jited
Chief Ads Pay You
ropilrersand will pay jou for your ,b? tho Kcneul commanding tholtroops
time learning. Would you RUo t , for consplouous gallantry in .action
know nil nbout those good jobJ follows: "The poisonuel of this bat-
A party of railroad oillcers will a.-il0, beno(1 l,,eLr IU1B coimuuiuisij
rive at tho "Q" depot, RED CLOL D Jwithgieiit bklll while biibjected to ii
10 51 A. M.,JUJjYtllh, for the pm pose "tUe gas bombardment, thus con
of meeting all person interested , tlluutlng in Inigo measure to the sue
They wlH tell you how to got one of .C8S ot ll, opotaUons."
these positions, how jou nre taught j TJio regular business mootlng'.for tho
nnd get paid while u student and all quarter will bo held Friday J July oth,
about the work, pay, eto. Meot tisjat Pj30 In the evening. Admlnlstra
nnd talk It over. tlon of the Lords Supper by Rev, Mwry
Chicago, Buillngton &Qulnoy R. R.Co Mitchell Sabbath morntug. CT3
W wwiihiiiwiiiiiiw wimaiiiwimwMf" M'ii i 1 1 1 www mw wh
Open Day aed Night (
Powell & Pope
Show the "Chief" to Your Neighbor