The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, February 28, 1918, Image 8

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Unnallnnt Statement.
i "Mischief nnd petticoats c.imo into
' tb'o world the snino day, nnd have re-
i&ilncd together uyr Hlnco." "Tho
' (fato Openers." by IC. L. Montgomery.
Successor to l)r. 1 ross
Dr. R. V. Nicholson
tsfOvenr. Ovi.i: Amiuiout's SrontJ
Better Kodak Finishing
And Developing. .:.
A Fuji Line of Supplies
Stevens Bros.1
E. S. Geurber
Wall Paper, Paints, Oils and
(Work Guaranteed
Electrical Goods of all Kinds
Will Wire Tour House And
Furnish You the Fixtures
: r
lead the Chief,
Buy a Home!
I will Hell on a
homo ! n II u it
UiOiifl so cheap
nml on si u c h
Eusy Payments
tli.iV you cup not
ilTford to pay
j$nt, . Si.v p'u r
cut iliite'roijUiu
(lfftAi'red p u y .
iu.tite It a v
three looal iotM.
Oct fc'lr;' Thuice
5 W
1CI 0 Snet
Hamilton - Gather
Cloth Ins Co.
Everything a Manr
or Boy Wears
Red Cloud Nebraska
tWhen. the
Birerrvo'n. App6a.r
i j the imuted "mn' fifil thouallX It one ol
Ihackfuhcu that he .3 to. How abou
I your thoughts ii a fwemSn should op
! pear at your home?
;The Da,y -'Before
the Fire
I it the jay to iniure. At that day may
' be to, morrow (or all you can know or
p do, it fcllciwt'that prudence would im-
I pell you to ttop in our office today and
have ut iuue you a policy,
eliacblc, Insuranco
Linvolji, Ni-1 .
I -.
Food Administration
Classifies Candies
It hati heen the dcire of the Gov
ernment to interfere as little as pos
sible with the progress of established
industries during the war, tind yet it
iH necessary to conserve the mater
ials that arc 'needed Tor tho jiror,ccu
tion of the war. The contro) of the
cnn'dy-ntaklnjf industry lias been
something of a problem because of
il.." nnattv nf nfivintr RUtrar. A
NEBRASKA J ,.eprMonlntlvo of the U. S. Food Ad
. 'ministration has, therefore, publish
ed an article in which lie indicates
that the U8e of candy is notncrcBsnrily
unpatriotic , but recommends that tho
varieties which contain n email per
cent of ougar bo eliosCn. He suggests
four varieties. A part of tho aiticlc
is as follows:
"l'l. fnllmvltin- fnm- trmmis nf can-
iv, - 0.4. - -,..
illns made from norfectly wholesome
substitute ingredients which aic in
plentiful .supply, with a moderate
supply of sugar are good conscrvn
tion,good food, and good sweetmeats,
satisfying tho candy craving.
"Group 1. Tills includes all the
chocolate and cocoa candies with cen
ters of nuts, fruit, fiuit pastes, mar
malades, jam, and tho like, especially
the old-fashioned chocolate creams
with a bitter coating, also tho tin
coated soft candies like iiougatines,
turkiah pastes, etc. Our supplies of
chocolate and cocoa arc abundant,
thoso materials arc wholesome food,
and 'you aie co-operating in the con
servation program when you ent any
chocolate confectionery containing
such centers.
"Gioup 2.-IIard boiled candies, such
as lemon drops, stick candy, fruit
tablets, peanut bar, peanut brittle
glace nuts, and the like, containing a
moderate percentage of sugar being
made with a large poition of corn
syrup. In this group may also bo put
the molasses candies, such as taffies
and kisses, and also candies made
ith peanuts tvnd other nuts.
"Group 3. Mnrshmallows arc made
with u small percentage of sugar
being made with coin syrup, corn
dttit'ch and gelatine, all conservation
ingredients and they may be eaten
plain, toasted, dipped in chocolate,
tolled in cocoanut, and in many other
palatable forms. -v
"Group 4. This group consists of
gum drops, jellies, jelly beans and
the like, a wide .variety of candies,
made of corn syrup, gelatine and
other wholesome ingredients, with a
small percentage of sugar a cheap
grade of gum dtops formerly sold by
the car lot and entirely wholesome
required only sufficient sugar to
cover them, or "sandy them, as it is
eallod in the tiadc.
