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, of the
2e! Liberty Loan
Help Win the War
A Liberty Bond is a United Stales Government Bond
t j
Upon Its Citizens
If the Citizens arc prosperous, the Nation is
prosperous. If the Citizens are frugal and
saving the Nation is firm and substantial,
even in its morft trying times.
Are You Doing Your Share
to keep (he Nation on a firm financial basis,
by putting aside a little each week?
Webster County Bank
Red Cloud, Nebraska
Inavale Soldier Writes Letter
The following loiter was tocolved
from one of the Webster County bojs
who is now located at the training'
camp ut Doming, Now Mexico.
Doar Sister:
This morning we drilled about one
hour and then we fell out and then we
felflu again in about ten minutes and
made the company a baseball diamond,
Even if we are training to go to -war,
we also have our Bports. We will have
baseball, football and basket ball
teams, and we will have free shows in
camp after tonight.
Thcio are something like l&,OOo head
of horses here. They are used by cav
alrymen and artillery mon. It is eight
miles across camp, east und west.- All
this ground Is policed every morning
ho you see it is quite a task to cleanup
it territory at least eight miles square
crery morning, althotiKli it is done In
about fifteen mluutos. Hvorythiug Is
done with a suap and evorythiug is
kept shineing.
We got up at 5:20 In tho morning
have ten minutes to dresn. On tho
lino at G:30 to answer roll call, have
ten minutes setting up exercises and
fall out at 5:40. Then we havo five
minutes to wash and get ready for
breakfast. After breakfast we clean
up the ground that our tents are on
und burn everything that we find on
the ground, such as paper, matohes,
olgar otubbs and etc.
At seven o'clock we full in for drill,
drill four hoars nnd arc dismissed for
dinner. At dinner we eat, with eight
Men in a buuchu Tho Corporal aud
l( .f .,,.. i, ftiMy!. Mattel &$ ? V - -
lltsiovlcnl Soeli ty
114 .
sevon men that he has in charge. Wo
eat just liko wo did at homo. Tho
moals are set on tho tablo and ovoty
man holps himself.
At 1:30 in the afternoon we have
military school for one hour. Wo arc
then dismissed until 5:30. Then we
fall in line with our rifles and stand at
nttentlon and present arms, while the
band plays for retreat, Tho Star
Spangled Banner. After retreat wo
have supper, and the tlmo from thon
on, until taps, is our own Taps is at
11:00 o'clock when every man must be
in bed.
Tomorrow night Company K. goes
ou guard. Guard Is one of tho most
serious things to contend with in army
Well I luvo told you quite a bit
about army life and that Isn't half of
It Wo take another examination be
foro we leave this country. Quito a
few of the hoys were not accepted In
this examination, it is so ilirld 1' 1
bet it seems funny around there now
without old . loo and Jim We will be
back some day, and I will have lots to
tell you, about things that 1 have seen
because I bee a good many things hoio
every day, They have taken great
meahures hero In tho protection of tho
soldiers. Tho soldiers go to tho Y. M.
O. A. at nights and sing, play tho
piano and different instruments and
have a good time. No clviliaus are
permitted to be in camp, except news
boys and car drivers that take the boys
to town at night. Well I must close
now hoping to heartfrom you soon. I
remain, us ever your brother.
Hubert D. Htrntton,
Co. K. 5th Nebr. Inf.
Camp Cody, New Mexico
Bepelhds I
Buy a Liberty Bond
4 Newspaper That filves The News
Mrs. Julia Wcesner
(By Rcv7f MTBrulincr)
While nil nature was liusv decoratinc
herself in the gorgeous robes of autumn
lime, while birds were calling to their
males to nrenaro for tho loot ioumcv
to the southland, while the earth was
pulsating in rapture at the wooing of
tim sun, amidst the laughter of children
on the street, the sounds or toilers nt
their tasks, silently, but upon his
swiftest wing, the death angel flitted
through our beloved city and bore
away a neighbor and friend, and yonder,
beyond the realms of pain and weak-
ness and parting nnd death, the
beautiful, motherly, Christian spirit of
sister Julia Wcesner hns uonc. but
robed in white now, full of exuberant
life now, singing with that mighty
chorus now, whose sweet strains
readied her cars n few days ago, free
from pain nnd weariness and ema
ciation now, yes. just over vonder.
"Awake in his Likeness."
Mrs. Wcesner made no pretensions
to distinction in the larger affairs of
life, but wrought with faithful untiring
effort in her sphere to provide for the
needs and comfort of those she loved
dearest. She claimed not perfection,
but recognized and lived for a higher
goal as the years swtipt on. She carried
no hatred in her heart, and malice was
not born for her in the hearts of
o'thers: Her greeting was cheerful,
nerwisnes lor all was well. She was
faithful to her duties, devoicd to. her
family and' home, and recognized her
creator m ner lire. She had virtues
that others mitrht well covet, and
habits worthy! of, emulation, We shall
miss ner as we walk the streets, and
assemble in llie house of worship, but
we have cood around to hone and
believe that her life has passed into a
broader and more iovous realm, nnd
that she is looking out upon tho sun
rise of a blissful eternity.
