The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, July 05, 1917, Image 5

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Save the Wnsto and Win the Wat!
Clare Pope spent Monday in Cowles.
Will Heeves was up from Guide Rock
Mrs. s5. E. Uailoy spent Moudny In
Uufo Douthit of Cowles was in the
elty Friday.
Chris Fussier was down from Blue
Hill, Friday.
Attend the Red Cross mooting Fri
day evening.
il. II. Elllngor was in Inuvalo, Mon
day morning
Iloy Snttley Undertaker-Auto Hearse
J. B. Hillers of Hastings was in the
city this week.
Don Cook was down from Oxford the
last of the week.
Hurvey Itickerson spent Friday with
friends at Franklin.
Miss Pauline Ranncy went to Peru
the last of the week.
Eyes tested, glasses fitted. J. C
Mitchell, the Jewclor.
Attorney C. T. Austiu of Blue Hill
was in the city Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Mitchell snent
Thursday in Hastings.
Mrs. C. A. Shellalc returned to her
home at Hastings, Monday.
Frank Coon and Mrs. Mable Abbey
nutocd to Hastings, Sunday.
Galo Fearn of Iuavale spent the
weekend with relatives here.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Brommcr wore
down from Hastings, Sunday.
Mrs. Dedrick went to Inaralc, Sun
day evening, to visit relatives.
Mrs. Rlsslo Cox returned home
Thursday evening from Cowles.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Welsch returned
to Elliot, Iowa, Monday morning.
Henry Clark of Lincoln spent the
weekend with friends in this city
Hugh Halrd and Kenneth Wilson
were in Lebanon Sunday afternoon.
Sam Temple of Knnsas City is spend
ing the week with friends in this city.
Miss Anna Brommcr returned home
the last of the week from Kensington,
J. II. Hamilton of Guide Rock spent
Tuesday with his son, W. G. Hamilton
nnd family.
S. R. Floranco spent the ilrst of the
week with Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Mizer at
Otis, Colorado.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Gurney jr., arc
the parents of n baby girl which was
born Thursday.
John Hamilton, of Guide Rock, spent
Sunday with his brother, W. G. Hamil
ton and family.
Mrs. Sam Fair and children came
down from Hastings, Monday evening,
to visit relatives.
The Misses Grace and Josephine
Shorer returned home from Lincoln,
the last of the week.
Mr. and Mrs Oris Fearn of Hastings
spent the weekend with his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Fearn.
Mr9. Al Slabv nnd sou, Fred, spent
the weekend with her husband who is
In a hospital at Denver.
Horace Brown returned home Mou
day evening from Lakeside where lie
'had been working at his trade.
Judgo Dungan who had. been hold
ing district court nt Bloomlngton was
In the city between trains Saturday.
Mrs. Roy Oatman returned home
Monday evening from Saronville,
where she had been visiting her sister
Joe Springer of Guide Rock, who is
well known in this city, has enlisted
in the hospital corps of the U. S. Nnvy.
Tho following shlppod stock to Kan
sas City, Sunday: Dclanoy Bros , 3 cars
of hogs and Minor & McCall 2 cars of
' Mrs, S. P. Fox returuod homo from
York, Thursday evening, Bfter spend
ing a few days with her sons, Vale and
Mrs. Ross Pylo and children who
had beeu visiting her mother, Mrs.
Hatfield, returned to hor homo at St.
Joe, Thursday.
Hepry Pborcs of Central City who
had been visiting at McCook arrived in
the city Friday to visit hla mother, Mrs.
Barbara Pharcs.
Mrs. Robert McBrido and Miss Edith
MoKelghan entertained a numbor of
guests at a seven o'clock dlnuer in
honor of Mr. and Mrs. .Russel Amaok
Friday evening.
Jaok Cather, who has been holding
a position as munition Inspector for
the British government at Detroit, ar
rived in the city Saturday to spend two
weeks with his father, C. F. Cather.
Arthur Gilbert, son of Mr. and Mrs.