"J n chting cdndics of the above four
groups' the consuming public is doing
two definite things to nid conservation, t
First, sugar is saved without neglect-'
ing tho great American sweet tooth;
second, candy manufacturers will be
able to continue their industry and
employ people on war time
.ar.dies. In normal times the public
consumes only n limited amount of the
candies in these four gioups, and man
ufacturers can only make that quan
tity now if tho public will help by ia
ll' consumption, turning
from candies uchcr in sugar."
i A Bio Cnmpalon- Is On This Month
to Get Members for the Stato'j
Largest "Lodge."
The Nebraska headquarters of tho
X.itloual War Savings ('omiuliteu has
started vut to get ir.O.OdO iiieiubori lu
a big Var Suhig Soelely.
'J'lie ylute lieadqiituters of the War
Havings 'oiiiiiilltee,al Omaha Is pre
paring to prosecute a concentrated
i cuiiipalKii for the formation of War
1 1 Savings Siiclotles, OigniilKiUloiis of
I cei ehnraeler In every tnvn will bo
J iisl.etl to i-h1s In tlie nioveiiient.
j Members of War Savings societies
pledge themselves to support the gov-
I eminent by refraining 1'ioin iinneees-
Miry expenditures, b.v nysteinatle sav-
' lin's and by obtaining new members.
j'l'ea or more permiim may. oignnlze. a
War Smltigs society. They may nt?ct
lu the fiietoiy, school, church, club-
1 biuse, Hie home lf one of. the mni-
b rs, or at any other convenient place.
The purposes of the War Savings
s-ocletles, a Ket forth by the stato
committee, Is: '"To uwtiUcn a roallzit
Hon among the men. women nnd chll
dien that hi their lunnls lies ho key
p the sumwul proscenium , ot; the
war; that they can render the mot
far.'reaching, patriotic, servho through
lefralnliig from the purchase of all
unneccss.iry articles, confining them
selves to thu use of such things as
life neccH$ar,v for health and etfic
lencjv thus releasing labor imil mate
rials for the support of our armies In
the field, mid lu biilng War Saving
Stamps to help finance the war."
Love. 7
Poor Henry loved a girl named Grace,
llo rolt Dan Cupid's dnrt:
And every rtlmplo in her faco
Made it' dent in lita heart.
( , Names Is Names. (
'Ui-n Butcher Is tho name of n mnn la
nifiOhlo town. v
Manufacture Form Combination to
Assist Government Directly In VIo.
latlin of Sherman Antitrust Law.
A manufacturer connected with one
of the hlKKCit plants of Its kind In the
country told a writer for the IMillailcl
jihtn Ledger recently that tile govern
ment wanted one of Its product -i, but
wanted it In such enormous quantities
anil In inich haste, that It Wntttd have
been Inipnslblo for uny one plant to
turn It out.
The manufacturer wanted to help
the government, so lib called together
the representatives of more than a
dozen other large plants in the same
line of hiiHln"t' and explained the
situation to them.a
"Wo mtt8f agree oninjjiPvii a low
price, so tiio'gdrertiiticnctui get what
It needs."
All were competitors, but they came
to the government's assistance and
agreed to make tho product and de
liver It for a price so low thnt there
not only' would be no xccsq profits to
lav, but there was a strong belief that
there would be no pollts at all.
"This combination," remarked the
manufacture!', "was directly In viola
tion of tho Shernuin antitrust law, and
at any other time we might all be put
In Jail, Hut it was the only way."
The Old Man So you're the prodi
gal, sou, nnd are. going home, eh? I
suppose your father will kill the "fat
ted calf."
The Young Man T hope not; for I
think I've been the calf.
Big Hauls of Fish.
