The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, September 13, 1917, Image 1

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k Newsnapcr That film The News Fifty-two- Weeks Each Year Far SI.50.
Librarian is Chosen
The Library Board mot on Tuesday
evening pursuant ,to the call of the
president, which found the following
members present: C. F. Cather, F. G.
Turnure, Dora Kaley, Mary McCall,
E. J. Overing, Jr., P. M. Whitehead,
Roy Sattley and H. S. Foe. Absent:
Ella Stonebreaker.
The minutes of the meetings from
April 9 to July 10 read and approved.
A motion was made and seconded
by Kaley that President Cather ap
pear before the city council and re
quest this body to donate light and
water to the library; carried.
Motion made by Overing and sec
onded by Foe to adopt by-laws as
read; (page 1 of records) carried.
Motion made by Foe and seconded
by Kaley that the library be opened
to the public between the hours of
1:00 p. m. and 5:30 p. m. and 7:00 p.
m. to 9:00 p. m. week days and 2:00
to fi:00 p. m. Sundays; carried.
Motion made by Turnure and sec
onded by Kaley that librarian be paid
a salary of $45 per month; carried.
The applications of Pearl Pope,
Florence Johnston, Mrs. J. E. Myers
and Y.Ola Swartz read, and upon in
formal vote the lesult was as follows:
Myers 3, Swaitz 4, Pope 1. The
formal vote showed the following re
sult: Swartz 5, Myers 2, Pope 1,
whereupon it was declared that Miss
Swartz had received the majontynor
votes cast and was declared LibrapMQ
at a salary of $45 ner month. The
secretary was instructed to inforralier
J. ',.. V i
On motion the board adjourned.
Mcssrland Mesdames Geo rJ.. War
ren and;CUa, Robinson are home from
n vacatlcWspent at Denver and other
mountain points. The trip was made
via auto.
Aged Lady Summoned A Letter from the Editor
Mrs. J. L. Miner, one of Webster
county's oldest and most highly re
spected women, passed away at the
home of her daughter, Mrs. Clias.
Weisz, in Chicago on last Sunday,
death being due to a paralytic stroke.
Julia M. Erickson was born in
Christiana, Norway, December 25,'
1844, coming to America in 1853.
She was united in marriage to James
L. Miner at Waukon, Iowa, October
21, 1868. To this union were born
eight children, three sons and five
daughters, three passing to the great
beyond in infancy, and is survived by
Carrie Mk Sherwood, C. H. Miner,
Mary C. Crcighton, Margaret Gund
and Irene Weisz. She, with her
husband came to this county in 1878,
whore her husband, with his brother,
engaged in the mercantile business.
Mr. Miner passed to his eternal re
ward on May 24, 1905.
The funeral services will be conduct
ed from the W. A. Sherwood residence,
ou Sunday afternoon ot three o'clock
Fittber Fitzgerald, assisted by Father
McDonald of Hastings, in charge.
Escapes From Germans
Mrs. Lizzie Groat who resides in the
first wara'informs ns that she has re
ceived word that her nephew, Jame9
Gilroy was a prisoner of war in Ger-
iiioy for sthree"years and recently
maue ms esaapeyirom tue ciuioues ot
thofiV modern barbarians and' that
be fy nolngjSodvWhpn the
great struggle oegau mr. uuroy joiqcu
th Gordon, Highlanders of Scotland
and was transported to the field of ac
tion.' This youpg man will be remem
bered by rauny in this city as he at
tended our publlo schools and during
this time made many friends hero.
School Time is at Hand
Remember we are Headquarters for
Our School Tablets are all the same Large fhick
Sixes as lasl: year at the Same Old Prices
History Paper, History Covers. Rules, Erasers. Pencil,
Composition Rooks, Note Books, Slates, Pencil Sharp
eners, Inks, Pencil Boxes, Crayola, Etc., Etc.
Try one of our Self Filling Fountain Pens, SI Each
The 5c-10c -25c Store
"The Store W'htrt You AUcayt Get a Little More for Your Money"
On the Corner
It is pretty hard to assert your independence
and defy the world wherryou have an empty
stomach and an empty pocket book. If your
bluff is called, (lien what?
The prudent man who has saved a little, who
has a reserve at the bank to tide him over a
month or two. isn't so afraid of sickness, nor
such a coward about being out of a job. A
bank account is a stimulant to real manhood.
The larger the account the firmer the footing.
It breeds self-confidence, is proof of efficiency
and is an ever-present resource in time of
- need. It's not what a man earns in a year
that gives Him a surplus at the bank, it's
what he saves.
Webfter County Bank
i Red Cloud, Nebraska
Camp Funston, Kas., Sept. 8, '17.
Dear Friends:
I thought I would write you a few
lines and let you know I am among
the living. We. left Blue Springs
Thursday night at 12:30 o'clock and
theie were twelve coaches in our train
of Nebraska boys. On account of a
heavy rain which began falling when
we left Nebraska, the train did not go
over twelve miles an hour. We nr-(
nveu at Camp runston, Kansas, Fri
day morning nt about seven o'clock,
after which the officers took us up
and we all took a shower bath, after
which we had breakfast.
We were then taken over and given
the physical and Bcrtillion examin
ation, after which we were given our
hats, shoes, underwear, bed and blan
kets. Wc received our dishes to eat
out of, which consist of a cup, knife,
fork and plate, these arc made of alu
minum. At meal time wc all go in
our companies to the mess hall, where
we single file up to the cooks, who
dish out our food. Then wc go and
sit down on long benches before tables
without any table cloths and proceed
to eat. We each have to wash our
own dishes after mqal time.