Ed Gilbert, who la working In the B
& M. shops at McCook has enlisted In
a nnmnanv of vour Uncle Sameul's
nrmw whl nli was organized at that
Harry Welsch and Miss Edna Hands
were united in marriage nt tuu iuu
trrncrntlnnnl rmrnnnnrra SundaV after
uoon. iney wm iiibko unit i
home at Elliot, Iowa. They were visit
ing Mr. and Mrs. Klrkpatrlok south of
this city.
rwt ... I 41. ..I .it..a.A
Canned berries nro bird proof.
Mrs. J. II. EUlnger spent Tuesday in '
Attorney A. M. Walters of Blue Hill
was In the city Monday.
Lost A bunch of keys. Finder
leave samo with Guy Zeigler.
Mrs. Burr and son, Con. of McCook
spent Wednesday in tliU city.
Mrs. Henry Ilouehln left for IJas,t-'
itiKs, Tuesday, whero slio will reside. ,
Lnwieiiiv McCall returned home
from lumsis City, Tuesday morning.
Will Sturke of Milwaukee is visiting
Ids brothers Chris, Courad and Ernest.
IM Burr and S G. Soinerhalder of
Guide Rook were In tho city Monday
Mr. aud Mrs. Andy Hart of Lebanon
spent Wednesday with friends In this
"Fly-No" has proved to be tho best
lly dope for your stock. Sold by Cot
tluf. Miss Louise Schumacher of Orleans
spent Wednesday, with friends in
tills city.
Ladles are iuvltcd to jnspect tho
stock of beautiful French Ivory goods
at Cottings.
Mrs. W. H. Thomas and daughter'
Laura, went to Beatrice, Tuesday, to
visit relatives.
Chorrel Koontz arrived homo from
Omaha, Tuesday, to spend a few days
with his mother.
Tho premium list for the Nebraska
State Fair has been printed and sent
out ovor tho state.
Judgo Dorsoy' of Bloomlngton was
the guest of Attorney and Mrs. B. E.
McNeuy Wednesday.
Mrs. R. E. Camp loft Mouday morn
ing for Burlington, Colorndo, where
she jolus her husband.
George King and Miss Laura Wenzel
of Riverton were married by Judge
Rauney on Wednesday.
Ellas Goblu returned homo the first
of the week from Hayes Center whero
he had been on business.
Frank Starr returned homo Tuesday
from Billings, Montana, whero he had
been buying and selling horses.
Clarence and Dorothy Jelllson re
turned homo Tuesday evening from h
visit with their mother nt Lincoln.
Editor and Mrs. H. L. Wright and
children of Lebanon wore in tho city
Wednesday attending tho celebration,
Roy Stickley and Miss Llllie Kil
lough of Guide Rock were united in
marriage by Judge Ranney on Wed
nesday. Tho Misses Mary and Fannie Mlksch
returned home Tuesday from Seneca,
Kansas, whero they had been visiting
their brother, Will, and wife.
Mrs. Fred Stanberry went to Hast
ings Tuesday morning to meot her
husband who had been in a hospital at
Lincoln, and agcompany him to this
Minerva Ludlow, widow of Sylves
ter V. N. Ludlow has been granted a
widows pension by the U. S. Pension
Department. Fred Maurer washer at
torney. Miss Y' Ola Swartz who has been
piloting the destinies of the job and
advertising department of the Argus
for several years, lias resigned her
position in that otUcc.
The semi-annual meeting of the Con
gregational church will be held next
Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock, as busi
ness of importance is to be considered.
A full attendance of the membership
Is desired.
Irving Cummings, who had been
working near Lebanon spent the first
of the week hero with his family be
fore going to Guylord where ho has
accepted a position in tho Farmers
Union store.
On Monday afternoon Hazel Saladou
entertained a number of friends at a
kitchen shower in honor of Mrs. Rus
el Amaok. Light refreshments were
served nnd thoso present report a very
enjoynoio tune.
Tho W. 0. T. U. will meet at tho M.