The fishing fleet landing fishery
products ut Plosion and Gloucester,
Mass., and Portland, Me.. (i;lng Aug
ust, 1017, Included 2M1 steam and still
vessels, 'Those vessels lauded nt Ronton
:U) I tr'ps aggregating 10.fCT.020 pounds,
valued at ?03,130; at Gioiwestor J7.T
trip". asTrcgntlng V).14S.::h! pounds,
valued nt ?-t51.'J0O, and at Portland.
1" tr , . aggregating '.1.1 17,S'.T, lMUinds,
vulu il ni SIM.010. -The total, Cor the
tbiVe piiitH ntnor.ntcd t',,.v.
gregntlng 22.5)21,748 jiouii.K (if frch
? nd salted thm, lmi? a v.ilue to tho
Jiiheimon of Jjil,lfls,;JSs
" ' ' ,,
Twanly-Fbur-Hour Qay.
l)y a royal il"ti' the iKUtyilc rail
roads, poHts, telegraphs nrhry, navy.
sicuiitElUp cotrtpttnl "i, etc., hftvo artopl
rulillor, which grtuL u uch lower than
teni brings Greek im' rniN and stvnm
vhlp chodiile.s In Uii" v. h Ilallan and
other continental h.mci'h. The day
begins at midnight and th liours Min
consecutively until - o $cl. which
will lie niidnlght of the e.i .iiietedday.
This system htm beta in iiJq la astro
nomical observatories i "' t-ian'y years.
Cultivate Rubber Plant.
Successful attempts havo-bcen made
to bring under proiitalde cultivation
I he doseit rubber plant, guayule. The
vlhl (ihiubs have long been collected
'ii great quantities In Mexico, and tho
nibebr, which grades ninth loWiu" than
L'ara, Is extracted by sin-h "jlpiplo proc
esses as (o make Us production veiy
Telephone Convenience
A useful addition to tho telephone
consists of a small, circular disk, to
which are attached a pair of our
tubes. Uy merely placing tho receiver
over the disk and the tubes lu tho
ears, the operator Is left'freo to 'Jot
dov njeinnratula or use both bauds
for ooniulting recoius or muico.
More than 179,000 miles of rivers,
lakes ati'd .canals. i jniicovlto,t-Upry
ii'ii ' navrgable. In 'JOtfi "thoro were
about HO.OOO-miles open to traffic, V2,
000 "miles In construction and many
moro projected.
To Havo Boer Bible.
Tlcro Is a movement among the
Roers of Smith Africa tofhave an edi
tion of the Rlhlo In their, own patois
tho Tital. At present they read th
initio iu thu pure Dutch oMlelluttd.
111 M
A Double Wedding
To tho E-IItor, Red Cloud Chief: In
ronr Inst Issue of the Chief I reported
tho mnirlngoor Mls? Inno Kiliot and
Mr, M. 1'. Cslllglu'is which look place
hero n short time ao, but la'orwas in
forme, that thine was u double wed
iltiw at the (.tune time, plncu, and the
niarriago cojeui'iny performed by the
sumo cleigyii'Mi, the Rev Kutliei
O'Hellly, of ICsbon, Ivuimis, I ho iicwp
being received too Into for last wcelc'
publtt'iitloii which tho uriter much re
lrots. The bride Is Miss .lulln Klllol.
daimhtorof Mr. and MrsrDnvid-KIHut,
nd tly glodm being Mr. Pearl Rich
unison, (thlest, son of Mr.,Htid Mrs. I'
.1. IMoliiinbion, both rcsidiim In th
4nmc nelKhboihoQd. The britlu is
most nmliibb) 1m1.v, possoHing man
iccompllflhmcnlrt and is pattlcitlaill
chin aoteristlcffit'liOr skill iukJ cneigi
not only in tho management of lions
hold duties, but also lu many thine
peitaitntig to manual labor. Th
groom is a young man of refinemoul
Knsesblng mmiy friends, besides helm
a practical and successful farmer, II
is an iiiticaii of much repute A fie
the doulilu ceiemoiiy ail elaborate dii -nor
will piepitiri'd, Its general pi a
tiou manifesting everything that ootid
he (leslrcd"tind refiected great ctcdit on
I ho cooks, for their taste and energy
About seventy poisons pnrtleipntod in
llie feast incluillng relatives of the con
traoting purtios, as well as many
friends nnd neighbors.