The boys rom Webster, Harlan,
Nuckolls and Clay counties are in Co.
G, 355 Infantry. Our officers are a
fine bunch of men and they are from
On Friday afternoon we were vacci
nated in both arms, the right one -for
typhoid feverrand.the left for small
This morning we listened to lec
tures by .Colpnel Taylor and several
other officers and this afternoon yij
are njoying ourselves. There are
more barrack buildings here thato I
can count in one afternoon.
The balance of 'the young men from
Webster county, who are to come up
here soon, will have no regret for
coming to this place. All of the Ne
braska boys' will be in the 335 in
fantry. On Sunday we don't have anything
to do.
There is twenty-two thousand acres
of land on which Ft. Riley and Camp
Funston arc located.
I .1,1,
Takes Honors at Fair
Mr. Chris Starke, the popular stock
man who lesides east of town, entered
several head of stock at the state fair
and was successful in securing a
goodly shaie of the honors. At this
time wc have not fcecn able to secure
all details relative to the matter, but
will publish a list of the prize winners
in our next edition. Norton and
Curtis Steward also entered several
animals at the fair and secured fourth
prize on a yearling Shorthorn bull
and third prize on a junior Shorthorn
bull calf. These gentlemen r are
directing their attention toward the
better grades of live Btock and judg
ing from the leports of their success
at the fair they are making good.
m p
Recital Nets Neat Sum
The two piano recital by Mesdames
Georgia Grecnhalgh and Ida Squires,
assisted by Mrs. H. C. Gellatly, at the
Orpheum on Monday evening was well
attended and many arc the words of
praise that were heard for these
ladies, who devoted themselves to this
worthy cause. As will be remem
borcd this recital was for the benefit
of the Women's Red Cross Auxiliary
of Red Cloud, the net proceeds of the
entertainment amounting to $3(3.75.
i i m
Will Entertain Soldiers
At a meeting of the citizens of tho
city, held Tuesday evening at tho
court-house, the subject of showing
some courtesy to tho men of tho draft,
who are to leave Sept. 19th, was dis
cussed. It was decided to give a sup
per to the publicTuesday, Sept. 18th,
at which the merTof the draft and the
Red Cloud Band will bo the guests;
proceeds to go to tho band. The fol
lowing committees wero appointed:
Soliciting Committee Mrs. Clara
Johnston, Mrs. Ed. Garber, Mrs. Fink
enbinder Mrs, Cutter, Mm. C.D. Robinson
SEPT. 17th-18th
WWHHU li'o
KEmJaaaaTZB&x'Z&Waam l
aamaaaaaaawF$aaamamam T-i
LaaaaaaaaYaWSIKaaaaaaaaaawL C
aaaaaaawaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam '
This Passion Throbin Film of Panama, is the Successor to Rex lleach's Other Great Success, 'The Spellers
It is even greater than "The Spoilers." Its flights of sweet romauce are higher, Its action and its risks
aud dangers more overwhelming. Enacted by the famous Spoilers Cast In the Panama Cnnal Zone.
SPECIAL ORCHESTRA MUSIC Show Starts Promptly at 8:15 Each Evening
V Jf-Si
1 0c and 20c
Manacinc Committee Mrs. A. Mc-
later ,Mrs. V. Cowden
Call, Mrs. Fiank Smith and Mrs. II.
E. Giico.
Publicity Committee E. G. Cald
well, J. L. Bcebe and F. E. Maui or.
Registration of the women of Web
ster county was also discussed. Or-i
gnnization is to proceed at oncof and
registration for Webster county will
be hold at some date before October
10th, which date will be published
House of Knowledge Opens
School oponed on Monday with fol
lowing teachers in charge and pupils
Kindergarten Fay Warner as
sisted bv Marie Pulsipher 47
1st Grade Louise Schumacher. . . 46
2nd Grade Edna Weekly substi
tuting for Alice Coombs 38
3rd Grade Kathryn Buike 32
4th Grade Irene McGulre 47
Cth Grade Christine Patmor. ... 32
Gth Grade Ruth Eshclman sub
stituting for Edna Weekly.... 40
Grades 7, 8 & 9
Minnie Christian, prin., Math.
Esther Perkins, Gcog. and Hist.
Eucilo Frazier, English
Marie Hollister, Home Economics
Grades 10, 11 & 12
Mattel Pope, prin., Foreign Lang's
Vernon Storey, History
Stella Ducker, Science
Fay Tccl, Mathematics
John Drake, Commercial
J. II. Kellogg, Agriculture
Doris Slater, English.
To Accomplish Good Work
You Musi (Have Proper Equipment
The Parker Lucky urve
Self Filling Fountain Pen
is unequalled. Our new slock contains
at $2.50. to $6.00
Lower Priced Self Filling Pens at
$1.25, $1.50 and $2.00
Make Sure Your CMUh EYES ARE RIGHT ami Able
to Sustain the Strain Imposed by School Work
i Jeweler and Optometrist '
HTC B. & Q. Watch Inspector
Registration is not yet complete in
either Junior or Senior high school.
Tho attendance will probably bo about
normal in all except tho ninth grade,
grade class last year in tho county,
There was an unusually small eighth
and Dist. No. 14 has opened a high
school and taken about 15 who would
otherwise have been in tho Red Cloud
high school.