E. church parlors at 2:30 p. m. next
Wednesday. Mrs. C. J. Pope will have
charge of tho program. The mission
ary societies of tho city will be tho
cuosts. Thoro will be work for the
Tho oil proposition ismoviugmorrily
along. Nearly tho whole amount of
the acreage required is leased, promis
ed or under consideration to be leased.
Tho next move now, before the begin
Ing of operations Is tho writing of sub
scriptions of the organizers. This
work will take less time than the leas
ing of the land In tho oil channel. An
other week will see the machinery nec
essary for the boring of an oil well the
object of attraction in Red Cloud.
The Missouri Valley Oil Company of
Omaha, Nebraska beg to announce that
on and after June 1st, 1017, their busl-
ness will bo conducted undor the name
of their parent Company "Tho Con
sumers Refining Company". Wo will
continue to market tho highest grade
Doop Rook products from our own re
finery at Cushing, Oklahoma. A con
tinuance of your valued patronage will
bo appreciated, und you are assured of
our best efforts to properly serve you,
Powell Bros.
Smoke House
CIGARS that are Good
The Brand Your Doclor Smokes
Most complete line of
Cigars and Tobaccos
in Red Cloud
'Lost A set of pipe dies between my
store and C. J. Piatt's farm west of
town. E. W. Stevens.
Hoar Rev. Eugeno Cobby, Chaplin of
tho nth Nebraska Infantry and Captain
Hogatc of Co. K. on main street in Red
Cloud Monday night nt 8 p. in. This
will bo an Important patriotic service
Everybody interested in tho affairs of
the country should hoar theso
Tho Government needs farmers as
well as fighters. Two million three
hundred thousand acres of Oregon &
California Railroad Co. Grant Lands.
Title revested In United States. To bo
oponcd for homesteads and sale. Con
taining some of best land left in United
States. Largo copyrighted mop allow
ing land by sections and description of
soil, climate, rainfall, elevations, tern-
peraturo eto. Postpaid one dollar.
Grant Lands Locating Co., Box 010
Portland Oregon.
Judge W C. Dorsey and Court Re
porter Balrd of Bloomlngton were in
tho city Saturday and held n special
term of district court. Tho following
cases wore disposed of; Sadllck vs
Pavllka, sale confirmed and referee
ordered to make deed to purchaser;
Sims vs Sims, report of referee approv
ed, salo confirmed and referee ordered
to mnko deed to purchaser. Banks vs
Banks, sale confirmed aud deed order
ed, distribution of sale ordered to
Anna L. Banks and to the guardian of
the nine minor heirs , of Justus R
Lack of building material, caused
by the failure of manufacturers to
make delivery to the contractors put
the quietus on tho activities around
the new high school building for sever
al weeks, but we note that a number
of-brick rausons recently came to the
city, and upon passing by one may see
the men driving tiie one-wheclcd-vnri-able-speed-jitney
around the premises
and up steep inclines that would test
tho endurance of even a Ford. These
jitneys are loaded with brick and
"mud" and when they begin to move
it is pretty good evidence that the
loads they carry will soon bo converted
into a house of knowledge.
The three newspapers Advertiser,
Argus aud Chief nt Red Cloud are
taking on regular metropolitan airs,
the publishers having sigucd an
agreement to close their offices at 4:30
Saturday afternoons until the first of
September. The time is comiug in this
great and glorious country of ours
when every Saturday will be a half
holiday for practically everybody. Now
Zealand, one of tho best governed
countries In the world, has had such a
law for nearly a scoro of years, and
there is no other place on earth whero
labor is better employed and more
contented, whero crime is na little
known and the doors of the poor houses
have longslnco fallen from their binges
New Zealand is governed by the
mnsses soldiers of tho common good
and it was a printer who started the
movement to break away from tho
rule of British lords nnd the privileged
clilsses. Call it socialism or whatever
you choose, but tho New Zoalanders
are oue people that enjoy a nearly
perfoct government. Koncsaw Pro
gress. Farm Loans
Call at my headquarters for tho
cheapest farm loans, as 1 have them
Solo agent for Trevett, Mattis and
Baker. Private funds on hand.