After dinner, music, (both vocal am
uibti omental), was in full progicss, tin
uoily weds, asslstod bv tho slstuifi ol
tho lespectlve parlies, rendoreilseieirti
beiyitirnl pieces, which were well ap
plaudcd. Several recitations were
siven by the" school children. Soon
after all dispel sod wlshlmt the newly
weds many happy dnj& in their new
SphtMC of life.
LuKo imcuuko Uayc:
When they aro first married fcho Isal
ways feeling bin shoulders and waiting
for the wings to sprout, lffil later ou
she Is afraid to rub his head for foai
blie will feel the horns growing through.
Cheer up! Hope doesn't coot any
more than despair.
When j on want to work other people
ail .ounce of llattery will get you more
than a ton of truth.
A college education Is a good thing,
hut you h.ive to go to the school of ex
perience l learn how to mind your
own business.
When a girl tells n icllow that she
ill earned of hh.i the night before she
intu us that he had better be saving up
enough money to hhe a carriage that
isall decoii.wd up with white ribbons
and old shoes.
Theie Is no pltuu like home. Maybe
that's the reason why some married
men never spend any more time there
than they have to.
Anunlas batted .000 in the Llaia'
league in his time, hut if he lived
nowadays his averago would bo about
What has become of the old fash
loued orator who used to make the
welkin rlii'rV '
A little regular phi money early In
tho game may inert a lotof legulur all
ifiony Inter on.
f Deafness Is said to be tin afllh Hon.
But the any with the six cvlindu
mouth never picks out a deaf m.m
when he wants to orale about the win
In Krii'opc.
I know it,v.-aa coialag. ".v hl'.l prchih
King the manufneture or consumption
of oIg.m;ttti in Ohio I- ntiw bi"fue the
legislature. If tho refoimers r.illy
want to do WWnoililna: for the p lute
tvhy don't they rlnko out the word
"cigarettes" and nulwUtuto the word
"tans.0 shirisV"
A rc.'on.icr could ItiiU more vhttie lu
a city than vlie. only ho uuvir h.ip
pens to Ih hwkliig for virtue.
The (( ok Jieix't get nnnv kisses
when a man's wife prepates his ittctls
for him.
The only man who doesu't be-lleve In
luck Is tho fellow who wits born on
I.usy street and nevir ncedi d any.
It Isn't haul for a jilrl to be reserved
and bashful when her fellow calls on
her nl'ter she has eaten a lr ut raw
onions for supper, because she didn't
expect company that night.
Some people IniUKlno the eagle Is the
American national bird because It
roosts on the silver dollar.
Aiinnhjs wasn't the blgucst liar. The
doormat with tho word "Welcome" on
It usually takes first prize.
After a woman gets on the nhadj
Mo of thirty sho beirlns to notice that
her mirror Isn't as good as It used to
no and mnkes her face look older.
Notice of Suit
O. Il.SiindcisiuulJoliu l. iMwaiils iu n
rtRiilrut (lofciulntitH will lake willee thnt llm
Montnim Nntlonnt UniiKV)! llllllusrt has lilt it
Km otUIoii ii ml coiiiiiit'iiceil an aollon
iiKalnst llicni In UietUiitrlctvomtuf Webster
County Uieoiijert and prayer ol M-lileh tirolo
recover Irom kiild deleiiil.mtH the kuiu ol
SlMiijHlililntrttHi at 12 per cen i r nu-
. ... ff.r...v.l..i..... it nil- .....I -.111 .ftit
UlllU P.JIPIH ll'l-'IIIIPt. ... lull nun J.w wuvn
neys lcB aud'eosts ol null, jit. the iiuioinit due
ptolittlllflroin tlibde(ipulniitJiiiioii a uoii
Ihhory note cMjcuted ami dellvortd by Uelcn
duilts to plnlatlll, dated Uotolxr '$), ItUT,
Deloiulnnls me further untitled Hint an nf
ildnvlt forattiiolinicntMamtledliiBaldiieiloi
and an irdi.r f1' nttiir)unenl Iwiaed out ol
mild court by virtue wliereol flie followlnn
described real eHtiitoln Webster t'oimty, No
brimKnhftS been levied upon and nltiii'liedns
the property oldetendimt John K. Kdwnrd
lo-wlWlhOROptheaiit (SH) ipinrlerof eclon
lourlcen (H) hi township two C-) nuiyo ten
(10) and the nluliitllt'HuekH to (subject tliesuld
jiropcrly to the payuiciit ol enld debt.