Julia White was born in Green
County, Tennesec, on April 18th., 1863,
passed fi om this earth at Red Cloud,
Nebraska, October 12th.. 1917. at the
age of 54 years, 5 months and 24 days.
un January 7th., 1883, she was united
in mnrrinrrn tn Willlnm t. IVnncnn.
after living about a year near her old
iiomein tennesec incymovea to Jewell
County, Kansas, where they made their
home For 22 vnnrs? frnm tlinrn thnu
came to Red Cloud, Nebraska, where
they have remained these last twelve
years; four children came to bless tho
lives and cheer tho home of Mr. and
Mrs. Wcesner, John, the eldest, n
prosperous farmer living just over tho
line in Kansas, Roscoe, one of the
substantial merchants of Red Cloud;
twin daughters, Lora, wire of the
present County Clerk of Webster, und
Cora, wife of a promising young
electrical engineer. Mrs. Wcesner had
n strongly developed mother impulse,
nnd when a little nine months old ln
fan t. some years ago, needed motherly
nursing and a home, she was received
and caced for and raised as tenderly as
were her own children.
Mrs. Weesnor was converted and
united with the Methodist elmroh when
tiveuloMii jeuia of age, tiaiisfHrrinu
her membership to tho Methodist
church in Red Cloud upon moving hore
mm lemnujiiig a laiintiii member un
til her deth
There aro two Items that are of par?
ticular luterest to the immediate rela
tives; viz., the birth of twin daughters
ojcuring on the anniversary of her
wedding dav; and tho death of Sister
Weesner occuring on tho anuiversary
of tho wedding of her dntiKhter, Corn.
Tho funeral services were held from
ftm M nliMltcf- nlmwnli l f.wl nt...t
. ...u .u...uu,nu UIIUIUII 111 lkV.ll UIUIKI,
'conducted by her pastor, Rev. P. M.
I Druliner, assisted by Rev. lieebe of
I tho United Christian church, the in
i torment being mude in tho Red Cloud
Mrs. Weesnor was tho oldest of a
family or 13 children, eiuht girls und
five boy, all of whom survive her ex
oopc one. Her aged mother is still liv
ing at the old homo in rutmessue,
Relatives present at the funeral are:
John V White, n half bi other from
Leotl, Kansas Miss Hoithn White, a
sister fiom Lacrosse, Kansas Miss
Htllo White, h sister from Kuoxvllle,
Tennessee; Mr. and Mrs. S. T. Drown,
the latter u sister, from I'aradlse, Kan
saw: Bruce White, a brother from
Smith Center, Kansas: William Whlto
a brother from Esbon, Kansas. A. J
White, a brother residing hore whs ab
sent ou a visit to Tennessee Tho fob
lowing relatives wore unable to bo
preseut for the fuueral: Mrs Mollle
Drown, Weolsor, Idaho; Mrs. Debbiu
Lloyd, James White, Mrs. Jennie Dav(s,
(Mrs. Fannie Simpson and tho aged
mother, Mis. Radiol White, ail of
Oaileyton, Tennessee.
Fifty - two Weeks Each Year For 11.50.
B. C. Boys Were too Rough
On Filday afternoon tho Denver City
high school football team defeated tho
local Ii1h school team In a fist game,
by thcM'uru of U7 to 11.
Doth team-, weic on tho Held prompt
ly ut il'.llu aud ns before a coin was leas
ed for tho decision of the klckoir. Tho
hickoIY fell to Denver City, who kicked
to the fouity yaid lino, their oppon
ents carrying tho ball Imok to the
twenty yard line. Tlio home boys ti led
line suiiihlios aud mudo good galus and
thou tiyiug forwaid passes lost the
ball to Dearer City on an incompleted
pass. Deaver City made very llttlo or
no gains on Hue smashes aud also tiled
a pass which was caught by
Pope ami he went over the Hue for tho
first touchdown in just 10 minutes of
play. Paul Newhouhe kicked goal.
Deaver City then, ou a Hue end iuu
also made a touchdown and kicked
At llu end of the Hist quaiter the
people felt Confident that they would
see a good game of football the score
being 7 to 7. The second quaiter
started out with lleavor City aualn
having tho klckoif aud our boys went
right into tho game liko veterans anil
ou a good forward pass Pope' went
across the lino for another touchdown,
al6o kicked goal Deaver City being
seven points behind, thought it time I
time for them to start but in their
great hurry on of their men was 'off
aide" und referee Banalized
tbeUi 10 yards. This seemed to put
additional 'pop" itito their players
aud on a flue' end run secured auothcr
touchdown, this time they failed to
kick goal. Thescore being 15 to 14 at
tho close of tho first half, in favor of
Red Cloud.