J. II. Bailey.
June Weather Report
Temperature: Mean 07 deg; Maxi
mum 102 deg. on 30th; Minimum 40
deg. on 10th.
Precipitation: Total 0.7G inches.
Number of days clear 23, partly
cloudy 4, cloudy .1.
Dates of Hall 20th, Thunderstorms
4, 0, 20, 23, 27, 28th.
Prevailing wind Direction S W.
Rainfall sinco Jan. 1st, 10.71 inches.
Chas. S, Ludlow, Observer.
V 25wif Jul - Yvr w
Canning and Drying Bulletins
"Home Canning by the One-Period
Cold-Pack Method" Is tho title of
Fanners' Bulletin No. Mil, Just Issued
by the United States Department of
Agriculture. This bulletin describes
in detail tho bust canning methods
known. Fanners' Bulletin No. 3 1 1,
j "Drying Fruits and Vegetables in the
Home," is a companion food-preset vn
Hon bulletin. These bulletins will bo
sent free upon application to the Ex
tension Service, t'nlverslty Km in, Lin-1
coin, or to tho United States Depart
ment of Agriculture. Washington, D.
A Family Reunion.
A family reunion was hold on Sun
day, June 'Jlth at the homo of W. T.
Whitoiey, who resides -I., miles south
of 1 mi vulo, when nil the children were
present: Mrs. MlnnleJTrueblood of Kene
saw. Mrs. Bessie Norrls of Lincoln,
Walter and Harry Whitelcy of Nolson,
Owen Whitley of Kenesaw, Bertha and
Con Whitoiey Who are at home.
At 12 o'clock a bountiful dinner was
served which had been prepared by the
mother. Ico cream was served duriui?
tho day. After dinner a plcturo was
taken of the entlro family, consisting
of tho father land mother, sons and
sons-in-law, daughter and daughtors-ln
law and live grand children. This was
the first time in 12 years the children
had been united. It was an enjoyable
day and ono to bo long remembered.
One who was there.
Held Meeting at Cowles
A number of tho citizens of this city
nccompnnlcd by tho Red Cloud Con
cert Band autood to Cowles Thursday
evening, in response to an invitation
extended by Jus. McBrido, of that
place. Representatives from Blue mil,
Guide Rock and Bladen were present.
Tho purpose of tho meeting was to
form a Red Cross chapter In Webster
F. W. Cowden ncted ns chairman
and Lloyd Huutcrflllcd the Secretary's
chair and short addresses were deliver
ed by Row Fowler, Rev. Ogden, Rev.
Drullner, E J. Overlug, C. F. Cather
and F. A. Good. Music fdr the occas
ion was furnished by the Red Cloud
Rulings of tho National Red Cross
Society specify 'that each town may
have their own organization but liat
all business must be transacted through
the county seat organization.
Present indication lead us to bellevo
that Webster county will contribute
her share towards the greatest polco
of phylanthrophy ever attempted by
any organization, in this or any other
land. ,
The Oil Boom is Progressing
A large nnd enthusiastic crowd at
tended the oil meeting at the Commer
cial Club rooms on last Thursday even
ing, the purpose of which was to go
further into the details of Red Cloud's
big oil boom, to elect a board of direc
tors and to transact such other busi
ness as came before the meeting.
Father Fitzgerald, Win. Weesner and
Mr. Pattersou, the gentleman respon
sible for the activities in this locality
along this particular line, Mr. Simpson
of Blue Hill, and Ifoy Hutchison of
Norton, Kansas discussed the prospects
after which a Board of Directors were
named, this body being composed of
Dr. Dnmcrell, Win. Weesnor, Geo.
Hutchison, C II. Potter, Clarence
Carpontor, B. W. Stewart and L. II.
An examination of. tho subscription
list bears evidence to tho fact that the
financial end of the matter was receiv
Ing'attcntiou. Many leness have beeu
secured, negotiations being made with
Oklahoma drillers and judging from
the general trend of-matters It appears
as though tbe seed that Promoter
Patterson has sown in this locality is
about to bring forth good fruit.