llulpnunniB nro require 10 nntr mi in
petition ou lllu In tlio oiling ol tho t'lcrk ol
wild court nt Ucd Cloud, Nolir.ikkn on or be
fore March It, 1UI8.
Dated Jmuuiry 31, 1018.
TiikMoniana Nat'i. Hani: of iiii.i.imis.
iw, " ". . ' II' Ii.'ll. IlLACKLKtOK,
., . lilt . I.ts Attorney
f he New Government-Irrigated Farms
In the Big Horn .Basin, Near Deaver,
Wyoming, are Going Very Rapidly!
On'y u'fow uood farms of the Deaver tii'o lcflf Jf y..u net quickly, you
cm get hold of one of thesft for a 10 ;S crop thnt will bring you tho highest
osslblo price.
Exce'leitt Government water light, with water nil ready for you. It 1h
jorelyup to you to tOco hold and get uinlor way. The big horn IJu-lii Is cs-
tbllshod, It is on its way towards a t lull coiiimoiiweiilth, with a solid I nsls of
U, irrigation, alfalfa, live stock nut sus;iir beet industries Our ndvci Using
nutter will show j on that we forKoid all this over ten years ago Government
ilguteil faitiH nrotind I'owell, nearby,
Wostom Nebraska and Eastern Colorado Lands T
dug sold out from largo holdings along!
ss Is Kolng on steadily through the ye ir.
bent rnWng, live stock and general farming ami tiro the best lands of their
iinl in the west. Sccuio my surviee.s; they iie free.
;i 'Keep ImprovingYour Equipment.
Do not worry about the shortage of ciops, another yiar is coming
Do riot wait for cheaper bulldiiig.nialeilul
Do not let the war some you
Do v"U know material will incica'-e when the warisoverV Ruropo
must le rebuilt Supply and demand will take a hand then
Do you know w'o havejiip to date infxiiiuation on .all farm buildings?
Do you want ideas on farm buildings? Wo furnish tl em KRRB
ffialoDe-Gellatly Go.
Auto Hearse
Phone, Iiid. Store 158, Res, 93 RED CLOUO, NEB.
H ?
I I Will Sell at Public Auction at l
g i
M ( &? xSA 'j$ " g KaHtf f7h jPfl w-A w & J
IScileStarting at 10 o'CIock 1 M
Saturday, Mar. 9 1
These mules are
broke and ready for spring work. They
will be scM without any reserve and this is
an excellent chance to secure some good
ones. Will load mules on cars free of
charge for buyers coming from a distance.
TERMS :---Cash or note with approved security,
interest at 10 per cent.
Conrad G. Starke
Red Cloud, Nebr.
Chief Ads
are colllntt at over SJOJ nil acre
'hese nro 4
This pro fjr m
dairying, f 5
lo llttrlingtoi, m.ihi lines
Tlny am excellent for
S. B. Howard, Immigralion Agt C. B. & Q. Ry
loin Furniim "st, Omalia. Kebr.
N. B. Bush, Ticket Agent. Red Cloud, Neb.
-Z 7-
Horse Hearse
4 an( 5 yrs old, all
Pay You
v I
: A.t
t n?rvfl
.1.. .
ilitf..liMir', f ,r.rf(TI ii- ' -
WWiHWMWftUi Hl,Wtli'
irfa WM i WW "
nmw$mf ,, ujn
v'(i11iwtlrH-HrtMfMiliilil.i'n'if.' ilium
"I l t '
. A t - J l