But tho home boys were doomed to
dissuppolntment. Owing to an injury
to the ankle of Pope he was taken out
and Ullbei t put in his place. Although
very good gains were made by Druliner
Dlajkledge and 1'. Newhouso and the
playing of Provost was nothing short
of maiveloii!), they could make no
moio touchdowns.
The heaver City boys made two more
touchdowns, one each quarter, but It
was the opinion of the onlookers that
the last ono was not fair. TIo ball was
.mined by the. visitors on a fumble on
the pnrt of one of our players and our
boys thinking tint opponent with tho
ball was down, lot him up and he made
a tush for a touchdown, and owing to
tho fuet that the leferoe's whistle had
not blown it whs allowed.
Will Hold Regular Services
On Sunday, Rev. W. S. Hampton,
ono of the Hoard of Directors of tho
Nebraska Congrcgationul Conference,
was in the city and held morning and
evening Kervicc? at the Congregational
chuich.'MrI'nmpton has been iden
tified with Congregational work in
Nebraska for forty years nnd has had
an acquaintance with practically all
of the pastors of tho Red Cloud
church. His sermons were most in
teresting and inspiring.
'At a business mcetincr of the church
it was decided to hold regular services
each Sunday morning and evening
and prayer meetings each Wednesday
evening at eight o'clock. Pulpit to bo
filled for the present by Rev. G. W.
Mitchell, Principal of tho Franklin
Academy, and wife, both of whom are
ordained ministers. The public is
cordially invited to attend tlieso ser
vices. Will Move to the CoasT
Joe Fogcl, who for several years
past has conducted a harness and
leather store in tills city, returned
fiom a trip through California and
Washington, Mrs. Fogcl having re
mained In the west.
Mr. Fogel informs us that he will
closo out his business in this city,
having purchased a ranch near Ta
coma, and that his son, Wycth, and
wife will leave for the west on Mon
day of next week.
We regret very much to sec these
people leave our midst, but wo are
also anxious to seo our citizens pros
per and bo content, and as thoy are of
tho opinion that Washington has a
brighter future in store for them than
has Nebraska, we wish them success
and happiness in their ncm home.
While working at his farm on Mon
day, Chas. Ouruey Sr , had tho tnistor
tuuo to havo his team run nway with
him, throwing him off tho vehicle on
which he was riding, breaking one of
his ribs and otherwise lnjuriug him.
f- ., f
, -
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You Muft Have Proper Equipment
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Potsdam Leads
The following are the official returnt horn the
regiitration of Ihe women of Webtter County,
fjomSept. 29, to Oct. 71, 1917.
Precinct Chtirmtn No. Rrg
Poudam'' Mm. J.B.Lane 226
Red Cloud ( Mn. Paul Pope 198
( Mn. Edgar Cowden
Guide Rock Mist Jeue McCalum 125
Glenwood Mn. G. H.Phelpi 111
Inavale Mm. W. H. Tabor 65
Cowlet Mn. las. Saunders 61
Oak Creek Mn. Robt. Williams 46
Pleasant Hill Miss Grace Frisble 29
Elm Creek Mrs. Ed Paul 27
Deaver Creek Miss Bell Hamilton 26
Caifield Mrs. Chas. Ailes 22
Walnut Creek Mrs. John Sutton 21
Catherton Mrs. Geo. J. Baker 15
Stillwater Mrs. J. H. Greenhalgh 12
Line Mrs John Aubushon 3
Batin Mm. Webb Reynolds 3
Total ... 990
Fifty-three women have signified their willing
ness to go anywhere and sixty-nine will go any
where in the United Stales.
Mm. Frank Smith, Co. Chm. Women's Com.
Mis Annie Belle Spanogle, Co. Chm. Reg.
County Council of Defense, Webster County,
r , - wji.. v
'I '
. .v-
- - - . fc If
I N Our Seperate Skirt
Section we feature the
newest creations for sport,
utility and dress wear.
Our present showing
includes a complete as
sortment of novelties and
plain colors in the most
desireable fabrics.
Pretty flared models,
full pleated styles and
The week of October 21 will bo food
pledge week for tho schools. Ar
rangements have been made whereby
speakers will bo stationed in each of
the towns of the county on Saturday,
October 20.
On this day each speaker will
endeavor to explain to tho people just
what is tho object of tho food pledge
cauls which will bedistributedforcach
adult to sign. There is no money
considerations of any kind attaches
to.this card, as is thought by some of
our citizens. Everyone is requested
to bo present and hear tho addresses.
This schodule gives approximately
tho tlmo for addresses and speakers at
the different towns on Saturday.
Bladen 3:30 Rev. Druliner
Blue Hill, 7:30 Rev, Druliner
Lawrence 3:30 Supt. Wright
Cowles 2:00 Rev, Beebe
Rosemont 3:30 Rev. Beebe
Campbell 2:30 Rev. Fitzgerald
Inavale 2:00 E. G. Caldwell
Red Cloud 2:00 F. A. Good '
Guide Rock 3:30 F. A. Good