Who says that Red Cloud may not
in the near futuro bo tho third city,
in population, in ,tlio State. Hero's
United Church Notes
Tho patriotic service Sunday even
ing was a success. Tho liouso was
crowded and tho children gave an ex
cellent program, A collection was ta
ken for the Y. M. C. A. work among
the soldiers. The United Church
people have subscribed and secured
pledges for this work to the amount of
about 8160.
Twenty flvo pledges for Red Cross
membership were secured at the Sun
day evening service.
The south side poople have raised
ten dollaps for Rev. Cole, formerly of
this city, as a moans of showing their
appreciation of a good mans work,
Mr. Cole la in feeble health.
t Sunday desecration is becoming a
notorious offense In our city and It is
about time for tho selfrcspectlng
people of the town and community to
express their feeling in effectlvo man
ner. For any group of men to sanc
tion such notorious disregard for the
Lord's Day is an open challenge to tho
church and a direct Insult to God.
July 29 to Aug. 4, Inclusive
Singers : Players
Hugh Anderson
Operatic Quintette
Sole J liasso In
"You Understand the Words"
Ladies Orchestra
All Star Specialty Company
Greatest fcfr tiliir-'l
Clare Vaughn '
Wales Players
Comedy PURE Drama
Sarah Mildred
Oberg jj Barnaby
Author Composer
Short Musical
Stories Readings
Unique, Novel, Original
Jubilee Singers
For Season Tickets, Price
Program Booklets, etc, 'see
Capon, 14 lhs.
Ilooster, 8
Swat the old rooster nnd canonize the young rooster. These
three birds were nil hatched from the sumo sotting of eggs und all
had tho same show. "What's a Capon nnd Why" explains all about
capons. Regular GOe" book at half price for a short timo only.(I'ost
Placo your order now for the George Beuoy caponizing tools
so I can order them and they will be here when you want them.
S.1.50 post paid. C. O. D. if you prefer. If you don't want to buy the
instruments I will do the work for you at 10c" per bird. Write or
phone. ........
F. S. COPLEY, Inavale, Neb.
Mr. Patterson the geologist, will
spunk Sunday night in the Christian
ohuroh. He will toll his experience in
Europe before tho .war.
Let every man do his best to aid the
Government in securing Democracy
for the world and in maintaining the
rights of the people at home. Hot nlr
patriotism will not win the war. God
and the nation requires real red-blooded
service. Now la the time to prac
tice, more than ever, what we have
heretofore preached.
Mice Te CrwMtrs
In tlio County Court ot Wobator County,
In the matter ot tho estate ot Francis E.
Payne Deceased.
Creditors ol said cstato will take notice,
that tho time limited (or presentation and
tiling ot claims against said cstato Is January
lutli, 1U18, and tor tho payment ot debts Is
January lGth, 1918, that I will sit at tho coun
ty court room In said county on tho !Mth day
of July 1017, to examine, hoar and allow ull
clalniB duly tiled which aro a Ilrst or second
lion upon said estate, and on tho '.list day ol
Jnnuary, 1018, to examine, hear, allow and
adjust all claims and objections of general
creditors duly lllod.
Dated this 16th day ot Juno 1017.
(Heal) A. D. KANNKY
County Judgo.
Contfrcssmnn Victor
"Xatifliiti Remedies
for National is''
Harriotto Gunn
"Success Where You Arc"
H. A. Buchtel
"American Leadership
and the World War"
Welsh MaJe
Dr. Wm. S. Dr. Lena K.
pointed ;;..
Local Manager
Capon, 13 lbs.
Hamilton - Cmthor
Clothing Co.
MNSW is ftsl Smsjt
KvrytMng Mn
r -Wy Worn
Cpfttfsf Nthratkm
E. S. Gao-ber
Wall Paper, Paints, Oils and
(Work Guaranteed)
Electrical Goods of all Kinds
Will Wire Your House And
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